Liverpool fans split on Wolves man as a target; defeat to Liverpool could be final straw for Glazers

Date published: Wednesday 16th October 2019 2:26

Adama Traore TEAMtalk

Liverpool fans debate the possibility of a Wolves man being a target, while a Man Utd supporter says defeat to Liverpool will be “the final straw for the Glazers” this weekend, all in our forum.


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Ozil should be on the bench 

TSO I guarantee any manager other than Emery would if they didn’t play Ozil have him on the bench -it’s stupid not to.

By all means I am not against managers dropping players to teach them a lesson but to constantly leave Ozil our of the squad, with who we have is poor man management.



Stev – What I meant was that this team is incapable to match the fans Vision.It has little to do with emery.Think of it.Sure emery’s football is open end to end.Yes,we give the players many shots on target but so do we make that many more or somewhere around that.

What fans want to see is dominant football,it can’t happen with this team.You really want to see the football we had under wenger in the past year or so,possession based going nowhere.I suggested that system because emery’s game is currently counter attacking he can play that.

Mop – Ozil’s done at the club.A huge talent gone to waste.It’s little to do with emery.His career had been declining ever since he came into the club.he’s gotten worse every year,it started under wenger.He’s not reliable.Sell him in Jan.I liked him a lot but you can’t ignore he’s not worth it.350K a week.Absolute Joke.

the specialone


I think you are reaching suggesting all fans want a Wenger type possession based game. No one has said that they just want a plan A. I don’t have an ideal I just want to see a plan A. What about the formation of your team with the back 4 you never clarified ?



What is Arsenal’s style?

I’m reaching a suggesting that fans want dominant football like a city or Liverpool.That involves keeping posession of the ball,without the ball you can’t be dominant.The other option is to sit back and counter.But this team dosen’t know how to defend.

If we’re playing the other system,My formation would be 4-2-1-3.But again the positioning and tactics would be different.I’d have Torreira and Xhaka just ahead of the defense to create a balance.With torreira as the deepest lying player just ahead of the defense.Then I’d have Guendozi ahead of both of them.Then slightly ahead on the left would be ceballos just as he is playing for spain.On the other side I’d push pepe much more ahead than ceballos’s position on the other side.Basically pepe being an out and out winger.With Auba upfront.

Mind you,I’m not exactly satisfied with this.These players are selected on the basis of talent/expereince.I really would want to fit ozil in there but I Just don’t trust him.He’s unreliable.we should not play him just because he’s our highest paid player.I’d give a chance to the future.Dosen’t mean they’re best suited.For example don’t think Guendozi and ceballos can play together that well.I’d rather have willock but he’s raw and inexpereinced.And I’m sick of having players being developed.You know the inexpereience is going to cost the team.More than anything I think saka is the most exciting prospect but again he is just so raw.

The fact that I’m not entirely convinced about our team shows the lack of confidence I have.As I said these players can be easily replaced based on the performances.Almost everyone of them.

But again,I think emery should go to a 5-3-2/3-5/2 like I suggested.There are just too many players in our team that are more suited to that system.

the specialone

Adama Traore a target for Liverpool?

Stumbled on this video and got mesmerized, I know plenty say he has no end product and but I wished we had signed him before he went to Wolves, Klopp would have fixed him up good. Hell be too expensive now Adama would cost 60m plus easily in todays market. I think he would be perfect backup for our wide men, that pace, my word!



‘He’s been next to useless’

He wouldn’t even cost 20mil in today’s market. He’s been next to useless other than that City game. He’s the epitome of a speed/dribble merchant. At a glance it looks like he’s really impressive beating players here and there but it doesn’t take much to see that he’s literally doing the same thing over and over. It’s not difficult to shut him down. He’s extremely 1 footed and not particularly intelligent. Just force him onto his weak foot or cut his line-of-sight and he’s useless. For players like this you just need to stay upright, on your toes and dictate the situation off the ball. His lack of instinct will take care of the rest.

I’ve coached players like that at youth level and they don’t understand why they’re idiots on the pitch and that’s clearly the case with him. There’s no purpose to his dribbling. Not to mention that video is full of defenders over committing, flat-footedness and bad defending in general. It’s not difficult to see why he didn’t make it at La Masia.

If you’re wondering what extreme single-footedness says about a player, it’s that only the side of the brain opposite to their foot is activated when they’re on the pitch. In this case his left brain activated which is more systematic rather than his right brain which is the more creative and imaginative side and this is clearly indicative of his game.



Nice analysis Razor appreciated… I see Adama still as a diamond in the rough, I still think Klopp would turn him into a decent footballer, he would definitely improve. Wasn’t long ago many were wondering why Gini was at the club, what did he offer, that he was average and expendable could only play decent games at Anfield, and now Gini is one of the first names on the team sheet. I agree Adama has some limitations as you outlined but I still would love to see Klopp work with someone like that and get 10//20/30 percent more out of him just as Ginin has improved.



“If you’re wondering what extreme single-footedness says about a player, it’s that only the side of the brain opposite to their foot is activated when they’re on the pitch. In this case his left brain activated which is more systematic rather than his right brain which is the more creative and imaginative side and this is clearly indicative of his game.”

Which foot or hand somebody prefers is down to muscle-memory. And which side dominates when it comes to kicking a football doesn’t mean the same side dominates everything else. So foot dominance says nothing about playing style.

Sure it’s an advantage to be able to strike the ball well with both feet, but only for the obvious reason. Not because of superior brain activity.

Adama has some talent, he was outstanding in the championship with Boro. Although he’s been in and out the team since he moved to Wolves. Seems to be starting more games now, and playing well, we’ll have a better idea how good he is come the end of the season.

j c




Defeat to Liverpool could be the ‘final straw for the Glazers’

Ole must be aware that losing at home to Liverpool could be the final straw for the Glazers. He’ll want to avoid defeat not matter what and will be happy with a 0-0. Liverpool will be happy with a draw and won’t want to get caught out in a counter from pushing forward.

I expect a boring game with all the hallmarks of 0-0 but United will scrape a goal. Reason I say that is I have come to expect the unexpected. On paper Liverpool should slaughter us which is precisely the reason there will be an upset.



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