Jurgen Klopp fires ominous warning at Liverpool’s chasing pack

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp is confident Liverpool will have the solutions for anything that is thrown at them as they prepare to face Chelsea this weekend.

After a tough opening-day examination by Leeds, the champions face a trip to big-spending Chelsea on Sunday afternoon.

The club will be buoyed by the signing of Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich, but the £25m man will not be signed in time to face Frank Lampard’s men.

As for Chelsea, they could have a number of their £200m of summer signings in action, with Kai Havertz and Timo Werner starting Monday’s win at Brighton.

Klopp though is ready for the challenge and prepare to adapt as Liverpool aim to defend their Premier League trophy.

“It’s completely normal that we have to make another step because other teams will make other steps as well,” Klopp told Sky Sports News.

“It has nothing to do with being champions, we constantly try to develop and find solutions to the new challenges before we have the problems with them. That’s how football works.

“So it’s not only about changing things it’s about finding the right approach and plan again for this season.”




Klopp has been critical of Chelsea in recent times and referred to them as “clubs owned by countries and oligarchs”.

Lampard laughed off the jibe, but the pair do have a brief history.

Klopp v Lampard

Jurgen Klopp, Frank Lampard

Lampard uncharacteristically lost his cool during the 5-3 defeat in July and got himself embroiled in a heated exchange with the Liverpool bench.

“Fair play to Liverpool Football Club, they’ve won the league, but also don’t get too arrogant with it. That was my point, but it’s done. In match play, you can get emotional and that was it,” Lampard told Sky Sports.

Klopp though insists there is no bad blood between the pair.



“Between Frank (Lampard) and me there is absolutely nothing – I admired him and loved him as a player and now he is doing a really good job as a coach,” Klopp said.

“So I can’t help you with some ‘rivalry’ between us, we will obviously be rivals on Sunday but apart from that it’s all good.

“We are different clubs, leading in a different way, that’s how it is – we invest what we earn and sometimes we invest before we earn but it’s still based on these kind of things and it’s not like this for other clubs.

“Whatever they do though I am completely fine with that – they can all do what they want and it’s a free world. We have our way of dealing with the club.”