Liverpool fans discuss merits of £100m man; Man Utd urged stay clear of De Ligt

Date published: Monday 8th July 2019 1:36

Liverpool fans debate the merits of signing Kalidou Koulibaly and Philippe Coutinho, while Manchester United fans want the club to stay away from Matthijs de Ligt and his agent, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Stop the ‘joke signings’

Yankees and klopp must stop the joke with the signings!! We need quality players to compete City and players for the future or like Firpo and next Alonso (this comapsrison is a sacrilege).

I do not care if Edwards is Einstein or a genius or whatever else you might beleive I care that Yankeew do not want to spend money and klopp prabably agrees with them.

Therefore we need 2-3 players and get rid of Lovren and Lallana IMMY!!
Former makes terrible mistake, latter has been injured for almost 2 years!!

Yankees, LIVERPOOL IS THE BEST BRITISH CLUB and plays football and not baseball….



Winning the league is about having good players and concentration. We have the manager who can give us the concentration and despite the lack of new signings I still think we have the players to win the league. Klopp’s main strength is coaching and man management. He believes he can raise the levels of the current squad to the point whereby he doesn’t need to bring players in then I ain’t gonna argue with him, Klopp has achieved relative year on year success since he has been here, trust in Klopp.

PS – Having Ox, Brewster, Keita, Lallana and Harry Wilson is definitely like new signings lol – we don’t need to stress I’m looking forward to seeing what these five players can add to our team.



Koulibaly for Liverpool?

Financially we are doing well but if we get Koulibaly we probably have to sell matip and lovren as there is no need to keep those two hanging around especially as Gomez would be third choice and Matip and lovren selling fees would be enough to recoup at least half of the Koulibaly transfer. Intake an interesting one…but I don’t think Klopp will go there.

Klopp probably thinks we are good enough as things stand. I’m sure he only realised he needed someone like VVD when he realized that he couldn’t turn lovren into the main man defender three seasons ago when lovren was hauled off at Wembley. Klopp will be confident enough to think he can turn Gomez into a world class defender.



It’s simple lads. We will not sign any 28 yr old for 100m. We don’t do that.

sean the sailor


I doubt we will but he would make one awesome signing… I could see us cheering Alison and the defense on after 15 clean sheets in a row




It’s simple lads. We will not sign any 28 yr old for 100m. We don’t do that

Its true Sean but also who else would do that too? When has ANY team spent 100m on any player aged 28 and older – even attacking ones? There are only two or three players who could command that fee at that age and older Ronaldo/Messi (and Neymar…?) So yeah lets stop torturing ourselves over Koulabily, its highly unlikely especially with our bias on developing players.



Coutinho return?

Philippe Coutinho TEAMtalk

Get coutinho back. We”ll win the league

Firmino Salah Mane Coutinho.



He made his bed, now he can lie in it.
He didn’t want to be part of the project where he was loved and now has missed out on a CL where he woulda have been remembered as a Liverpool legend.

That Jan when we sold him, I was against the sale or at the very least not buying any replacement. I was told either we didn’t need him or he’d be replaced in the summer. He wasn’t. Last summer we tried to buy a similar player in Fekir but unfortunately that never came thru and now here we are wanting another player of that ilk.

Most teams like to sit deep and frustrate us, forcing us to break them down. Most times we eventually do but on several occasions last yr we couldn’t. We could do with a player that can unpick a defence, can score from a strike at the edge of the box or put away a free kick.



Don’t be stuck on yesterday’s market prices, did not a 34 year old Ronaldo move for around 100 million last season. If we are buying a striker, 80 million get us a squad player, 250 million a player that walks into the lineup.



Bingo I would love KK too but even a club of our size would have to do some accounting checks before going all in on that. As I said matip and lovren would probably have to be sold for footballing reasons as well as financial reasons to accommodate 100m Koulabily.

As I said I think Klopp enjoys making players better so I think he probably looks at making Gomez into that world class defender. My only worry is that if VVD gets injured we are in a little bit of trouble… And this is where having someone like KK would make sense.



Don’t trust Raiola

De Ligt would be way up Raiola’s list, there’d constantly be rumours and hearsay. I’ve no doubt de Ligt is a model pro but I don’t trust Raiola for a second. We’d only be a bridge to Barca or Real as far as he’s concerned. We need a quality CB who’s willing to come for a decade or more



Despite him being managed by Raiola, I’d take De Ligt in a heartbeat.

We’d be signing arguably the best teenager in world footballer and for a position which we have struggled to fill for about 7 years.

We’re either going to get him for the long run or, if he does move on, we’re going to make a massive profit off of him when the time comes (we’re going to make at least 50m off Pogba and he’s been average overall).

Sympathy for the Devils


Although De Ligt is the biggest talent out there we should stay well clear. There’s constant talk of building a team around Player X. Well, it’s no good doing that if his agent will pimp him out at the first opportunity. It just ends up being another short term fix. F*ck profit. Not arsed about that. Doubtful it’s be reinvested anyway.

How long has any Raiola player lasted at a single club? He doesn’t get a big payday if his asset stays at the same club. He doesn’t care about his players just how much he can milk them and the clubs they’re at.



Some interesting debate on avoiding Raiola players here, also the contrast between Romero and Pogba.

It could be said that Romero is at the biggest club his abilities permit him to be at, and that he’s probably the highest paid backup keeper around. That said, there is never media hype or stories about him wanting to leave, no stories about problems with contracts or his agent flying to other clubs for discussions.

Perhaps Raiola is not the big problem here, but more the kind of player he attracts. It was Pogba’s decision to leave the first time round, then as soon as he proved himself a good player at Juve he was constantly linked with moves away. It wasn’t long after his first season at Utd he was in the media talking about improved terms, then the next season the transfer links came and never left.

It’s still possible that a short term successful team could be built around him, with only with strong, mature personality types brought in (like Juve).



We’ve spent long enough thinking short term and look where it’s gotten us! Even if there’s no DoF appointed, we need to stop thinking about short term success and plan for sustained success over a long period.



Focus on the long-term

It’s true that we need to focus over the longer term, but that doesn’t remove the short term pressure and expectations that come with the job.

Previous manager targets have been to finish in the top 4 or it’s the end of the road, it’s probably the same for Ole from next season.

If we jettison Pogba this summer, we will be losing our best outfield player by a country mile. Despite some terrible showings, he’s also single handedly driven us through a lot of games, and won us lots of points with his ability.

If you were the manager would you be confident of a top 4 finish if he goes? Would you trust the recruitment team to secure a top replacement? If you lose your job, that’s the end of the rebuilding and the cycle starts again with the next manager.

It will be a balance this summer between bringing in youth, character and enthusiasm, but not losing too much quality from the first team.



It will be a balance this summer between bringing in youth, character and enthusiasm, but not losing too much quality from the first team.

Care to enlighten us where the quality is?

If Pogba is a disruptive influence then it doesn’t matter if he occasionally puts in a good performance, his net effect on the team is negative.



@killyboye I don’t disagree that bad influences should be shown the door, but there’s a difference between now and then. We could afford to lose those players as the team was full of quality and character, we don’t have that now.

@macguffin I would point you to team performances before Pogba arrived and after. There’s a massive difference in performance levels, and trophies and a 2nd place finish ahead of Liverpool also followed. He won a World Cup last summer so the quality’s there without question.

Again, I’m not particularly against Pogba leaving at some point, but unless we are confident we’ve got top class midfielders coming in this summer we’ll be worse off without him and Ole could be gone.

Ultimately it will be up to Ole to decide if he understands what makes the guy tick, and whether he thinks he can get a tune out of him this season.



I think Zlatan was more important than Pogba. The trophies and second place co-inside with Zlatans time at the club. Even when he was injured his professionalism and aura influenced the other players including Pogba. Once Zlatan left and it became the Pogba show the dressing room problems began.



‘Zlatan kept Pogba in check’

Zlatan kept Pogba in check and since he left, the dressing room has been devoid of character and leadership. Zlatan was obviously a huge star but he also trained harder than everyone and demanded only the best. Pogba obviously looked up to him but now he’s supposed to be the one players look up to and he simply doesn’t have what it takes to do that. He’s to egotistical and obsessed with fame to ever become a great player and just like his buddy Neymar’s, his career will be a case of “what if…”.

We should definitely sell Pogba while someone is stupid enough to spend a ridiculous amount of money on him because there aren’t a lot of clubs around wealthy enough to afford him and oblivious enough not to realize what a virus he is.



Morata to fade


What would happen if Morata shows poor form in the next season with AM, hope they cannot revoke the deal or can they have a change of heart. I don’t trust Morata to keep up good scoring form. Tends to fade after decent starts wherever he goes.



Yaiiyy!! Happy that Morata is gone. Cannot support the player. His heart has never been with Chelsea. Complained all the time to refs. This is what I’ve got about his transfer fee: talkSPORT understands the two clubs have agreed a £58million fee for the 26-year-old to end his unhappy spell at Stamford Bridge.

£58m: if so, kudos to the negotiator, probably Marina G.



Morata is a done deal and Atletico are contractually obliged to pay Chelsea a substantial fee at the end of his loan period next Summer whether he suffers loss of form/injuries or not.

nine nine nine


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