Liverpool told to sign Portugal star; Chelsea won’t win anything with kids

Date published: Thursday 20th June 2019 1:58

Liverpool fans discuss a move for a Portugal ace, United supporters offer Real Madrid comparison, Arsenal look ahead to next season and Chelsea won’t win anything with kids – all in Your Says of the Day

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Liverpool fans discuss lack of transfer movement

Nothing until now and it is a bit worrying.



Nothing strange about it mate, most of the top south american talent is in Brazil ATM, everybody in Europe is on their holiday and the window does not fully open until the 1st of July. Our first friendly game of the season is on the 11th of July, the club is in no rush to bring players in and its likely that most of our dealing have been signed already.


Bruno Fernandes TEAMtalk

IDK if the links are true but I could at least see why we might be linked with Bruno Fernandes. He is very comfortable shooting from long range and last season one thing I noticed that was missing from our attack strategy was a long-range shooting. Too often our strategy revolves around taking the ball all the way to the gola line (aka Arsenball 2004) or ball over the top/through-balls to the front three. But there were more than a few games where we could have done with someone in our team who carries the long-range shot threat. Coutinho had it and opposition teams knew it, that wherever he was on the pitch that he had the ability to crack one in, it just gave our attack the extra dynamism. Getting Bruno Fernandes or someone like him will add that back. And yes I know Ox/Keita can hit them but they aren’t people you rely on for long-range shots.



I think there is more to it that we are going after Fekir… reading the reports about going after him again with a low ball offer and a very modest salary makes sense for me as the club has maintained our interest in players in the past. We did get Van Dijk, somehow Oxlade agreed to a salary cut, we identified Keita and paid one year in advance. What I mean is that the club does not back down when we have identified our targets.



Man Utd supporters compare themselves with European Giants

Real Madrid are a basket case! They have acted this summer but I don’t really see a plan or strategy and their funding is suspicious at best! Bayern on the other hand are doing some great work. Getting £30m+ for a defender that you don’t want and is 30 years old is superb business. They’ve recognised that their defence had all the manoeuvrability of a couple of oil tankers and they’ve either sold or told them to leave and are replacing them with quality. We’d have given Hummels and Boateng new contracts, they shipped them out! Oh for such competence at our club


Eden Hazard Real Madrid

Hooked – Finally a sensible post on Real Madrid! Hazard has been going there for about 3 years, their Ronaldo replacement that’s fair enough. I admire the speed at which they’ve acted but i mentioned in an earlier post – is it part of a well designed plan by a DoF who’s executing a perfect vision for the club, or is it just scattergun approach to keep those horrible fans happy?
Plus, they’ve signed players from Lyon, Frankfurt and Porto!



Hazard has been one of, if not the best Premier League player overall for the last 5 years and will come straight into the team to build up an attack that suffered last year.

Jovic is a good young striker who will either come straight into the team or will replace Benzema over time.

Militao is a good young centre back who will replace Sergio Ramos over time.

Mendy is a good young left back who will either come straight into the team or replace Marcelo over time (Zidane doesn’t seem to rate Reguilon).

Rodrygo is a good young winger who will either challenge Vinicius Jr or can come in to replace Bale but, at 18, is one for the future.

For me that is magnificent work from Real Madrid – they lacked up front so signed a shoe-in star in Hazard and identified ageing players in Sergio Ramos, Marcelo and Benzema and bought future replacements for them. They also know Kroos and Modric need replacing so they’re chasing Pogba to come straight into the team.

I’d give my right arm to have Real Madrid’s level of activity (both in terms of quantity and quality) in this window. Instead we give a 2 year contract to Mata….. another facepalm moment by United’s “management”

Sympathy for the Devils

David Brooks TEAMtalk

Hazard is 28 and cost £88m! On top of that he is the worlds 3rd best player,after Messi & CR7! Juve paid £112m for CR7 last year,a nearly 34 yrs old player,right? We in the other hand,offer new long-term contracts to Jones,Mata and JLingz,and go after the likes of Brooks,Wan-Bissaka & Maguire,happy days.
Would have been very happy had we splashed £88m to sign Hazard or Kante,if it meant never to see the likes of Matic,Mata,Martial,Pogba,JLingz,Sanchez,



Disagreement over using youth at Chelsea

I am not sure why the transfer ban will be detrimental, you have players like Pulsic, Mason, Tomori, Bakayoko. Abraham, Batsyhui, etc. coming in and later in the season RLC, Hudson, Reece, all these players are like bright young new signings that most top clubs would love to have and if we are worried about experience well that is already there now. In fact if anything we should offload a couple of those that don’t qualify as home grown for legal rules, just a mater of getting the right balance and Frank and his fellow assistants will be the inspiration.


Monty – very few teams, if any, can survive and do well in the EPL let alone the CL using only youth. There has to be a good blend of youth and experience for a team to be successful. Totally agree that over the last 4-5 years results and trophies have shown that we have a very good promising set of youngsters but as most clubs will testify to there is a large gulf to make the grade in the EPL – which is so few actually make it when you consider all the teams and their youth set ups

It is clear that this transfer ban will force Chelsea to look at more of these and make some decisions on players who we may have loaned previously for another season or so. Maybe not a bad thing but the real benefit is that fact that, and I am assuming that Frank will be appointed manager and bring back Jody, these guys have a very full in depth knowledge of these players which should lead to some easier decision making about who will fit and improve the squad. KTBFFH



Blues fans use super computer to predict next season

6. Arsenal

5. Manchester United


4. Chelsea

3. Tottenham Hotspur

2. Liverpool

1. Manchester City (C)

Burnley Norwich and Sheffield United all relegated.

Tbh I would be both delighted and amazed if Chelsea finish 4th.

nine nine nine

David Luiz Reece James Chelsea

I would be delighted but not quite amazed nine. The computer is simply analysing the teams and ranking them in order of strength. Like I said in DONT PANIC thread, we have the 4th best squad and so 4th is par for us imo.(unless utd spend north of 200m and build a better more balanced squad)



I see no reason for surprise regarding a top 4 finish. Both Arsenal and ManU are facing similar if not bigger issues than we are and both managers are still finding their feet

It would appear that Arsenal have limited funds again and their defence and midfield are poor. They rely totally on the strikers to get them through games and we saw last season how they struggled. ManU seem to be facing big changes plus big decisions and again last season we saw after the initial impact of Ole, how they struggled

Assuming that Frank and Jody return then their in depth knowledge of our kids will be invaluable in getting a decent blend of youth and experience into what is already a strong squad

Of course the fact we have lost Hazard is a major concern especially when it comes to goals but with Pulisic and CHO ready to pitch in we have a whole new ball game going forward which obviously we hope will work but could take time. That being said the computer clearly thinks we have a more than decent chance. KTBFFH



Arsenal fans look ahead to next season

we have had worse windows if we got all them in for sure! might even feel good about next season, not PL challenging good just enough to want to watch and not hide! 🙂



Its a good topic but then I realise what a club we are and get deflated again.

But to dream

De jong
Ligijt how he spells that no idea

Now i know de jong already joined Barca but its the type we need that can dictate the middle.





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