Liverpool star branded selfish as fans blast decision making ability

Date published: Thursday 14th March 2019 1:43

Mo Salah Fabinho Firmino Mane Liverpool

Manchester United fans debate their transfer strategy, while our Liverpool readers reflect on another memorable Champions League night in Your Says of the Day.

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A job well done

Job done in splendid style.

And Mane just keeps getting better and better, taking his game to a whole new level. Same goes for Van Dijk.

Now let’s make it an excellent week by beating Fulham on Sunday


When our attackers are not selfish and actually pass to each other we score. But a lot of the time salah is selfish.

Great result and game management from us. Am very impressed. Praying for porto in the next round


Brilliant performance

Munich got what they deserved

Thought Matip was very good tonight. Og ye but he was strung in the tackle abd did really well

Vvd? Special player. Absolute beast

Laughed at how good the 3rd goal was.

Milner got going last 30 mins and winji as well once game opened up

Sean the sailor

Good overall performance by the lads. Matip had a solid game made some key interceptions..

Salah may not be scoring but still ends up providing an assist

Mane is on fire…shows how important it is to have more than 2 world class forwards…

VVD is a beast….best defender I’ve seen in my time..

Really wish we win something this year..


Poor game, super performance albeit both teams off key.

I will say it again, if only Salah was 3/4 of the player he was last season we would be even better, he is getting caught with the ball far too many times.

Agree with ginger Fabinho was terrible in the 1st half, not sure how he played in the 2nd missed too much, poor streaming.


Thought the passing was shocking Sean but tonight was more about getting through. We played against a top European side but they’re bang out of form in general i.e nothing like the side we’re used to. That said, delighted to be still in it!


I think Salah is overthinking it at the min instead of letting it come naturally to him.
Coupla times he went for goal instead of passing.
I think he’s feeling the pressure of having not scored in a while and it’s in his head.


Did we all watch the same game?

How many saves did ALison have to make?

AWAY 3-1 win in Munich & some suggestion we didn’t play that well!

Does the channel/commentators have an influence on how you perceive the game went?


Liverpool TEAMtalk

Ak, I understand some comments like bofas.

We were sloppy in the 1st half. Again to many long balls and fabhino was having a nightmare. Milner abd winji aswell. To many misplaced passes

2nd half we were a lot better. We went to the Allianz stadium and ran the 2nd half. Fabinho was much better. We broke quickly and some good link up play. It was a very good European performance and I really enjoyed it

They didn’t get near Alison’s goal

Sean the Sailor

Yesterday showed how our lack of creativity or that we are missing X or Y player are just urban legends that crop out once in a while. Let’s face it we will draw a few matches here and there and unfortunately those cards will be drawn from the sleeves and held as jokers.

We had one bad game the whole season and that was against Leicester and the frozen pitch and warm weather break was more to be blamed than anything else. We also don’t need to string 30 passes and walk the goal into the net to win games, as the scoreboard does not show if each team is playing pretty football or not.



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Cause for concern?

Seen a few comments about Mo’s current form so thought it might be good to discuss it further. A few people have mentioned he is lacking confidence, or is selfish, that he just needs one goal to go on a run etc. So what are people’s thoughts?

I personally think he is playing very well for the team. He is not scoring like last season, but is working very hard creating space and tracking back. Last night’s game vs Bayern he helped TAA a number of times with the defensive work, and was often stretching the forward play. Plus the assist for Mane’s goal was superb.

I also think he is being judged against last season’s freakishly good goal record, which is a little unfair. The team is better than last year and Salah is a major contributor to that. I personally do not care if he doesn’t score again this season so long as he continues to contribute in a positive manner.


Salah Van Dijk TEAMtalk

I agree Threeps, I think he’s playing well at the min overall but at the crunch time in front of goal either his finishing isn’t up to scratch or he’s taking the wrong option.
IMO that’s the hallmark of someone overthinking what he should do whereas last year it just came naturally to him.
I think he just needs a goal, and goal to lift that pressure.
I think he’s close to going on a goal scoring run however I disagree about being happy if he doesn’t score again this season.
One of the main reasons he’s there is to score. We seen in the Everton game why it’s so important he starts finding the net again. His defensive contributions last night were impressive.


The most important thing is that he still tries to get past players and creates panic whenever he gets the ball. If he gets into his shell and chooses the safe options then that would be detrimental to the team.



The winning formula

We need to stop this new method and just go for the best players of the teams below us like before. 2008 Cl winning squad is VDS (Fulham),
Evra (Monaco), Rio (Leeds), Vidic (Spartak), Wes Brown (Academy), Carrick (Spurs), Scholes (Academy), Hargreaves (Bayern), Ronaldo (Sporting), Tevez (West Ham), and Rooney (Everton). Even our bench follows a similar model.

So we need to forget the Caravajals and Kimmichs and go for the Wan Bissaka types instead. I liked what Ole said in his last pressy, “We are looking ffor a couple of new signings that fit the profile/characteristics of what we are trying to do”. It’s exactly whst I want, More RVN/Cantona/Solskjaer/Stam type signings with some youth added in and not the Verons/Di Marias/Falcaos of this world.


The critical difference between before and now is before when we promoted youth or made signings we already had a competent player who could do the job. It was therefore not critical the new player be a success because we had the existing player to fall back on. Examples …

Neville-Parker, Evra-Heinze, Rooney-RvP, Vidic-Brown, Ronaldo-Ole, Rio-Blanc, RvP-Cole, Veron-Scholes. The same goes for almost every signing or promotion.

But since SAF retirement (and his latter years) signings and promotions are expected to do a job from day 1 and if they don’t we have problems because there is not an acceptable fall-back alternative.

This factor means we cannot afford to take the risk on a player not making it as much as we could before, hence the feeling we need older players who (in theory) should be less risk and instant successes.

Add to that the age balance got all out of whack. We had a young Rio when we had an old Blanc. Neville pushed Parker out. Rooney (in part) pushed RvP out. Shaw should have already pushed out Young but has failed to do so. Valencia is leaving so if Dalot fails we have problems at LB. Bailley and Lindelof have to push out Jones Smalling in their prime.

The problem is we do not have any positions sorted (by that I mean for the next 3+ seasons) with any certainty. If we did we could say, OK no need to worry about that position we can focus elsewhere,.

I understand JM thinking in getting an old CB but the problem is(was) they are not cheap (eg Sanchez) and no guarantee will be up to Scratch (eg Schweinsteiger)

But yes, I agree we should be looking at players on their way up not down, and players who can give us a reasonable lifespan.



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