Liverpool must avoid move for Wolves beast; Latest Man Utd links baffling

Date published: Friday 24th January 2020 2:45

Liverpool fans are split on whether to sign a Wolves star who impressed on Thursday night, while Manchester United readers assess the club’s latest transfer links – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Traore came out of La Masia. He’s literally Spanish. He would naturally want to return to Spain. While he’s added some end product I’m still not convinced about various aspects of his game. Not saying it wouldn’t happen but Klopp has always spoken highly about his physical attributes even since his Middlesbrough days and yet has passed up the opportunity to work with him on refining his game. Having seen some reports that Wolves value him at 70mil, I highly doubt it would happen now.

BTW Werner has 30+ goal contributions this season itself in about as many appearances and has consistently been one of the best forwards in Germany for the past 3-4 years. Between Werner for a reported 50mil and Traore for 70mil I know which one I’d take.



Traore is 24 and has never scored more than 6 goals in a season.
He’ll probably break that this season but not by much.
He doesnt have enough end product and seems to rely on sheer power and pace rather than on game intelligence.
I don’t think he’d be a good fit for this Liverpool team particularly considering his supposed price.



That’s exactly it Ginger. There are calls to have this guy come to Liverpool. He does nothing against the lower teams. We already have enough problems breaking down stubborn defences as is. We need clever or technically brilliant players in order to do that. He’s neither.




Traore would be a great signing imo.

He hit some good shots and passes today. Seems to have added end product to his game. Plus the strength and pace is just world class.

Neves is another player I like. Has shades of Henderson about him. Good team player, with game intelligence, who always gives 100%.

Very good win, for a while there I thought we were going to drop points. We seem to have a way to beat everybody.

We have to be favourites for the CL too, playing like this.

j c


I really enjoyed seeing his performance JC, its been a while since I saw anyone that is as strong on the ball as Traore and that pace, nobody can handle acceleration like that… he got to be the fastest player on the planet right now, at least if we count the ones with a decent end product… Imagine our midfield backing him up, cause he works hard as well, they would be happy to provide him with service… The only problem I got with him is his consistency and his desire to play for either Barca or Real… I hate it when players open up their mouths about moving to there…



Traore has improved greatly and is going places, expect to see him at a bigger team than Wolves in one or two seasons.

We literally couldn’t handle him yesterday, and he also destroyed City at City




Tevez on loan?Lol



redblood, i read that tevez story too. made me laugh. world class player we didn’t appreciate. so now, ten years or more later, we are trying to sign the guy that held up an “RIP Fergie” sign on city’s victory bus?!?! amazing
have to agree with jm1502 on willian though, wonderful wonderful player in his prime.



So now we’re back in for Maddison who we definitely won’t get until the summer, IF we get him at all. The extra £10m Sporting were asking for would have been made back if he’d helped us get to the CL places. One step forward, two steps back, the whole f****** time.



Can’t believe the press are linking us to Grealish and Madison. Villa are fighting for their premiership survival and Leicester are fighting for third. Both players would have an additional premium of at least 30 million right now and thats if their clubs even come to the table.
Our only realistic PL target is Eriksen. He is better than what we already have but is he enough of an improvment to justify what would be very high wages?
Personally, even though he has said he wants to finish the season at Lille, I’d test the resolve of Soumare.

We need depth so I’d also try loan moves for Marcos Llorente and Cavani



homer-Leicester are fighting for the 2nd,but I would stay well clear of Maddison,especially @ the price being told to pay.





I can’t figure out how they couldn’t motivate themselves to beat Burnley. Burnley have lost every single game against the top 6 teams this season I believe. (Leicester aren’t considered a top 6 side).
With the chance to close the gap to a really out of form and struggling Chelsea team, I don’t see how they were so lethargic. That said I guess Mata and Martial could have had us 2-0 up in the first half.

But I just can’t see anything good about this united team at the moment. Is sacking Ole really going to change anything?



It’ll make me feel better happy 😂😂



The signs were there in the Liverpool game.Totally pegged back and Liverpool wasnt clinical at all.
Burnley sat back,defended with ease against lousy crosses,took care of their chances and we could play all night without scoring.

We are bad at defending and we are bad attackingwise.
I said before season we will end up 5-8th and with no transfers 8-11th in PL.
Despite it has never been easier to get top4 this season i see no reason to change my prediction.




I am not worried of Wolves for the tp 4. It’s between us, United and Tottenham. Probably Arsenal but I see them to be a bit behind due to bad defense (Luiz? 😉 ). I cannot see Wolves sneaking into top 4.



aindro, Utd are miles off the pace, they are never going to make top 4… Wolves are a much better team with a lot more threat going forward… remember Rashford is out for the rest of the season.



I think 4th place goes all the way down to Sheffield United I certainly wouldn’t write anyone off even Arsenal given all the inconsistencies from every team.

I think our chances are tied into who we may or may not sign by next Friday reduced injuries and assuming Tammy is ok getting James Pulisic and Loftus Cheek back asap. Loftus Cheek would be like a new signing.

nine nine nine



Salah is definitely not as good this season as he was in his first. He’s nowhere near that level, let’s be honest.

At this stage of his first season Salah had 20 PL goals and 7 assists.

He has currently 11 PL goals and 5 assists.

He’s still one of our best players but when he was being compared to Messi, people were generally sure that he was our best. That is no longer the case but of course, we’ve moved forward as a team since, recruited extremely well etc etc.

I do think Salah needs to improve if I’m honest.



Of course Salah is not as good as in his phenomenal debut season, but part of the reason for his success then was that teams were unaware of him, and didn’t know how to deal with him.

But he’s not far off as he still won the Golden Boot in the season after, despite all teams deploying extra measures to stop him. You think winning the Golden Boot two years in a row is easy? Only the best of the best strikers can do that.

And he’s on course to match last season’s total of 27 goals, with 15 goals already, so his high standards are definitely being maintained



Sure, the stats for last season are good. I think he had a load of assists then too but I forget how many and cant be bothered to look. He’s on course to end with a pretty decent tally of goals this term too but look at all the chances he’s taking and wasting these days.

He’s captain of my FPL team now, so you know I rate him but he does frustrate me because he does so much right. His instincts/positioning/off the ball are very good. he’s constantly finding himself in great positions with opportunities but he’s fluffing too many.



Salah can improve, as he can be frustrating at times with his finishing and decisions, but overall he’s doing an excellent job for Liverpool.

Hope Klopp puts him right on his mistakes



We’re not too far apart but I wouldn’t use the word “excellent”. I also wouldn’t be too harsh though. I’d say “good” perhaps. We don’t have to agree but… I do hope he starts banging them in again. especially now with Mane injured.





We just need to buy the right players, nearly £1bn spent and no world class players. I think that’s down to woody, get rid.

Players like Pereira, Matic, and Lingard are not the answer surely we can sign a ball playing midfielder this window.

I dont think anybody can get this squad competing so as much as I like Poch to get a chance I dont see the point.



That’s fine in theory but Ole’s in-game decisions have been baffling and the team look lost, like there’s no plan despite Ole constantly saying there’s a plan. As bad as our signings have been, the coaching looks pretty shit too. The only reason the players want him to stay is that he gives them an easy ride.



The thing is, who is the better manager. Get that person in. Surely it’s Pochettino.

Ole is not the worst thing at the club, but he is one of the easiest issues to solve.

If Mourinho was in charge of last night’s shambles he would be sacked by now.



@Happy to be a top side you need both a top coach and top players. We can add whatever players we want but if Ole is still all over the fucking place it won’t change anything. Regarding spending, that spend happened a few years ago now. We’ve had a low net spend the past couple of years. And now this Fernandes shit makes me think the money isn’t widely available like Ole keeps saying. Why haggle over £10M? There is a rumour going around that it was actually Joel Glazer who pulled the plug on the deal. Ole always says he speaks with Joel and Ed, so maybe the Glazers are more hands on behind the scenes than people think.




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