Liverpool fans urge more respect for Barcelona; Rio’s qualifications questioned

Date published: Wednesday 1st May 2019 1:07 - Matthew Briggs

Barcelona La Liga trophy TEAMtalk

It’s make or break time for Liverpool, but fans say Barcelona should be respected more, while Rio Ferdinand’s qualifications go under the microscope, all in our forum.


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Make or break time for Liverpool

Think that that what happens from now on until the end of the season will have a huge bearing on whether we can compete for major honors again.

Looks very difficult to win the league now and we absolutely need to win the CL to build up on the 18/19 campaign.

Salah and most non English players I would imagine see the CL as the grail. Salah even said that he would sacrifice his dream to let fans get what they want most.

It would be fitting if the club can make the dreams of above mentioned players come true so that they can concentrate on delivering the PL in the near future. A trophy would also make sure that our top players turn a deaf ear to the calls of the Spanish teams. Finish empty handed I’m not 100% sure players can get motivated again to have a 100 points season next year.



Captkirk… I don’t really see the point in being that dramatic cause this team is not breaking apart. Of course the next few weeks will have a huge effect on how we push forward but even ending up with out a trophy will not halt our progress.



Reds have closed the gap

Not much between us and City, last year didn’t they finish 22 points above us or something? We closed a lot of distance this year. We might not match that points tally, but I don’t see any reason why we can’t improve again and put up a better challenge next year.
It’s looking like only ourselves and City can put up a serious challenge next year, so no reason to be pessimistic.

Lets just enjoy the CL semi finals and title race, it’s a very good place to be, and I’m sure the players will be very happy with the way things are going at the club, whatever happens.

j c


Get a result hopefully with an away goal at Barcelona and this side are serious contenders to win the title. You would then have to fancy your chances in the return leg at Anfield followed by either Ajax or the Spuds. Huge opportunity. Best wishes.



‘It’s trophies that matter’

Chelsea1967: Thank you for your best wishes.

Lads there’s a difference being dramatic or pessimistic and not wanting history to repeat itself.

We have been in three finals and lost all of them, so I think it’s high time that we actually win some silverware because we can’t hide behind the “we lack experience” excuse.

Having seen previous so called golden generations of Mc Manaman, Fowler, Torres, Mascherano not win anything of note when all Liverpool fans were convinced that these players were too good not to win major silverware is kind of a sobering thought.

The game against City at the Etihad was kind of a final and City players looked like they were ready to die on the pitch, if we can’t summon this kind of attitude then fans may say we have the best forwards in the world or the best centre back but at the end of the day it’s trophies that matter.


Game that turned title in City’s favour

In a Title race you are competing with the team or teams in that title race with you be it won on 78 points or 98 points.

When Liverpool went to the Etihad they were 7 points clear and could have made it 10 they didn’t and the gap was reduced to 4 which has seen City on an incredible run chip away at it and now be one point ahead.

It’s not over yet and stranger things have happened but if Liverpool don’t win the title I think you have to look to the game at OT v a very understrength United that was a game that in similar circumstances City would have won and Liverpool only drew and in such games do titles turn.

Whatever happens though you’ve had a season to be proud of.

nine nine nine


We should give Barca ‘more respect’

“Last time we met Barcelona in the CL we beat then at the Nou Camp so I don’t see why we cannot do it again tomorrow.”

Not one of the players from that day is still in the team, so it’s completely irrelevant. I think we definitely have a chance of beating them on their own turf but for other reasons.

Narthraal, I love and understand the enthusiasm. There are many reasons why this could be a good win for us. Our ability to absorb and counter-attack could serve us really well here. of course we might even have spells where we put them on the back foot with an intense high pressing strategy.

I do however think that we’ve got to respect them a little more. Are we really one of the 2 best in the world? I’d love to say yes and you might be right but I think the proof is in the pudding here. We’ve 2 games against them to see how we compare to them.

I’m reasonably confident but I won’t go further than that, yet.



Full-backs concern


Im worried robbo and trent will be pinned back so our attacking threat may be reduced significantly

As good as our fullbacks have been their only weakness has been trying to defend a long crossfield ball over their heads. I hope that doesnt happen too much. And we must not give any FK away in and around the edge of our box



I too am very shocked at how so many already seem to think we will definitely get a result there. That’s complacency at its worst and in this age of social media, it will filter down to the players.



Barca is the favorite to reach the final. Of course we will give our best to go through. However if I could choose btetween EPL and CL title I would choose the first because 29 years are a lot…



Are Arsenal ever going to be a force again?

This is a genuine concern for a club that is in the path of self destruction.I’m quite honestly past caring about qualifying for the CL next season.I mean qualify and do what,be in a competetion which we will never ever in a million years win under this owner?Or instead of having a reported 40m to spend have an extra 30m to spend which is quite honestly peanuts in today’s market we won’t get the players we require from that.

You know what,I’m happy we bottled top 4,because it shows the major cracks and flaws not only in this squad but in this club.Had we finished in the top 4 this club and many fans would actually beleive we’re not far away from challenging for titles but in reality we are a gazillion miles away simply because of the tough competetion around.

This self sustaining model hasn’t worked and won’t work if we want to win the PL.The owner has basically invested in the shares and has no ambition whatsoever to actually win something,that’s pretty much guaranteed.

Really,does anyone on here see an entry for the forthcoming seasons to fight with the top teams for the title?I Certainly don’t.Not the way this club is run.In some aspects we’re the worst run club in the world,making unparallelled decisions.No one can make as terrible decisions like this club does.

Our wage struture is broken beyond repair,we’re the worst club in the transfer market.The people running this club are clueless.I really do feel for Emery or any other coach in his place because it certainly isn’t his fault.

The worst part is…the only way this club can ever progress is if we change the owner.And that is very unlikely to happen because no one seems to give a damn.Fans are happy with bottling whatever we’re fighting for every season and seeing the odd thrashing of midtable sides.There is no Hope for this club,and very soon I’d have given up on them.

the specialone


Director of football role at Man Utd

No one will know until two or three years down the line. It may not even be him anyway. Whoever gets the job needs to be given a chance.

I don’t understand why he cannot do the job though. What has upset people? Did Ajax fans feel the same way about Van der Saar or Overmars? They are all ex-players taking up roles at clubs. What makes some more suitable than others?

The most important thing is the structure. This leads to that. Small steps and that.

People wet the bed when Phelan was being mentioned, now there is a lot of angst with Rio. I get that anyone other than Phelan doesn’t always equate to a positive, but the main thing is the structure. We have needed a structure change and we are, hopefully, going to get one.



I suppose when people look at DoF’s at other clubs, they’re successful ex-players whose name will help attract talent, Zorc at Dortmund, VDS at Ajax, Abidal at Barca, Monchi who’s back at Sevilla was a top player for Sevilla in the past, Salihamidzic at Bayern. I think it’s why the club are possibly looking at Ferdinand.
However, as you say, it’s the structure that’s most important. That needs to be right or it’s irrelevant who the DoF is.



Rio’s qualifications questioned

Firstly we need to define the qualifications a candidate should have. Imagine it was a job vacancy posting on a job site. What would be the job duties and candidate criteria.

None of us knows much about players background. Has Rio done a coaching badge or shown any interest in football management. Does he have good connections at other clubs, is he respected, does he know anything about scouting. The only interest he seems to show is on the topic of racism.

Personally I don’t think he has the right profile. He held the club to ransom over pay demands. He had the brains to “forget” a drug test. He helped ferment unrest when Moyes was manager over such important issues as chips on the menu. etc etc.




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