Liverpool star set for landmark outing; One deal proves Man Utd are foolish

Date published: Thursday 2nd January 2020 2:13

Liverpool fans pick out a key milestone nearing for one key player, while Manchester United readers are fuming at Harry Maguire – all in Your Says of the Day.


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The more I see of that useless tub of s**** Maguire the more it becomes obvious to me that whichever p**** signed the cheque that bought him for 80 million smackers must have put the decimal point at least one place further to the right than he should have done, he’s just plain f****** hopeless at both ends of the pitch, simple as that.



Maguire costing 80m should be the steal of the decade..Leicester will be avoiding us for a while



I don’t get it with Maguire. He was a top defender at hull and got better at Leicester. How has he gone so s*** so quickly? He should be bossing that back four. Building confidence from the back. Popping up with the odd goal from a corner. But nothing.



Ole said he has the final say on transfers no one else. You can’t blame Woodward on this.

If ole thought maguire was worth £80m let alone good enough to play for this club then god help us. Do people really want to give ole another £150m in the summer? We are well and truly finished



Maguire was always a slow oaf @Manny, he turns like the QE2 and runs like he is towing a caravan. I thought he would at least make us far more dominant in the air in both boxes, but not a bit of it. He can’t even jump more than a few inches off the ground because he’s such a f****** carthorse.




Naby Keita TEAMtalk

We’ll win this 2-0



Need to get the 3 points to get the year off to a good start.

Keita, Milner and Origi to start, as they’re all fresh? We’ll see



Crucial we win to maintain the 13 point gap




James Milner’s next appearance will mean he’s played more games for Liverpool than any other club in his esteemed career.

He currently sits at 203 appearances for both the Reds and the Manchester City, though he’s played nearly 2,000 minutes more in his time on Merseyside.



Quite an achievement for Jimmy there, given when we signed him I considered him a back up player.



Jimmy is going down in history as one of our best buys ever, wasnt he a freebie to start with?



I think he was Bingo. Don’t seem to make them like that anymore.




United is indeed a badly run club, as highlighted by the re-signing of Paul Pogba in the first place. All this #Pogback was just a cringy Ed Woodward vanity project and it failed spectacularly like almost everything else he’s attempted to do.



Pretty successful for a terribly run club though eh?!



Not since it’s been terribly run happy 😂😂



A football club should be about the football. United is still feeding off past success but there comes a time when the cash stops flowing in due to how badly the club is ran. Or do you consider having a squad of Young, Shaw, Lindelof, Maguire, Lindelof, Rojo, Jones, Bailly, Pogba, Matic, Fred, Pereira, Mata, Lingard plus a bunch of inconsistent / inexperienced youngsters and a “ Space Jammed keeper” is a testament of a well ran club? Oh dear.



Roy – When that time comes mate then you can say it’s a badly run club, not when it’s still the richest club in the fucking world! Obviously no one is having a good time right now and the football side is a shit show but the club is still run in a fantastic way from a commercial perspective.

Let’s just stick to what the actual problem is shall we? Half of those players just aren’t good enough. So there’s 2 options isn’t there 1) we sack Ole and start the whole process again with a new manager which there’s absolutely no guarantee will make us better.
2) we stick with Ole and see where he can take this team next season and make a decision in the summer of 2021.





What an absolutely top notch performance.This is the first time I’ve been happy after a very long time watching this team play.It’s amazing what just a change of the coach can do.

Tactics were spot on.Game should’ve been done in the first half itself.I have no complaints about any player, only praise.Even the likes of AMN,Ozil etc were brilliant.I loved the tactic of xhaka filling in as a false left back which allows kolasinac to move forward and use him to his strength.
I thought lacazette was superb for a change, his work rate was probably the best yet.But my MOTM was Torreira.Genuinely think there’s top class player in there.

I feel like this team peroformed to it’s maximum capacity today.Every single player and that’s the most we can ask from a coach.

But more so,I think what really gets me is the sheer passion and aggression in this side.It’s like this team wants to prove a point, and we desperately needed this win.

Shocking to think we had only one win in 15 before this game.It’s a shame that tierney is out, we should’ve thought about signing an injury prone left back.
Will be tough for Arteta but let’s see.

the specialone


Well that’s a first you happy and no complaints! Got to say congrats to Ateta on his first win as Boss and a very good performance against a United team that are very good away from home. I won’t get carried away but these are the same players that looked shite a few weeks ago now with a decent coach they have not turned into worldies but they look like a team. It’s still very early days and won’t see how good arteta is until it goes wrong but so far he has done an excellent job.



this is what many of us have been crying our for, yes its the same bunch of players but we knew if they were coached right their sum would be better than the individual parts that have been playing, every man new his job and worked his socks off, supported each other and frankly a deserved win that should have been more comfortable but a 2-0 win, clean sheet and beating united (at any time) is a great feeling, long long way to go but at least you can see signs of what Miki wants and he seems to be getting all players on board, nice to see smiles after the game all round and a very loud boistorus stadium, first itm in an age…just need to keep this up game by game and once all players are back from injury we should be OK for a top half finish and ready to kick on after the summer





It’s totally embarrassing that we are so bad against a side who had lost their last 4 home games and have only had one win in 15 games. The next month’s fixtures look very daunting now, and if it all does go tits up as expected is anyone still seriously trying to suggest to me that Ole has to be given at least another year and another big wedge of cash to waste on clowns like Maguire?
All it will achieve is set us even further back and highlight how out of his depth and clueless Ole truly is.



No movement,no desire,no creativity. When Matic is our best player it says a lot about of our movement.

Lets see if we can bring in any good player in January. I doubt it good players wants to join us. Ole´s signings Maguire-AWB and James looks to fall apart.



Ole is a soft touch. He was high fiving and shaking hands with the players like they’d just won a trophy. Dont think Fergie would have been going out of his way to shake Lingards hand when he was hooked after he just put in one of the worst displays i have seen from a Utd player in 30 years. His approach of trying to be the players mates simply doesn’t work



Agree N1xer,a hairdryer treatment is much needed. Problem is the players are too soft to take that in a good way.They are lazy primadonnas and thats why bottom teams beat us.




The end of a tough run of so many matches in a short period and it showed. Usual situation of scoring one and not getting a second. Cannot say I enjoyed watching them today. The market awaits as we are definitely missing a Hazard game breaker out there. That Hudson-Odoi shot from close range not even on target disappointed. He just isn’t showing any of the early promise right now, not even glimpses of it. On to some Cup football against Forest and hopefully a rest for a few of these lads.



Thought it was a fair result maybe playing twin strikers will help, Abraham has too much to do.



I think it’s disappointing display from us. We let Brighton developed their game. What we needed was to close the space like what Southampton just did against Spurs. And we did not do it. Brighton created good chances and 1 of them was a spectacular goal. He was free in our penalty box to do the scissor kick. Not a single player around. Pulisic was really disappointing. Too weak, too lightweight. I really start to see he becomes Alvaro Morata part deux. Complaining when fouled, too easy to go down too. CHO is replacement did not do well either. Missed the target from there, what could have been a great goal.

Anyway Spurs lost. And Wolves lost. Just can hope that Man Utd won’t get full points either against Arsenal later. But the distance between us and Leicester or City has become bigger and bigger.

Last but not least: wishing every poster here a happy new year 2020, full of health and happiness. Best wishes !!



Was at the match today, and it was frustrating to watch at times. We just don’t move the ball forward quick enough. To be honest, the football we are playing at the moment isn’t that different to what we played under Sarri – slow and predictable.

Aindro, I disagree about Pulisic though mate I thought he was good today. Had some good runs and took players on got a few shots away when other players seemed reluctant to shoot. You are right though that he does need to toughen up a bit if he’s going to make it at the top level.




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