Liverpool fans suggest shock ex-player return, react to Chelsea win

Date published: Monday 15th April 2019 1:30

Alisson Babel Van Dijk Liverpool Fulham

Liverpool supporters react to their Chelsea win whilst weighing up a shock move for an ex-player, Chelsea readers debate whether a former manager could do well back at Stamford Bridge, and Manchester United fans explain how they should follow the Liverpool model – all in Your Says of the Day.

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I have never been, and will never be Hendo’s biggest fan. But I still believe the title in 2014 was lost not when Gerrard slipped, but when Hendo got his red card against city and suspended after that. And while I’m sorry to see him go off, hopefully it’s not serious, I know we will cope a lot better now than then. Then we couldn’t believe where we were, and certainly BR could not believe it. But now we know we deserve to be where we are. We are going to push City all the way. Oh, and Sadie Mane is THE MAN.



Huge win. Clean sheet

Some big performances from our big players who are all hitting form at the right time

Firmino Hendo fabhino just 3 to mention

Still fighting and we look really sharp

Winji helped shore things up after hazard started getting reLly involved

Sean the sailor


We’ve looked a different side ever since we’ve been the club chasing again. It’s as though we weren’t suited to holding on to a slim points lead – think of the away games vs Man Utd & Everton. We didn’t know whether to stick or twist. Certainly no problem with what the plan is now. We’re just going for it.



Job done, 3 points in the bag, now all we need to do is focus on winning the next league game. Even if it means rotating the squad slightly for Tuesday.

Goal of the season contender from Salah without a doubt



What a second half performance ! Hendo was immense & everywhere, what a cross for Mane to score. Completely agree teck, we missed him in the run 2014 for sure. Salah’s goal was breathtaking. We stay in this title race. Exciting times. Get in the Redmen jft96 YNWA 🙂


For me, if City slip up it’s in the next 3 games. Spurs at home, Utd away and Burley away. Following those they will beat Leicester at home and likely annihilate the worst team in the league at the moment, Brighton, on the last day whether Brighton need the 3 pts to stay up or not. Can Spurs get a draw at City? Can United win to keep in the top 4? Burnley, dogged, draw? Let’s friggin hope so.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Liverlad, totally agreed about Matip, for me he has been outstanding, especially considering we signed him on a free.

Most underrated Liverpool player this season, definitely. I’d play him before Lovren every time



Wow, that was a bit of a rollercoaster.

My prediction for the palace, city game was correct… just the wrong way around!! Palace were absolutely woeful.

In our game, In the end it was a win, but we nearly messed up, when chelsea had that good spell and we seemed to lose our heads. If that shot from hazard had gone in, instead of hitting the post… not sure what would have happened.

Over to city now, as you say rob, these are the games where if city draw one of the games, then it could be the turning point.

We are getting a bit of luck, but all champions are lucky.

If city win all their games, then fair enough, they deserve to win it, but I’ve just got that feeling we will do it.

Potential 8 games from the double??



Agreed Rob, it’s in City’s hands, but if they don’t drop points it’s academic what we do. Perhaps it will take a game where they might be complacent like Leicester with Agent Rogers if they drop points at all. They have five games left, we have four. Whatever happens it’s great to be in this position & battling for the title. We still have tough games left ourselves Newcastle & Wolves. Anything could happen in the next few weeks. Lets enjoy the ride Reds YNWA 🙂



Was half expecting a goalless draw for us today, get in! Spurs and utd still have a battle to secure a champions league spot, battle for 3rd and 4th is thankfully so tight and city have 2 of them to deal with! and Leicester could yet do a number on them, for first time in my life I’m going to be cheering on Utd and spurs!. We’ve been excellent but if City win all their last 5 games then they will deserve this title. I still think they’ll drop points but we’ve still a real battle to win our last 4 and we’ve still a shot at the champions league…..epic season.

The Fulcrum



Won’t be popular with everyone but it makes sense to me. But would he come back given the previous abuse.

nine nine nine


No thanks. He led us to Europa glory. But no thanks. I would prefer giving Ancelotti 2nd chance than Benitez. But again we may not have many choices considering transfer ban. Sarri is not safe yet. He has to qualify us to UCL, either through top 4 or through Europa. We’re not in a bad position but we have the most difficult schedule with Pool and Utd away still to come. I believe we won’t get 6 points from those 2 matches. Max 3 points or even 1 or 0.


Rafa Benitez TEAMtalk

If Sarri or should say Chelsea win the Europa and finish in the top 4 then the club can give him more time to see if there is any progress. The team has been a bit better since RLC and Hudson are playing more and of course Hazard and the only reason they playing more is cause the instruction came from the top. So majority of fans still don’t trust Sarri. However it could change with some decent success.



I wouldn’t say no to Ancelotti Aindro if Sarri goes but Ancelotti still has two years to run on his contract from the Summer of 2019 and even if he wants to come think how difficult it was to get Sarri out of Napoli whilst Benitez will be available in the Summer.

If Sarri goes it will depend on the transfer ban who is prepared to come either way and who is gettable. We’ll see but Rafa despite his baggage is a good fit imo.

Will Sarri go? And if he did would Rafa come back probably not but there aren’t many options now.

nine nine nine



First half was decent. But early 2nd half was catastrophic. Liverpool total domination. It’s 2-0 now and I cannot see us coming back. Liverpool are just too strong for us. I switched off now. While CHO has played very well until now, and I am happy he started: I think Sarri should have taken him off. He is a liability defensively (look at how Azpi worked so hard) and in attack he cannot do anything as Liverpool are just too compact.

Anyway a good fight. Hope that Arsenal will drop points tomorrow against Watford. Now we are depending on other teams’s result for the top 4. Spurs won big yesterday but I think they will lose next week against City.



Well that was toothless tbh whoch is disappointing given the team selected.
Hazards misses show once again that if he doesnt do it we dont do it!
God knows what we do next season if he does go to Madrid!!



Must admit it’s hard to believe there’s such a big gap between the top 2 and the rest especially if you look at the individual players of each team. The difference isn’t that big but as a team we seriously lacking. I really expected much better performance though the score was not unexpected.



I was actually encouraged by that performance. Given the current league positions and that we were at Anfield I thought we matched them. Apart from the few minutes where they scored both their goals I don’t think they were really any better than us. If hazard had buried his chances I don’t think you’d hear too many scousers complaining about a draw.

I can see why Sarri went for the false 9, but seeing how much better Hazard became the second he reverted to his usual position, I can’t help but think he is wasted playing the false 9. Willian was a bit sh*t to be honest, he just doesn’t offer enough attacking for a player in a front three. The only difference between us and Liverpool today was they have players that shoot and we don’t.



If Sarri played Giroud, and he did not get any supply, fans would have complained anyway. For me we tried to do our best. First half wasn’t bad at all but early 2nd half we looked jaded and tired. Liverpool dominated and that domination resulted in both their goals. There was no supply for Hazard and Willian and CHO. CHO has to learn how to defend and how to attack efficiently. Willian played much better than him today even though he played on Thursday. This kind of game highly strategic, I hope he learns. He will one of our pillars next season with Hazard leaving. Hazard had an off day today, he was isolated. RLC tried to do his tricks but it did not work. Our young players will have to learn how to play in this kind of high level games.

Personnally I don’t care who win the league. I care about our position. With transfer ban looming, we have to qualify for the UCL to keep our morale high. We still have Man Utd away. Arsenal, Spurs and probably Utd are better positioned than us, at least at the moment after we lost at Pool.



saw salah’s shot go in and thought fair play if they win it. We were undone by a worldie. What a hit. Couldbhave walked away with a point but not today.

Anyhow, United are beatable… arsenal will probably slip up… spurs could yet still collapse…

Still in with a massive shout



Aindro I wanted the team to start with Giroud, Hazard, Willian or CHO upfront but the 3 upfront today were very disapointing as were our full backs when defending.



Well done Liverpool and didn’t we respond at 2-0. This side a few months ago were heads down and downed tools in that situation. Higuain looked lost out there and I find it worrying that basically all strikers now seem to fall in to that category playing for us, especially against good opposition.Going to be tough to make the top four however Arsenal are away to Watford tomorrow and could easily lose that one. I think the match at Old Trafford could be the decider in the end. What will be will be lads.



Advantage Liverpool…no more games against the top 6. Straightforward run in and only have the CL as a distraction as opposed to City who have a nightmare run in plus the FA Cup to contend with. Anyway hindsight is a great thing. We come away with a draw and Sarri is a genius for deploying a false nine. I’d have started Pedro as the false 9 with Hazard and CHO out wide. But Sarri went with what he felt would work. It did for 50 odd minutes and the last 30. Ten minutes which included a wonder goal undid us….


Blaze: it’s a good learning experience for CHO. A new system false 9. And a high class opposition. The system did not do too bad IMO. We had some half chances in the 1st half. Just Pool were better. Have to admit it.

Myself I predicted Pool would win the league at the beginning of the season. It still stands. Not that I like them, I don’t really care about any other team other than Chelsea. But they have the best starting 11. They bought the right players in Alisson and van Dijk



I thought Sarri got his tactics right yesterday although playing Hazard as the false 9 wasn’t as effective as it was v City in the League Cup.

Liverpool have been struggling a bit in their last few games but unfortunately for us were well up for this one.

Sadly the game passed CHO by but It as good experience for him and I would play him on Thursday night v Prague and let him give them a chasing.

Worries continue for me re Dave caught for speed regularly, Emerson although he’s better defensively than Alonso, Jorginho who continues to flatter to decieve and Higuain transfer ban or not and despite the occasional flash of brilliance he is not the answer next season and we have to either buy or if the ban hits bring back Tammy and right now Giroud looks our best striker option.

If we lose Hazard as seems likely where will the threat and goals come from?

I think we probably need to spend heavily in the transfer market in the Summer to add to Pulisic ban permitting and especially if Hazard leaves.

On the plus side RLC is beginning to look a player and will only get better with regular starts.

nine nine nine


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I don’t know why, but I had some reservations about Babel when I heard he was going to return to the PL but just now I watched Ryan sprint half the length of the pitch to score a goal against Everton. He obviously still has lots of pace, and seems like he works harder these days which made me think should we make a cheeky bid for him, hopefully he has some sort of relegation clause. He’s no Ian Rush but Babel certainly looks like he has looked after himself and I think having him as a back up any of the front three would be nice. Admittedly I just want to dream that he would bust a gut to make amends (for his first Liverpool stint but) you never know, his red hairstyle might be his “come and get me Liverpool” sign language, I’m reaching I know 🙂 Has anyone kept tabs on him could do a job for us or would he be a bad fit for us?



Your feelings on this are totally understandable. I’ve wanted a return on so many players over the years. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when we resigned Robbie Fowler. I think each player and situation should be judged on it’s own merits, so we should be careful when saying that X won’t work out because Y didn’t… but we can’t rule out a certain correlation factor at least.

I haven’t watched Babel at all this season. I havent seen the moment you’re talking about but I’ll take your word for it.

If he truly has been working hard and is willing to continue an improved work ethic then I actually think your pie in the sky idea has got some substance. I was never happy with how the whole Babel thing kinda fizzled out. I don’t think anyone was. He did seem like a talented player who never really applied himself. If he’s changed that and is available for a cut price/wages then I don’t see why we can’t at least look at him.

If I could chose an ex-player for us to go after though it would be Suarez. I think if we had him from the start of this season, we’d be several pints ahead of City now. That may seem like it’s doing our lads a disservice, it’s not. If anything, it would get more out of them as they’d be more motivated and well rested, as a result of us having quality competition/back up.

Food for thought but I’d say, likely nothing more.


I agree with you Mak if we had Suarez we maybe wouldn’t have drawn so many of those games. Babel by far is no Saurez but he still appears to that strong explosive long-legged (Martial/Zaha/Origi lol) quality about him. From what I’ve read Babel is still one of the main components of the current Dutch national team, I guess that is another tick and shows that he has matured maybe? Again, I haven’t really seen him since he left. But what I did see when we played Fulham and the goal tonight suggests that he is one of the best things about a poor Fulham team this season.



I think age would be a factor in any move for Babel, but he clearly still has it. Of the two however, Suarez I would sign. The forward line we would have with that fella back would be immense. Ynwa



We got rid of Babel same reason we moved on Shelvey and Can, extreme lack of game discipline. Fulham is his 7th club since leaving us 8 years ago. Wish him well…at Fulham.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Rob I agree, but still I wonder if his improvement game discipline wise is one reason he regained a position as one of Hollands main strikers? Regardless id much prefer his younger team mate sessengnon.



Slowly getting better and better. He’s starting to understand the system and learn that he doesn’t have to make amazing dribbles or show off every time he gets the ball. It looks like he has gone back to basics a little. Keep this up and then next season I’m sure all the other newspaper grabbing headlines skills that we all know he has will start to show more too.



mwake. Agreed!



One thing is sure, that £52m spent on Keita was not wasted



He’s really playing quite well lately and at no better time too. The goal seems to have settled him just a bit and maybe it;s my imagination but he is expressing himself a bit more out there and also imposing himself on the game more. He’s got to show that he can carry on in this vein and continue to improve but ya, it’s all very good right now with him.





It’s 2014 Henderson again.



Well, this thread will have some extra pages after today lol

So far I’m loving Hendo in this role.



Typical Henderson, delivering the goods as usual, I am definitely not surprised by his resurgence in an attacking role



Man of the Match & much deserved. Vintage Hendo again 🙂



I wouldn’t say it was typical Henderson at all. He’s excellent of late and just miles better in this role than as a DM. Classic Henderson perhaps but typical, no.

Sanj, MOTM? I would pick Fabinho for MoTM TBH with Firmino, Hendo, Mane and Salah all pushing him close for it.

The thing about Hendo now is he’s now absolutely loving his football. He’s playing progressively and Fabinho is facilitating it all. The dynamics of our midfield have been changing and it starts with Fabinho, who is a truly fantastic player.



8/10 for Hendo today. Played very well.

Rob Fort Worth TX

Totally disagree Mak, that was typical Henderson for me, meaning he always does the job he is asked to do wherever he plays.

It is now clear that he is better as an attacking midfielder, even Klopp admitted in the interview today, that he made a “mistake” in using him as a holding midfielder for too long.

Long may it continue, I expect even more to come from Henderson.

But one thing I agree with you, is that in Fabinho, we have now found the defensive midfielder we have been looking for since Mascherano left. And as you say, it enables all our other midfielders to shine, even Keita has come good



It’s almost like when you play him in a different midfield position he adapts.
It’s some type of mystery.
I’m sure Davinci will unravel this enigma what with him knowing more than Klopp and all.
There must be some magic afoot.



Well done and a great assist. 8/10 for me



He’s been excellent the last few games

Sean the sailor


Posted this back in Dec 12th, because Dav is always going on about Kante.
“Kante is a quality player, perhaps we’ll have a chance to see Kante and Henderson head to head again this season (last time 1-1 at the bridge, Henderson came out on top, in both tackles and passes). But until then Kante should not be on this topic.”

I have to say I thought Henderson was better that Kante today, and Henderson is having the better season imo. His decision making and composure in the final third was spot on. Bearing in mind this is a completely different role than what he’s been doing most of the season, it is all the more impressive. Nice assist, and almost scored a goal too.
8/10 from me

j c


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Watching snippets of the Liverpool game boy we are miles away! In every department. Sadly It could take years especially if this ownership remains and that clueless …. stays as CEO!



I feel sick at how good Liverpool are.



Klopp formula:
– Buy v good players to improve the first 11;
– Get rid of deadwood;
– Embed a one-for-all & all-for-one team spirit.
The result is a cohesive unit of quality players who consistently deliver for the badge and the fans.
City have better players but what Pool concede to them in terms of quality they more than make up for in character and team spirit.
(And we have spent much much more).



Go get Pepe from Lille ,lethal finisher with pace! I doubt the club are even scouting such talent!!!


Pepe ,sancho jao felix Koulibaly , Ndombele !signings that we can dream of!



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