‘Can Klopp sign another Salah?’ Former Man Utd man suggested…

Date published: Tuesday 20th March 2018 11:14

Liverpool fans debate whether Jurgen Klopp can sign another Mohamed Salah, while Chelsea fans discuss whether Antonio Conte deserves to be backed this summer, all in our forum.


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Can Liverpool unearth another Salah?

Have been taking an interest in the career of Depay. He looks more mature and is having a good season with Lyon. Knows the PL and his Utd stint may have taught him where his priorities lie. If we could get him for 30M I would back Klopp to develop him into a goal machine.



Memphis does not have the ‘conviction’

I doubt he has the conviction to function in a team under Klopp, I think Mane will continue to improve on his form, then we will go in for Lemar in the summer. He is another forward that could blossom under Klopp, with him on board we could rotate all of our forwards.



Klopp needs support from FSG

John W Henry: Liverpool owner

Klopp has tried to sign Ousmane Dembele one season earlier before he signed Salah. O.Dembele snubbed us and joined Dortmond and then joined Barcalona to replace Neymar.

After Salah, we have already signed VVD and Keita. No doubt, both players are stars. Up till now, FSG still have a profit in transfer windows since Klopp joined us.

Klopp is a manager who dared to spend big if the player is good for us but never spend for the sake of it. We can trust him, no matter the player cost us 8M (Robertson) or 40M (Salah). What Klopp needs is the support from FSG, not only by giving him enough money but try their best to help keeping our best players.

Klopp can unearth Lewandowski for Dortmond, why can’t he unearth another Salah for us? However it is keeping our best players that counts and it needs the support of FSG.

Football Scouser


Liverpool need cover for Salah

Depay? Damm, he must have turned a corner! I agree we definitely need quality cover for Salah and Mane. One of them gets injured and we are really hamstrung as the cover isn’t as good.

Reports are surfacing again that we are interested in Draxler, he certainly has the skill and pace to cover for Salah and Mane.



XI for next season…

Our team next season?


De Vrij
Van Dijk



Subs, of: Gomez, TAA, Draxler, New Keeper, New Striker or Ings, Wij, Hendo, Milner, Lovren, Matip, Ox, Lallana.

Strong squad.

Rob Fort Worth TX


‘Don’t believe any paper talk’ regarding transfers

I trust Jurgen more than I’ve trusted any manager to make a good signing. The team is taking shape slowly but there are too many average players from Rodgers’ reign who are still at the club. Agree with Ned, Draxler is overrated and wouldn’t fit our style of play at all.

Plus the way we’ve been operating, other than the VVD farce we don’t disclose that we’re interested in a player until we’re confident of signing him so I wouldn’t believe any paper talk going around during the season.



Klopp keeps on ‘surprising’

Yeah Razor if any manager is going to find a gem I also have faith it’s Klopp. Man he just keeps surprising me, I thought we were no hope of top 4 when we didn’t replace Couts & whilst we are not there yet we are close.

His signings are totally relevant to what he wants in his team, he is slowly putting the jigsaw together & I really hope we get that elusive EPL title under him. We are great to watch & with a bit more depth could be a real force in the near future.



Luis Enrique for Chelsea?

Lots of speculation over the last couple of days in respect of Luis Enrique with the suggestion that Enrique is waiting to see Arsenal’s managerial plans as he would prefer Arsenal over Chelsea.

If Enrique is really at the top of the clubs list to replace Conte as has been speculated and there is any truth in the above I would hope that the club would move on to another managerial target quickly.

But as with everything from “Roman wants to retain Conte” to the Enrique rumours it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction and only a handful of people probably Roman and his trusted few truly know what really is going on with all this.

nine nine nine


Why does our club believe that buying players for the manager to coach is the right approach?

The manager of a team decides the style and tactics he wants to play. As a result he needs to be able to decide what players he wants in order to play his way.

Why on earth does our club believe that buying players for the manager to coach is the right approach. Is this the attitide of suits who believe that all footballers are the same and therefore any decent coach should be able to get any player to play how he wants?!

This is why Salah was so poor here under Jose who plays in a way that doesnt suit the player whereas at Liverpool the managera style suits the player and look at the result. All those who believe Antinio is a poor manager forget what he has achieved.

I am fed up hearing that he got rid of Costa -utter cr*p -he wanted to leave and the manager never wanted to let Matic go!

Ask Pep if he would manage a team that has a suit deciding who to buy and who to sell -oh no wait no need -we already know – he turned us down by all accounts!!



Gibblue, that’s the problem right there mate and getting rid of Conte and appointing Enrique or anyone else won’t solve that problem and we will be back to where we are now within two years if we don’t sort out our structures and transfer strategy.

If you give Pep £250m more to spend over two seasons than Conte and let Pep buy who he wants as City have then why is anyone surprised City sit where they do and Chelsea sit where we do.

nine nine nine


Guys your kinda contradicting yourselves
You say it’s not contes fault as not his players yet he coached a team to win the Pl last season

Yet this season he has fallen well short, so which is it to be.
Our model works, end of so the new coach in the summer will have the same objectives and will be well remunerated and there will always be takers

Repeating posts now 😀

But do agree it’s madness the transfer policy adopted in particular the last three seasons, and can we please leave out the mention of Salah, I just wanna cry😭😭😂😂



Conte ‘deserved to be backed’

In my humble opinion Conte deserved to be backed like a title winning boss supposed. but what our club did was work behind him and stab him. how was Matic allowed to go to United? and Conte has been publicly said that was against his wish. then he requested Alex Sandro, but the club refused to meet the asking price. how foolish was that? and what price shall we pay?

We will know when the season is over. he wanted Belloti, and Turino valued him £86m at the time. but the club refused to meet the asking price. what is the point of a coach amking suggestions when the club will not agree? he wanted Danilo from Real Madrid. but the club dragged that deal for months, opening the door for City to snatch him from under our noses.

Ok he may have wanted Morata, and Morata isn’t a bad choice either, but he was his plan B. Bakayoko was a good player at Monaco, and everyone was excited about him. i remember so many posters who are now calling him crapyoko has been excited when we signed him. our problems are lack of goal scoring. we don’t blow teams out like our rivals do.

I remember before we even clinched the league last season, Conte has been shouting that we need more signings in the summer to compliment our current stars. but his pleas has fallen in to deaf ears. while City and United were arming themselves we gave them a helping hand. by selling Matic to United. who made that decision? i can tell you that is not Conte. who signed Drinkwater , Zapacosta, Emerson, Barkley and Rudiger?

even i don’t believe Giroud wasn’t his choice. but still the same people who were celebrating when we won the league when we would have never dreamt in a million years. remember our objective in the 20016/17 was to qualify the CL. we got the league title. now our objective hasn’t changed, we need to finish in the top four, and on top of that we had the FA cup to compete for. but some are having a field day taking every opportunity calling for Conte to go. i took time to look at their posts in this time last season. they were solidly behind Conte, now they are anti Conte.

the only guy who has been anti Conte consistently is wisefan. and you know what he wants. its impossible to put Pep in charge now.

And finally only history will judge Antonio Conte. because he came to the club when we had been at our lowest point since Roman bought the club. he has lifted our spirits and now suddenly we are demanding back to back titles in the league.

Personally i won’t forget his work, he will be remembered for the success he has brought. others could say whatever they want. but for me he was and is a great manager and i’m a massive fan of him. and if he wins the cup and delivers the top 4. then he will have a big thing to bargain for. there is nothing that is called a model that a club uses. but there is what we call necessity, the people who operate with should make the decision. someone who is in the office can’t know what happens on the pitch.

Yet they dictate to the professional who played and won it as a player, and won it as a manager, and not in one league but in two leagues. yet he is to face the wrath of the fans here, at least he has the support of our match going fans. give the man the benefit of the doubt. because this man faces unwarranted, unjustified criticism by some of our managers here.

This man will deliver the objectives, just trust him. has any one of us got a coaching experience? have we ever won a league? have we ever coached a club? have we ever coached a Nation? have we signed players? have we scouted for a player? have we got coaching badges? yet we are rushing to question the man who has got all of the above mentioned qualifications. where is the world heading? i hope he is vindicated.



Back Conte in the summer

How about sticking with Conte but give him a backing in the summer window? Agree, Matic should have been retained. We bought Zappa, Drinkwater, Barkey, Palmieri: second class players. We can’t expect to win like this, can we?

We need 2-3 world class players. Players like Griezmann, Lewandowski, Verratti or Dybala. And on top of that, we need Hazard and Courtois to stay. If Utd want to sell Pogba or Martial, it would be good if we can get any of them for not too expensive.



Chelsea business model works

Roman owns the Club and has a business model that clearly in his opinion works. That is a fact as the trophies and titles are testament to that. The fact that the model is not a conventional one does NOT make it wrong – just different

All managers appointed at Chelsea will be aware beforehand of the “pitfalls” if that is how it should be described and the expectations and I am totally sure that all the in house rules and regulations are clearly spelt out at the job interview. If a manager still chooses to join then IMO he has no right to complain. If he does has grievances then these should be kept in house and try to be resolved amicably and not in public

As for being a coach well I would argue that some players have not met the expectations so is Conte really focussing on his coaching? This season he is now coming across as rather abrasive and is confronting players which can be seen to be causing rifts and inconsistencies in our games (remind you of anyone especially when they are not winning…?)

Ideally I would love the Club and Conte to kiss and make up and for us to play to our strengths which is quite a good brand of football, however, being realistic I think this is very unlikely. KTBFFH



Man Utd fans on Chris Sutton article…




Internet fans have been hysterical

I think there’s more hysterical bed wetting among those who follow the team through the internet for sure. You’ll find a more pragmatic and balanced point of view among those who go the match home and away, week in week out. That’s my experience anyhow.

Personally, I don’t believe anything improves if you just keep changing your manager to try and solve your problems and if Mourinho goes then we’ll be looking for our fourth manager since Fergie, fifth if you include the caretaking class of 92. And the cycle continues, allowing more players to slip under the net in their comfort zone coasting away, bleeding a very nice living. The club needs stability and a football man on the board above the manager.

We are miles ahead of where we were under van Gaal though, despite what you might think listening to certain opinions. Second place with this lot is a bloody miracle. The flip side of that is the Sevilla game, which was just a depressing and absurd night. I’m not easily given to conspiracy theories but….but but but. He couldn’t have thrown it could he? Not even Jose.

Anyway, Chris Sutton is still a pr*ck.

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