Liverpool steal Man Utd template for success; Poch has worked Klopp out

Date published: Tuesday 14th May 2019 1:23

Manchester United readers are moaning that Liverpool have stolen their template for success and Reds supporters worry that Pochettino has worked out Klopp ahead of the Champions League final, according to Your Says of the Day.


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We dont buy stars we make them that’s what our motto used to be.

Ed took over transfers and wanted to turn us into a mini real Madrid by only going after names who can provide commercial value.

Look at liverpool signings they mirror our signings under Fergie.

Robertson Hull = Irwin Oldham
Trent youth = Neville youth
Matip Gent = Vidic cska
VVD Southampton = Rio leeds
Henderson Middlesbrough = Johnson Bronby
Mane Southampton = yorke villa
Salah Roma = ole molde

I could go on and on what I am trying to say we signed players that suited us not players who we had to change the team style for.

We were only guilty once of that when we signed Veron.

That’s why I found it funny when some supporters went mad that we are linked to a Swansea player well Robertson the best left back in the prem came from a struggling championship side so figure that one out.


Andrew Robertson TEAMtalk

As much as it pains me to see how Liverpool assembling a top quality squad full of pace, power, skill and determination I think this “theory” they’ve stolen something we allegedly “invented” is pretty far fetched.


Think like half the teams in the league, their recruitment has been vastly superior to United – i.e. their hit rate on players has been much higher. Sanchez, Matic, Lukaku, Pogba, Bailly, DiMaria, Blind, Rojo, Darmian, Mata, Dalot have not delivered.
A compounding factor for United has been our hanging onto dog shit for far too long – Jones, Young, Smalling, Valencia, Fellaini, Lingard.

The above is a whose who of Players who either should never have been at the club or who should have been shipped out far far sooner.

People may think its harsh re Dalot but he cant defend and cant displace our 30 something year old makeshift full back and ex winger.



They stole Klopp!



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Whats the thoughts on the Dybala rumours? I’ve always liked him as a player but its a bit concerning that Juve seem so happy to let him leave!


Ronaldo has taken his spot in the team. Makes Dybala a saleable asset, think he has a minimum fee in his contract so they can’t really stop him, if he wants out. Really haven’t watched that much of him but I think he’s better suited to a mobile, interchanging frontline than Lukaku.



Much rather go for D.Rice and Tielemans.



Rice and T

Tielemans are very different players to Dybala, we need all three in midfield to be honest, Rice and Tielemans to steady the ship and Dybala to be that false nine/ No. 10 who plays behind the main striker and is able to unlock stubborn defences, something we’re patently lacking in at the moment.



Dybala is top class – like, would be a viable replacement for Salah at Liverpool level. The reasons for his current predicament are two-fold:

1. He had issues with management at Juventus a year or so ago where he had an outburst and that seemed to stick for quite a while.

2. Juventus brought in Ronaldo last summer and pushed Dybala to the side because they wanted to make Ronaldo the star of the team.

I’d take Dybala in a heartbeat for our RW position – he’s 25 which is a good age and has that X-factor that only players like Salah or Hazard have.

The only issue is that he will cost us something like 80 to 90m in today’s market, which will be a chunk of our transfer funds. If we can sell Lingard for a good, inflated price and bring him in though – boy oh boy!

Sympathy for the Devils

Not sure why Dybala’s being mentioned in the same company as Rice and Tielemans because he ain’t a midfielder. Having said that, I’m not sure what he is and I guess that’s the problem. Hasn’t got the pace to be an on the break striker but has wonderful ability. He probably ‘sits’ just behind a main striker, just in front of midfield. Is he what we need? Not sure, and if you’re not sure 80 million’s a lot.



if we bring in dybala we wont see dybala play. meaning when have united brought in a great player and he’s either improved or stayed at the same level? plus great players dont want to come to united. we got that attacking lad from madrid who lit it up the first game he was here. but then we told him he had to defend when that wasn’t what he was good at. and predictably he was much less effective. and the press blamed him and not the united coaching. people used to say it was the city that players didnt want to come to and london had an unfair advantage but the bevy world class players across town would suggest that’s not the case. at some point people around the world are going to ask themselves why they support a team that plays such dire football. and then it’ll all be over.
at that point jm1502 will have to find another anger vehicle for his repressed whatever




Think this will be Final line-up:

Alisson, Trent, Matip, VVD, Robbo, Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Salah, Bobby and Mane.

Subs: Mignolet, Lovren, Milner, Shaq, Sturridge, Origi, Gomez (was gonna put Ox in but I think Klopp will want another defensive reinforcement just in case).

If Bobby’s not fit then Origi will come in and then Ox will on the bench.

Rob Fort Worth TX

Tough final ahead for us. We’re obviously favourites and I think we have a bit more flair in attack. However, Spurs have shown themselves to be extremely resolute in this year’s competition and in Son and Moura, and others, have their own big game match winners. Does Klopp press high and early on? Not sure – you can imagine a conservative approach for the opening half from both. I doubt either side will want to risk knackering themselves out early on. Getting that balance right in the approach will be key. In a final it’s all about managing the momentum. If we went 2-0 up fairly quickly and then tired a bit second half and the game drifted and then Spurs get one back – the momentum would then be with Spurs at a critical moment in the match. Whereas if we can go 1-0 up say in the first half, then again later in the second half, it just keeps the momentum with us. And that’s what’s key in a final.

The way Liverpool went about the game in Munich is probably the best approach to go for: solid, efficient, very effective…and scoring at the right time to quash any momentum from the other side.



Biggest game of the season… 😅 I think I’ve repeated that since the beginning of the season. I got massive confidence in the lads to see this through, the heartache of every lost final in recent years must cheer them on, losing out on the league must galvanize them. Can you imagine the hunger the lads have right now. One more 100% effort and we will end our trophy draught!


Songman, if we can win the CL, it’ll be ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. It will completely take the sting out of missing out on the PL but in my opinion, the PL would be better and more important for the club.

It’s definitely up there with the PL though and honestly, for Klopp to win either… we all know how huge it would be.

This 90 minutes of football doesn’t care about our previous finals and near misses. So, the lads have got to put it out of their heads, or it’s only a negative thing. The fans also must because we get this feeling that we “deserve” something but the truth is that each final is completely separate from the others and we don’t deserve anything, inherently.

Spurs have been one of the toughest sides for us this season, second only to City perhaps. There was a time when I relished playing against Poch’s high line but he seems to know how to play against Klopp now. That or our more reserved style of this season…

The Cl final is still nearly 2 and a half weeks away but I tell you, it’s starting to sink in now. The Barca comeback was such a shock, followed by missing out on the title… you could be forgiven for forgetting that we’re one great performance away from being European champions. I think I said something similar last season though and look how that turned out. If we miss out again, it’ll hurt a lot more but we’ve got to try and enjoy it, somehow.

It’s been a crazy season and I’m really glad it’s not over just yet.



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i can’t believe there’s gooners who would gladly see us lose the final as long as the spuds lose the champs lge final.sorry,i find that a very selfish act because those who think that are thinking of themselves and not the players and staff and,lets be honest here,trophies are not handed out on a plate every season,you have to earn them.

if the spuds win the champs lge might be hard to bear but all we can do is back OUR team and hope and pray it’s a reds double in europe.if not i want us to win beccause our european trophies are a disgrace for a club of our stature globally.if the spuds win it’s a hard pill for us to swallow but there’s absolutely no way i want us to lose just to justify them going the same.i hate afc losing any game let alone a final so there’s no chance i want us to lose if it meant the spuds did too.


LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 02: Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal (obscured) celebrates with his teammates after scoring his team's first goal during the UEFA Europa League Semi Final First Leg match between Arsenal and Valencia at Emirates Stadium on May 02, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)

I am sorry but obviously I want us to win but all worst cases for me is spurs winning.



About 5-6 years ago,When this club use to actually compete for the trophy but bottle in the end,Many fans use to say why are we even still comparing ourselves to spuds,we’re way above them and we should compare ourselves to the best in the PL.

Today,we are in such a pathetic situation that fans are ready to sacrifise their own club’s success for to see someone else not to win it.I get it,the neighbourly rivalry will always be there but i honestly feel fans who’d rather not see their club win a trophy just to see someone else not win it have reached a real low.

We’ve gone so backwards.we’ve changed CEO,Managers,players.But there’s only been one constant.And it’s the owner stan kronke.We are just going backwards and backwards ever since he took over the club,and the only way we see any sort of success is to hope that the manager massively overachieves!



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I am not convinced with Sarri ball neither. Slow, tippy tappy football. But we are 3rd and in Europa final. And we reached Carabao final. So it is not a really bad season. Would we win against Arsenal? My opinion: unlikely. They have goal scorers and our game would be easily readable for them.

But would I prepare for another season of Sarri ball, considering he will have a full pre-season? I think so. I hope that Sarri won’t fall out with the board or players like Jose or Conte. That only, will be enough. If we are successful to integrate Abraham and/or Mason Mount and Tomori like we integrated RLC and CHO: that also will make me happy.


Maurizio Sarri Chelsea

Aindro, Sarri is not the man to bring through our youth players. Sarri likes to train and use a very small squad. His method is to repeatedly work on passing patterns and drum them into his players. Apparently I also read that he doesn’t support gym work and he is the only Chelsea manager since Roman took over not to give a debut to one of our youth players.



If this becomes the norm where we have to bring in over the hill players such as Higuain etc. then I will definitely curb my enthusiasm for the club. Its unacceptable for so many reasons that we don’t use our youth and proven loanees, we can’t continue to use fan and media pressure to force a manager to employ youth, he has to do it because he wants to. Tbh I haven’t seen much evidence of that.



Sorry, but you support Chelsea or you don’t and for me there is no middle ground regardless of whether you like the manager, the owner or individual players or not

This season we have not seen enough decent attacking football as was expected to determine whether Sarri ball actually can work in the EPL or not. I have seen some good games, or at least individual halves of games, where we have looked exceptional but equally we have seen some disasterous games as well

I value experience and believe that any successful team finds the right balance between experience and youth, however, those experienced players must bring something to the team. I like the movement of Higuain and think he is an intelligent player and has scored some good goals but again, he misses far to many. Will he improve next season after taking the second half of this one to acclimatise – no idea but it would seem that given the chance, Sarri would like to give him a go and see. IMO, for that to work we have to play more to Higuain’s strengths which I am not convinced we have been doing

Not just to focus on Higuain but we do need a prolific striker and there are other areas on the pitch where we can improve as well but by giving Luiz a contract extension (for example) implies that Sarri also expects to play him regularly as well. KTBFFH


Gonzalo Higuain Chelsea

To be honest we could have won a quadruple and still I would not be at all happy with the dross I have watched, in particular in 2019 from this side. There have been flashes of brilliance here and there but, in the main, disjointed looking, defensively frail, especially in 2nd halves and watching Sarri marching up and down chewing on his wacky tobaccy makes me cringe. If he stays on, next season will be interesting. I’d like to see him get a full summer window (providing we are allowed), buy the players he wants and have a full off season to make it happen. He deserves that much for sure BUT if it isn’t working out for him by say mid November pack his bags for him and get him out of there. I hope that doesn’t happen and the club’s plan is successful but ffs entertain us supporters. On a side issue I saw on TV today that City may be banned from the Champions League. Interesting reading on my google page. Serves them right. Give the League title to Liverpool as well, the League Cup to us and the FA Cup to Watford. Now that would be funny. FFP irregularities mean winning trophies by cheating.That needs to be reversed.



No chance Monty Sarri was instructed by the board to play the likes of RLC and Callum due to fan pressure, Italian coaches mostly prefer old experienced players but it could also be Sarri is mistakenly taking the clubs nickname “The Penshioners” literally.



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