‘Chelsea should have asked for Shaw in return for Matic’

Date published: Tuesday 1st August 2017 9:39

Chelsea fans debate the merits of Nemanja Matic’s sale, Man Utd ponder if Jose Mourinho is building a boring side and Liverpool supporters discuss their hopes of landing Virgil van Dijk and Naby Keita.

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Chelsea right to sell Matic – he wasn’t happy

One key fact that everyone seems to be missing regarding our transfer business is the player’s desire…whether they should stay or go. Matic wanted to leave, he’s wanted to reunited with Jose for ages. His comments since his transfer emphasise this. Whether we had bought Bakayoko or not, Matic would still have wanted to leave. Yes we could have refused to do business with Man U, but we would have had an unhappy player on our hands who would have negatively impacted team morale.

Rather sell him now for 40m (great business for a 29 yr old in my opinion) than be up pooh creek on the last day of the transfer window with no time to sign a replacement. Or even worse, have to do business in January. Roman had a big say in this transfer remember…it wasn’t Conte. Yes we could have waited until we had a replacement in, but Utd may not have waited and no other club would have given us 40m for a 29 yr old.

Ake, Chalobah…players that wanted to leave in search of more regular football. Abraham…I cant believe people are doubting this loan move. If he delivers for Swansea, we will have a player ready to be part of our first team squad next season…saves us spending a fortune on another expensive foreigner. Zouma – who knows what Conte thinks of him. But he’s not yet the player he was before his injury. Again…should he star for Stoke…and he’ll get plenty of practise to defend, we’ll have him back next season – again avoiding the scenario of forking out 80mm for a CB.

It’s frustrating but at least it’s not yet Sept 1st. Then again, the last two players signed on deadline day did a pretty spectacular job last season.



Chelsea should have demanded Shaw or Martial in return for Matic

The market is what it is. However, and as with any trading platform, you can be smart and make it work to your advantage.

I’d have told Jose that the only way he gets his hands on Matic is by selling us Shaw in return. Or Martial. The point being that you don’t strengthen a rival unless you’re killing them on the fee (I don’t see 40m as a crazy figure for Matic in the current market) or you are getting a top player in return.

Football is absolutely all about opinions, so maybe some feel that Chalobah isn’t ready to compete and Matic isn’t prepared to fight for his place. My opinion is that Matic should’ve been retained for this season.

It’s crazy to now be desperately trying to find a player to come in who pretty much knows he won’t play much when we already had a player under contract and here. Abject stupidity (or naive sentimentality if you believe that RA sanctioned Matic leaving).


Keita miss isn’t massive for Liverpool – we didn’t need him!

I’ll be disappointed by the failure to sign Kieta but I don’t think it leaves a huge hole in our midfield or anything.
If we continue to play 4-3-3 we still have Hendo, Can, Wij, Grujic, Milner, Lallana, Coutinho, Ojaria to fill the 3 midfield spots. Some will be clearly more suited for domestic Cup games rather than CL but that’s why we need them all.
I don’t think we’ve been chasing Kieta because we need to fill a midfield hole, I think we’ve been after him because he’s a quality player who would suit our style of play.

VVD on the other hand is far more important to get over the line. We can’t afford not to add a quality centreback to the team. Both Matip and Lovren pick up regular injuries, Klavan would be too much of a drop off in terms of quality.
We really need to get VVD over the line.


Wenger’s latest statement is an utter joke

The statment from Wenger (about it being OK to have players in the last year of their contract) is a joke, just like he is. 2 more years of utter b******* and constant backtracking, lies and excuses.

Who in their right mind believes the crap that comes out of his mouth. Instead of admitting his failings to secure contracts/sell, he comes out with this. Get ready for the excuses of Thursday’s do not agree with us! Shame on those who believe and agree with this bs.



Oxlade-Chamberlain perfect for Chelsea

I think Chelsea should go all in for Oxlade-Chamberlain and I cant understand why we haven’t offered silly money for him. Reason being. He can play both rwb and cm well.

That covers Kante/Bakayoko and replaces moses in one move!! Its saving money buying one player that can cover 2 positions instead of buying 2 players. 40 million bid get ox in



Should United be worried by ‘boring’ signings?

Question to Utd fans. You used to win lots of silverware and title with exciting quick play from players such as Ronaldo, Nani, Giggs, Cantona, Ince etc etc

Are you worried that Jose seems to be building his normal boring long ball team with players like Lukaku, Matic and Lindelof being brought it?

Mourinho summed it up himself when asked about Matic and said he is exactly the type of player Utd want this summer “loyal, consistent, a team player” (in other words, boring)

Is this concerning for the style and future of Utd?



yes mate, personally I do. I have been banging on here how we need to get pacey wingers out wide to attack our opponents full backs and keep the width of the team (like you did with Mane) – someone like Douglas Costa or Lucas Moura (or Salah) would’ve been great.

The style of player being brought in now isn’t worrying as much as the signings we made after Fergie left – players like Schweinsteiger, Blind, Herrera, Mata, Fellaini, Schneiderlain, Darmian are all slow-paced players who can barely get out of first gear whilst the dynamic signings we made (Shaw, Depay, Martial) have either been injury-prone, haven’t worked out or have been off-form. One can say thank goodness that Rashford came through and injected some very much needed pace up front and that Valencia turned out to be a great right back for us.

I was ripped apart on this forum for saying we could do with a young Nani in our team right now more than anything and I stand by that – you can have all the most skillful players in the world in your starting line-up however, if you don’t attack with width and speed you won’t score goals.


Sympathy for the Devils

Not worried at all. Mourinho came in to turn an oil tanker round….we’d become that bad…and has signed eight players so far. Ibrahimovic, Bailly, Pogba, Mhiyhkhrytan, Lindelof, Lukaku, Matic and Perisic to come in at any time now. Mostly young, mostly quick and there is plenty of attacking intent in there. He’s also building a strong, powerful side that won’t be pushed around and hopefully won’t fanny about. Don’t mistake quick and direct for a long ball game. Lots of question marks too and areas to improve but I feel more confident than most on here that we’ll have a good season. Would have liked Matic and Perisic earlier so they’d be hitting the ground running.

Worried about your own transfer dealings? I thought you looked short last year with no European football but now you’ve got to try and qualify for the Champions League then either face the challenge of either that tournament or a long season in the Europa. Looking short on numbers and quality to me.

Wonderfuel Gas


A nailbiting window – but Liverpool WILL sign Van Dijk

I’m pretty sure VVD will be signed. Based on him not training with Southampton and Pellegrino saying he only wants players who are 100% committed. It makes little sense for them to turn down a world record sum, to keep a player who’s not committed. This is a great opportunity for them to raise money and re-invest into several areas of the team.

Coutinho on the other hand, I’m sure any player would have their head turned by Barcelona. Let’s hope this project at LFC is exciting enough to convince him to stay on board a bit longer.

It is turning out to be a nailbiting window though, for sure.



Liverpool should consider future move for Nathan Ake

Nathan Ake: Bournemouth want him permanently

If we aren’t able to pull off VVD, I think it would be wise to keep an eye on Ake at Bournemouth. He was always head and shoulders (literally) above everyone at youth level, and I can see him really pushing on the south coast with regular game time. I’m sure chelsea have a buy back or first refusal clause, but for sure one to keep an eye on.



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