James ‘doesn’t really fit profile of a United player’

Date published: Wednesday 17th May 2017 10:08

Liverpool fans discuss their perfect striker signing and Man Utd fans discuss the perfect replacement for Wayne Rooney, all in Your says of the Day.

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Arsenal should be ‘considering moving Walcott on’

Everyone on the planet knows that one of the areas we need to address in the summer is a forward. A proper forward. A top class goalscorer who will make a difference in games. However, who is available and who are we actually likely able to sign?

Giroud is entering the last stage of his career and has never been world class. I would argue he is worth keeping. I think he has shown himself to be a useful plan B option.

I am not, and never have been convinced that Welbeck is the answer. He is a solid player but he isn’t going to score 20 goals plus and he isn’t able to stay fit when we need him. Perez is more than likely to leave and good luck to him. It’s become very apparent that he was purchased for no other reason than placating the fans last summer.

In my opinion we should also be considering moving Theo on. What was his last contribution? He is on enormous wages every week and the switch to wing backs effectively makes his wide right role redundant. We should cash in while we still can.

Obviously the idea scenario is Ozil and Alexis staying (granted its highly unlikely – but let’s run with it!). I feel they benefit massively from this new system. Neither wants to be out wide. This formation allows them to drift around behind a CF doing what they do best. Ozil’s form is certainly trending in the right direction now but it would still be nice to see him do something against a proper team now and again.

So who should we be targeting up top and who do people think we realistically could sign, if we end up outside of the top 4?


Abraham needs a loan in the Premier League

tammy abraham bristol city 3

As you would expect, we see many clubs stating they are interested in taking Tammy next year with Arsenal being the latest

It is for Conte to decide what is best for Tammy but IMO, I would still be inclined to loan him to an EPL club to continue with his experience but obviously to a club more likely to give him games

Personally, I do not see him getting many chances at Arsenal but think he has more opportunity at a club like Brighton for example. I do not want to see him fail/struggle at the top level like we have seen with Bamford and while I believe that Tammy is an all round better player I would rather he played to get experience rather than warm the bench at the Bridge and get the odd domestic cup game…?

If we as a Club feel he will make it then I would give him a new contract to show our confidence and then loan him for a season, or perhaps even just 6 months just to see how he continues to develop. KTBFFH


No chance of Arsenal loaning Tammy

There’s more chance of Chelsea winning the CL next month than Chelsea loaning Tammy to Arsenal.

Some big decisions to be taken on Tammy this summer from what I’ve seen of him at Bristol City I’m not sure he’s quite there yet to play regularly for Chelsea.

Much depends on who we sign in the summer and what Conte thinks in pre season if Tammy is not part of the Chelsea squad this summer he needs to go to a PL club where he is guaranteed lots of game time Brighton looks a good move to me if that’s the way it goes.

We have to handle Tammy very carefully because from what I’ve seen of him he’s got a real chance of making it and has a great attitude.

nine nine nine


Christensen has all the tools 

Andreas Christensen: Wants to stay in Germany

Has anyone actually seen Andreas Christensen play for Gladbach this season? I know he played really well last year and even got his name on the team of the season. Just read an article on bleacherreports (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2709637-chelsea-transfer-news-max-eberl-weighs-in-on-andreas-christensen-rumours) stating that he has also impressed this season in Germany.

There was- and still is a lot of hype around him here in Denmark. Before he was loaned out to Gladbach, I recall reading that even Terry had said something about that he saw him as his naturally successor.

Of course it was a Danish Newspaper and they often tend to exaggerate when it concerns Danish players. Apparently he played some really good games in the Uefa League.

I remember though he was awesome on the Chelsea Youth Team. Saw some of the matches and he was strong in the air, a good tackler and could play out from the back, plus he was a clear goal threat on corners.

It would be sad if we let him go and he turns out to be another Lukaku/de Bruyne. But honestly I can’t see it happen under Conte’s guidance, since he is not afraid to use players, even young ones, if they are good enough.



Christensen is one for Conte to tackle

Not seen him play but our official website does a piece every Monday about the players on loan and how they have fared. Obviously probably a bit biased but from everything I have read he has had a second decent season and it is clear that Gladbach would like to buy him

Must admit that I fully expected him to come back to the Club this Summer, play a part in the pre season and then hopefully remain to fight for a place but I can see that unless he is assured of regular games (and can anyone make that kind of promise…?) he may want to stay where he is as he appears to be considered a regular there and gets European football as well

Seems to me like one of the higher priorities for Conte to tackle but I am equally sure that both him and his scouts will have kept a close eye on Christensen and probably already have an idea of where they would like him to fit in, or not. KTBFFH



Lacazette is the man for Liverpool

Lyon’s chairman has said that there’s been an offer for lacazette and he’ll leave if the price is right… I am guessing it will be 50 million or close, this is the guy we need and it seems he’s gettable and we should definitely be able to afford that fee… he previously said he wants to go to a club playing in the Champions league and who play good football(we can manage that on a good day can’t we?)



‘Break the bank’ for him

Nocturnal, I’ve championed Lacazette for some time now and worth breaking the bank for if the opportunity arises. Pace, talent and can score.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Van Dijk on the agenda for Liverpool

We have a good relationship with Southampton and they will know our people at this stage. That’s not to say that if another club comes in with more than we’re willing to pay that we’ll still get him but if it’s close, I think we might have the edge.

At the least, I expect our guys to be informed of the situation. I wouldnt rule out a move for him normally but to see Lovren getting a massive pay rise. . . That’s what makes me worry a bit that we’re not focusing on improving the defence or even adding decent cover.

I rate Lovren, even though he can make mistakes the odd time but even if he were the best CB in the world, he is injury prone.

If we can have some luck with injuries to both Matip and Lovren, I think their partnership will go from strength to strength. I personally think Matip will be considered one of the best CBs, if not the best Cb in the league next season. I’d say he’ll chip in with goals too. hopefully one of our summer signings will be good at taking corners. .

Mr Makaveli


‘James the best No 10 available’

James Rodriguez: Could move to Man Utd this summer

Okay, here goes.

Some, if not most fans, have shown some discontent about the potential transfer signing of James Rodriguez. The most common reproach is that “he’s not wanted by Madrid so he’s not that good…we don’t want a second rate cast off…over-rated…there are better players out there…why should we settle for him?”.

Yes, I agree, there are better players out there, not many, but there are (Hazard, Coutinho, Sanchez, Eriksen, Kevin De Bruyne are a few that come to mind). How many of those would we be able to sign as readily as James seems to be? The players I mentioned, their clubs would hold us to ridiculous ransoms. (Sanchez, maybe not as he’s in the last year of his contract; silly Arsenal).

Of the players that are potentially available, James, in my opinion, is the best NUMBER 10 we could get at this point in time. There is no reason why, if he joined, he cannot become our Hazard, Coutinho, Eriksen, Kevin De Bruyne.

At 25 years old, he has the peak of his career to come and with a young nucleus around him, he can thrive in our Theatre of Dreams.

For me, The Apollo, as he is fondly called in Madrid, can easily slot into the number 10 position seamlessly with playing a 4-2-3-1 with Martial, Mkhi and Rashford around him, or a 4-3-3 as part of a midfield trio of Herrera, Pogba and himself at the apex.

Football aside for a moment, the amount of revenue he would bring into the club is extraordinary. As Columbia’s most notable and arguably best player, shirt sales and income streams can increase almost exponentially (until he retires).

I’m sorry, but financial gain is paramount to football club owners in this day and age. Don’t think that the moves for Pogba and Zlatan were soley for footballing reasons. I’m sure we all know the ridiculous amount of money Manchester United earnt just with their shirt sales (enough to recoup Pogba’s fee).

To summarise, I think of the available players at this moment in time, James Rodriguez is the best number 10 we can acquire. Perfect replacement for Rooney for shirt number and position.



James ‘doesn’t really fit the profile’

Yeah I think we could sign worse players, but there’s something about him that doesn’t really fit the profile of a United player. Does he have that real fight and determination?

I think he’s played 109 games for Real Madrid and he’s scored 36 goals and has 38 assists. Which isn’t that bad in a team that is essentially hogged by Ronaldo and, to a lesser extent, Bale.

But given that we’re probably only going to make 3-4 signings this summer then we need world beaters who are going to walk in and pick the team up by the scruff of the neck and drive them forwards.

Is he really that player?



James’ ability is ‘undisputed’

His ability is undisputed, most Utd fans issues with him stems from the fact that he has in the last season or so been labelled as lazy and overweight. This is a concern for many fans even if the accusations are untrue, I don’t know if they are or not.

Nevertheless, his stats are impressive, however stats can be misleading.

We should also take into account that many, many players have left Real and gone on to have very successful careers elsewhere, Arjen Robben anyone?


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