‘Koscielny should step down as captain, he is not fit for purpose’

Date published: Wednesday 7th March 2018 9:45

Laurent Koscielny: Wanted by Man City and Marseille

Liverpool fans debate whether Henderson is captain material, our Chelsea readers fret over Iniesta and Man Utd supporters preview Saturday’s game in Your Says of the Day.


Frustrating night for Liverpool

When Porto saw our starting line up they lost any hope they did have so in essence it’s just a bit of training for our boys. Klopp wants to keep momentum & tempo which I can understand.


I swear Matip is total sh*te this season. Cant pass, gets caught under the ball from 40 yards, slow and ponderous, dangerous passing. Just sh*t


Through to the quarter finals, another clean sheet, key players rested and no injuries. Well done Liverpool!


Quarter-final of Champions League is progress for us. First time in 9 years.

Clean sheet.

Bingo lallana showed last night why he is not decent cover for the front 3. He’s to slow.

It didn’t work last season and it won’t work.

Sean the Sailor

For now, Lallana is definitely an option for the wing, to give Salah or Mane a break.

And he didn’t do too badly yesterday either last night, considering it was the first full match he had played in several months. Same goes for Ings.

And no point complaining about him either, as we don’t have any better options in this position now, but we will strengthen here when summer comes




Koscielny not up to scratch?

Kos has been a good servant to the club, and is currently the team captain. I question his character as a leader. He apparently cried during a recent team crisis meeting. How will this inspire the team? He was apparently cross with Sanchez. Why? Because Sanchez demanded more?

Now it is rumoured that he is behind a fallout with Ozil, Mkhitaryan, and Mustafi. While Mustafi has been appalling lately, he is not the only one to blame for our defensive frailties. Who gave the ball away needlessly on Sunday for the second goal? Much like against Manure earlier this season. Fact is Kos is not a leader, not captain material. Fact is Kos has never been that good positionally. He had pace, and The BFG covered for him effectively back in the days. Mustafi is very much like Kos; no positional awareness. So a combo of Kos and Mustafi is bound to be error prone.

When Mustafi was caught during the league cup final, where were the other two CBs? While I am not impressed at the moment with Ozil’s performance, is it his job to defend? Those tasked with protecting the defense were again poor on Sunday. Wilshere was ball watching on Kos’s pass that led to BHA’s second goal. Instead of turning on team mates behind closed doors, why don’t you shout orders on the pitch? Why no one is taking the responsibility to lead on the pitch? Kos should step down as team captain. He is not fit for purpose!


Ahmad this post is all over the place like our team. Kos has been a good servant but he is old and on his way out age and injuries have caught up with him. You did make me laugh with the BFG covered for him line !!!! I think you will find most people saw that the other way round! As every one has said nothing is functioning the defense is letting in goals for fun and the forwards are not scoring at the moment we are totally sh*te and confidence is shattered. No one in our team is playing well so pointless to pick out any player.


Its the whole system thats at fault. As I have stated many times Wenger doesnt understand defending, he doesnt think its important and he doesnt believe the club needs leaders at the back. Without the inherited back5 Wenger would have won nothing. Tony’s influence at the back went through the years including our last title. Once all of this players had moved on and the influence waned defensively we have been poor. Ive always thought Koscielny was over rated, never good enough in the air but he has easily been our most reliable defender for years. Time, injuries and lack of confidence has destroyed him as a PL player.

The Oracle

I hate seeing Wenger and arsenal like this and I don’t want to begrudge him his success but if you look at the problems now compared to when he took over and it’s chalk and cheese.

Wenger inherited an incredible back 5, Keown was also there or there about a as well. So he had great defenders and the team comes first attitude, Wenger didn’t give them that. That same influence was in the invincible, Keown was still around and the players like vieira, petit, edu, Henry, Pires etc etc had all been given that same desire from the original back 5 the real arsenal boys.

Wenger dismantles that team very quickly, he didn’t keep them around vieira one greatest players was pushed. Don’t give me the he tried to move before, end of day he didn’t and he himself said after he saw his career ending with arsenal. So he was pushed. Others left and Wenger started trying to do something he had never done and go against everything that had been successful for him. He tried to be Barcelona and that was his biggest ever mistake.

David Devin gets booted out and then Wenger is left in complete control.
So the players that made us great had all gone and Wenger has complete control and started to bring in all the dross; cygan, silvestre, Santos, baptista, Xhaka, Mustafi and the list goes on and on and on! The good players we had saw this and thought wtf we can’t compete if this is the sh*t we have to deal with. So not only has the man complete control, awful signings he won’t take advice from great players or his coaching staff. And here we are today 14 years on from our last title.
The man was lucky to inherit what he did.

As I said I don’t want to begrudge him his success as his love for attacking football was incredible to watch and we did play some amazing football. However You try to feel sympathy for him and a small part of me does but how can you be when he is the sole reason we have gone backwards. And regardless of when we all first noticed it, we are all now seeing it and hopefully the board truly are and soon we can start to rebuild.




Henderson divides opinion

Firstly he is committed. That alone means nothing, for commitment without talent will only get you so far. But in the last few games he’s played for us he has shown a real range of passing. I doubt he will be be the DM quarterback style player we need but almost completely under the radar he’s been picking out passes for fun.

The Fulcrum

He needs to do it consistently. As a captain you should turn up even when your team isn’t playing well and Henderson hasn’t done that. When sh*t hits the fan he fades away into the background. As far as I know he has a permanent injury which will restrict the number of games he plays too. I don’t doubt his ability as a footballer because at his best he was a key component of an unlikely title push. However, since then the injuries appear to have caught up with him as he’s no longer the marauding box-to-box midfielder he used to be nor has he displayed the tactical acumen of a top class defensive midfielder. A lot of the soft goals we’ve conceded this season have been attributed to lack of cover from the midfield, and ultimately as the assigned “DM” and as the captain a lot of the blame will fall his way. Pesonally feel he’s not being played in his best position as a box-to-box midfielder but on the other hand don’t feel he has the legs for it anymore either. Given the number of games he plays every season and what he brings to the table, he would make a solid option from the bench but any argument for us to rely on him, as a captain no less, just doesn’t make logical sense.



Early predictions for Saturday

I’ll go for 1-1 – We have home advantage and more time to rest / concentrate on the game whilst the Crystal Palace game will give us a big boost. On the other end of the spectrum, they’re on overall good form, their attack is excellent whilst our defence is lacking in quality.

Sympathy for the Devils

Yeah, can’t see us keeping a clean sheet so Jose will need a plan to enable us to create lots of chances. I fancy us against this Liverpool side though – i’d say 2-1 in a repeat of the Chelsea game.

Happy Hurling

2-2. Late heartbreak for United, denied by an injury time equaliser from the great unwashed. Mourinho to chin that scruffy tramp Klopp in the tunnel as the great Mancunian-Merseyside rivalry boils over.

Wonderfuel Gas


Chelsea’s Iniesta worries

Will he or won’t he make it?

The good news for Iniesta was that the tear in his femoral bicep wasn’t more than three centimetres.

However, under normal circumstances, even with that information, a return in just over a week is very unlikely, with 20 days the expected convalescence period.

AS state that, as of now, his chances of making the squad to face Chelsea aren’t great, but are also not impossible, and the player is prepared to force the issue.

With nine days of rest, Iniesta will spend time with Emili Ricart, the physio he trusts most, until March 12th, at which point an evaluation will take place to see if he’ll be ready to play against the Blues, at least for a bit.

This won’t have been the first time the veteran midfielder has done this, playing with a small tear in his right leg during the 2009 Champions League final against Manchester United.

It may not make any difference to the final outcome but a Barca without Iniesta has to be advantageous for Chelsea.

nine nine nine

Must admit not totally convinced that Iniesta is the force he used to be in terms of being a game changer. However, as we saw in the first leg if you give him an opportunity the footballing brain is still there even if the legs are not

Personally, I am not that worried and feel that the whole focus has to be on ourselves. I think in the first Barca game and the ManU game that we have shown we are capable of containing good players but the odd lapse of concentration or an individual mistake can cost us badly

We also saw at the weekend the need to change the mindset, and I would argue the personnel, in order to go and get the goal that we desperately require

I do not think this is out of the question by any means and really will depend on Conte getting his tactics and team selection correct. So long as he does not have a hidden agenda, which is how I felt after Sunday, then we have every chance to pull the rabbit out of the hat. KTBFFH


So much hype in PSG and Madrid taught them lesson tonight. People judged Real Madrid too early. I watched Casemiro and he was a class above the rest tonight. if we can get him we will not be that bad. him and Kante sitting together and Casemiro is also box to box midfielder. That one will be magnificent. about Barcelona. i think we need to have the perfect match to get something. I would be tempted to beat Morata up top. because of his pace and knowledge of LaLiga.



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