Liverpool fans react to Van Dijk signing; it’s not all good

Date published: Thursday 28th December 2017 10:48

Liverpool’s world-record £75m signing of Virgil van Dijk has been met with a mixed response on our forum…


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Crazy money for Van Dijk

Wow. Fu**ing wow. £75m. Its crazy money. My only concern is the pressure on Vvd with that price tag and the pressure on klopp too as manager because every time vvd makes a mistake on the pitch or the team concede some stupid goals the press will be on them immediately. And the british press can unforgiving.

When we’re not doing well, opposition fans will sing and mock vvd abt the price. That price tag will always follow haunt you a bit like pogba and lukaku now everytime they have a shit game their price tags will always be raised.

So im delighted but a bit worried as well



Never rated him

Personally don’t agree with this signing as I’ve never rated him as anything other than another Lovren who’s only good in the air.

He’s never been the leader at the back that everyone thinks he is. He hasn’t done anything this season to suggest otherwise either.

That said I trust Klopp to make the right moves in the transfer window. While I don’t expect him to be an immediate hit I think he’ll eventually come good. At this point anything’s better than Lovren. On a side note, great statement of intent from fsg.



‘Way better than Lovren and Klavan’

I think he’s a very good defender whose way better than Lovren and Klavan. He’s not in the top echelon of defenders yet but I think he has all of the right tools. We will have to see how tough he is mentally now as he will be targeted for various reason including price tag.

The most important thing is that he can play in our system. To play a high line you have pace or very good positional sense. VVD has one of these assets in abundance and the other he is fairly good at but probably needs some improvement as he seems to regularly rely on his pace to bail him out.

I think he will make an immediate difference to us defensively but could take a little longer to see him in tip top form.

Still I’m more than happy with the signing even at an overly inflated price. If we hadn’t had got him people would have also been unhappy. Fair play to the owners!



Another keeper and a defender now…

I think this is a great move from Pool and a real statement and sorted vefore the window even opens (how can they do that?)

Its funny to read some comments on here and other fan pages, many other fans are unhappy that you have bought a good player in a position you need that is better than what you have have so an improvement, with keita on the way soon to this is some good business.

If you can find a world class kepper and another defender you will be right up there



Intent is key

Been said by some of you guys, intent is key, and FSG are to be commended.

I’m starting to believe that we are on the start of a new trend whereas defenders are going to see their price getting inflated, compared to a few years ago where they were considered to be inferior cogs in the machine compared to strikers.

VVD is not only a defender imo, but he has the ability to be a defensive midfielder and even a box to box midfielder, so I would think it’s money well spent.

Maybe FSG needed to cough up a few millions more because of the previous history of transfers between the two clubs and the fact that Liverpool had to apologise for tapping.


Southampton ‘squeezed the pips out of the deal’

An awful lot of money and Southampton squeezed the pips out but Van Dijk is a player that Liverpool needed and with Keita to come too if Liverpool could sign a reliable Keeper and a quality left back in the Summer they would be good to go next season with a real challenge for the PL title.

nine nine nine


Goalkeeper problem

We have 3 keepers at the club right now who have had relative success elsewhere. For the past 7 years or so the quality of our goalkeeping has gotten worse and worse.

If you watch our goalkeepers the have no natural game. It’s like they’re going through a routine every match and are occupied with those thoughts.

I’ve said for many years now that if we’re not going to get a TOP goalkeeper then at least get a top goalkeeping coach. I still have no idea how Archterberg wandered into the job and has held onto it for so Long when the results have been abject at best.

It would be a far cheaper investment and one which would make more sense for the short term instead of spending 40mil on a keeper who’s going to come in and experience the same issues.



The defence needed improving

As usual, the ‘assumptionists’ are on here….re VVD…’never rated him’ ‘not worth it’….same people on here probably said same thing re Salah….and that probably stretches farther back to Suarez….do we not think the club and Klopp know what they are doing ?

Central defence needed to improve. Bang…done. Lets see how he plays and how he does before we start getting our excuses in, please !! I disagree, though, he is a great player who will improve us. He’s a shouter like Carra…something we lack.

We don’t have a goalie who shouts but he does. He’s an organiser. I think he and Klavan should be first choice pairing…He’ll help with our younger LB and RB…great intent and signing from FSG and i for one am grateful thank you !

Number 10

Van Dijk does not make mistakes

Agree number ten. People complain we don’t spend money and then we do, it’s to much lol.

Vvd hasn’t made a mistake leading to a goal in 60 Games. He’s fast, he can tackle and he can play from the back

No way is he worth 75m but we need a centre back

Every time Klopp has made big signings they have done well

Even ox is getting better

His head was turned in the last few months. His heart wasn’t with Southampton. When in form he’s a top player.

Sean the sailor

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