Liverpool fans name one thing they’d change after Bayern stalemate

Date published: Wednesday 20th February 2019 1:47

Liverpool fans react to their Champions League draw with Bayern Munich, while our Chelsea readers look ahead to the League Cup final and discuss how much time Maurizio Sarri has left – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Not a bad result considering we were missing vid. Fabhino did very well and Henderson as well.

Munich parked the bus and we had no creativity. 1 shot on target.

Final ball was dreadful at times. Very sloppy at times and just giving the ball away to much but still not a bad result

They will attack more in Munich

Sean the sailor


Bayern the better team tonight.
Executed their game plan well.
Salah and Firmino again having quiet games.
Can’t be doing that many more times.
Well done to Matip and Fabinho keeping Lewandowski quiet but Bayern didn’t attack like they normally do.

All for Liverpool to do at the Allianz where Bayern rarely fail to score.



Bayern’s got to come at us in the 2nd leg so that will suit us. Reverse roles.

Positive’s Tonight
Didn’t lose
Clean Sheet

Negative’s Tonight
Didn’t win
Final Ball
Dead Balls

It cried out for a true number 10 tonight (I know I’ve been harping on about that) but as much as Wij and Keita got forward their final balls weren’t that of a top class number 10. That cost us.

On to Sunday.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Agreed Rob, we need someone who can make time for himself on the ball, in the last third we just seem to be so direct, and a little too predictable against teams that sit deep.

Still, unlucky not to score I think Mane’s swivel after Keita’s blocked shot was the best chance. Keita had a good game. They defended really well but I think we can score in the next leg.

Milner has to play next time, he’s too good to leave out and arguably our most creative player.

j c

In fairness firmino and Salah have not played well in the majority of big games this season.

Mane was our best attacker’s again. We have no goal threat from midfield.

Henderson did really well. Fabhino was very good.

Just to sloppy and Munich got what they came for

Still, we are very much in the tie. Clean sheet is excellent without vvd and fabhino stepping in.

Real lack of quality back up for the forwards as seen when Origi came on.

All huff and puff and I expect the same on sunday

Sean the sailor


Not sure where the confidence is coming from about going to the Allianz.

We’ve been beaten in our last 5 CL aways.
This season we’ve scored 1 away goal in the CL and conceded 5.
Bayern are very very strong at home and will have a number of players back available again. We’ll have VVD.

We wanted the win last night but failed to score.
Bayern wanted not to lose and to take it back to Munich, they succeeded.



Not a bad result! Our defence was not bad but our attack could have scored 2 goals with Mane. Evreything is open in Munich.



Apart from a victory, 0-0 was the best possible outcome. While Bayern will probably be favourites, they’ll be wary of conceding.



The pressure will be on Bayern, not Liverpool, in Munich.

Didn’t see much attacking threat from them, and we’ll have Van Dijk and Lovren back to make our defence even stronger. And with Fabinho and Henderson in midfield, we can even control the game.

I wouldn’t even bother going for a score draw over there, just go all out for the win and scare the hell out of them, there’s nothing to lose



0::0 at Anfield? Been, there, done that, got the T-shirt. 83 minutes…David Johnson –> Ray Kennedy…0::1…tie over…no sweat (well, a little bit after they equalised).

2 things to note: it was a right foot shot and Razor was captain that night – which may have been his only time in a Liverpool shirt – but, whatever, he certainly stepped up to the plate that night in Munich.

Red Herring


You’re 100% right about seeing little attacking threat from Bayern, that was their plan. Their normally extremely attacking full backs barely crossed the half way line last night.
They came to Anfield not to lose and to take the game back to Munich where they are very very good.
Job done so far on their part.

Our form away from home in Europe recently is poor.




8.5/10 for Henderson tonight. He was excellent.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Yes I’d agree with 8.5 Rob, these are the things that Hendo excels in especially with until press, winning second balls and taking the heat out of the fire when things get hot.

Still not sure he was or is good enough attacking wise but with regard to what I said about this strengths above he was probably the best player in the pitch.


I’m not doing numerical ratings – too subjective – but will say that Henderson was superb last night and nobody on the pitch played better. Another performance to totally discredit everything that Davinci accuses him of doing or not doing.

Red Herring


Henderson was our best player last night.

He and Fabinho must both start (in most games) in our midfield for the rest of the season.

Their different skillsets complement each other really well, and give us a good chance of controlling the game



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Priority is not to be embarrassed again anything else is a bonus.

Won’t happen but leave out Jorginho and Alonso bring in Emerson at left back play Kante in his best position play Kovacic alongside him move Hazard into the 10 role play Willian on the left and CHO on the right. Go 4/2/3/1.

At least the above might give City something different to think about.

nine nine nine


Sarri and no hope with a smashing, no Sarri and hope. A change is management before that match with players played to their strengths and appropriate tactics and it would be a different ball game. Abramovich must act BEFORE the final not after.



Putting money on us to win this…



RDP – like your style but must admit that I do not see Sarri changing anything and that we could be on the end of a shameful beating. If we go behind then heads will drop and then we lose all composure and shape

Looking at last night we are miles behind the top teams in terms of style, pace, aggression, creativity, belief etc. Sarri believes that ball retention is his powerful weapon with his main man pulling the strings and basically does not accept anything else – so why would he change…?

IMO, the majority of the players do not believe in Sarri ball and are simply going through the motions. For them, the good thing is that not taking on any responsibility but passing the ball to another collegue is effectively Sarri ball and so it does not look like they have given up. Until you see their facial expressions and body language as the goals continue to flood in…!!

I will be having quite a few beers before the game as that is fast becoming the only way that I can watch this team play. KTBFFH



Cannot see any light here. I think I won’t even watch this match. It’s a one off, but still with the same tactics and players who cannot execute that strategy: what’s the point? I reckon this may not be a massacre as our 6-0 thumping by City, but still we have no chance of winning this match with Sarri. Myself I lost patience with him. We cannot lose 4-0 and then 6-0 and then lose 2-0 against Man Utd at home.




Sorry mate I’m not having that. Many fans of other teams would love the opportunity to play in a cup final and some will never see their team even get to one. For all we know this could be Chelsea’s last Cup final for many years (I hope not).

You are watching the game!



Azpilicueta | Rudiger | Luiz | Alonso

Kante | Jorginho | Kovacic

Pedro | Higuain | Hazard


Kovacic > Barkley 70th min
Pedro > Willian 65th min
Higuain > Giroud 80th min

Leeds wouldn’t even bother to spy on us.



Aindro, supporting a football team means you are required to do so in both the good times and the bad times.

We went 24 years between domestic Finals between 1970 to 1994 and during that period much much worse than we are going through now!

nine nine nine


bort & 999, I know guys. Just frustrated of the bad run we have recently but especially Sarri’s unwillingness to adapt and adjust his tactics. I have to agree with bort’s post in another thread that Sarri sacrifices result for tactics. It should be the contrary, tactics must be adapted to get the result.

I will try to find something online, streaming, for Carabao cup as no TV in Canada diffuses it. I really want us to win this Cup, more than FA, more than Europa as it is the quickest way possible to win a trophy. And at the same time to present Sarri his first trophy. But I am really annoyed of his tactics and his team selection.




“Senior figures at Chelsea have held discussions over the future of Head Coach Maurizio Sarri.” ????

nine nine nine


I have never seen such unanimous agreement towards someone losing the plot and needing the sack from a cross all platforms ( fans, media, former players, opposition fans etc. ), give him till the weekend and let him go as soon as he receives his CONSOLATION Medal.
Cannot bear to keep hearing all opposition players saying they knew how to play Chelsea before hand!.. sadly, i cannot disagree with them.



Zinedine Zidane and Frank Lampard identified as potential replacements.

Personally I think there are question marks against both despite the positives they might bring to the party but I don’t believe either will be prepared to negotiate with the Club with Sarri still in place.

ZZ I think would be reluctant to takeover mid season and FL I think is very honourable and I’m not sure he would ditch Derby mid season even for Chelsea.

nine nine nine


I read that Sarri is to still take charge against Malmo and Man City. I am pretty sure that we should win against Malmo. But Man City are a different animal. And should we lose against City (which we probably will), Sarri I believe might be gone.


I don’t like things going on behind the scenes with Sarri still in place it makes a bad situation even worse imo.

If these rumours are true do the decent thing and put Sarri out of his misery now even if it means Zola until the end of the Season.

nine nine nine


God what a dilema -obviously want us to win at Wembley but not if it keeps this stubborn man in place.
Zola should take over for the rest of the season and do two things move Kante back alongside Jorginho or Kovacic and play CHO instead of Pedro or Willian. That way top 4 is still possible imo.



Nothing unexpected and to be fair, totally the correct action taken by the board given what they have witnessed and heard. Must admit that my feeling is to sack Sarri today. We should not have issues against Malmo and a quick few tweaks by Zola should ensure that we progress

But the driver behind my thinking is that it gives Zola as much time as possible to work with the team/squad in an effort to beat City. If he loses then that is expected but those few days could make a difference to how Chelsea approach the game…?

Equally, I can understand the board wanting to be seen to be fair to Sarri but making one of his last games against City a deciding factor in if he stays or goes almost smacks to me of a meaningless gesture. If Sarri persists with his dream, as I fully expect, then it is simply a case of how many City will score isn’t it – so why wait and at least give the team and fans some kind of a glimmer of hope…? KTBFFH



Agree with 1905 sack him to give Franco time to prepare for City and more importantly in my head Spuds on Wednesday, that being said if Franco will take the job?



Totally endorse 1905’s post above if we sack Sarri now Zola can put right the tactical and team selection problems ahead of the City game. City wont know how we intend to play and there’s a chance of some new Manager bounce.

We might still lose to City but if we don’t sack Sarri now we will almost certainly lose to City and it could be another heavy defeat.

I think the Club is holding back for PR reasons it’s unheard of to sack a Manager just prior to a Cup Final and the media will use it as another stick to beat us with despite their current Sarri out stance and in the unlikely event that we did beat City with Sarri still in charge that would make the right decision more difficult to take and extend the problem.

nine nine nine


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