Liverpool star shows worrying trend; Worst Arsenal man this term named

Date published: Thursday 3rd October 2019 2:22

Liverpool fans notice a worrying trend in Mo Salah’s play, while Arsenal fans name who they think have been the club’s best and worst players so far this season – all in Your Says of the Day.


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I love Salah in general, he scored two goals today including the winner. However, has anybody noticed his touch and general decision making seems to be off this season. He either holds onto the ball a little bit too long or doesn’t take enough controlling touches before snatching at something. His passing is also off, team moves seem to break down occasionally when he tries to find a teammate.

Yes I know its the wrong time to write a post like this especially as he scored two match-winning goals but its just those issues above that have been bugging me. Has anybody else noticed this or is it just me being OTT?



Agree this has been going on since last season. His decision making and link up play has deteriorated and he seems physically weaker this season.

Incidentally, you could also start a similar thread for VVD, robbo and trent, as they have been jekyll and hyde too



Generally players go thru peaks and troughs in terms of performance levels, it’s not uncommon.
Salah had an awkward time in March/April this year but got better again.
I’d much rather see our main players peak at around March, April, May.



What is frustrating ginger is that most of city’s influential players dont have troughs. They are just peak all the time. There was a time when i remember we could not afford to carry even one player playing badly if we wanted to win. At least now we can carry 4 at least and still win. But id rather there be peaks all the time lol



hairyharry, City have the luxury of having the strongest bench in world football, because of their immense wealth. Liverpool can match City when it comes to our first 11, but not on the bench.

And this is important, because they can rest their best players regularly without having a big impact on their results, unlike us, who start almost all the big games with the same 11 or 12 players. For example City have 6 top attackers (if you include Silva who plays there about half the time), while we have only 3.

For me, the solution is to give our squad players more time in the big games (where appropriate) to freshen up the team, namely Origi, Shaqiri, Keita and Ox






A good performance in a difficult CL game with a very boisterous crowd but we’ve got to stop conceding goals from crosses and dead ball situations.

If we can’t get zonal marketing to work for us let’s ditch it although I think a returning Rudiger will help.

nine nine nine


We conceded again from a corner. Bad. But kudos to FL for bold change to back 4 when we needed badly the victory. A good result. Willian played badly the whole match but he scored when we needed the most. I think that’s why he starts. We need his flair. Happy with the 3 pts. Southampton next!



2 goals in 2 games busts his gut but still has his critics. One thing is for sure playing just about every game and racing around in both defence and attack like his does he’s getting fit. Good win away from home and the next one is decisive after Ajax spanked Valencia 3-0 away. That will be tough.



Not entirely happy that some players are being marginalised but the main thing is its a very important win and its up to us now to qualify from the group stages, it’s important we do manage to go as far as possible. The other alternative is to finish 3rd and qualify for the Europa again. I think the ko stages of the CL is bigger.




Anyone rushing home tonight to watch this one?

Early ko – 5:55pm

No Pogba, so I would expect Fred to start but Ole may pick Mata in the ten and play two in midfield.

It will be interesting to see what happens to Tuanzebe as AWB should be back from illness.



My lineup would be

AWB Tuanzebe Rojo Young
Matic Fred
Lingard(Gomez) Mata Chong

Probably another 1-0 win



I’d keep AWB for Newcastle unless he needs some game time before then. Is Dalot fit? If so, I’d put him in right back:
Dalot/Young Tuanzebe Jones Rojo
Fred Matic
Gomes Chong Lingard

I’d give AWB 30 mins off the bench maybe but I wouldn’t play him for 90 mins



Then the back line is likely to be Dalot Tuanzebe Rojo Young? Young and Dalot are interchangeable on either wing but that’ll probably be the back 4



I’d say they’ve travelled because we don’t have any alternatives, if he has a choice I reckon Ole will rest them. I’d like to see Tuanzebe as CB again, I suspect Ole would too. If Dalot is fit, he’ll prob start as Ole knows Young isn’t cutting it at RB or LB and really should only be used in times of extreme necessity this year. You’d like to think so at least.





Let’s see if we have a consensus:

My 3 Best So Far

1) Abameyang
2) Guendouzi
3) Leno

My 3 Poorest So Far

1) Xhaka
2) Pepe
3) Luiz

What do the rest think?

The Oracle


1) Abameyang
2) Guendouzi
3) Leno
My 3 Poorest So Far
1) Xhaka
2) Maitland-Niles
3) Luiz

would be mine

for me Pepe needs a little time, new club, country and league but doesnt mean he gets a freee ride but he does need some time



Mine are the same three as best. My worst 1. Xhaka, 2. Luiz 3. Sokratis



Best are the same

Worst Pepe but will give him time, not sure any of the others have been significantly worse than the others most of them have had bad games but don’t think any have been consistently poor.




Gomez’s positioning has been awful. There’s no way he’s getting back in ahead of Matip after this showing. We’re overplaying it out of the back. They changed their formation from a 4-2-4 to a 4-2-3-1 to press the midfield and they’re starting to get some joy out of it. We played straight into their hands for the goal. Don’t get me wrong it was poor defending all around but that key moment was the transition. We didn’t adapt and it was a poor way to let them back into the game. Midfield needs to push up the pitch to force them back instead of coming deep to get the ball. Front 3 hasn’t been great either.



Well razor looks like you were right. Jesus terrible at the back. Gomez is all over the place

Sean the sailor


I rate Gomez. He was terrible tonight. We missed Matip but we won

Difference is now I was confident at 3-3 we would win but two years back no chance.

We were cut apart far to easily.

Good changes by klopp.

Napoli drew and we won so good night for us. That’s going to be a tough game away

Sean the sailor


Bring back Matp, Gomez is definitely not at his level as shown by his few mistakes yesterday. However Van Dijk was even worse, and arguably could have done better to prevent the first and third goals.

At least we got the win, which ultimately matters most, but our mediocre defensive performance is a good wakeup call for the boys to seriously lift their game, starting on Saturday. Klopp will not have been amused and will hopefully sort it out on the training ground.

Good to see Keita back, as he will offer a different threat to our existing midfielders, and also give them a break to keep them fresh and hungry – I would start him on Saturday



Yesterday match showed very clearly our deficiencies. Our defence was terrible even Van Dijk, Gomez bad, TAA very poor. We have only 2 CBs and for this reason I was saying that we needed one signing in the summer. Hendo and Gini simply do not exist and the can not help the team either in attack or in the defence. They are extremely slow and they are for scrap. The Austrian team was attacking and Fab was hopelessly alone trying to help our defence. For the same reason we needed 1-2 players in summer.

If we do not make ammendments in Januray we will face more problems. Yesterday we were lucky. Salzburg had 2 chances in the first 10 mins. When our luck will have finished we will see the truth and if somebody does not see it means that he does not want to admit it. Unfortunately I do not see something happens because Klopp gas been extremely stubborn and owners do not want to sepnd money.




In scoring against the Bin Dippers tonight, I’m convinced we should sign Haland. Young, quick, strong, confident. And he’s scored against Liverpoo ;).

red exile


red exile-I agree mate,but the problem of our midfield needs sorting,otherwise no player stands a chance of scoring with a shite midfield like ours.


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