Klopp could ‘surprise’ in CL final; strengths and weaknesses of Real

Date published: Wednesday 16th May 2018 11:24

Liverpool fans are getting excited about the Champions League final and Man Utd fans draw up their summer target list, all in our forum.


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‘Anyone getting on board with Arteta needs questioning’

Anyone and i mean anyone that is saying they will get behind an appointment like Arteta and wanted Wenger out should have a long hard look at themselves.

Wenger whilst taking the club backward was is and will remain a better choice than Arteta, Vieira, Englemann etc. We are a big club, we need someone with experience. Yes, Wenger was the gamble but let’s not forget he has years of managerial experience before he came to us.

He had managed one of the biggest clubs in France and at that time French football was better than our own standard here. So as I said anyone getting on board with Arteta or the likes should question themselves for any part in hounding Wenger out. The point of Wenger leaving was to get a better manager in not someone who has ZERO experience at the top!

You lot needs your head checked. scandalous some of the stuff i had been reading.

Allegri, Simeone, Ancelotti, should be first stops after that look at Brendan, Rafa, Ringneck, and the likes then if none of those want in, then and only then should we consider Arteta and co. top choices probably would say no at moment, but Rafa, Brendan, and co would jump at it if offered.



‘Should we get on Arteta’s back from the off?’

Andy @ 8:33am – I assume that was addressed to me mate? What would you suggest then? That, should Arteta be appointed, we get on his back before pre-season training has even started?

There’s a big difference between supporting the board in their decision to go with someone untried and supporting the guy that they appoint.

I’ve spent the last 6 or 7 years being angry at the club I love and I’m fed up with feeling like that. If Arteta is appointed and if he turns out to be worse than Wenger, I’m sure I’ll get angry about it then. In the meantime, you can sit there giving yourself a heart condition but it won’t stop board appointing whomever they decide to appoint.

I think some of you just enjoy having something to moan about.

Al The Gooner


Obviously no one is going to get on Arteta’s back the day he joins us.He’s going to be given that chance but that chance is going to be in the first season itself and not 2-3 seasons(excuses).If this guy has worked under guardiola achieving a record breaking 100 points,he dosen’t need to take time to understand the English game(as that excuse is given far too often).

I told you,he dosen’t have to do a great job to make us progress.we finished 6th,with our lowest points tally of any season(iF IM correct?) and gone trophyless.i mean you could understand if he’s taking over the reigns from someone that’s won us titles recently.But he’s not.So showing progress wouldn’t really be the toughest job for him.

the specialone


Fans split on Arteta

You can see just from this discussion how split the opinion is on Arteta getting the job. Betting has been suspended at this stage so it looks like it’s happening. I wouldn’t say he was my choice by any means but at the same time I will back him. The same way I would back whoever comes in and until that person proves they are not up to the job, that won’t change.

Who knows who we were in for really. The club always operates on a very secretive basis but perhaps its worth considering how much the lure of the club has suffered. A lot of people expressing outrage that we haven’t appointed Allegri – as if it’s just a given that he would accept the job anyway. People have their own demands when considering a new job. They could have been outrageous. We don’t know. We also don’t know how interested he was to leave the best team in Italy, with CL football assured to come to us?! Could it be that we just are not as enticing as we used to be?

Whoever we appoint, after 22 years of the the same man, it’s going to be a risk. Even Allegri comes with an element of it as he doesn’t know the league. We have to move out from behind the shadow of Wenger and see what happens. When Fergie left United, the fans trusted the clubs decision because he had hand picked his successor. It was a disaster.
If it is Arteta I’m going into it with an open mind. He is someone that loves the club and despite his lack of experience, the worlds best manager has nothing but good things to say for the way he operates at City.



Real Madrid strengths and weaknesses

Detailed Strengths and Weaknesses of Real Madrid
(with an asterisk where I believe we equal or better them):

Attacking set pieces *
Attacking down the wings *
Creating long shot opportunities
Creating chances using through balls *
Creating scoring chances *
Counter attacks *
Shooting from direct free kicks
Finishing scoring chances *
Defending set pieces

Avoiding offside *
Aerial duels *
Defending against attacks down the wings (* – improved)
Protecting the lead
Stopping opponents from creating chances

Rob Fort Worth TX


Could well be one-goal in final

At the end of the day, this game could well be decided on a one goal margin 4-3, 3-2 whatever so every goal is important.

I just hope Klopp doesn’t take an attacker off for a defender with 10 to go if we are 2 up, as it invites the opposition to attack and 10 + 5 stoppage time is a long time to try to see the game out, and if they then get on level terms we have handed the momentum to them and we have weakened our formation.



Klopp could ‘surprise’

Sometimes Klopp pulls surprises tactically, but regardless we always play full throttle.

The one thing I would work on if I was Klopp is practising dealing with two of our weaknesses.

We have had a mixed record against the top teams this season and especially when faced with teams that can (1) isolate the front three and/or (2) park the bus, when we meet these systems we struggle big time.

I know Real isn’t as strong defensively as Man Utd or Chelsea even but they have it in them to execute tactics that could frustrate us. Top teams that play these tactics usually frustrate us. Instead, I hope Real fall into the trap of wanting to entertain their fans by going all out against us, that could be their fatal mistake as Man City found out.



Klopp adapts

A few people on here were questioning klopp after 7 games this season. We have to be patient. This is only his 2nd season. Look at the football we play

klopp adapts. Look at sunday. all out attack. bringing solanke in and pushing firmnio back and it worked a treat

i like kloppp. Ill love klopp if we win the cl. I questioned hiom when we got him as everyone thought he was going to be some kind of messiah but hes bringing the exictment back.

cup fianls, cl football etc. We are lucky to have him

Sean the sailor


Two midfielders to strengthen United

There are plenty of midfielders out there who’ll improve our team. Out of them I’d get Savic and Saul.

Saul Niguez
Thiago Alcantara
Marco Verratti
Leon Goretzka
Jean Seri
Mateo Kovacic
Julian Weigl

theMartial Art


Kroos the man

Toni Kroos would be the ideal midfielder to solve our problems.
Loads of experience and reaching his top peak!!



Duo were good against United

The LB Grimaldo at Benfica was good against us and the Sevilla CB Langlet was outstanding against us. Hope Mourinho noticed this.

Havent seen Fred so i cant rate him. Havent heard much about DeSciglio lately but he was real good two seasons ago as RB. Right winger must be bought.
Douglas Costa?



Man Utd target list

Douglas Costa is a great player but I think his main position is left wing. There are players who could improve our squad next season. Mourinho should look to sign the right players that improves our starting XI.

Rightwing – Osmane Dembele, Lucas Vazquez, Thomas Lemar, Malcom, Justin Kluivert, Willian (Jose loves players in their late 20s),

Letfback – Alex Sandro, Kieran Tierney, Layvin Kurzawa, Ryan Bertrand, Ryan Sessegnon
Centre-back – Kalidou Koulibaly, Marquinhos, Toby Alderweireld, Jose Gimenez

theMartial Art

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