Liverpool kid progressing better than Sterling; United must spend £150m

Date published: Thursday 1st August 2019 1:47

Liverpool fans think Harvey Elliott is ready to mix it with the first team, Chelsea readers debate the value of Mateo Kovacic, while Manchester United supporters wonder why they don’t have the same appeal to players as they once did – all in Your Says of the Day.

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Liverpool have found themselves a bargain

Very good workout tonight

Good to see the lads back

Keita looked sharp

That Elliot lad looks a player but that’s some Barnet

Sean the sailor


Harvey Elliot looks like a better player than Sterling was at his age, I’ve never seen a 16 year old with his decision making or ability on the ball. 10 million sounds like a bargain for him…


Wilson was good. Great first touch, great shooting, good enough to stay and compete for a place in the team in my opinion. But whether or not he’ll want to do that, is the question.

Probably a queue of clubs who’d want him.

j c


Please stop using Lallana as a #6. He can cover the #8s in the cups or something but he’s done absolutely nothing to justify a starting spot. He has no defensive or positional instincts at all. Lovren still unconvincing at LCB but as long as he’s 4th or 5th choice it doesn’t matter. If VDB can step up as VVD’s cover it will be a lot better for us. Is it just me or does Milner seem to be a yard slower?
Looks like Wilson will be the 20-25mil player to cover for the front 3 this season. Can’t say I’ve been too impressed with him so far but over time I’m sure he’ll get better after training with the first team regularly. Hoever definitely ready to cover TAA at RB. Thank goodness Clyne is out again or his path to the first team might have been obstructed. LB is still a concern. Lewis hasn’t really had any impact and while Larouci has looked good going forward, defensively he looks really suspect. Probably will need another season before they’re ready.
Overall I rate this pre season 4/10 but it can’t be helped I guess given the number of key players that haven’t been around. Some decent individual performances here and there but overall it hasn’t really clicked and the consistency hasn’t really been there.



On a side note looks like Elliot can make an impact much sooner than anyone is expecting him to, myself included. I hope Klopp doesn’t delay his progression like he did with Woodburn. If they’re good enough they’re old enough. The word is he’ll be training with the first team so hopefully he’ll get some games in the cups or some cameos and make a big splash. Too early to say but I hope he can make a similar impact to Origi’s last season.



Why Man Utd are struggling with transfers

Our place in the transfer market has been of growing concern to me. A number of recent transfer windows have been disappointing, obviously, but how come? Most of this is gut feeling, and I’m unclear on details, but it seems like a combination of several factors:

Spending isn’t where it’s supposed to be
If you look at our net spend over the last decade or so we appear financially competitive. We’re not Barca, PSG, Chelsea, City et al, of course, but we have money to spend. However, considering the lack of upkeep suffered since the Glazers rode in, we need more aggression in the market.

Scouting and/or decision making is off somehow
Intricacies of scouting/buying/selling elude me, but several incidents cause concern. Arbitrarily: According to most reports, we scouted De Light extensively – why weren’t we in for him? Why didn’t our scouting team spot a 12 mil (!) Christian Eriksen? We’ve need a CB for ages – why not pay 75 mil for Van Dijk rather than 85-90(?) for Maguire? The Fellaini-deal? The Sanchez-deal?

Rich and famous, but can’t attract
We’re a rich club with ample history, but our ability to attract top players is lacking. Other clubs take advantage of that. In transfer free negotiations, other clubs know it’s less of a risk to play hardball with us than with City/Real/Barca/PSG/Etc who attract players like moths to a flame and can just their attention elsewhere. As such, we often pay a “rich and desperate“-premium.

Again, arbitrarily: Would we have gotten De Ligt for 61 mil? Would we have gotten Pepé for 20 mil up front and the 52 over 5 years? Would other big clubs have to make Maguire the most expensive defender in the World? Or have had to make Pogba the most expensive player in the World back in ’16?

We lack cynicism
We’re far too lenient with players who aren’t United standard. Players like Rojo, Jones, Smalling, Bailly, Shaw, Darmian, Mata, Lingard, Matic and more have time and again shown they, in different ways, aren’t worth keeping around – yet we do. One thing is sub-par performances, but they also become a top end player repellant. A lackluster roster hampers our appeal. Players who don’t work out need to be moved on much faster.

Can the right DoF really fix that entire mess?


Good post nil and agree on every word. A DoF cant fix all this but its a start and you have to start with this. City appointed very early a DoF with visions and it payed off. But City have better owners than us,they are thinking long term and puts in loads of money TO the club while our owners havent spent one dollar of their own money. Man United fans needs an revolution and the club needs an revolution inside.



SPENDING – I argue in other threads our spending has not been and still isn’t enough. I say this because the amount needed to rebuild (an entire team) is more than what is needed to maintain a successful team. And secondly, if we make bad buys then spending should go up to correct those mistakes.

SCOUTS – I believe our scouts should have more scrutiny and criticism. But as I said in another post, young talent even if we signed them would not get the game time to improve and become stars. At smaller clubs they do.

IF we had stars in our first team like we used to have then many games would be simple wins and we could afford to give game time to youth but as it is all the senior players are needed just to beat relegation fodder at Old Trafford.

ATTRACTION – We have the name, history, size and money to attract but we don’t have what players care about most. They want to play alongside worldclass players and have an excellent chance of medals. Would you want to play alongside Fred in the Europa League?

CYNICISM – We don’t lack that, problem is it is focused on profit not trophies. Ed is cynical enough to disregard the results and players if it means profits are made.

I argue the reason we don’t get rid of deadwood or bad buys quick enough is simple. It would dramatically increase our transfer spending if we did.

DoF – No he can’t because he cannot control spending or club objectives. He could help make minor improvements but not major ones.



Three players Man Utd must bring in

I agree with Sympathy that AWB, James along with the proposed signings of Maguire, Fernandes and Dybala would represent a great window. Ok as it looks Valancia, Herrera and Lukaku seem to be the only outs, however I don’t really give a monkeys about the outs. Ideally we’d trim the wage bill but if not I’m happy for Ed to worry about that.
Four of the actual/proposed signings are first team improvements, what’s not to like? Theoretical line-up of DDG, AWB, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, Pogba, McTominay (pick of the bunch), Dyabla, Fernandes, Martial, Rashford is starting to look like a good first 11. Not title winning but a definite improvement on last season.



That’s the way I look at it too, Hookeddevil. But it’s all about expectations, I had none that we were going to sell the whole team and replace them all in one window.

Not sure we will bring in three players before the end of the window though. If we don’t bring in a CB then Woodward needs to step aside.



Reckon it’ll be Maguire and one of either Dybala or Fernandes. Personally i think we need all three. Dybala to play on the right of a front three with Fernandes in behind and two holding in midfield. Makes sense that it’ll be Maguire and Dybala as that will equate to a net spend of around £150M.


Harry Maguire TEAMtalk

With the latest comments from Rodgers we should walk away from the Maguire deal. Either there valuation is ridiculously high or we’re completely low balling it. Either way it’s time to leave it behind. But part of me thinks this helps Ed’s narrative. We tried but failed to add to the squad due to other clubs unreasonableness. Totally ignoring the fact there are plenty of other centre backs out there who we could sign. Shambolic dealings by Woodward and Judge.



Chelsea needs Hudson-Odoi decision quick

I obviously want Hudson Odoi to stay but I agree lads Marina has to take control of this situation and get it done or move him on.

A Hudson Odoi 100% commited to the Club is a major asset a less than a 100% commited Hudson Odoi to the Club isn’t and it sets a dangerous precedent.

Needs to be sorted one way or the other before 8/08!

nine nine nine


Midfield dilemma for Lampard

Our defense is worrying that we took 3 goals from Salzburg. I only watched the first 20 min though when it was still 0-0. I will watch the highlight tonight. First twenty minutes Salzburg were the better team. Their high pressing clearly made life difficult for Jorginho and Kovacic. I think we really need Kanté to replace one of Jorginho or Kovacic. We need his energy. Not sure though whether he will be ready as he hasn’t played any pre-season match until now.



Different Kovacic under Frank than what we saw under Sarri? Not surprised. So many on here chose to write him off as a waste of 40.3 million. Short memories on his prior form, especially in the World Cup.



Kovacic did nothing of any significance I would rather have Barkley or RLC playing further back once everyone is fit. Kovacic is in the same class as Drinkwater and Bakayoko maybe he or they will change for the better. But the biggest problem at the moment is the defence with only the injured Rudiger offering any hope. Christiansen, Zouma and especially Luis have been very poor. The rest of the team looks handy enough.



Some sloppy defending but some wonderful attacking play Barkley continues to impress and Pulisic looks like £58m very well invested and a ridiculous goal from Pedro.

Putting this match into context Salzburg have already started their season are Austrian Champions a CL side and we were away from home and scored 5 goals despite still missing Rudiger, Kante , Loftus Cheek and Hudson Odoi all of whom are almost certain starters when fit.

Cut out the silly goals and we’re going to have an alright season and we certainly won’t be finishing outside of the the top 10.

Oh and Roman was there too and looked like he was enjoying it!

nine nine nine


Blueowner I beg to differ regarding your assertion about Kovacic, in this particular game with teams pressing high against us I prefer Jorginho and Kovacic to Kante any combination because both can pass ball under pressure but against counter attacking teams kante comes in because of his energy to close down.
Kovacic is one of our best players this preseason.
He will rotate with kante and jorginho based on oppositions.


A good performance away against a top Austrian club, yes there are worries about the defence but Lampard must get it right quickly. I disagree about Kovacic his done nothing to warrant a change of heart for now and seeing we can’t get rid of some players we could have rather used them as backups then spend all that money on Kovacic. They could also improve with the right support.



Kante and Jorginho are the 2 obvious starters for those specialised positions. I don’t like Drinkwater, Kovacic or Bakayoko from what I seen, when necessary Luiz could be drafted into that area at least his safer there.



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