Liverpool fans fear Man Utd game could hand Man City title advantage

Date published: Thursday 7th February 2019 1:55 - Oli Fisher

during the Premier League match between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Liverpool FC at Molineux on December 21, 2018 in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Man Utd fans debate what’s next for Solskjaer, while our Chelsea readers are losing patience with Eden Hazard in Your Says of the Day.

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Pressure mounting on Klopp

City ground out the win.
Now top on goal difference.
Is our game in hand Utd?


Gingerfc only 3 or 4 wins at Old Trafford since 2000. Last 2 wins at OT great performances Torres 2009 and Suarez 2014.

With your record at OT, current form and United having their confidence back this could be a real banana skin and the game that hands the advantage back to City as I can’t see a liverpool victory at OT.


Everton tried, but the difference in quality told in the end.

When you have 60M Mahrez, not even used, while you can bring on Sterling(50m), de bruyne(55m), Jesus(30m), this is unfortunately the difference with our team.

When Leicester won the league, they had a decent first 11, and didn’t lose too many to injury during the season.

We have a very good first 11, but very poor replacements, despite some costly additions, obviously not on the scale of city.

Pretty simple from now, match or do better than city each game, we can afford a draw ( Man U away?). Might take off the ‘fatigue’ or should I say pressure off us.


Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

An away draw to Utd is never a bad result.
The more open football they are now playing might actually suit us.


If we even one point ahead after the utd game then it be great.

We will beat Bournemouth and city will beat Chelsea. So we will need to go to ot to get something

Once city go ahead with sane Gabe’s played etc then they won’t be caught

Can’t see us winning at ot. Very rarely happens.

Sean the Sailor

Leicester won the league with one of the lowest points totals in recent history that was just an odd season this year three teams could end up with more then 80 points that is unheard of!

I feel much more calm now and i am hoping the players feel the same let just give it our all & see what happens.


So, by any measure that you want to use, whether it be transfer fees, Fantasy League points gained or just the ‘bleeding obvious’; Everton’s 2 best, most influential attacking players are Richarlison and Sigurdsson. They play the PL Champions at home and what do they do? Of course, we’ll drop them to the bench! I fully expect them to do the same when they play us at the beginning of March…oh, hang on, what are those airborne porcine-like animals doing flitting across the sky ?

Red Herring


What next for Ole?

Looking at Ole’s reign, if he doesn’t get the manager’s job on a full time basis, surely he should be considered for Director of Football if he was interested? He understands the club, he now knows the squad and knows better than anyone where we’re going and potentially how to get there.


Hmmm, interesting. I actually think he’s better having a direct impact on the playing squad during match day. He embodies all of the past glories that we’re trying to recapture. Maybe he’ll be kept on as assistant manager to someone like Alegri?


You have to define the responsibilities of a DoF then the qualifications needed for the job. Being guardian of the club’s DNA is clear and Ole fits the bill. But the job is (I think) much more than that.

Plus I cannot see a scenario where Ole does anything other than a decent job. Its unlikely there will be player unrest. Its unlikely Ole will not at least try to play entertaining football. He’s not going to shoot his mouth off to the media. If we dont get past PSG its no disgrace. Its unlikely we’ll go into freefall in the league so even if we dont make top 4 we will be close. Its 50-50 against Chelsea and again going out to them is no disgrace.

I just can’t see how we can say he’s not good enough to be manager but can be virtually the boss of the next manager.


Completely agree with @Mac here, you can’ shoehorn Ole into a job like that just because he didn’t quite get the manager’s position he wanted, and anyway it’s a whole different skillset that is required to fulfill that role.
We have to be clear headed, ruthless and determined to get the best possible man for BOTH roles, not treat one like it’s some sort of a consolation prize and fuck it all up again for the next decade.
Either way Ole won’t be short of offers if he carries on in anything like the same vein he is now, he certainly won’t be going back to Molde anytime soon!.


More interested in who will be head of recruitement.
Are there two appointments,one dof and head of recruitement or just a dof?
If it only is a dof coming in this person will be more important than a manager because its long term.


Give the DOF job to Ed Van der Sar. He has done wonders at Ajax and obviously knows the club well.

Whoever gets it will do better than Woodward. I repeat – anyone other than the two CLOWN PRINCES Ed Woodward and Blacky 😉

The MartialArt

I’m not sure a DoF would work at United. The problem is, Ed sees players in terms of assets that have a book value and appreciate or depreciate. They are just entries in his accounting spreadsheet and financial forecasts. If a DoF thought we should get a Alerweireld I’m sure Ed would do the same as he did with Jose. But if the DoF wanted a (relatively) cheap one-for-the-future Dalot he would no doubt say, great that’s the way. And he would still try to foist onto a DoF commercial value players like Sanchez.

The advantage for Ed is he has a buffer against criticism when the transfers don’t work. A fall guy. My guess is the quality Ed wants in a DoF is financial negotiation skills, the ability to do a deal with agents that shave a few million of the cost of a player.


I think Ole is in a better position thn the other candidates the media believe are contenders so I wouldnt mind letting him continue. But we need a decent DOF. Yes Van De Sar knows the club inside out, but I would personally go for Andrea Berta or pay the big bucks for Paratici at Juve. They are top drawer and Ole would benefit with 1 of then in charge of transfers instead of Ed

Well the 1 obvious candidate who would attract the creme de la creme is now a MLS club owner…

But Guissepe Morata was an inter man through and through yet he transformed their rivals Juventus. If we box ourselves in the “club legend” bubble then there will be less new innovations. Traditions do need a bit of fine tuning from time to time and our tradition has been PL domination rather thn both domestic nd euro domination. Maybe a person who knows all about succeeding in the continent could add more value then someone only familiar with domestic domination?

OT Fax Machine


A Hazard for Chelsea

Have to admit that if an announcement is due today then I find the timing very unusual

Lets assume, as most are, that he is leaving then why state this during mind season. Any dip in form and people will immediately say he is focussed only on the move and potentially Sarri should be looking to play Hudson Odoi so he can gauge whether or he can be the direct replacement for Hazard

However, if Hazard is staying then that makes more sense in terms of timing, gives a boost to the squad and the fans and takes all pressure off transfer talk so he can focus on his football

Tricky one to call but trying to remain optimistic…!! KTBFFH


Eden Hazard TEAMtalk

if he goes he goes nothing we can about it now, we lost so many great players but success always followed and continues.


I can’t see an announcement being made today. If he is leaving, why would you make it public at this point in the season? It makes no sense. And if he is staying, the timing of the announcement makes more sense, but why would you do it in the French media? Surely it would be an official statement from Chelsea, or in the least, Hazard would announce it either in the Belgian or British press. This all seems something out of nothing to me.


“Chelsea will not allow Eden Hazard to leave on the cheap this summer and will demand over £100million from Real Madrid. The Belgian is out of contract in 2020 and will have 12 months remaining on his existing deal this summer. Hazard revealed this week that he had made a decision on his future but refused to confirm whether he will sign a new deal at Stamford Bridge or pursue his dream move to the Bernabeu. Reports on Tuesday suggested Hazard had made his mind up on a move to Madrid and the Evening Standard claim Chelsea will demand a record-breaking fee for the Belgian.”

nine nine nine

There is more in to this story than meets the eye. First why would he say that he has made a decision and then with hold it? Is it a coincidence that i was reading today from somwhere that Chelsea had set their asking price? I would love to be optimistic about this, but i can’t. This issue should have been resolved quicker. But judging by the tone of Sarri, Hazard has decided to leave. The other day i was reading from somewhere that Sarri said Hazard is free to leave if he wants. If true and accurate in translation. Then you add Hazard making a decision and keeping it close to his chest, and the club setting their asking price. I joined the dots and saw Hazard standing in the exit door.😊

No matter who leaves or we sign. We will always have the appeal to attract good players. beleive me Hazard has decided to join Real Madrid. And doesn’t want to upset the fan base now that its too early. If we get anything north of £100m. Then we should consider it a good deal. Plus Kovecic will be fine. I saw the Pullisic goal. And whilst he is still a raw talent. He is similar in technique. And with those quality players around him. He will reach that level. Also i liked what i saw from Barkely on Saturday. if Higuain keeps scoring and is fit. We will have a good chance in maintaining our CL place.

Excuse me for my rants there. I didn’t mind to upset anyone. But i’m very annoyed with this Hazard saga.😊😊😊

Chelsea have to get at least 100m from Hazard’s sale. But looking at how Real do their business (especially lately), it seems to me to be very unlikely. They bought Courtois from us for 35m (he had 1 year left too). And we bought Kepa for 70m. See the difference?

They have their reputation, everybody wants to play for Real. While us, in term of reputation we are not in the same bracket as them. My feeling is that they will try to give players to us in exchange. So probably 30m + Kovacic + Isco/Asensio, something like that.
Or even Hazard being exhanged with Bale. 0 fee


According to the report I saw, Sarri lavished praise on Hazard and stated he would prefer that he stayed but would accept and respect his decision to leave if that was what he wanted

Saw today a report claiming that Kovacic and Isco would form part of the deal for Hazard but who knows the accuracy of any of these claims…?

If Hazard is going and the Club are already aware then I do not think that Hazard could have done much more. Clearly he committed to stay until the end of the season and you assume play to his full capability for the remainder of his time here. It gives Chelsea amply advance notice to try and see whether Hudson Odoi is the answer or whether we need to go into the market and if we do, then who does the manager fancy to fill that role. KTBFFH







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