Liverpool star the weakest link; amount of Man Utd deadwood ‘staggering’

Date published: Friday 11th October 2019 2:12

Liverpool readers are calling on Jurgen Klopp to fix the side’s weakest link, while Man Utd fans can’t believe how the club’s ‘deadwood’ continue to get paid – all in Your Says of the Day.

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ALL discussions dont end up back with spending. It depends what the topic is. If its about strengthening the team then yes it will. If its aboutour chances against Liverpool it won’t.

Don’t be silly, of course Ed is not going to publicly say top 4 is all we need. His statements (like politicians) will be a mix of PR with grain of truth, the art is to read between the lines and the tone. Here for first time he is talking about patience and thinking long term.

We do all agree we’ve spent a lot and have not spent wisely but that was for the short period after Moyes. Last 2 summers we didn’t spend a lot did we. And the fact we underspent under Fergie is the reason we ended up needing to build an entire team from scratch. Anyhow Einstein if you dont think spending is a problem why have we been (and still are) keeping and giving contracts to so many deadwood. Why did we only sign 2 senior players and a prospect.

We will never be able to have a serious conversation as long as you have a simplistic view and cherrypick. I’m not saying they won’t ever spend big on any one player, I’m saying they look at the bottom line and will spend big here if they can offset it by not spending there or squeezing more toothpaste out of the tube.

IF the Glazer spending has been sufficient we should be OK then in terms of team strength shouldn’t we. Ah we would be had we bought stars instead of shite but we didn’t. And if you make a mistake what do you do, correct it or live with it?

Anyway, you and alfie are happy with spending and don’t think it should even be mentioned. Fair enough, but don’t you dare ever moan about players, just keep firing and hiring managers until you find one who can make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.


@Mac, we have spent plenty of money, we’ve just spent it incredibly badly. For instance, at the time we went out and spent £85m on Pogba, we could have gotten two, if not three, top class midfielders for that money given the Neymar deal hadn’t been done at that stage and the transfer market was still relatively sane. We then spent £75m on Lukaku when we could have gotten possibly one better, for the same money, or two young players for the same money and kept Ibra as a mentor for an extra season. We then gave Sanchez astronomical wages when we should have spent money on an out and out winger to go on either wing and paid significantly less wages to them at the same time. Our wage structure would still be intact as well and although we don’t necessarily want him, we might still have Herrera to give a bit of depth to our massively lightweight midfield and sell him on our own terms this year or next year.
We blew our load, on numerous occasions, on big signings who didn’t work. As a result we didn’t buy one or two players who could have pushed the established ‘deadwood’ out the door over a period of time. So in essence, you’re right, but so are happy and alfie, except you’re all only part right. Mash the two of your arguments together and you’ll get the whole.



We also looked at buying potential which didn’t work, Memphis Depay being the obvious example. We just didn’t know what we really wanted and took a scattergun approach to transfers. With our without a DoF that seems to be changing so fingers crossed.


@killyboye – Nobody is saying we have not spent a lot of money or that the signings we made didn’t work out. But in some cases you are talking with the benefit of hindsight. Did you complain about the Pogba Lukaku Sanchez signings at the time. Let me analyse some signings …

Sanchez – this was no doubt done on the basis his fee (30m Mikki) was relatively cheap and his commercial value (sponsorts, shirts etc). There is a quote from Ed bragging about Sanchez twitter following. At the time I opposed his signing because of his age. I argued we should pay the market price for a top young winger. The wage issue was Ed banking on his commercial revenue. This is a money driven signing not a football one.

Pogba – Few expected him to turn out as he has but its never wise to sign a player who wanted to go somewhere else. But seeing how he has turned out and given he wants to go why didn’t we sell him this summer and use the money to get somebody better? The reason will be financial, hoping to make commercial revenue or top transfer fee.

Lukaku – Again few expected him to turn out as he did. And since he wanted out and was no good why did we not sell earlier in the summer giving us time to replace. Because we wanted to recoup what we paid and not take a loss.

Bailly & Lindelof – It was clear Smalling Jones were not going to be Rio Vidic. Why did we not get a top CB (like JM decided he needed in the end) instead of players that were hopefulls rather than proven.

I could go comment on every signing. You tell me the reasoning behind keeping deadwood for as long as we do if it is not because of the cost of replacement. In Fergie early years we moved on those who did not make it and got rid of stars the moment their performances started to wane.

You and others point to our spending in relation to other clubs as indicator of what is “sufficient”. I use the team strength and needs as my benchmark. If you make a mistake you rectify the mistake asap and accept that mistakes cost money. Is this thinking wrong.

PS – And let’s not forget the core reason for the problem was underspending in Fergie years which meant after his retirement we needed an entire new team.


Killboye you make some good points, but for 85million. do you really think we could’ve got 2 or 3 top midfielders? Especially in this day and age.




Now here is what is really funny. Last season I ‘very fairly’ rated Henderson game by game for most the season. At the end of MY rating, he averaged in the 6 out of 10 range. To which I was continually told, I under-rated him and really he was at least a 7 out of 10.

How bizarre is it then that This Is Anfield/WhoScored also rated him for last season at 6.67/79 respectively? So how is it that neither of them rated him at 7 plus?

What is hilarious about this debate is that I am continually talking about Henderson being an average footballer. I keep saying that his skill-set is limited and that he is NOT a Top Quality footballer.

In return, the arguments are that he helps players settle, carries out Klopps ideas, and gives 100%. These are strawman arguments. I’m talking about his ability, with a football, ON THE PITCH. Not what he does WITHOUT the football, OFF the pitch.

Songman, this is exactly what I’m telling you. Henderson was NOT one of the top 3 midfielders in the CL last season. He’s not even OUR top midfielder. If YOU and whoever else thinks he was, then more fool you. He is in the mix solely because we won the CL, no other reason.

In 2005 we won the CL with a team that wasn’t even as good as this one. So lets not pretend you have to have a top team in all departments to win the CL. You don’t.
Our midfield is probably the lesser of our 3 sections (def/mid/attack) in terms of quality. And Klopp has devised a system where we only really rely on our midfield to ‘defend’. Offensively, our midfield are pretty much irrelevant. I can’t remember the stats but they create/score very few goals

But it’s not about our midfield, it’s not about Klopps system, it’s not about anything else apart from Henderson’s footballing ability. So please stop the strawman arguments. If you want to argue how good Hendo is at creating chances, scoring goals, dribbling, set pieces, penalties, defence-splitting passes, running games, dominating midfield etc etc, talk to me. If not, SHUT THE F*CK UP!

If football was an individual sport, Henderson would not even be in the top 100.
Quite often the team has played well and Hendo not been at the races. But how often has the team played poorly but Hendo shone like a beacon? I don’t think he impacts the team or the game in any meaningful way and that’s why he can be interchanged with the other midfielders and no one complains.

If people like Songman and Ginger really believed that Henderson was top quality, they’d be happy for the whole team to be of Hendo’s ‘level’ of ability. But instead, they will start silly arguments about players unable to play in each others positions, even though they know that isn’t what is being asked. But let me check.

Songman/Ginger/Bingo as you all think that Henderson is (at least) a Top Quality player; would you be happy for the team to play at his ‘level’ and how successful do you think we’d be if we did?….Peace



Davinci… he is leading the club at the top of his level, we have beaten our best run ever, won the Champions League and are on course for the league title… Quite honestly it’s the best team we have ever had, that’s the level you are complaining about… You should really think before you write davinci!


“Personally, I think Hendo might just about squeeze in if they did a top 150 players, and listed up to 30 midfielders. Other than that, he’s just average.”

According to you he’s in the top 30 midfielders in world football.


Totally agree with Ginger. Until this team wins the EPL, it will not, in the eyes of many, be as good as the vintage of the 80s team.


Bingo, you say the current team is the best Liverpool team ever, but before the start of the season you wanted us to sign Paul Pogba as he would improve the team, how does that work?


If we had a time machine and could have this team play against Paisleys best team, or whichever you think is best, it would be a very one sided affair.

But comparing is unfair, since we have much better science, technology, and money, in the sport nowadays.

j c



And yet again,fans proving why I started this article.Posting that article just proves that the agenda against Emery is crazy,it’s nothing short of being a scapegoat just as wenger was.That’s not to say they don’t deserve blame but the expectations for the manager with the squad at hand is just ludicrious.I went on the article and it says “bottled it against united,and spanked by Liverpool”.Just for the record,expecting him to suddenly win when this club hasn’t won there for over a decade in the league.I also wouldn’t describe 3-1 as a spanking.They are much better in quality and they won.

What about the players?why the hell are you caring what one random fan has to say about one game.As far as I’m concerned all his ex players have only had good things to say about him after he’s left,with the likes of Mbappe,Joaquin on that list.

AFC is about Favouritism and Scapegoatism.Anyone who denies this is living in their own world.

the specialone

I agree that article is nonsence.

I state my view of Emery on what was said when he signed for us.

He had indentified what the team was all about on an individual level. He had a plan on what to do with the team. He did all that as well as agreeing to the goal which was to get us in to top 4.

Now we all knew the state of the team and so should he.

So if he missjudged the quality then that falls on him.

Now this season he has been given a big chance by other teams to make it despite that. So should we then give him a pass if he fails again?

In my view well no unless the next summer means a continued clearout and he has sorted the defence. Thats would his last chance to make it but since i doubt that will happen for me its all about not failing to deliver



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