‘The problem with contracts is down to Wenger’

Date published: Wednesday 12th July 2017 1:10

Liverpool fans discuss rumours of FSG making an “amazing signing”, Chelsea fans suggest two Premier League strikers to sign and Arsene Wenger needs to wise up over contracts, all in our forum.

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‘FSG to make an amazing signing’


They say that FSG is about to make a amazing signing that would have us FANS drooling—

I wonder who it is… If its an attacker i would want it to be ASSENSIO or Dembele (Dortmund) or Lemar or Mbape and if its Midfield Keita or Niangola or Bakayoko or Isco (okay Isco is more attacking) Deffenfe VVD

Well at least tomorrow there is the first preseason game.. Man i cant wait to see Mane Firminho Salha and Coutinho tear up defences… this YEARS gonna be supper wicked!



Liverpool need a left-back ‘badly’

James Milner: Shows his frustration

We need a left back badly either as back up/understudy to milner with a view to replacing him later on or a new left back to replace him straightaway.

If milner is injured for say a month we are fked with moreno at LB. i dont trust him at all defensively. Dont forget we got europe nxt season.



Reds, maybe Klopp is OK with Gomez as LB back-up perhaps (altho untested)? TAA will give Clyne much needed comp (worried about him over a full season).

Would defo like Like to see a LB come in allowing Milner rest and recoup and also providing backup for Clyne as well. Interesting to read that both Clyne and Milner were top overlappers last season, great, but how many assists as a result of those overlaps did they get?

I only give a rats about that hence the need for two assist providing fulls which we should have and don’t. I honestly believe Milner would correct that on the right.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Rob you may not give a rats ass about that but Klopp will, I know I do. A player can only do their job and a FB/WB under Klopp may have more asked of them than any other position on the pitch.

There is also the matter of a player only being responsible for what he actually does. if you want to talk about what crosses end in goals then you also have to factor in the players who are attempting to take those chances. . . So maybe start collecting rats asses?

Clyne is terrible at creating chances but he’s defensively very solid. Milner is more balanced but he shines when it comes to the offensive side of the game. I’m surprised to see people saying that they don’t trust him defensively but Klopp does.

I do hope we sign someone to replace Moreno though. I think that’s our only problem at LB. I am the few though but those stats don’t lie and I’d wonder if there are any out there that support my views further, or maybe weaken them too i suppose.

Mr Makaveli


Oxlade-Chamberlain to go for £25m is ‘a joke’

So reports suggest that his chances of signing a new contract are virtually nil.And to be honest I believe them because by now he should have signed a new contract.What is puzzling though is he’s been taken on the tour and seems happy he’s still at the club.

I’d hate to lose the player, an absolute gem of a player who has nowhere near hit the heights of his potential.If he leaves, it will be another smack in our faces because it seems there is only an increase of players who want to leave the club in search of higher ambition.

It is yet again disappointing that we might have to sell him for much less than his actual worth.A usual muck up of the club failing to sort out players contracts and leaving us in this position.

An easy £50m worth in today’s market, and since he’s english a smart negotiator might even be able to get £60-£70m for him.But we’ll probably end up selling him for £20-£25m,yet again an absolute joke!

the specialone


Wenger needs to wise up over contracts 

The problem with contracts is in my view only because of Wenger and the reason is simple. Wenger is one who always fulfills his contracts and he still believes that players do the same.

That is why we constantly end up here because in his mind 1 year is still 1 year left. Players though the know they use that as bargaining or just wait 6 months to be able to negotiate with everybody.

So until he realises that we will see it next year as well



Hazard will leave next summer

Hazard will leave next season after the world cup. He’ll be with us for one more year.

He wants to win the champions league. and with our signings so far we dont stand a chance of getting past the last 16. Think if we get morata we will just have to pay the full 80million euros



Chelsea ‘should be looking at Iheanacho’

Kelechi Iheanacho: On scoresheet yet again

Going to get shot down for this but I reckon we should be looking at Iheanacho…

Total minutes on a pitch 1303 over two seasons – My calculator suggests that’s the equivalent of just over 14 games in two seasons.

12 goals 5 assists in that game time. 20 million quid… bargain by lukaku standards……..

Spurs are also rumoured to be looking and they’re our closest rivals as of last year… him michy and one other, that Lazio chap and I’d be pleased that we’d have done good business.

Anyhow, I digress.

Romansdirty pants


Benteke would ‘relish Chelsea challenge’

RDP…ah,Benteke!,27 I think he’d relish the challenge at Chelsea.

Wouldn’t mind us taking a punt on this fella if all else fails,he’d be a snip imo…sod it I ain’t too proud!.Got torn to shreds the last I mentioned him but ‘needs must’ at the moment and I’m not too proud to pick peas out of sh** if all our other striker targets fall through.

I know some on here will see him as a bit of a ‘come down’ of ‘chopped liver’ proportions.He could definitely do a job for us better than Butshuyai would,again in my opinion!

Ironically Everton have made a play for him to replace Lukaku (both Belgian international squad members vying for the strikers role,not sure who’s in possession at the moment!,I’m sure he’d come to us if given the choice.Benteke is no lightweight,he puts himself about on the pitch like Costa did but he doesn’t come with the extra baggage like Costa…imho!



Carrick a sensible choice for captain

Michael Carrick: Has impressed Jose Mourinho

It’s official, Carrick is the new captain.
I think that’s a sensible move. He is very experienced.

Also, it is obvious he won’t be first choice next season. If it was given to say Herrera, and he had a dip in form, there would be much more scrutiny over him being dropped.



So the vice captain will be an interesting choice, they’ll play more games and will be effectively the captain on the pitch. Carrick will be the captain off the pitch.

The vice captain is probably the captain of the future.



Fair enough, Carrick can be club captain and a good leader in the dressing room but I am still holding thumbs for Herrera to take the vice-captaincy (effectively becoming the on-field captain).



Lukaku a ‘very good buy’

Luukaku is a very good buy. I’d take him before morata. I think costa is gone and morata will come in for Chelsea

Disagree about Everton. Pickford one good season. Keane decent facing the ball but poor on the turn around. Both well over priced. I think they are two over hyped English players but time will tell.

Rooney has lost interest. He hasnt played well for years and seems burned out. Klassen aswell. average player.

Sean the Sailor


Lukaku’s ‘first touch is suspect’

I’ve always liked Lukaku as a player – I think he’s done very well to score the amount of goals he has so far, especially since they’ve come playing for West Brom and Everton and not the likes of Chelsea or Man City.

His first touch is suspect and is something that needs to be improved if he plays as a lone striker however I’m quite confident that United have done a good thing by signing him as he is proven in the league, won’t need to move and settle and already has friends at the club.

Will he better than Morata? Who knows – it could well be that Morata joins Chelsea and leads them to another title, it could be that he flops badly like other great strikers who joined Chelsea in the past. Likewise Lukaku may flop at United if he doesn’t start well (strikers tend to suffer badly when they’re not scoring).

At this point in time though, I think United have done a good move by signing Lukaku whilst I think Chelsea would be wise to get Morata in too. Both good strikers who can score lots of goals for their respective clubs.

Sympathy for the Devils


Mourinho sticking to type…

It looks like Mourinho is going for his usual team, Martial and Rashford out wide are both capable wingers who can get the odd goal.

I still wonder if he fully trusts them as its looks like he wants Perisic. Its a very similar format to what he did at Chelsea.

Big guy up front and winger capable of cutting in on the counter, cpt Garrick playing a similar role to Ballack, providing leadership.

If he gets a better DM than thug Fellaini he might have a team this season but its boring, been tested and most of the league know what to defend against.


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