‘Klopp only knows one way of playing and it’s been figured out’

Date published: Monday 2nd October 2017 9:33

Here’s the gist of the Liverpool forum: Jurgen Klopp’s tactics have been worked out; problems are “all personnel related”; and there’s a list of players the club need to sell in the summer.


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These are the players Liverpool must sell in the summer…

Henderson, Moreno, Klavan, OX, Sturridge, Bogdan, Origi, Markovich, Grujic and maybe Ings.

Henderson has one or two good games a season but really isn’t good enough.

Moreno is well he is Moreno, enough said.

Klavan, not good enough.

Ox, should never have bought him.

Sturridge, Injuries have ruined him.

Bogdan, pointless player.

Origi, not good enough, need better than him.

Markovic, won’t get enough chances to prove if he’s good or not so should just sell.

Grujic, again not being given enough chances in the team so no point keeping him if he’s not deemed good enough to play more than he is.

Ings, injuries and probable lack of chances in the team will just hinder his potential so might as well sell him, don’t see him playing much at all this season, I hope he does though, would like to see him get a run of games not just 5 minutes every so often like Klopp does with Solanke and many more.

Too many meh players in the squad, not terrible players but players that really don’t add all that much to the team, we need strong men that can lead the team and make the team play better, not a bunch of young girly men who just want hugs from Klopp.



A penny for Coutinho’s thoughts

Coutinho head and shoulders above every Liverpool player today, I wonder what he thinks when he sees Barcelona flying and Liverpool struggling.

Mane’s worst game for Liverpool yet? Quite possibly and I wonder why, also Sturridge was not that great either, giving the ball away and falling far too often.

Nothing more to add, except that we have to find a way to defeat Untied in 2 weeks time. Despite our stuttering start, I truly believe we can do it



Songman me too, few will believe and I completely understand why but still think we have much more in our locker than we are currently showing.

Shame we don’t have more leaders in our team.


‘I give up on Sturridge’

Bob, I’m always picking up for sturridge but is chance after chance now. The 3 games v Burnley, Moscow and today, he has had 4/5 really good chances and misses them. I’ve supported him from day one but I give up on him now. Sturridge shoukd be burying that chance today. His diving around the place is embarrassing.

Sorry mate just my opinion and I’ve totally lost faith with him. He was all about goals and he just doesn’t take his chances anymore. I can’t see him getting 10 goals in all comps. He’s had 3 pl starts out of 7. Hrs done for me. No were near the player he was. He’s has around 120 mins in last theee games.hea not taking his opportunities. Again only opinion and I’d love to see him prove me wrong

Sean the Sailor


‘Klopp changes formation, but it was too late’

So Klopp finally tries to change formation, but it was way too late in the game. I have been hoping he would play 4-2-3-1. Countinho is wasted on the left of the midfield 3 in a 4-3-3.

In this game at the end he ended up as a left winger. He needs to be central with a free role.

Can and Henderson holding and I mean holding. No running too far forward. The full backs can add players to the attack. This way we always have at least 3-4 players behind the ball.

Agree about Sturridge. He has had his chances now. I would rather we play with solanke up front. He did more in the few minute he had.

Gini again was absent. Gomez, sadly looks like half the player after his injury. He looks like he has lost his pace.

Same old story yet again. Miss a hatful of chances and get punished by a mistake. Nearly lost it at the end.

Confidence looks shot and I have no idea how we will play against the scum.

Maybe the international break might help us. Knowing our luck we will get some players injured.

Still cheered up the Everton result.



‘I said 18 months ago he is a busted flush’

I start off by saying that is the type of game you get from Rafa, boring all out defence & that is at home.

Moreno yet again the best of our defenders, but poor going forward.

Mane , as others have said very poor.

Salah, we will have to understand that he will miss excellent chances.

I hoped Mr Anonymous would play well against his former club, but didn’t, although he
wasn’t as bad as others.

Dearly hoped Sturridge would play well, alas he didn’t, maybe as I said 18 months ago he is a busted flush.

We need a striker as some have said, the ones that say we don’t , do you still insist we don’t?

Hope we can drag ourselves out of this spell.



‘Firmino has been terrible’

Sean people were clambouring for Sturridge to play and now saying he’s finished. Firmino has been terrible also. We have missed a lot of chances as a team and some of your comments could be applied to others which is why I feel they are harsh.

Ultimately we all know he isn’t going to be the top striker he once was but personally as mentioned to say he’s finished is harsh also considering the sheer lack of support he received today.

And even though he’s played minutes this season, he hasn’t played full games and as mentioned so did Kane at the start and couldn’t hit the back of the net. Sh*t happens and he appears off form, though I think it’s clearly playing on his mind. This will prob be his last season with us but I think he’ll get the 10 you are talking about if he gets chances.

Time will tell …



Liverpool did not take their chances

We had chances to win that game but just didn’t take them. The 3 shots at goal chance summed that up. We need a clinical striker no doubt about that & VVD at the back. Reading criticism of Rafa. That’s a championship side he has out there.

How do you think he would set up if not defensively? A point at home against us was a result for them, for us it’s a reminder of what we are lacking this season. It’s still not a return to the bad old days of Hodgson, or BR at the end.

Reminiscent of Kenny’s 2nd stint with shots on goal with either woodwork or great defending stopping us scoring. Our luck will change against Utd or there will be pressure on Jurgen.



Can Klopp fix it?

Another defensive mix up. Klopp says he knows what’s wrong and how to fix it but he’s been saying that for a while now? Rafa could fix it imo. Now unfortunately chances are going begging too and Sturridge looks like a busted flush.

Mane looked a bit rusty today but he’ll be up to speed soon.

Fabulous goal by Coutinho.

nine nine nine


Klopp needs to change tactics

Just my opinion bob and time will tell.i hope you are right.

Salah is guilty of missing some real sitters. He gets so many chances and shoukd have at least ten goals but 6 is an excellent return but he can do so much better at certain times

A bit of belief I had is slipping away. The fab 4 that the media call them need more time but it’s just the same old Shite every week

Klopp needs to change something tactically. Maybe a change in formation or something as we are so easy to play againest. Too many pusseys in the team. No one with the balls to stand up and be counted when the going gets tough. You just knew when sturridge didn’t take that chance that we wouldn’t score. We are far to predictable and something has to change. We are weak.

Sean the Sailor


‘Problems are all personnel related’

Contrary to what Klopp says, our problems are all personnel related. And sadly, we’ve got 3 months until we can remedy it.

I totally agree with Carra. We had glaring problems from last season (and the season before)that needed fixing and we didn’t fix them. LB, CB, DM, ST and possibly GK needed quality replacements for the 1st team but we didn’t get them.

I think Klopp is overly confident in his own ability to improve players. Many of the players aren’t close enough to the required level to get them there by coaching.

One thing I will say though is that I think there is a game coming up where all these missed chances are going to go in and some team will get a thumping. Hopefully it’s our next game at Old Trafford…Peace


Klopp has been figured out

Where do people get this idea we will all of a sudden score a bag full, is Luis Suarez going to make a cameo? We won’t play many easier teams than Spartak or Newcastle & could only draw with those.

At the end of the day Klopp only knows 1 way of playing & it’s been figured out. The EPL is not Germany & it doesn’t take long to find teams weaknesses. You have to have more than 1 way to play & keep reinventing the team. Klopp is lost & can’t get out of it. He keeps saying he knows what’s wrong, HELLO it still hasn’t been fixed.

You are a blind optimist if you think this team will bother the top 4 positions. We will keep playing the same stuff week after week & f me surprise surprise we will keep getting similar results. The only tonking coming up involving LFC will be manu showing us what happens when you strengthen where you need to. They will beat us at a canter. Unless we get Suarez,Sami, Gerrerd & Mascha back for a cameo that is.



Investment in a spine

Totally agreed some of the comment here. We really need to invest a new spine, from GK, DF, CDM, ST. All this department need an upgrades.

Epl is very competitive, if we dont act then every seasons will be hoping. Look at the top teams GK department, we’re are so weak, DF we are weak, Midfield weak too only the attacking we can compared to the top teams and yet no ST can get us 20+ goals a season.

We wasted this season transfer market not solving our problem. But Klopp need to stay till he fix it. I already give up this season.With our defence MU will run riot in our penalty area and will pump long ball on for Lukaku and Fellaini. Darks day are coming here to stay for a long time this seasons.



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