‘Liverpool play well against teams who come to play football’

Date published: Sunday 12th February 2017 1:59

Jurgen Klopp: Enjoys playing against better teams?

Spurs star Harry Kane is put under the radar in our Your Say forums, while ‘legend’ Arsene Wenger continues to stir debate regarding his future.

Is Harry Kane overrated?

“I think he’s a good player but seems overrated to me. Every time I’ve seen him out of the Premier League either in Europe or with England he has looked like a middle of the road plodder. That’s where he’ll be judged in the long term.

If he keeps it up over the next few seasons and continues improving though, then obviously I’d be proved very very wrong but at this point I’d wager a small amount that he’s already hit his peak and we’ve seen the best oof him

Actually hope that I am wrong, always liked Spurs and Kane is the sort of young, local lad you want to succeed.”


‘Title winning Wenger disappeared with the Emirates’

“Its a sad sad day when a legend like Wenger has this kind of effect on his fans. Now before people jump down my throat, I think that he’s ultimately to blame for not being ambitious enough, for years.

The problem with Wenger is that he seems to really know that sweet spot when it comes to ‘conservative success’. he could write a book on the minimum requirements for CL football but his fans want more and rightly so. What ever happened to the title winning Wenger? he disappeared with the Emirates.

I feel bad for him but he should have known to shit or get off the pot a long time ago.”


Klopp must find a way to win against defensive opposition

“Fantastic performance and even though Firmino didn’t score again you know he offers something to the Team that Klopp wants.

Wini was first class as was Mane obviously but special shout out to Lucas and Migs who also played there part and generally looked assured. Now this is coming from someone who thinks Lucas shouldn’t play in this position but he was great with Matip in restricting Kane to very little.

Note of caution though, I know there is mixed opinion on this, but we play well against teams who come to play football. We still need to see Klopp mix it up against other Teams who park the bus where it’s not working and potentially playing 2 up. It’s not always just a case of having your best players on the pitch and winning.

Really important that we won this so credit goes to ALL those playing and Klopp for this.”


Lukaku not good enough for Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku: Everton talks stall

“Seriously? Lukaku really? As a team whos going to win the league, and the added bonus of being in London, u prefrence is luk? Sure hes good, but i dont think hes THAT good. Cannot believe u havent mentines anotionne griezmann! Absoloute class act, i dont buy this “hes too skinny,will get bullied” Aguero is small,hes lòoked after himself. Griezz is such a clinical player, i really really hope jose buys him over you. Lol.”


Nothing the Mata with Juan

Juan Mata: Set for summer talks with Mourinho

“Everybody thought, myself included, that he’d be out of the door when Mourinho was appointed. I’m glad he’s become a regular under Mourinho and proved his worth. Mata is one of the most technically gifted players in the league… the first touch is absolutely insane.. I rate Mata a lot higher than most No. 10s in the league. He’s getting more goals than any players in those positions, only Silva has more assists. Can we dispel this myth of Mata having no pace? It gets on my damn nerves when I hear/see people say that. Yes he’s not the fastest but he’s no snail either. Juan Mata is a great player for man Utd and deserves more credit.”


New deal for Wenger would be a disaster

Arsene Wenger: Talks Arsenal future

“When you consider the 1st [Hull] goal shouldn’t have been disallowed we were lucky. The number of times Koscielny was left for dead was embarrassing. Bellerin, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ozil, Coquelin and Walcott were very poor, especially the 2 midfielders. It was a poor performances all around. With 3 games coming up away from home against Bayern, Soton and Liverpool we need to improve drastically. I can’t see us wining any of those games so I fully expect us to be out of the CL and 6th in the table before we play another PL game at home. What’s more worrying than anything is the fact Wenger is stating he isn’t thinking about leaving. Him signing another contract would be a disaster.”

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