‘Liverpool need a new striker – Derby’s Vydra could be an option’

Date published: Monday 16th October 2017 11:05

Jose Mourinho’s latest future comments are discussed, while Arsene Wenger is accused of making the most ridiculous substitution ever, all in our forum.

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‘The most ridiculous Wenger sub ever’

I’ve seen Wenger do many crazy things in his time here.But I have to mention today’s substitution as one of the most ridiculous I’ve ever seen.Drawing to a team who’s not won at home all season.

Ten minutes to go and he brings on a defender when we are crying out for some attacking spark and creativity.Wilshere stands on te touchline for a couple of minutes ready to come on only to be told by Wenger to put on his sweater and jog back to the bench.And for whom?

The very overrated rob holding.So Wenger opted to bring on a defender and we still conceded the goal that lost us the game.

How anyone can defend this.Get the f*** out of the club you old crossiant. No self respect how can he even look at himself.The biggest conman on this planet

the specialone


You do realise that this was down to injury don’t you???



Oh dear!!!Im not criticising Wenger for taking out an injured player.But considering we were playing a 5 man defense why the hell couldnt he take out koscielny and bring on someone like Wilshere,Walcott anyone with an attacking sense than holding.And remember we were level and had to win the game.

But this substitution clearly proves that Wenger was afraid of Watford getting a winner.Which is why he made a like for like change instead of trying to win the game.After holding was on,Not only did we manage to create zero chances but we didn’t even want to go for the winner.

Guess what Watford scored the winner.So the substitution was for nothing and Wenger deserves all the more criticism.All this against a mid table sir who haven’t won at home all season.

the specialone


Ah ok, i must have completely misinterpreted what you were trying to get at. Maybe need to explain that a little better from the outset next time.
He should have introduced wilshere instead of Ozil.

If ozil could leave like he says and it appears he is actively looking to offload him why give him any time at all!

That was worse a sub than the kos for holding one. At least it made some sense. Bringing Ozil on or even having him in squad is just pointless, he didnt really try before so i can see that changing now.



Deeney comments have to hit home

I’m really finding it difficult to be bothered about any of this. It’s so draining watching the same crap play out week in and week out. Yet the thing that is most deflating is that nothing is or will be done about it. The only option we have is to try and care a little less until the club do eventually take some sort of action. I won’t be holding my breath.

Tonight our fans are having to sit and watch Troy Deeney take the p*** out of us on TV. Talking openly about how easy it is to get the better of us and how he can tell we don’t want the fight. To have a fellow professional talk about you on national TV like that…..I wonder if it means anything to our players? They should be horrified. But they won’t be. They won’t need to be because Arsene will tell them all we were badly done to by the ref. He will tell them they are still the best team in the league and that next year will be our year.

Tonight on MOTD Wilfrid Zaha talked about Palace having to earn the right to play against Chelsea by doing the dirty work – chasing and tackling and tracking back. He is absolutely right and it applies to every team you play. In every game. We are the exact opposite of that. We just turn up, home or away, United or Palace and just think we can beat anyone. In reality, we are crap. Bang average as well as spineless.
I just wish it was January so we had a chance to ship out some of these idiots. Per said after the game that ‘Watford wanted it more’. Why? Any player who can’t be arsed to fight for this club can sod off, starting with Ozil. I would sell him tonight. He wants 300k a week and can’t finish! People tell me he is world class! Having a laugh. He couldn’t lace the boots of KDB or David Silva. He is an absolute imposter.

Our keeper is shot, our back line is crap, we have no midfield to speak of and we look absolutely garbage up top without Alexis and he is leaving anyway. It’s a long way back to where this club is supposed to be. More importantly, there is not a hope in hell of Kroeke or Wenger going anywhere anytime soon.



FSG promised to do ‘whatever it takes’

When John Henry took control he was asked what FSG would do to bring success to the club. His reply was “whatever it takes”. Since you are all so anal about facts the net spend per year since the takeover on transfers has been roughly £24.5m.

That my friends is “whatever it takes” but for some strange reason we have been anything but successful. Now I know a few of you love to insult anyone who criticises or even questions FSG’s commitment but i ask. Is this enough?

City have spent almost four times that, Utd over three times, Chelsea double and even Arsenal ( whose fans think they are run by misers) have spent more. Before you crawl all over me with the, “but we don’t have that kind of money” we certainly have more than a paltry £24.5m a year.

I’m sorry, but whilst it’s great we have more seats at Anfield and a potential new academy/training ground it’s the team that needs building.



‘A striker in January is a must’

Goals have started to dry up in recent matches, and most teams will setup like Manutd in the coming weeks so I cannot see how we are going to improve our conversion rate. A proper striker seems to be a must in January but the performance of Lukaku on Sat leaves me a bit dubious about the proper valuation of players these days.

The smart thing would be to unearth a poacher and seeing how Gomez seems to be thriving maybe we should not be afraid to look at teams in the lower divisions of England and monitor Vydra of Derby County? Physically imposing and comes on the pitch hungry to find the back of the net.



‘I really can’t see anyone catching City’

I really can’t see anyone catching City in the PL this season their squad is the strongest by a mile in the PL and they are scoring goals for fun and this is without Kompany, Mendy and currently Aguero and United who will probably go the closet to them looked miles off a title winning team yesterday even accepting they were missing Baily and Pogba and Rashford was only fit enough for the bench.

Conte will now quite rightly be focussed on the next game, a run in the CL would be nice and hopefully once everyone is fit and up and running we are good enough to secure a CL place.

3 PL titles in 4 seasons was always a massive ask particularly as no one has defended the title now in 9 seasons.

What we ideally need now imo is for Conte to commit to a new extended contract and for Roman to take the schackles off of him in the transfer market letting him bring in his choice of players and not second or third choice players and players that are foisted on him from above and then leave him alone and give him time to try and build something really meaningful.

Going forwards competing with City and United won’t be easy given that their net spend will always be greater than ours.

Imperative above a CL run and a domestic Cup win which with some luck in the draws is not out of the question is hanging on to a top 4 spot to ensure CL football next season which will be necessary to bring in the players Conte really wants.

The squad still looks a bit thin in places and whilst personally I would describe last summer’s signings as decent with Morata probably being the only potentially great signing the January window is not the window to try and find significant solutions in even though we will have the Costa money and I suspect any meaningful squad strengthening will have to wait until next summer which also gives the club the opportunity to more accurately assess the players out on loan such as Abraham and the part they could play for us next season.

nine nine nine


Chelsea should have kept Abraham

While I am happy to see Abraham is doing well at Swansea, probably we should have shipped Michy on-loan and should have retained Abraham to be Morata’s back-up. Losing against Palace is just bad. Willian is far from his best this season (and already last season). This is our challenge, the season after winning the title. Hopefully our bad experience 2 seasons ago won’t be repeated but who knows.

We should try to win our match against Roma to wrap up our UCL group stage and then we can fully concentrate against Watford. Anyone underestimating Watford should just look back to our result against Palace. Nothing is given in this league, even against the bottom dwellers. No small teams here. I would start Christensen, Rudiger against Roma. And if Morata isn’t fit, let’s play with false 9 and let’s see the result. Any idea if Drinkwater is fit?

Agree with 999 that City are looking unbeatable, but I believe in 1 match against Jose’s Utd: Utd will beat them. Jose knows how to win.



Fabregas up next for Chelsea boo boys

Sadly its Fabregas turn to be on the receiving end of much criticism, we have done and dusted Willian now its Fabregas turn.

while i’m in noway defending his performances of late, i’m surprised how quickly Fabregas was written off. he was written off in his last season at Barca, then he came to Chelsea and has proven himself. then last season everyone has written him off, he came back stronger.

it seems that this season he is off form and everyone is writting him off. i won’t say his best days are behind him. so many players has been written off in the bast but came back stronger. some said Drogba’s best days were behind him when Scolari took charge at Chelsea.

he came back and won the Champions league for us. Fabregas is poor right now there is no debate on that one. but the question which begs is, are Fabregas best behind him? i’m in the camp that believes no he still has something to offer chelsea.



Five years max for Mourinho at United

No issue with him leaving after a few seasons and expect that he’ll be here 5 years max. 

However, he is the only top manager in world football who seems to actively court other clubs in public and makes the narrative all about himself. He’s doing a decent job but Manchester United is bigger than Jose Mourinho.

No one expects him to hang around for life but what is expected is a bit of class and for him to stop chatting shit to the media about his future. He should start by focusing on rectifying that poor performance we all witnessed yesterday!



‘Worrying comments’

Worrying comments by Jose if true almost had that gut wrenching fergie retirement feeling again! But i suspect it’s a message to Ed get this contract extension sorted!

Jose has always maintained he would go to a league where its a challenge to win and all teams compete and of course the job of managing united is massive! Why would he go to the French league now?

Jose has been the best thing that has happened to united since fergie retired ED must sign him up and pay whatever it takes because I don’t see many adequate replacements.



Mourinho realised how far behind we are

Has he been told that two bore draws at Anfield is not what is expected of a Utd manager? 😉

I think its just sunk in the crazy £££ available to City and how far behind we are at the moment with little prospect of catching up anytime soon. His ego just won’t allow him to be second best to Pep. Guaranteed yearly success and almost limitless funds at PSG very attractive to him no doubt…

theMartial art


Bring back Pereira

I just can’t see why this lad’s out on loan when we have such a one dimensional midfield. Scored a stunner for Valencia last night. Surely he’s worth a go, he’s definitely got something.



In fairness to Mourinho he went out of his his way to persuade Perreira to stay and fight for his place. His chance would come, we’ll get injuries, not many games in August but plenty in October etc etc. He’s out on loan because he wanted it, no other reason.

Whilst I agree he’s got something…his goal last night was in injury time, after he came on as a sub and the game was won.


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