Liverpool star’s time up in midfield; Chelsea duo can become world class

Date published: Thursday 15th August 2019 1:54

Liverpool Super Cup TEAMtalk

Liverpool and Chelsea fans react to the Super Cup final, with Reds readers dissecting Adrian’s full debut and concerns in midfield, and Blues supporters feeling confident about their future.

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Result great for Liverpool, not the performance

Shocking display but all that matters now is that we have another trophy in the cabinet. VVD at times single handedly keeping us in it. Matip played a lot better in extra time. Adrian had a good game and was unlucky with the penalty. Hoever really needs to step up this season, the sooner the better. The drop off in attacking output was too significant with Gomez at FB. After that display Klopp needs to change the front 6 for Southampton. They look exhausted. Sean is right. That high line was very poor. Adrian isn’t a sweeper keeper like Alisson is and the midfield let everything through them today. Fabinho made some good interceptions but too often too much went past him. I don’t know what Henderson was supposed to be doing or if he even knew what he was supposed to be doing. Milner should never play in midfield again. Wijnaldum hasn’t picked up where he left off last season. FFS just play Shaqiri already.



Delighted with the win.

On the game.. terrible midfield . Shaky defence. Again. We not gonna win another trophy if we dont improve.

Nicr to see hendo lift another trophy. But hes an average midfielder with limited technique


Bobby Firmino…….. is still our most important player. Well let’s call it a draw between him and van Dijk.

We were criminal in midfield and ball retention is becoming a very big problem. The high line was risky especially when we were giving it away so cheaply. Looks like we are counting on var to end off side goals. No way a penalty but not faulting the ref, var needs to be able to over turn that.

Looks like we are going to have to grow into this season because for large parts of the game we looked there for the taking.
I remember last year we waited all year for things to click and return to our fluid form of the close of 17/18 season where we were untouchable….completely on another level. It never happened. We got good at grinding out results but never really returned to that form.

Positives: Firmino is still a genius. Mane and Salah looking sharp. Adrian got to be the hero in the biggest game of his career. Van Dijk didn’t get injured! And yes a cup…..mmmm….shiny…

Negatives: our midfield is in a shambles. Robertson, Fabinho, Van Dijk and Salah all knackered for the Southampton away game on Sat.

The Fulcrum


Kante, Pedro and Azpilicueta were all over Milner. Because of that they forced Robertson onto the back foot. That took away the only wide threat we had on the pitch. Lampard saw our weakness and abused it. Henderson got caught up in a 1v1 with Jorginho which effectively took away any support from the front 3 and his pushing wide to cover Gomez’s lack of attacking output just left a huge gap behind him. Those 2 can’t play in the same midfield now. We had no dynamism at all. Milner moves about as quickly as a snail now. Both couldn’t recover the spaces after pushing up the field. It was tactically poor from Klopp. There’s no point blaming Ox for that display because that midfield was a shambles. Wijnaldum’s introduction helped a bit with the Kante/Pedro issue but he still didn’t really make any telling impact. Also can’t blame the ref for the penalty. VAR ruled it was a penalty. Thought she did a good job overall.



Does Adrian need to adapt?

Its Adrian’s 2nd game, do you guys really expect his distribution to be up there with Alison… He needs to get used to playing from the back, when that happens ball retention will come… it was there for short spells


It isn’t just his distribution Bingo. I think he hasn’t been too bad with that tbh. At least he’s looking to start things off quickly even if the accuracy isn’t really there. The other main issue is that he’s way too slow off his line. He’s a shot stopper. It can’t be helped. At a club like West Ham that were constantly on the back foot for years, you get used to staying in your 6-yard box. If we’re playing a high line he needs to come flying out and make sure he does so effectively. I used to play as a sweeper keeper in my school days so I know roughly what is expected of the role. Just like how a #6 is expected to cover the spaces in front of a back 4 a sweeper keeper needs to cover the space behind a back 4. I don’t think anyone here really expects it of him but we NEED him to do it. In an ideal world he would have trained for a few weeks and maybe got a cup game.



Think we didn’t have the confidence, maybe partly because of the new keeper and Fabinho not really looking for the ball enough (perhaps Henderson would have been better in that position against Chelsea), to hold on to the ball and play our way around their press, with one and two touch passing.

But we looked more dangerous, much like v Spurs in the CL final, it’s what you do with the ball that counts and we still created the most (and the best) chances.

j c


Trent clear first choice now

Winning breeds winning, and once you start, you don’t want to stop.

This is the mindset that Liverpool players must develop even further, and now focus mainly on winning the Premier League.

As for the game, it was full of errors and misplaced passes, and I definitely don’t want to see Gomez at right  back again, most of Chelsea’s moves went through him


Christian Pulisic TEAMtalk

Last night shows how important taa is to us in an attacking sense.

The midfield was very ordinary last night. Sometimes they midfiekd is very pedestrian and there’s no creative spark

We have looked so poor st the back in our 3 games. Gomez made some great tackles but was sloppy and so was Matip

We are all working our way to fitness and I’m hoping last season wasn’t a one off for our defence

Delighted we won. Very tough game. Bobby showed how important he is to us. Magical player and great to watch.

Mane has been turned into a world class player by klopp. That front 3 is just very special

Saturday is going to be very tough after that. Thought Adrian was very good. Some excellent saves. I s very early doors but it’s concerning the amount of chances we are conceding

Sean the sailor


Chelsea youngsters prove they can be world class

Well, that was it when I saw Abraham, the Memories of Lukaku 2013 came into my mind. but once again credit to the boys. Barkley has been a waste in my opinion. he failed to impact that game.

But can’t say that I’m too disappointed with that performance tonight. it has been a good one. although I thought our defense has been a suspect once Christensen left the field. I hope he is not injured because we need him at this moment. over the Leicester on Sunday, play like that with little mistakes at the back. and we have a real chance of winning it.



Absolutely gutted but couldnt be more happy with the performance, so much potential and hunger in this team.

Cant single anyone out for praise, everyone, including subs were fantastic. Zouma had an amazing performance, only one error in positioning which played firminio onside in build up to pools second goal, but these are tiny margins easily forgivable because of how good he was. Although these are tiny margins liverpool got right with their back line which is why we had 2 goals ruled out for offside.

Felt for Tammy, seemed like Lukaku against munich all over again, all though this time we dont have a manager that will ship him out on loan. He did not look confident at all, I cant blame any one for nerves in that situation but he has to learn. His movement again fantastic but he should have scored that sitter and that would have affected his confidence too I think.

Mount and Pulisic took the chances so well, I know they were off side but the way they found the back of the net was very promising, they are both potentially world class imo.

Tomori looked very good and very pacey, that he slotted in so seamlessly in such a massive game blows my mind. Also big thanks to both azpi and emerson who were warriors tonight. 120 mins against this liverpool team as a fullback must be hell, but they were wonderful.

Didnt Kepa let one or two pens go through his hands against city too in league cup? I am sure I have seen that a few times before, he should have done better but his performance in the 120 mins was very good, the double save phenomenal.

So gutted we didnt manage to win it, but to come this close is an achievement in itself all things considered, I think all chelsea fans will be feeling proud tonight, no matter how gutting it is not to win it.

Bring on Leicester!




I only watched the 2nd half of the extra time plus penalty. We were better than Pool. We were unlucky. Do not understand FL put Tammy as our last taker. It was Hazard before he left. Should have been an experienced player like Azpi. Gutted. But I see hope. Man Utd beat us big. Now we just drew Pool who are stronger than Man Utd. Kante is fit, we need him badly. Good news. Now Leicester Sat. This one I should be able to watch full match. Hope we will beat them. This young squad needs a morale boost. Hopefully we’ll beat Leicester



Harsh way for Blues to lose

Most of that was pure quality and we, at times, had Liverpool well and truly on the back foot and in trouble.

That was a msssive leap in the right direction from Old Trafford and as 999 said we will win a lot more than we lose playing like that.

The impact that a barely match fit Kante had on that defence and mid field was amazing and whats more he was a real problem for Liverpool bombing forward too. 10 out of 10 performance by him and special praise for Pedro too, the best I have seen him play for Chelsea.

I call that a draw with Liverpool and that performance and result in itself, gines us some real hope of battling again for top four in my opinion.

Still got Reece James, CHO, RLC and Rudiger up our sleeves moving forward too. An abundance of riches.

Can anyone not say that was one of the most entertaining matches they have seen for quite a while as a Chelsea supporter.

Looking forward to the future after that. I hope our friend Palms was able to watch it. He would have got a real lift I reckon.

On to Sunday with enthusiasm.



Brilliant performance by all but still have the same 2 problems at centre halve and centre forward. TBH not too much Lampard can do about that for now. Guess we will just have to bite that bullet and hope that area gets better. Anyway the good performance is what counted against the CL champions also. Never been a fan of penalty shootouts but then again a replay is out of the question for this particular competition.


I feared the worst ahead of last night but I think last night demonstrated we’ll not be too far off once we’ve got a full squad to choose from and given time and a fair crack at the transfer window to fill in a couple of gaps there’s every chance of Frank building a new and very good Chelsea team.

The game swung back in Liverpool’s favour for a while when Firmino came on great little player who compliments both Salah and Mane.

Hopefully last night and the travel hasn’t taken too much out of us ahead of the weekend PL fixture.

Some good performances last night and Pulisic will be an exciting player for us but how good was Kante with no pre season game time at all also a word for Azpi and Zouma too who took some stick at the weekend and both put in decent performances last night.

Adrian way off his line for Tammy’s pen.

nine nine nine


Didn’t see the game but have read a few reports.

Bottom line we took Liverpool to pens. Liverpool had a full strength squad available to them, we still have 4 players who potentially could be regular starters for Chelsea yet to kick a ball in anger for us this season.

Gutted for the boys, but still feel good about how we are shaping up under Frank.



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