Liverpool must go all in on a new No 10; time for De Gea to go

Date published: Thursday 23rd May 2019 1:58

Liverpool readers debate whether they should blow their transfer budget on a new No.10, while Man Utd fans are ready for David de Gea’s exit – all in Your Says of the Day.

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If the De Gea Reports are to be believed then he’s rejected a £350k a week deal. Time to sell him, if PSG will pay £60m then take their money and move on.

Romero, Henderson or Pereira as second choice (send the other out on loan), Grant as the goalies for the season and spend the £60m on more pressing needs – another midfielder.



As far as forwards go, I would be perfectly happy with James for the left side and then a loan/short-term deal for Bale or Costa for the right side. Especially as we also have Greenwood who can deputise anywhere across the front three positions.

I’d then let go of Sánchez and Lukaku but keep Martial (for now at least) and let him partner Rashford when we play the 4-4-2 diamond and compete with him when we play the 4-3-3. He’d have to hit the ground running to be staying for a longer period of time though.

Then when we’re back in the CL I’d get Sancho or someone like that for right forward.



Liverpool have signed a player from a relegated team in each of the last 3 seasons. We don’t necessarily need to spend £80m – £100m on each player, this James lad seems to fit the profile perfectly. A few more of these, mixed with some star quality and we will start to get the right blends in the squad.

Oh and Ashley Young will then lead the new team out next season…



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Honestly stats speak for themselves, best def in the league this season. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t mind upgrading Lovren BUT when he or Matip have been called upon they have all stepped up this season. I will be surprised if we bring in a cb, maybe a lb to replace Moreno but I’m not convinced he will change anything more in def this season.

I hope to see improvements in midfield and another option upfront to rest Salah or mane when needed. Think he will stick with Origi now and Blood in Brewster next season. Don’t forget ox is back and he will be like a new player for us after so long out. More out than in this summer I think with a couple of tweeks.

Think a few have mentioned it already but creativity in the final third is needed, I would blow the budget on that type of no 10



Altho De Ligt would be nice I just don’t think Jurgen will buy another centre back. I think he’s happy with Virgil, Lovren, Matip and Gomez for those positions. Only issue arises like this year when we only had the three latter mentioned all out and Fab had to drop alongside Virgil (another option I suppose). I think he’ll buy a left back and a couple of attacking minded players.

Rob Fort Worth TX


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Joao Felix for 92m? That’s going to be a hefty portion of our transfer funds… is it worth it? We still need a new RB, CB and CM at the very very least…

Sympathy for the Devils


The thing with Joao Felix is that someone IS going to buy him this summer, someone is going to take the risk, why not us?
If he is willing to come to us knowing we’re not going to have CL football next season then you can be fairly sure of one or both of two things:
1) He’s on a colossal wage
2) He’s committed to the club and wants to succeed here in the medium term at least
I haven’t seen him play but the furore around him suggests he’s a serious talent. If we got the next Ronaldo for the next seven to eight seasons, before he’ll inevitably want to go to Madrid or Barca, wouldn’t that be worth £100m? Personally, I think it would


Joao Felix of Benfica

Ok. There’s no doubt that we have spent big on some players. There’s also no doubt that we are terrible at moving players on when it doesn’t work out. The more important question than what our net spend is, is how have smaller clubs (by literally any metric) been allowed to overtake us?

We seem to have an annual transfer budget of £150m max. Teams with smaller revenue streams have outspent us to develop their sides (as a % of respective turnovers). The lack of a coherent plan from boardroom to pitch has screwed us. We are also screwed by parasitic owners who are not prepared to do what it takes to get to the top and stay there.

Alongside a plan, we need (and have done for several years) a complete rebuild of the first team squad. This is a £300m a year (net spend), 3 year thing. This allows players that don’t work out to be shifted on and replaced. It’s £300m a year due to the total lack of plan and investment since the Glazers took over, it’s what’s needed to have a chance of being at the top again.

An example of what this looks like for this year is (prices are the highest I’ve seen mentioned for any given player):

This summer in: Daniel James (£20m), Joao Felix (£96m), Declan Rice (£70m), Wan Bissaka (£60m), Maguire (£80m) = £326m

Out: Valencia, Darmian, Rojo (£5m), Herrera, Jones (£10m), Mata, Sanchez (-£12m), Bailly (£30m) = £33m
£293m net spend, 2 more summers of £300m net spend after this and we might be getting somewhere!




This is getting silly boys. How on earth can one predict where we will finish next season should Sarri stay!! I can bet many of us never predicted 3rd in the league on top of the chance to win the Europa. We dont know if we’ll be allowed to buy players which in turn affects our activity with our loanees. We’ve no idea how the other sides will strengthen. We’ve no idea who we and our rivals will sell. There is the uncertainty of when our top 2 prospects RLC and CHO will return from injury. Yirra do me a favour save the predictions until Sept at least.



According to rumours: Cech becomes our DoF. Higuain returns to Milan (or Juventus?). Those 2 I think are already signs of the end of Sarri’s era.



I support Chelsea Football Club if the Club stick with Sarri I will support that decision but I’m not sure they will or that it would be the right decision. But because I am a supporter of Chelsea Football Club I hope I’m proved wrong.

nine nine nine

Maurizio Sarri Chelsea

I for one isn’t prepared to face that anxiety again. i nearly broke my tv set against Bournemouth. even if i win a lottery to go and watch a game at Stamford Bridge. i will still carry my banner that reads ” Sarri out” with me. let him join Juventus or whoever he wants without even a compensation. and take Jorginho with him. i can’t handle any more axiety😑. I hope he won’t be there next season. i want Allegri for sure. born winner, younger, Flexible tactically. for the record i saw him play 3/4 formations based on the opponenets. 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-1-2 and 3-5-2 this season alone. while Sarri not only played with one formation but also the same personnel which made the opposition counter him easily. for the first time we fail to win an away game to a top 8 are the stats incase if you don’t remember it. vs Spurs loss 3-1, vs Arsenal 2-0, vs City 6-0, vs Liverpool 2-0, vs United 1-1, Vs Wolves 2-1, vs Everton 2-0. I’m sorry i can’t keep such a coach. even in our worst season of 2015/16 we beat Arsenal Away and Drawn with Liverpool, United,Spurs.

The best decision we can make is not to appeal the transfer ban. because at least that saves us the money we would have spent with over 30 players like Higuain and slow players like Jorginho and Kovacic that Sarri likes. at least it forces us to try Mount and Abraham instead. i’m even prepared to lose CL next season if those young players will play regularly. one year of CL absence and we get young players gel together and they will guarantee us morethan a decade plus of excellent service. CHO,RLC, Mount, Abraham, Pullisic, Zouma, Reece James and Christensen are all under 25 players. play them with Kante, Rudiger, Kepa plus Alonso/Emerson.


I think even with transfer ban: we should be able to compete for the top 4. Man Utd I reckon will buy big but Spurs never buy big. Arsenal will reinforce too but for me they are always beatable. City and Pool on the other hand are too far above. My concern is again in the goalscoring department. Hope that Abraham or Michy will become a success, but I cannot see Giroud scoring a lot.

As about Sarri, I think he will still manage us if he wins Europa. It’s not fair as he fulfilled his top 4 target but we know that RA has sacked managers for less. Still torn about him but I cannot see him creating miracle neither next season especially without transfer marker. He brought Jorg (not sure he’s a success), Kovacic (not a success) and Higuain (a clear failure, and Milan got Piatek who scored way more goals than Higuain during the same period of time).



Have Chelsea completed the appeal process regarding the transfer ban to have it put back?

If not then I can’t see them sticking with Sarri if he isn’t able to purchase further parts of his jigsaw puzzle called Sarri-Ball.

Maybe therein lies the answer as to the club’s plans.

Earlier it was mentioned that Lampard and Morris would be ideal to work with our existing resources which, of course, includes near on 40 loanees around the world.

Noted that both Willy C and Giroud have been given a further year. That suggests the club wants to get the ban over and done with and then rebuild at the end of it.

We will probably know within a week of the Europa League final Sarri’s fate one way or the other.


I don’t think all the speculation regarding Sarri ahead of a European Final is ideal and the media seem to be on somewhat of a feeding frenzy re Sarri I wish they would leave it alone until after the Final because they certainly aren’t going to get any sensible answers to their questions now.

The latest consistent rumour however is that Chelsea won’t sack Sarri whether we win or lose the Final but they won’t stop him returning to Italy if Juve or Roma want him which probably dovetails into the transfer ban which currently looks like stickng? And tells its own story.

nine nine nine


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