‘Liverpool have lost their last five finals – hardly success is it?’

Liverpool fans address progress under Klopp, Manchester United supporters discuss signings, Chelsea readers look at their managerial and ownership situation, and Crystal Palace fans talk transfer rumours – all in Your Says of the Day.

Leaps and bounds?

As the season has ended on a disappointing note again it’s taken a few days to take stock of recent events and to have some perspective as to whether we are moving in the right direction towards our goal of getting back to winning ways. The answer to this question must undoubtedly be yes.

From the days we were at the mercy of Gilette and Hicks fast forward to about one year ago when some posters were seriously thinking that our savior might be Jermaine Defoe, we are perhaps currently on the verge of having a team that can bring back some of our past glory.

Klopp got so many things right since he is here, this season he got perhaps nine out of ten of the major decisions right, the only mistake on his part is that he installed Karius as our number one and though that cost us the final, we wouldn’t have been in Kiev without the other decisions he got right.

So I’m optimistic for the future as he still has four years on his contract and even Fergie was scared he would make us a force to be reckoned with again.



The club has won one league cup in ten years and has lost the last five finals reached. Hardly success is it?? Had Klopp gone to any other big club he would almost certainly have won trophies because he would have had a full squad to play with rather than just a first team with some great players. We have had a thin squad and weak bench for as long as I can remember and I don’t see this changing for next season. He will also be under pressure to buy more potential which will dilute the squad further in quality and be expected to stick with the likes of butterfingers in goal, a championship goalie FFS! Very keen to be proven wrong but come the business end of the season history will again repeat itself next year sadly. FSG’s priorities are all business related, winning trophies is merely a pleasant coincidence if it happens. And the likes of Klopp and Salah will move off once they become frustrated with this agenda.


Klopp lost his last 3 finals at Dortmund as well. He had to sell key players & that was a factor. At LFC he has had this difficulty too. His first two finals with us were with Brendan’s squad, not his. This CL final really was decided by his choice in keeper, so the responsibility is with Jurgen for that one. That said, we could have beaten Madrid at 1-1 if Karius hadn’t collapsed. We could have taken it to extra time & penalties with who we had out there + a solid keeper. That says to me we are not far off challenging for the premiership &/or CL again if we can get a solid keeper in without selling any outfield gamechangers, especially not in January. We have improved this season to the point of drawing comparison to the Rafa side of 2009 in terms of success. They came 2nd in the league & went out in the CL semis. We have come 4th in the league but made it to the CL final. Ynwa



Let’s look at the 3 finals Klopp has lost with Liverpool.

A league cup final lost on penalties against a very good City team when Klopp took over a coupla months into the season. City were clear favourites for this final and we took them to penalties with a mediocre team.
A Europa league cup final the same year against Sevilla who had won the comp the previously 2yrs running so well experienced and are the most successful club ever in that comp. Moreno had a poor game but the favourites won again.
Then the CL final this year. We had a better team than previous but our squad was pretty thin against the might of Real who had won the comp the previous 2 years and had been in several finals in recent years. An extremely experienced team and the most successful club in the competition. Once again the favourites won. Not to mention our best player going off after 25mins and the keeper throwing 2 into the net.

Context is everything.

I expect us to challenge for the title next season.



They were talking about the Klopp final record on the football weekly podcasts last week and they were saying the of all the finals he has lost, the one against Seville was the only final where his team were not the underdogs.



“Basic” transfer plans-Jose

“New Everton manager Marco Silva wants to sign West Ham striker Marko Arnautovic, 29, but Manchester United remain favourites to land the Austrian” …….. surely not!! Please just let this be a ridiculous made-up rumour to fill space in a Sunday paper!


If we end up signing Arnautovic I will eat my desk.



Its a rumour but Arnautovic is a better player than Lukaku.
Hang on,Arnautovic is 29 years old so this can be true.



Decent player Arnautovic. Would improve most teams outside the top 6 and probably worth about the £20 million West Ham paid for him. £50 million to United? Hahahahaha



Well then fellas, it appears we have our first transfer nearly over the line in Fred with SkySports reporting that he is scheduled to have a medical today while he is with the Brazil squad. Mourinho really likes his Brazilian players and I am happy enough if he comes from Shakhtar Donetsk which always seems to churn out quality players.

From what I hear Fred is a diminutive deep lying playmaker with a an eye for a pass, a quick turn of pace and good strength to boot. His trademark is the driving run through the middle.

Let’s hope we have a case of Ramirez or Willian instead of Anderson or Kleberson.



Re: Fred –

In business they say – “PRICE – QUALITY – FAST DELIVERY – Pick any two” Point being, its impossible to have all three. In football this translates to PRICE-QUALITY-AGE. If you can get all 3 then that is one of those rare bargains we always hope to get but rarely do.

In Fred we have the right price and age, so if we get the quality then it will truly be a bargain. This is the problem, to get the right price we have to look to the smaller leagues, and the flip side of that is a player may be the big fish in the small pond but can he become the big fish in the big pond.

At least its good we’ve done the deal early and without fuss so full marks on that score ………. or have we???



Next Chelsea manager please

Media are just loving the Visa issue- almost feels like they are desparate for the owner to sell up and go -just like they have said he would for 15 years!!!! But the club has been going backwards for 2-3 years despite us winning the league and cup. We have lost our soul or identity and its clear that we are not the powerhouse we were. I believe that all on the Board are puppets for the owner and so this mess reflects completely on him and does indeed suggest he has lost his passion for the club. To add insult to injury the Visa issue looks like it has turned RA away from us perhaps for good!!


Gib, same good points well made but Roman is as much a fan as an owner and because of that I’m hoping he sticks with us if he doesn’t I’m not sure we’ll be short of takers. What we achieve this summer will give us a clue. I hope we show ambition with the appointment of the Manager and the DOF and in the transfer market.

It’s hard to be too positive about anything Chelsea currently.

nine nine nine


GIB – have to disagree with you as I do not read anything into Roman wanting to sell up…?

There are issues going on that are bigger than running a football Club and these are predominantly political which is why it is taking longer to resolve. I totally understand the frustration of Roman but totally understand why the government are taking a longer look at how the Club has been run, the amounts of money spent, where it came from etc. They have to be seen to do their due diligence after the issues going on with Putin where Roman has very close links

However, Roman is a massive fan of football in general and Chelsea in particular (or a great con artist…!!) so I do not see his love for the Club diminishing but running it from a broad is not going to be easy for sure

We are still a major force on both English and European football and others are simply playing catch up. As in many things in life these things are cyclical and so what goes around comes around but so far all indications are for whomever is appointed is that funds will be made available so I fully expect us to buy in the market and be in contention on all fronts next season (as always). KTBFFH



I am as frustrated as anyone regarding the on-going saga about who will be our next manager, however, I would rather take that bit longer to get it right than just appoint someone for the sake of it

Disappointed in the Sarri saga as surely someone should have known about his attitude and homophobic comments previously so why go there in the first place. Agree that Jokanovic could be a gamble but he did play good attacking football which should appeal to Hazard but is he global enough to attract the top players which has to be a consideration. Never have been sure about Enrique Luis but that’s probably as I am not a fan of Barca…?

Just hoping that we get this sorted sooner rather than later so as a Club we can start to move forward and plan for next season. KTBFFH



Blanc is now the favourite and he’s available. He’s a name and has had managerial success in France but ……???

I suspect the deal on Sarri faltered on the £7m compensation figure and Aurelio De Laurentiis reluctance not to negotiate but Chelsea should have known of the compensation figure and the difficulties in negotiating with De Laurentiis as well as any flaws in Sarri’s character. Yet more evidence of poor management and a lack of due diligence.

nine nine nine


Crystal Palace Rumours

I find it amazing and yet somewhat annoying that rumors still persist around Wilf leaving. Now I have heard Wilf say this is his home and why would he leave, yet we hear nothing from the club to state we are not interested in any offers for him. Yes I know that everyone has a price but Wilf is an exception as losing him now would find us relegated next season without doubt. The club are not in any position to sign anyone of note to take over from Wilf if we were to sell him so why not come out and make an official statement? Maybe money does talk?



The latest one is Wilshere. Not keen. Too fiery

Punch Metz


Second thoughts with our injury record Wilshere would fit in nicely

Punch Metz