Liverpool fans pinpoint where title was lost; Man Utd player cull overdue

Date published: Monday 13th May 2019 2:09

Liverpool fans discuss where the title was lost, while Man Utd readers can’t wait for the player cull to begin and Chelsea supporters say goodbye to Eden Hazard, according to Your Says of the Day.


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Just wanna say one thing.

The title wasn’t lost, it was won.




nobody can say exactly what specific reason the league was lost, it was obviously more than one thing. It’s clear though we have had some dodgy results after the camp, so maybe in the future, Klopp and his sports science team will fine tune it up, there’s always room for improvement. But yes I am proud of the team and the boys, well done no shame in what they have achieved this season. More points than any of the great Ferguson teams and in a modern league where it is more competitive too.

One of the United fans on Redcafe made a comment saying that LFC at least we won the non-sugar daddy league title 🙂 Our progression shows we will get there and win the real thing. Can city keep it up for three/four years? They undoubtedly have a great team but I feel there is a spiritual wave driving Liverpool towards winning it in the future and added to the intelligent and hard work the club is putting into making this happen.

Man Citys success comes from buying minimum 50m players all the time. Once Pep loses interest I feel City will struggle. Whereas I really do think Klopp is settled and apart from managing Germany after Liverpool I think this will be his last club job.


Jurgen Klopp TEAMtalk

Over the course of 38 games, all teams will have their “could have / should have” moments where they believe they were robbed or unlucky or something and claim that it made the difference; but most of these moments will be based on referee decisions and hence become too subjective to become definitive. But the one objective and directly relevant moment came in the Man City/Liverpool game at the Etihad when John Stones hooked the ball out of the goal when it was 11mm from fully crossing the line. In the end, this 11mm was the difference to the destination of the PL Title. Such small margins…..

Red Herring


I actually think it was the Leicester game. City had just lost, and we had the chance to go 7 points clear. We were so nervous that night, not just on the pitch but in the stands too. Dropped points there didn’t just hinder us, it helped spur City on. They knew from that point onwards that we didn’t have the stomach or experience to lead. We were incredible in the final 9 games, winning games we perhaps didn’t always deserve to, we found a way to win, time and time again. However we were always chasers, it’s a mantle we’re better at. Of course there are so many positives from this season but it’s hard to see them at the moment. The emotion of this race has floored me and feels like another lost opportunity. Is it destiny that every time we are good enough to win it, there’s another side who are just that bit better than us. I hope not, but I need some time off to recover after this.


I think the champions league final is now key to our fortunes in the premiership next season. We’ve reached back to back finals just as City have won back to back titles. If we can win in Madrid the club will believe we can win the title next season having narrowly missed out this season. Winning against a talented & hungry Spurs side who will want it just as bad as us now has far much more importance for us domestically. We’ve have earn’t silverware this season, now we must take the opportunity & win it. If we do, I think the achievement will eclipse the 2005 CL run. Believe & Come on the Redmen Ynwa



Sickening watching City players lifting the cup that should be ours and yes they’ve bought rather than earnt it. Harsh truth is that they have a better squad and are much less sensitive to injuries than us, and we had it pretty easy this season but next year it may be very different. Game over with one key injury, and with the likes of Origi and Lovren as back up its hardly surprising that the quality gap between LFC and City is still huge. City also looked far more convincing in play and always look like scoring whereas we seem to have to grind out results and don’t always look convincing. We would have won the EPL years ago if FSG werent obsessed with selling our very best players including to rivals and I don’t see anything other than a City win next season unless proper investment is made this summer and we don’t sell another key player.



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Now that the PL 18/19 seasons has ended, how do you think the team had fared? Which player do you think did well or poorly (did not live up to expectation) or has improved the most this season?

(Will not rate players who did not appear a single game for Liverpool or have played too little games)
Team Ratings
Out of 10
Allison – 8.5
Mignolet – Did not appear
Van Dijk – 9
Gomez – 7
Lovren – 6.5
Matip – 7.5
TAA – 8.5
Robertson – 8
Moreno – played too little to rate
Fabinho – 7.5
Keita – 6.5
Wijnaldum – 7
Oxlade – played too little to rate
Henderson – 7
Milner – 7
Lallana – 6
Mane – 8.5
Salah – 8.5
Shaqiri – 7
Firmino – 8
Sturridge – 6
Origi – 7

Best player: Van Dijk
This category is a tough one as there is too much outstanding player that deserved this but if I have to choose one, it will be based on his influence for the team. Van Dijk brought leadership and calmness to the team which attributed to the improvement of our defence. Hard to say that he is the sole reason our defence has improved as I will be doing no justice to players like Fabinho and Alisson who I believed also contributed to the improvement but he has brought so much more to the team other than his ability.

Signing of our season: Allison
Another tough one as most of our 18/19 season signings has been good: Fabinho, Allison and even Shaqiri (for a brief amount of time). But arguably it has to be Allison, some of his saves literally saved us.

Flop/Disappointment signing of our season: Naby Keita
Not trying to start some witch hunt here but I felt he simply did not live up to his expectation this season. Even this is his first season and there were signs of brilliance in some matches that he have played, his performance was at times lacklustre. I just hoped he will come good for us soon if we want to win the league

Most improved: TAA
What a season it has been for this bloke. Only 21 years old and has double figured (12) assists to his name as a fullback, a massive upgrade from previous 2017/2018 season of only 2. If he can maintain and improve his defensive abilities, we might be seeing a legend in the making.



I thought Keita’s performance in the later part of the season was pretty good. I think it was 3 goals in the final few games he played.


Wijnaldum has quite easily been our best midfielder this season.



Keita struggled early on but improved a lot up to his injury against Barcelona. Agree with Ginger, Gini is outstanding in his contribution as is Fabinho. I’m glad Alisson won the golden gloves. Was immense this season. Ynwa




Ideally what three players would you like to see gone? Taking into account talent, attitude, wages, whatever it may be, who should be the first arseholes shown the door this summer?

For me:
1. Sanchez – great player in his day, really great but is on colossal wages, hasn’t performed AT ALL since he came to OT and it’s really time to cut him lose while he still has some credit in the bank as a formerly great player.
2. Pogba – massive wages again and hasn’t performed consistently. I also suspect he’s a poor influence in the dressing room. His agent is also a toxic influence and I’d caution against buying any player he represents in the future. Get rid of, and fast.
3. Martial – possibly even sulkier than Anelka, is that even possible? Undoubtedly talented but doesn’t have the attitude to be a consistently great player imho. Let him go and stink out someone elses club.
I know there are players who also need to go like Jones, Young, Rojo, but if those three could be gotten rid of then I think the club would be in a much healthier position, mentally at least.



Phil Jones
Phil Jones
Phil Jones
Sucks the life out of everything, doesn’t matter how well the team plays he will always find a way to f*ck it up.

A little more seriously, Sanchez just hasn’t worked out. Now with his wages is completely destabilising the squad.

Matic – no idea what the point of him is.


Why put a number on it? We could ship the whole lot out and more than likely be a better team!? All I’ve heard so far is a load of hot air from Ole and no action. RM, BM & Barca have already signed players for next season. I wonder if Wudturd took another photo of the scoreboard yesterday as he did with Dithering Dave all those years ago? 6 years on and we are in an even worse state than we were then under this buffoon.



1.Sanchez, he’s playing very poor and striking a HUGE sum of salary.
2.Pogba, He could play fantastic, but when a club is interested in him, his head is already there playing for them + think his social media is more important then his football!!
3. Jones, he’s far overdue at United, he’s only injured and when he’s is playing, then he plays badly!!

We would clean the wages bill and put in a salary cap to control the greedy players who demand more money, even that they don’t deserve it. You only deserve it, when you show that every week in and out!!



its a shame players cant be tretaed same as managers and just “sacked” if deemed not good enough (and no one is willing to buy them).

wouldnt help you lads tho as Ed just offers them new contracts anyway!


Sanchez definitely has to go – both because of lack of any type of form but, more importantly, because his wages are messing up the team.

Rojo and Jones also need to go, simply to make way for another CB.

Valencia is gone and Darmian is definitely leaving too. Mata too should be shown the door – as nice a person as he is.

With 7 players gone (the above along with Herrera who I would’ve kept for another year given the severe lack of quality we have in midfield right now, not because I think he’s the quality we need long-term) we will need to bring in replacements, and lots of them:

CM x 2

LB (if possible)
LW (if possible)

We need strong characters in the dressing room and need to break up the Pogba-ruled atmosphere (Lukaku, Lingard, Bailly and Martial are all gravitated towards him) because his mentality isn’t the correct one BUT he can still be a good player for us, as long as the atmosphere around him is the right one – and about a good work ethic.

Sympathy for the Devils

Paul Pogba TEAMtalk

Sanchez, Lingard & Martial.

Sanchez hasn’t worked and on too high wages, Lingard because he’s crap and Martial because poor performances in training and in the pitch are not acceptable.



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Good result today just massively frustrating that Crystal Palace and brighton result or we would be there.


All if’s and but’s mate,if we were still in with a chance on the last day,we’d probably not have won,or maybe chelsea and spuds would’ve taken their games more seriously.Truth is we were in with a very good chance when there were about 7-8 games left but we bottled it.Usually,I’d put that down to a lack of mentality,and There is that question.But mostly it’s just the lack of quality and options for Emery.Our play and team is too predictable.This team needs major backing in the summer,major backing.Atleast 150m and we’ll still be behind all the other top 5 teams of the PL because they’ll for sure spend and strenghten more than us.As it is they already have much better squads.



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This has been knuckle dragging on since before hazard signed his last contract with us.

It’s frankly very boring and dull and he will either stay or go.

I’m pretty desperate to see the back of him as I’m sick of the is he staying or is he going routine. Sick to death with it.

Will be delighted if he stays, although I think he’s got about 18 months left at the top of his game, he has looked slower this season… I’ll be delighted if he goes as he’s given us his best and we can use the 100 million on other players we need. And we need to replace Willian, Pedro, higuain, led legs, Dave, Alonso, Luiz. Should be a busy summer.


Maybe been sticking my head in the sand too much but really felt that CL football would make Hazard think twice about moving, however, when you tell the press that you advised the Club 2 weeks ago and nothing has been made public, it clearly indicates he is likely to leave

I am sure if he was staying then that would have been made public as early as possible but by delaying the decision until after the EL final clearly implies he is away. Total shame but the only benefit, if you can call it that, is that between the Club and Hazard they have been in close contact so that the Club has been given as much advance notice as possible about Hazards intentions and should be planning accordingly

Great player who has served us well for so many seasons and one who I think will be hard to replace, at least initially anyway but creativity, as well as lack of goals, can now be added to our immediate wish list. I am very grateful for everything that Hazard has done for Chelsea in his time here and fully understand and respect his wishes and he seems to have done everything in his power to make the break as painless as possible. Nothing but respect for the gentleman and hope he enjoys his new career. KTBFFH



Cfc1905. I just don’t know what the secret is about? If he’s off then say so, if he’s not then say so. It serves neither real or Chelsea, unless he’s staying for one more season and we let him go for free.

I’m happy with what I see with Pulisic tbh. The king is dead, long live the new king to be honest.

That’s football and this is the longest and slowest goodbye imaginable. Get on with it Eden hazard and say yey or ney


LONDON, ENGLAND - APRIL 18: Maurizio Sarri, Manager of Chelsea speaks with Eden Hazard of Chelsea during the UEFA Europa League Quarter Final Second Leg match between Chelsea and Slavia Praha at Stamford Bridge on April 18, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

It’s done and dusted the only two things stopping it being announced is the haggling over the size of the fee and the Europa League Final it won’t be announced until after the Final.

nine nine nine


Let him go – he deserves it and not even he is bigger than the club. Look how Liverpool improved when Coutinho left and other than the transfer ban i see no reason why we cant do the same (leaving the manager aside for the moment!!).
Good luck in Madrid Eden i will maybe get to see you in white when you play Malaga or Sevilla next season.
Thank you for the memories.



I don’t share the same frustration with Hazard as Roman has.

He’s a sublime player who’s always given his best for Chelsea, and I think it’s his loyalty to us as much as anything that has had him undecided for so long as to whether he’d go to Madrid or not. Let’s face it, based upon level (both of the player and Chelsea compared to RM) he should’ve gone long ago.

It’s been widely reported (as well as alluded to by the player himself) that he’d have gone last season, but agreed with the club he’d stay for one more season, which for me shows loyalty.

He’s one of, if not THE best player in the Prem, and has been for some time. He’d walk into any side on the planet. As such he could’ve agitated for a move way before this point, and even now he’s being very diplomatic and refusing to say anything that distracts from club business. It’s not his fault that at practically every interview he’s asked the same question.

And as for us replacing him with someone better.. lol. That will be a neat trick if we can pull it off.

What I would say is that sometimes a team can become too reliant on a single player, and actually find that their form improves when having to work without that player. Which is not to say I want him to go!


Ash… three words for hazards replacement.

Ruben Loftus Cheek….

We had no need for wingers when we had Lampard. I think cheek has far more technical ability than Lampard.

Eden who? Exactly…



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