‘Arsenal’s return to form exaggerated. We’re still very brittle’

Date published: Thursday 5th October 2017 3:11

Liverpool fans discuss Jordan Henderson as a defensive midfielder, Arsenal’s improved defending is dismissed and could Barcelona join the Premier League? Our forum…


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‘A well set-up team will take us apart’

I also agree on the defense being brittle.

The stats do not paint a true picture. We use the zonal marking system, that allows attacking players movement onto the ball, whilst our players are static. We also bring back attackers to cover frontal area, this slows breakout for counter. We also fill the box, leaving open “hole” in a central area just outside goal. Therefore when clearing header is weak allows attacking team opportunities to shoot for goal through congested box.

For many years we have been aerially weak, this is still the same story.Often the back post is a focus for corners, or crosses from both left and right, in behind fullbacks.
The times lately, we have got away with not conceding, should warn us all is not right. The last two games we have had the post hit with keeper beaten, a stone penalty, then outstanding saves by the keeper.

Laurent Koscielny & Olivier Giroud: Targets for Marseille

A well set up team will take us apart. Top six will be success.

As I’ve posted before, Van Dijk please. Clear out the zonal set up and unload the box. Wake up the full backs to man mark and this will allow the defensive midfield to cover hole then allow quicker turn around from defense to attack.

It’s comical to have Giroud defending, then break into attack, only to have to hold up play for him to get into an attacking position. Things have improved, but nowhere near as much as needed.
The quality is getting better in premier, we must also up our game.



Arsenal ‘have not been able to defend for years’

It staggers me that the topic of Arsenal’s defending is even a debate. We cant defend and havent been able to for years, anyone suggesting we can obviously doesnt understand the game. Anyone with even the most limited football knowledge should have worked out by now that Wenger neither understands defending nor does he consider it important.

Its a little bit like his attitude to captaincy, according to him its unimportant as all players are leaders and all players are captains. Utter piffle. I have stated on many occasions over the past 15 years that without the inherited back5 of Seaman, Dixon, Adams, Bould (Keown), Winterburn what would Wenger actually have won?

Maybe the occasional FA Cup but there would have been no league titles and how long would Wenger have survived. Lets face it he only moved to the back3 (and with our fullbacks it is a back3) out of desperation because nothing else worked.

Our poor defending, illustrated by thrashings from a number of clubs over the years, is a direct result of the managers attitude, poor organisation, lack of fight, buying poor defenders, and finally dreadful coaching where the likes of Bould and Keown were not allowed input, Keown has stated this himself and thats why he left his coaching role. Spurs, Utd, City and others will score a hatful against The Wenger Colander.

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Pat Nevin on Chelsea…

The Pat Nevin view.

“Another talking point was the decision to go for the 5-3-2 formation again. When you consider we looked better when we reverted to 3-4-3 late on, there will be those who think that it might have been a mistake to change last season’s winning formula, but I reckon that is an over-simplistic reading of this game. For one thing, Manchester City were going at 100mph for the first 70 minutes and they definitely didn’t have the same energy levels to press high later on, so there was more space for the likes of Cesc as the game progressed. Also, teams that have been too open against City this season have been destroyed; think of Liverpool at the Etihad when they went down to 10 men and still tried to have a go. The ensuing 5-0 drubbing could have been 7-0 or 8-0 in the end.

Remember also that the 5-3-2 had worked well against Atletico Madrid in the week and it is a system that stresses certain players less in terms of expending energy. Had we gone with a 3-4-3 with City that bit more rested than us, then the gaps behind our wide midfielders could have been monumentally shown up in the first half.

I could go on, but it is probably best to move on from this game and learn what we can from it. I am sure Antonio has already done just that and he probably will not spend every minute of the two-week break concerned with it. We lost 1-0 against a good side, we have a winnable run coming up and if I was a Palace player right now, I would already be worried”.

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Man City performance was ’embarrassing’

The game i watched could of been four or five anyway, if city had taken their chances and amount of possession.

It was white flag time mate, and I for one was embarrassed by the performance, in particular being sat next to a city fan watching it, who in his words “can’t believe how s*** you lot are today, worse he can recall seeing us play against them for a long time.

Yes agree, now time to move on, and let’s hope palace first points are not against us, because when woy shows them the video of the game, can see them gaining confidence from it, and along with that home crowd, London derby and all, it’s a funny old game.



Simeone ‘has some cheek’

Diego Simeone: In no hurry to cut ties with Atletico

I see Simeone is now claiming that we priced Costa too cheaply. Well, its no surprise really is it considering he was on strike and refused to go anywhere other than Athletico!

I hope Costa gets a career-ending injury in his first game for Madrid. I’ve never once wished that on any player before, but its clear Costa and Athletico both conspired to force his move through and get him as cheap as possible.

Now Simeone has the cheek to brag about what a bargain they got. It’s no wonder Simeone and Costa get along so well, they are both massively unlikeable c***s.



Liverpool ‘will get Van Dijk’

Shanksy, I’m pretty certain that Klopp will eventually get his man.

It was obvious that Klopp wanted Van Dijk to lead the backline and it’s obvious that Klopp has not given up on getting his target.

Personally I think he is right to take this gamble, we might have a few more points of we had bought another centre back but only Van Dijk is good enough for a title challenge.



Liverpool must get some January business done

There needs to be some business done in Jan, there will be too much to get done next summer.

It’s not gonnna be unreasonable to think that posssibly Can and/or Coutinho will leave next summer. We need 2 centrebacks, at least one midfielder and a striker.

Kieta covers one of the midfield spots needed but that still leave a lot of business to get done in the summer.

If we can only make 1 signing this Jan, make it a centreback which will help shore up the defence and one off the to do list for next Jan.

If we only concentrated on our spine for the next 2 windows we’ll go a long way to greatly improving this team.



Klopp playing Henderson as a defensive midfielder is ‘infuriating’

Just been reading a piece on our captain in ThisIsAnfield which highlights perfectly waht some of us on here have been saying for a while about JH’s deficiencies in a DM role.

This is why we are struggling so much at times and why we miss Lucas. Can is slightly more aware and better in the DM role but I believe that Milly is our best option there for now ( and at least til Keita or someone else is brought in) as his defensive understanding is so much better.

The insistence of Klopp in playing Hendo there is what infuriates me most about the current problems we are experiencing. Aaarrrggghhh !



Left side has been buzzing…

The Perisic thing is really interesting actually, seeing as how much Mourinho seemed to have invested in signing him as the missing piece in the jig saw. The left side looked like it was going to be our problem area.

I’m sure there will be proper stats somewhere but we’re scoring a lot more goals from crosses this season (despite the footballing geniuses saying we lack width) and a very high percentage of them are coming in from the left.

Ignoring Burton as I can’t actually remember the goals, my very amateur statistics make it thirteen goals have been scored as the result of crosses from the left against only three that have come in from the right. Take a bow Anthony, Ashley and Marcus and pull your socks up Antonio and Juan.

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Mourinho may well still want Perisic

Perisic was mainly wanted because he is a naturally left footed left winger, which surprisingly enough makes him a rare commodity these days. Someone who can get to the by-line and cross without having to switch to his right foot.

I think ultimately Jose still wants someone who can do this but Martial and Rashford’s early season form has meant that Perisic hasn’t been needed. Time will tell on this one, come Feb or March we may be wishing this deal had gone through.



Perisic signing would have meant a 3-5-2

Though if we’d have signed Perisic we would probably have been playing 352 a lot more so far this season. So either of Martial and Rashford could still have started games up front, together with Lukaku. With Valencia and Perisic as the wing-backs.



Barcelona in the Premier League?

Barcelona: Unhappy with Malaga president

If we suspend belief for a minute and consider that Barca may be cut loose from the Spanish league I wouldn’t personally want to see them in the Premier League. Can’t abide them first and foremost and secondly Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. Plus Macguffin is in favour it, ergo it is must be wrong. Would be a great away day though.

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How would they join if it did happen? Would there be no playoff from the Championship that year? Would only the first two be promoted? Therefore only two from League One and so on down the line?

It would require a massive shake-up and almost every club in the Leagues would need to be on board. Just can’t see it happening to be honest.

Even if they are removed from La Liga if Catalunya leave Spain, they’ll just reapply for entry and be granted it. La Liga can’t exist without Barca in my opinion, just like Scotland needs Celtic and Rangers, La Liga needs Barca and Real.



killyboye – Good points you brought up.

Should perhaps better explained my ;scenario for the issue where the picture that things being what they are, the potential split happening would include cutting all ties whatever and that would exclude any attempt for re-enlisting.

I remember where there was the possibility of a Scottish club contemplating in joining the premier,so I would be assuming that some permutations would be possible.

I agree though that it would require a massive shake up.


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