Liverpool fans think City could slip up; ex-boss blamed for Chelsea crisis

Date published: Wednesday 24th April 2019 1:29

CARDIFF, WALES - APRIL 21: James Milner of Liverpool celebrates after scoring his team's second goal with teammate Jordan Henderson during the Premier League match between Cardiff City and Liverpool FC at Cardiff City Stadium on April 21, 2019 in Cardiff, United Kingdom. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

Chelsea fans suggest Callum Hudson-Odoi’s injury might actually be a good thing, Liverpool supporters pick out where the title race could swing back in their favour, and Manchester United fans debate the futures of six big names – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Hudson-Odoi set for sidelines

The injury to Hudson Odoi is a body blow for him and the Club it looks like a serious achilees injury which could take 6 months to heal.

nine nine nine


6 months – well that may keep him at the Bridge – good news in a way.



Hudson Odoi Will be able to sign a pre contract deal in January, he’ll use the medics and then walk away for free…

I just wonder if he’ll be the same player again… in the plus side the medic team have sorted Barkley.


Injuries happen and from what I saw it was down to his own lack of control. However, you obviously hope that he recovers and I read today he is already targeting the start of next season…?

Agreed that the injury is very likely to put teams off coming in for him until they can see how well he recovers and allows Chelsea time to sit down and discuss his future and provide a contract to meet his requirements

Bit warped but potentially the injury has done us a big favour. KTBFFH



Do Chelsea deserve top four?

We really wasted 2 points. At home. Against an opponent we should have been able to deal with. I don’t even bother to watch the highlights. For me Luiz and Christensen are too soft for Premier League. There was Cahill or JT before partnering Luiz. And there is Rudiger now. But I now tend to see that Luiz and Christensen cannot be paired together. Emerson did a very lousy marking for Slavia 2 goals early 2nd half. I start to see that he is no better than Alonso. At least Alonso can score. Good news is that even though we are slapped with transfer ban: we have Zouma and Tomori who could help our defense.

Midfield: How are we supposed to win with Jorg and Kovacic together. We would have needed someone with attacking flair. Probably Barkley to replace Kante. And I agree with the comment why not throw 2 strikers as we were looking to score? Why 4-3-3 without compromise? Higuain scored and looked angry when substituted. We could have thrown Giroud and Higuain together for the last 20 min. Sacrifice Emerson, play back 3.

Anyway, none of us, Man Utd or Arsenal deserve the CL. I expect Spurs to finish in the top 4 with ease. But the only remaining spot: it’s kinda lucky, whoever takes it. None of these 3 teams deserve.


Aindro. Got to say it’s been and is a cracking season in terms of lesser teams taking points from the big boys.

Whoever finishes 4th deserves it I’m afraid. Still think it’ll be us with ten minutes of the league to go this season.

Looks bleak but I’m still optimistic tbh. Arsenal lost at home the other night. But they have goals in the side.

Can’t say I’m bothered about higuain staying next season. We really need a goal scorer… I’d have Tammy back because we crest chances and he’s a fix in the box.



67 points so far three points less than last season with 3 games to go.

To have any chance of qualifying for the top 4 via the PL we probably need to win all our remaining three games which would give us 76 points but injuries to CHO, Rudiger and Kante won’t help us. 75 points last season secured CL football.

nine nine nine


A time when we are crying for experience and defensive stability, Gary Cahill who has been our most senior defender and a man who has Chelsea in his viens has been sidelined, just because of this stupid Sarri ball? Kante who is the best defensive midfielder is played out of position, and Giroud who scores everytime he starts for us is benched. I think if we need to keep more clean sheets and score more setpieces, restore Cahill at the heart of our defense. He has experience and passion for this club. While Luiz only plays good once in a blue moon. And restore Kante to his orginal poistion. And that will only happen when we sack Sarri😣, if we play like we did in our last two and half games. The Europa is Arsenal’s to lose.


Young_blue I agree regarding Cahill. When, as a coach, you know a team is going to put you under pressure from set pieces as their main weapon, a top coach puts the right measures in place to deal with it. Cahill is the perfect match for this. As a top coach, you also man mark the key target players. Further, you leave some of your smaller, quick players up the field for the quick counter attack, and to relieve the pressure in your own box. When a team sits back for the whole game, like Burnley, the best opportunity you get to attack them comes when you are defending corners and set pieces. It is a golden opportunity to strike at them from the turnover of possession. We stick all 11 players around our 6 yard box. Amateurish, and another sign of a co@ch that doesn’t know what he is doing and how to win



Is Lampard ready for the Chelsea job?

I must be the only one who does not want Lampard near the dugout next season for us. Just don’t think he has the experience for it. Having said that, we appointed hoddle, gullit, vialli and grant and won cups… just think it’s far too soon.

But we’re pretty much out of options should sarri walk.



Lampard’s not ready yet imo and I’m not sure he would accept it this Summer either because of that.

There’s a number out there who would be worthy of consideration but what happens with the transfer ban will play it’s part.

Even if we make the CL or win the EL I would be more surprised if Sarri is still Manager at the start of next season than not surprised.

Tactically and organisationally Sarri is struggling and there have been some unacceptable defeats and based on those reasons I think Roman will act at the end of the season.

nine nine nine


9’s anyone with a modicum of self respect would probably tell Chelsea and the fans exactly where to go given the vitriol and open abuse sarri has received this season.

I reckon he’ll still be here next season. Sacking sarri really isn’t the issue but fans just want blood as they’ve still not stopped jerking off over conte. Sad but true that conte put us in this position to begin with…



Roman, I would be amazed if Sarri walked and I don’t think he will. If he goes he will have to be pushed.

But I agree that our problems go far deeper than just Sarri.

I don’t believe that Chelsea fans generally hanker for the return of Conte he’s a great Coach imo as his CV confirms but a poor Manager and the majority of the problems he encountered at Chelsea in his second season were very much of his own making and reflected the same problems he created and encountered at Juve.

Personally I wouldn’t want Conte back because of the above.

nine nine nine

999 ditto. I don’t want Conte back. He created too much rift between himself and the board. A good manager must be able to work with his employer. But I do think that Sarri is not a good manager either though. He is just too stubborn, won’t adapt. And if he stays, would he create the same problem as Conte 2nd season? Personnally I would judge Sarri by result. His football, the tippy tappy, mostly I don’t like it. But probably it’s because players cannot execute it properly yet, so the benefit of the doubt. And sometimes we saw glimpses like for example Higuain’s goal yesterday. Or Pedro’s first goal against Slavia. Sarri got Jorginho and Higuain this season, the board fully supported him. But in case we don’t get the transfer ban, he may ask again to buy Elseid Hysaj. Or anybody ex Napoli or Empoli.



Return of the Jedi
Return of the Mack

Return of the Special One?

Part 3 anyone?



No thanks. Mou is a bitter man lately with us and with Utd. No. No to Mou. No to Conte. No to Sarri either. My fave is Lamps but his experience is very lightweight.



There was a report in the Standard last night about the Napoli fans with a sign effectively stating “Sarri is one of our own” (or words to that effect). Apparently they have not taken to Ancelotti and the results are not going there way either

Straight manager swap anyone…?

I would also say that IMO, it is far too early for Frank to take over the hot seat. Give him and Jody at least another year. KTBFFH



Blues fans pinpoint where top four race will be decided

as much as I have had a gutful of Sarri and our club throwing away opportunity after opportunity, there are two matches tomorrow that could conceivably give us 4th to lose. Wolves at home to Arsenal – I would like to think Wolves at home could win that – just hope they haven’t hit the end of season brick wall. The playing well Wolves of earlier in the season I would back to win, especially at home. United and City – City have too much to lose not to win against a declining United – banker win City.



Everyone was banging on about Arsenal and the easiest run in but the majority of their remaining games were away and this is where they are weak. Losing at home to Palace was a massive surprise and bonus which we failed to capitalise on but Wolves at home are a completely different animal to Wolves away

At home, Wolves play good attacking football and take the game to the opposition so I could easily see Arsenal drop points there and then at the weekend they go to Leicester where the same could happen

I expect City to beat ManU tonight and so their only hope of achieving a top 4 spot is to beat us at the weekend. They are not playing confident football and are facing quite a lot of criticism at the moment so possibly a great time to play them

The big issue with Chelsea is taking our chances and whether we can play a full 90 minutes and not capitulate in the second half of games. Personally, I think we are more than capable of going to OT and getting a result but we will need to be close to our best…? KTBFFH



Liverpool fans preview Huddersfield clash

I’d say we need to either rest (bench) 1 – 2 , or try and get the result locked in and take players off. Obviously it’s better to rest and only use if needed but we don’t want to risk the 3 points.

this will be our last chance to rest anyone, with 2 games against Barca coming. We’ll need full strength teams for them and the remaining 2 PL matches.



Damn, I’ve just seen that Fabinho will miss Huddersfield with concussion.



Mak, there’s a ‘chance’ he’ll miss but still 3-4 days before the game so he may make it. If not, no biggie, Henderson and Wijnaldum likely the double pivot with Keita maybe as the attacking mid. Milner also can step in but I expect Milner to start against Barca for his experience. Interesting times ahead or what??

Rob Fort Worth TX

The website I use for tracking injuries says fabinho is set to return on the 1st of May. Now, they aren’t always bang on the money but that tends to usually be the other way, when players are coming back and have a stall.

That’s my source and I hope they are wrong 😉

As for the midfield, I think you know I would prefer something other than Henderson back in a DM role, especially as well as he’s been doing but needs must as the devil drives.

I would however go with Shaqiri instead of Keita if this were the case 😉



If we can’t beat Huddersfield, who are effectively relegated, without Fabinho then we may as well just forget the lot.

Can see Gomez starting this game, possibly Milner as a fullback position to give one of the lads a break. Think we’ll use this game to rest s few lads.



Could Burnley give Liverpool the title?

It’s a psychological battle now. If we do start to struggle in games it would be a good call to use the squads in the run in because the other players, particularly the younger ones don’t feel the pressure as much. Remember when Fergie threw on a young Macheda against Villa when ourselves and Utd were going for the title in 2009 and scored? That’s why it was a good call from Pep to play Foden vs Spurs. Similarly he might not be as young but if Ox is fit soon, could be a good call to throw him on because he’ll be itching to play and won’t feel the pressure in the same way others will (Indeed if I was Pep I wouldn’t hesitate in using Foden again tomorrow night).



I’m not concerned about us. We look sharp. I fully expect to win our remaking games

We just need to pray ciry slip up

Utd really need a performance tomorrow and it’s great Burnley are in good form

Sean the Sailor


Yeah Burnley looked really good against Chelsea I was surprised. Title could treat on their performance.



At first, I was disappointed when United lost against Everton and then the other teams stumbled again and so its actually the perfect result that they lost! In fact, maybe they would have been more likely to have downed tools if they had WON against Everton because they would have believed that they had some sort of a buffer points wise. Now they don’t have that points buffer, they HAVE to win or draw to maintain hope. This all works out for us as we know that United players will want to put some sort of response. To lose to be humiliated by Barca, Everton and City in one week surely would be too much.

Klopp had a few hammerings in his first two years but I don’t think Klopp had three hammerings in one week, that’s something else.



Good points mwake. There really are just so many things that will be applying pressure in the City players minds. If Utd were even a half decent side, I’d be really hopeful of this but I think the vast majority of our hope lies here, in the mental side of the game.


Six Man Utd stars on verge of exit?


I don’t think there will be any hard feelings if De Gea leaves. He’s fought a lonely battle for the team for years now and will be fondly remembered.

Sanchez is a complete mystery and will hopefully seem like a forgotten nightmare before too long. His presence has had a negative influence on the entire squad and we need to get his wages off the books to restore some order.

Pogba is talented but only plays for himself when he’s arsed and is a bad influence on the younger players, including Rashford.

I think getting rid of Rashford would be wrong. His inconsistency and petulance is largely down to age but I think he can become a very good player with proper guidance.

Martial is similar to Rashford but the main difference is that Rashford actually seems to care about the club whereas Martial probably doesn’t. He also seems to have a very fragile mind-set and looks like he’s fighting depression most of the time.

Finally, Lukaku is quite the conundrum; a big name striker who can’t perform against the big teams. All top teams need a back-up striker who can do a job against the lesser teams and Lukaku is simply too expensive and well-paid to solely fit that purpose.



Nobody is gonna pay close to £100m for DDG as he will only have 6 1/2 months left on his contract before he can negotiate with foreign clubs.


Romelu Lukaku; David de Gea TEAMtalk

@roygbiv-Your right in every word. But in order to be a successful team you need to have players who work for the shirt and salary. Jogging back home(Rashford)is not an option. Its only Messi and Ronaldo who can do that and he aint near them by any stretch of imagination.

Time to rebuild(again)and you start to rebuild with a new mentality amongst players.
It takes one bad apple to ruin every apple in the basket so i would clear every bad apple what ever the name on the shirt is and lord knows there are plenty of them. We suppose to be The Red Devils but i cant see no devils.

Yes,Jones,Smalling,Young have the right attitude and thats maybe explains why they have been here so long but imo they are not United material.

DeGea can leave with his head high,hes been our most valuable player for years

Lets hope Ole has the balls to be ruthless but i wonder if he has the mandatory to chop our starplayers. I dont think Ed like this.

Lastly,lets hope Phelan is not our new DoF. Imo its more important to appoint the right man for this than having Ole as our manager or not.



Why could Phelan not be a success as DoF?



Because he is a yesman and always a number two. Good for the Glazers and Ed.
I think we need a man who already knows the upcoming players around the world.
Dont hink Phelan knows it.



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