Liverpool told to blame recruitment, not Rodgers

Date published: Sunday 27th September 2015 11:34

Raheem Sterling and Luis Suarez: Both sold by Liverpool in last two years

Liverpool have had a problem with recruitment for “over a decade” and should not blame Brendan Rodgers for their struggles, claims Paul Hayward.

Liverpool had gone six games without a win prior to Saturday’s 3-2 win over Aston Villa, with Rodgers accusing of people outside of the club creating an unnecessary hysteria about the club’s struggles despite other major Premier League sides suffering difficult starts.

Daily Telegraph Paul Hayward believes the focus should be on Liverpool’s player recruitment rather than Rodgers’ management.

“Recruitment has been their problem for well over a decade now,” Hayward told the Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports.

“Liverpool sell in the top echelon and buy in the middle echelon. If you compile a list of the big name players they’ve lost over the past few years and compare them to those brought in, you have a fundamental problem there because there is a disparity in quality.

“Rodgers started out with a big idea and it was impressive and worked and 16 months ago they nearly won the title.

“Since then they’ve lost Suarez and Sterling. Rodgers have never been able to settle in the rhythm he wants to be in, improvising all the way through. He’s had to patch together formations and units in the team. It’s been incredibly difficult for him given the fact most of the players they’ve brought are either sub-standard in terms of a title challenge or haven’t lived up to expectations.

“When you’ve got an influx of players that are not delivering for you, either through bad scouting or the player has failed psychologically, it’s incredibly difficult for a manger to be challenging the top four clubs. I think the pressure on him is unfair.

“I think he’s a good manager, who needs the support of the club and most of all needs better recruitment.”

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