What does Klopp see in Moreno that no on else on earth can?

Date published: Monday 11th September 2017 7:49

Liverpool’s transfer business comes under the microscope after the 5-0 defeat at Man City and Alexis Sanchez’s reception by Arsenal fans is discussed, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Liverpool aka Patchworkquilt.com

Waited 24 hours to post this to allow me perspective but I don’t think it’s made much difference.

We worked so, so hard last season to finally get Champions League football and added Salah (never seen a more one footed player than him), Solanke, Robertson and next year, Keita. Nice acquisitions but…..

Since Rafa left at the end of 09/10 we have played 232 league games (including yesterday’s) and conceded 281 goals (1.2 goals pg) which is the worst in the top 6. After the City carnage our seasonal average is now 2 goals per game.

One can point to a system? The system concedes goals? Don’t buy that.

You can coach any system you want, any system, but if you don’t have the players in that system to execute the technical, physical and mental side then you’re pi**ing against the wind.

Our back line yesterday consisted of Mignolet (probably still confused by his omission against Arsenal and didn’t play for Belgium). TAA, completely and utterly butchered today against City’s left side, butchered. It was like watching an ex pro Dad playing with his son in the park today watching De Bruyne against TAA.

We have Matip, not a leader by any means. Don’t see him marshalling, boll***ing, a la Carragher. Migs talks but any back line should not have to totally rely on their keeper to do ALL the communication. Then we have Klavan. He needs to be playing for Middlesbro or Villa.

Not a tier one centre half by a long chalk. His ball watching for the first is inexcusable at this level. Less said about Moreno. I like Robertson but don’t see him playing too many games at the moment which is a shame. We sign a left back because we needed one and don’t play him. So there you have it. It’s Liverpool’s version of ‘Our Gang.’

Equate our defensive frailties to a house, especially here in Texas where foundations aren’t the same as back home. A storm comes in (very topical at the moment) and following the aftermath which buildings are left? The ones with the strongest foundation and framework (Chelsea, City, United – this season). The rest are the ones that didn’t have that foundation to start with.

We have a lovely landlord, a lovely upstairs, a lovely roof, top quality materials but the first floor and basement were built by cowboys using cheap materials.

Whenever I build a new team I start from the basement up. Doing it right now. I look for a vocal keeper, two centre backs who will be the castle door (not saloon doors like ours) and full backs who can execute the defensive basics first. Then I start working at building a midfield and forward line around that.

Since Rafa left we haven’t done that. Patchworkquilt.com.

We were given two months to fix leaky slabs at the back and we didn’t. I am not going to use Mane’s exit yesterday as the reason behind our defeat (didn’t help for sure!) but I believe we would’ve lost with 11 men. The way City we slipping balls thru our midfield and add the extreme dysfunction at the back (constant 2v1’s) there was only gonna one or two more goals following Aguero’s strike 11v11.

I like Klopp’s system, I do, but it’s evident that the system won’t function to its full potential unless we have the right personnel in there.

I agree his system doesn’t have an out and out defensive mid (Hendo is the 6 tho) but can we not get a ball breaking defensive minded mid who can also play a good ball? Surely there’s one out there. That position is the raised drawbridge in front of the big door in my castle scenario by the way. Can’t just rely on the doors to protect; need something in front of that.

So we need a King (keeper) protected by a bloody big castle door (two centre backs) screened by a raised drawbridge (ball winning number 6). Do we have that? Not even close.

We’ve had two months to fix that. I honestly believe Migs could be a decent King but he’ll always be the Migs we’ve seen too often since his arrival because of the saloon doors in front of him.

Two months to reconstruct our basement and first floor. We didn’t do it. Clyne’s gonna do an Ings which leaves TAA (I’d stick Milner in there after yesterday). Matip clearly not an orchestrator so he needs one and we didn’t bring one in. We needed a left full, we bring one in then we give Buster Keaton his job back.

To see a club of Liverpool’s magnitude and history not take defensive requirements seriously is mind-boggling. Is our methodology and philosophy really trying just to outscore opponents with just an arrogant plan A?

Surely not. Surely not……but there’s nothing to suggest, to me, otherwise, that it’s anything else but that.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Liverpool transfer dealings puzzling

Still can’t get my head round our summer transfer dealings, spending 40 mil on OX who offers nothing but speed whilst we have no decent back up centre backs and two injury prone ones.

Why bid for Lamar so late in the window? if we really wanted him why not make a move earlier? or where they planning on selling Phil? when they said they where never going to do and Barca just never matched their valuation.

Klopp and the board felt the need to sign a player for next season more important than signing a center back for this season, that is just baffling, if Rodgers acted this way he would get slaughtered and have to take all the blame, Klopp gets away with a lot more.

The way we f***** up the possible Van djik deal is a joke and embarrasing.

Why sign a left back but decide to put Moreno back in the side when he was garbage last season? makes no sense in the slightest.

Klopp needs to buck up his ideas if wants to be sucessfull at this club because I can see him losing a lot of fans undying support for everything he does, would be such a shame not to see klopp succeed at LFC but he has had plenty transfer windows now and fails to address our main issues with the squad at every window.

Baffling what goes on with our club sometimes, so close to the top but so far away at the same time.



‘I’m still baffled as to why Moreno is in the starting XI’

Crusty I’m pretty sure Lemar was just a replacement for Coutinho. Since we couldn’t sign him we didn’t sell Coutinho.

I agree with you about Moreno, I’m still baffled as to why Moreno is in the starting XI these days. He barely got a look in last season, replaced by Milner who isn’t even a LB and yet this season all of a sudden he’s a starter.

What did Klopp suddenly see in Moreno over the summer that he didn’t see throughout last season? I like the boy, he’s full of energy, but he really can’t defend. Surely Robertson can’t do worse?

Klopp really has to shoulder the majority of blame for our transfer dealings. I don’t mind the capture of Keita for next summer as he is looking to be a class player. However he shouldn’t have gambled on VVD. If we weren’t confident of getting VVD approaching the end of the transfer window why didn’t we have an alternative lined up? The funds were there, but he took a big gamble.


Analysis of Liverpool’s 5-0 defeat

Didn’t want to ruin my weekend any more so have avoided TT until now – and have no desire now to read all of the posts since the game – so apologies if I’m making repetitive points.

1.) I said previously that Milner would be a better option at RB – certainly in the big games and Saturday certainly didn’t change my opinion.

2.) I really don’t know why Klavan (and Lovren when he’s playing) seem to shoulder the burden of the CB criticism when it seems that Matip is the biggest culprit in terms of being more out of position and lacking in leadership. Is it because matip looks classier on teh ball when we’re in possession?

3.) Mane’s red card can (and has been) debated to death (was the ref right? are the guidelines correct?), but what was so disappointing was our reaction – or lack of it – to the event. Losing (approx.) 10% of your playing resources can so often be virtually neutralised by a collective resilience where everyone ups their game and effort by 10% – particularly when there is an element of perceived injustice. However, we let our heads drop and decreased our effort by 10%! You can’t hope to get anything other than a drubbing against City when you’re at 80% max.

4.) Salah. I’ve commented previously about his total left-sidedness and how he needs to adapt his game somehow to accommodate it. At the moment, for all his pace and approach work, his final contribution is dire. He either fluffs it with a weak-effort from his right foot, tries to manufacture an outside/toe-poke effort with his left or gets it properly onto his left and then the delivery is just “telegraphed”.

Positives? Clutching at straws here, but there is a weird sort of logic that if you’re going to lose 3 points; better to get properly trounced which may invoke a reaction rather than being edged out 3::2 and arguing that you were the better team. As Klopp said, better to lose 1 game 5::0 than 5 games 1::0.

Red Herring


We need Lindelof to challenge for a place

When you look at the game on Saturday you have to take into account that it was a game of nearlys and almosts, positional lapses and Jones falling on his arse.

Valencia completely lost Chupa Chups for the first goal, showing again that although he is a good player and decent on the wing he does not have the positional sense to be the regular starting right back for Utd, especially at set pieces.

He’s a good player and definitely adds depth to the squad but we need a natural right back and he isn’t one. The second goal was unlucky and abject at the same time. Jones falling on his arse could be deemed unlucky but it is one of a number of ‘unlucky’ moments Phil Jones has experienced in his Utd career. It will definitely be interesting to see how Lindelof will do against Basle on Tuesday, as we need people to be challenging for places.

On the plus side we saw DDG make a truly world class save against Jese, watching the former Real Madrid/PSG player shake his head in disbelief was testament to the quality of the save.
Then Lukaku missed a sitter, he also scored one though.

Stoke is perennially a very tough place to go, even the best teams find it hard and they are definitely a better team this year than last, Butland is back from long term injury, Shawcross, Wimmer,

Martins Indi in defence, Fletcher in midfield and Jese and Choupo Moting in attack have significantly improved their squad. It’s easy to say that this was a bad result but it remains to be seen how other big teams do against them in the Potteries. It’s early days still, not time to panic yet but there are signs that there still needs to be significant investment in the squad again next summer before we can compete for the League AND the Champions League.


Lemar was never good enough to replace Sanchez

Ever since the transfer window shut,team mates close to the sanchez have confirmed that sanchez wanted to leave desperately.And wenger has also confirmed that he bid £92m for lemar.
So connecting the dots, all that was reported on the last day of the window actually happened.

I have to say, it’s scary the fact that this club had full intention to get rid of sanchez and waste that money on someone who simply isn’t worth that much even in today’s market.Lemar might be a good player, but how can anyone possible convince me that he’d be enough to replace sanchez.

So basically all lies this summer that we had absolutely no intention to sell sanchez but on the last day we handed him on a silver platter to our rivals.The only reason it didn’t happen is because if we’d sold sanchez then the fans backlash would be never ending.

This summer has all but confirmed that this club has absolutely no intention to win the title and never has.Anything else is absolute load of bollocks.

PS- Although I blame the board more than anything else,I hope wenger gets lost form this club because he’s willing to spend £92m on lemar just because he’s french.He also chose lacazette over lukaku,morata probably because he’s french.Can he not realize that signing french players for the past decade has done absolutely nothing.

the specialone


Booing Sanchez, seriously?

Great to get back to winning ways but i can’t believe,if true that sections of our muppet support booed our best player when he came on.good god,what the hell are our supporters becoming?

I don’t blame sanchez one bit for wanting out of a club where everything is easy and nothing’s questioned.it’s all lovey,dovey at our club and world class players(our only one)can see that both the board and wenger are not in tune with his ambitions.

for christs sake,that the regime’s fault not sanchez.i’ll enjoy

that the win brings tonight but we have chelski away next week. same old,same old before a ball’s kicked?us fans need to take it out where it concerns the most,wenger and the inpept board who
are a disgrace to the great name that is afc.



‘Up to Sanchez to win the fans back’

Fairly predictable response really whether you like it or not. Its now up to Sanchez to win the fans back, its largely up to him. Personally I don’t blame Sanchez in the least, the fans, if we can call them that, need to grow up.

As for the game, routine win against a side that will go down. Lots of good performances although Xhaka was fairly average which for him is good. Interesting week ahead. Still don’t fancy our chances against Chelsea.

The Oracle


Boos couldn’t be heard

I read about the boos Steve but couldn’t hear them on TV. I could hear “Alexis Sanchez Baby” being sung so perhaps the real fans were drowning out the boo-boys.

The problem is that these whingers never actually think what they’re whinging about – it’s all about the whinging – but not one of them would stay in a job if they had the option of a better one, with more prospects, better pay and a manager who wasn’t Wenger.

Al The Gooner


Chelsea’s response ‘perfect’

That was the perfect response to those who questioned Conte and the brainless so called football pundits. 3 wins in a row, all of our new players looking good, we have one hell of a striker,One point of the top,our best player returned quicker.

My God ! What else could i have wished for. Every wish i had was fulfiled. Next we need to get Costa off the books Asap. I would like Christensen to start on tuesday.

Rest Kante, Willian, Luiz, Moses, Lonso and Morata for Arsenal. I think which ever team we put in we will have enough in our tanks to beat Qarabag. The Gooners game should be kept on one eye.

Bluepylon, I’m not one of those who likes confrontations. But when you demand people to be respected for their opinion from the moderator and on the other hand you confront people for speaking about their personal opinion. Don’t you think that is Bit hypocrisy?



‘Bakayoko looked a bit lost’

A bit concerned that we could not bury the match earlier with chances that we had. We have to be more clinical.

Really happy that Morata found the net again and hopefully it will be a habit for him to score. Kante was superb. For me Bakayoko looked a bit lost. Pedro too. This kind of game was for me more suitable for Willian than Pedro. Pedro relies on speed where Willian has a good skill.

But at the end, we won the match and I am satisfied. And Zappacosta looks very promising. Solid defending and attacking, almost got himself on the scorecard.



‘Only issue with Conte is…’

Only issue I have with Conte is that his also another one thats not too keen on young blood whether that’s just him or because he feels they make us more venerable I dont know but you have to play them sometimes or else they just leave. Otherwise his been brilliant.


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