Dier ‘in the same overrated mould as Cleverley’

Date published: Tuesday 11th July 2017 2:54

One Liverpool fan is upset with Emre Can’s contract situation, Chelsea’s pursuit of £100million Andrea Belotti is a “sign of desperation” and Eric Dier is likened to Tom Cleverly, all in our forum.


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Sanchez right for Chelsea

I can’t say I am optimist about Sanchez, but for me it’s the right thing to do. Sanchez is a proven quality in the premiership, if we want to spend big, spend big on him.

I would be surprised if Sanchez stays at Arsenal this coming season as Arsenal risk of losing him for nothing next summer, unless he agrees a new deal, which seems to be unlikely.


£100m Belotti chase a ‘sign of desperation’

I agree with you Aindro, Sanchez would have been perfect as we need that creativity in our midfield but it looks like we are going after Belloti who has 100 million pound release on his head and that is a sign of desperation if true. we should not be spending more than UTD have spent on Lakaku on a striker.
I will pay 60-70 Million for Morata/Aubamayong/Sanchez and be happy with it, anything more than that is crazy especially if we are saying Lukaku was too expensive and Chelsea didn’t want to pay that amount for a player.

Dembele the only ‘viable option’ for Chelsea

No chance at all of getting Sanchez, Wenger will ensure that, hoping we can get Belotti or Morata though both are also overpriced, the only other viable option is Dembele from Celtic, I think he can do the job-all the leagues are weaker then the EPL, so you cant really compare on that basis, all the clubs and available players are relevant to that risk.

Chelsea striker list…

– Costa = gone
– Bats = only a back up option

as we sadly missed to sign Lukaku, there are plenty and many strikers yet available that can do a solid job for us to retain league titles and challenge in Europe !
these are list of popular names : choose =

1- Morata
2- Aubameyang
3- Belotti
4- Llorente
5- Icardi
6- Lewandowski
7- Inaki Williams
8- Vardi
9- Mousse Dembele

personally, if we can get Morata + Llorente , we could have a solid options up front, strength and guile

otherwise, Aubameyang or Icardi could be an interesting option for us



Keita doubts emerge

Last weekend I was really confident that we’d have bid for Keita sometime during the following week but it’s gone totally dead, so I’ll be honest, I’m starting to doubt it now. I already have my doubts about the Van Dijk transfer but if neither can happen, I guess we might have a late window but. . they’ll get the right people in.

Ever since we agreed the Salah deal, talk on him went really quiet. I have to say that his personality seems very different to what I expected of him. He comes across as a pretty humble, decent guy.

I’m not sure why i expected something else but he talked about maturing over the last few seasons and that may be exactly what he needed in order to have another go at the PL. This time he’s got the advantage of working with a manager who doesn’t stifle your attacking play ?



MrMak i now have serious doubts about keita. If lfc knows leipzig to be even slightly willing to do a deal you wouldve thought we put in a bid by now.

Maybe our management knows leipzig doesnt want to a deal at any costs. A bit like barca and psg on coutinho. They know we wont sell thats why they havent bothered to lodge any bid. All of these are speculation of course



‘Klopp will school them in the art of being ugly’

Had to laugh at myself, woke up from nap to see a flurry of posts saying that we had VVD and deal was done… I was excited, read all the page to the bottom just to realise that I was on page one… Back to reality​ with a thud lol.

There is another podcast talking about Lazio’s Savic as a good alternative to Keita. Also able to run with the ball from deep positions and tackle.

Even if we don’t sign anyone else I think Klopp as manager is more important. We didn’t lose to any of the top six last year, and a lot of that is Klopp. Klopp just needs to improve the players against the weaker teams. Sometimes against the weaker teams I felt we played a little too much like Arsenal. Always looking for that special pass/goal. Hopefully, Klopp will school them in the art of being ugly as well, once we get that into our system we will be deadly.

Maybe all the VVD talk will make Lovren step up this season again, it’s a long shot but you never know. Lovren has the offer of a new contract extension which hasn’t kicked in, if he can step up his game then that could be like a new signing. I don’t hold much hope for that but I know Klopp is good at getting players to get better so anything is possible ?



‘If this is true, Can is dead to me’

The club should never have let Can (or any player) get less than 2 years on their contract. it should be deal or shipped out at the 2 year mark. Now, we’re in a position of having to accept £20m for a player who is probably worth £30, or even £40m with how the market has gone totally insane.

If Can rejects a £100k/week contract i would see this as a betrayal. The club have been nothing but loyal and supportive to him and are offering him a fantastic deal (way more than I’d offer him), only for him to either wind down his contract or use the short time on it to twist our arm into accepting a bid that is far below his current market value?

if this is true, he’s dead to me. I’m hoping it’s just media BS and a signature is imminent.

Then again, maybe we’re moving him on as a result of the future signing of Keita?



Mourinho’s Man Utd transfer business summed up…

To sum up our transfer business since Mourinho has come in:

Transfers in:

– Eric Bailly (by all accounts a defender with all the raw materials to become a bona fide worldclass central defender, a little rough around the edges but only 22 years of age)

– Henrikh Mkhitaryan (a bargain at 26million quid for the Bundesliga Player of the Year, has been known to take a season to settle at every club he has been at before, scored many crucial goals in the Europa League, a moment of inspiration with the scorpion kick, and that goal and performance against Spurs at Old Trafford – undoubtedly talented but has to work on consistency)

– Zlatan Ibrahimovic (a short term signing to give us leadership and class in the forward line, a pity he did his knee)

– Paul Pogba (the best midfielder in the world in his age group, we were crying out for quality in the middle for nearly half a decade, 24 years of age)

– Victor Lindelof (a highly rated central defender to act as the outlet from the back, 22 years of age)

– Romelu Lukaku (2nd top goalscorer in the Premier League and top goalscorer in the league over the last 5 years, a welcome return to buying the best players within the league, bonus being we took from under the Champions’ noses, 24 years of age)

Transfers out:

– Memphis Depay (we had too many young forwards and Memphis was the worst by a long way, coupled with his lack of discipline and high wages we did well to release him for a fee similar to what we bought him for)

– Morgan Schneiderlin (for one reason or another it just didn’t work for him, he never really impressed and failed to establish himself not only under Mourinho but also under the manager who bought him – sold for 25million which once again was very close to what we paid)

– Schweinsteiger (from the day he arrived Mourinho made it clear he wanted him gone, he was too old and his wages were too high)

– Rooney (after years of clamouring for his departure, we finally got rid of ol’ Wazza, his performances had been unacceptable for years and his wages were ridiculous)

We look at the key positions we needed to be strengthened and we have been always talking about the core of the team (central defence, central midfield, and central striker). We have now bought two highly rated young central defenders, the best midfielder in the world at his age, and the best young striker in the league bar Kane (who is un-transferable).

Now we need to secure a proper defensive midfielder, and possibly a winger (although as time goes on I am not sure we need one so badly). If we sign a player like Bakayoko or Fabinho, with Mourinho’s tactics and know how; I reckon we are ready to win the Premier League as soon as next season and if not, we will have a properly solid side, ready to compete in any case.

We are paying top dollar for these players but I get a feeling that it is all very pointed and planned by our “chequebook manager”. I don’t get the feeling that we are wasting money anymore, we are investing for a dynasty.

History says that Mourinho won’t last more than 3 seasons but I am highly satisfied with our transfer dealings, so much so that I think we will have a top class team after his transfer business whether he stays or leaves at this point. If we get Ashley Young and one of Smalling or Jones out the door as well, I think the manager and Woodward will have to be applauded for the squad cleanup we’ve done.

As the chant goes: “Woke up this morning feeling fine…. I’ve got United on my mind… Jose’s got us playing the way we should… Something tells me I’m into something good….””.

I think the chant will be booming from the terraces next season and more so in 2018/19.


‘Dier is in the overrated Cleverley mould’

@hatters – totally agreed mate – we have done a great bit of transfer business under mou. i do wonder if he actually like fellaini as much as he says he does, or has he felt that he hasnt a better option in midfield up to this point. would be great to get someone in to play that defensive mid position. i just hope its not dier as i see him in the same overrated mould as tom cleverley or darren gibson.

I still don’t like how he plays, but maybe it’ll be more fluid, and less headless chickens not knowing what they’re doing. for my money, i never viewed him as a manager of boring football. it is only, for me, at united, with the dross he was left with, that the football has been so dire.

maybe that is down to the players, or maybe the coaching, or both, but i’d love to see our players play fluid, running into space, attacking football, that didn’t rely on crosses coming into a crowded box. we will see.



United fans need a ‘bit of perspective’

Unlike many on here, I do in fact see positives for the team ahead of the new season. Even though we have yet to strengthen some important areas, I am not overly concerned about that as those areas will be strengthened in due course. But let’s get a bit of perspective for a moment.

We all wanted DDG to remain, he is. We wanted a CB, we got a very good one, I have never seen the need for a LB or RB to be honest, we could do without reinforcing those areas FOR NOW, with Darmian, Valencia and Fosu Mensah on the right, Shaw, Rojo and Blind at LB, we have adequate cover.

Not really top drawer, but ADEQUATE. Now we need a DM that’s not negotiable, another number 10 will not be so bad either, bt jst like our fullback positions, it’s not as important as a DM because with Mkhi, Mata, Pogba, Pereira, we have ADEQUATE cover. Once again, I emphasize, A #10 OF SUPERIOR QUALITY would be a great addition and not a NECESSITY.

The 1 glaring area we struggled on except the known goalscoring issue was replacing Pogba when he was out of the side. With tge returning Andreas Pereira, we have just that.

I hope we manage to get Fabinho over the line

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