Harry Kane comments stink and he must own up, says Liverpool legend

Harry Kane Tottenham

Harry Kane must hold his hands up and admit he is partially to blame for Tottenham’s failings, rather than pointing the finger at his teammates.

Kane’s future at Tottenham has been a topic of hot debate ever since the striker admitted on an Instagram live chat that he wasn’t going to stay the club “for the sake of it.”

That has inevitably led to speculation that United were planning a blockbusting raid for the striker in the summer, with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ed Woodward’s position on a potential deal made clear by this report.

Since then, reports have suggested a disappointed Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy was ready to sanction his sale to United if they were to match the world record fee of £200million – a theory that has since been denied.

However, pundit John Barnes is angry at Kane for suggesting a lack of quality at Tottenham has limited his trophy prospects – and the Liverpool legend has called on the player to take some responsbility in Spurs’ failings, rather than point the finger at either his club or his teammates.

“It’s a bit sad when players say that [wanting to leave a club if it doesn’t match their trophy ambitions]. I remember Wayne Rooney said that about Man United and he got a new contract,” Barnes said.

“That’s a modern phenomenon. Rooney was the first when he came out and said that about the club’s ambition matching his own, and Fergie wasn’t particularly happy, but he had to give him a new contract.

“But fans accept that now, which I don’t like, because fans should understand that your club is the most important thing, and for players aren’t going to be committed unless you’re winning, then you shouldn’t be at the club.”



“What he [Harry Kane] should say is ‘I’m going to I’m going to be the player to stay at Tottenham and help them to win things’.”

“As Bill Shankly said, ‘If you can’t play for us when we lose, don’t play for us when we’re winning,’ and if you’re a player, you’re part of the reason you’re not winning. So, if you think you’re better than your teammates, and you’re blaming your teammates for not winning, rather than looking at yourself, then that’s a big problem for football club. So, that is not a good thing to say.”


Barnes wants Kane and others to get salary cap

Barnes, meanwhile, has also called for a salary cap to be implemented in the Premier League to ensure a more level playing field and ensure there is not such a huge disparity between what those at the top of the game earn versus those in the lower leagues.

“I have been advocating a transfer cap and salary cap in the Premier League for years,” Barnes added.

“Given that that we have never had a situation like this before, with the financial uncertainty coronavirus has brought man people, there should be a salary cap and a transfer cap, because then clubs will be able to manage their money better.

“For example, in America where you have a system whereby you know the amount of money that you’re going to make, you are still going to be successful, even if you were to lose every single game. If you’re going to run football as a business, that’s the best scenario for it to be, you make more money if you’re successful, but you’re not going to lose money and go to the wall if you’re not.

“In England and Europe, most clubs depend on success to be commercially viable, which of course in these times when there is no cap on the amount.

“What can happen is, like with Harry Kane, when he says he wants to go play for another club, or better club to win, that will happen because there is no cap so any club, who is financially strong, can just find all the best players in order to win. So, a salary cap and a transfer cap would be the best way forward.”

Lucas Moura, meanwhile, has pleaded with Kane not to quit the club.