Liverpool’s dream strike partnership; Man Utd deals dented by media

Date published: Tuesday 25th June 2019 2:03

Liverpool fans pick their dream forwards, Chelsea’s Lampard replacement available and Manchester United readers discuss a European Super League – all in Your Says of the Day.

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A media campaign against Man Utd?

Every time I read something about Manchester United, at the moment, there is a clear agenda that sticks out like a sore thumb. They’re trying to make everything about United sound amateurish. Like we don’t know what we’re doing, there’s no plan and no structure in place. They make us sound unprofessional, sound like we’re out of our depth in negotiations and sound like players don’t want to come to us.
In most of those scenarios the opposite is true. Nobody knows the intricacies of the AWB deal yet the reports I’m reading, almost daily, are how Crystal Palace have been left “bemused” by United’s add ons in the deal. Or how our derisory offers are embarrassing and Crystal Palace have been left “confused” by United’s incremental offers. If that were true how were we able to “pull off” the signings of Pogba, Lukaku, Martial etc when we were faced with huge competition and had to break transfer records. Didn’t hear any “bemusement” from Juventus did we? It’s all bollocks designed to destabilise the club and the fanbase. Granted we need to get some of these signings over the line now but the media campaign against us is laughable.
Don’t remember Liverpool getting much flak when they lost out on Fekir.


By all accounts Liverpool didn’t lose out on Fekir, they chose not to sign him. There’s a big difference between that and what we’re reported to be doing. Most of us here tend to be in agreement with the media tbh



Yeah, just find it so clear and obvious at the moment. They’re the ones driving this negativity around the club and it comes out in virtually every article i’m reading. Let them enjoy their time – we’ll be back, errr, one of these days…!

Steveo – Ha ha, wow! We really must NOT do a Liverpool in that regards. But i’m sure those fuckers have a lot to do with these media reports at the moment. Loved G Nev’s comment on Twitter at the end of last season where he said “It’s been hard working for Scouse Sports News the last few months”!! Brilliant!



United sells, United draws attention more then any club in our country. This happens regardless of how we’re performing.



United fans debate the idea of a European Super League

If we are good enough to be part of a European Super League, would you be glad to join (overseas travel, ticket prices and accommodation) or would you prefer to stay in the Premier League ?

Big K


I wouldn’t like a European Super League over the PL. I wouldn’t find giving the new UEFA idea for the CL revamp a go though if they can iron out some of the issues with the clubs.

I’d miss the hustle and bustle of the PL with all of the domestic rivalries.

I also think taking the big 4 -6 clubs out of the PL would be too much of an adverse affect on it.


MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 12: Kylian Mbappe of PSG is tackled by Eric Bailly of Manchester United during the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 First Leg match between Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain at Old Trafford on February 12, 2019 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

I’m all for a European Super League. At present I think the PL is an unlevel playing field with the bigger richer clubs competing against much smaller clubs like Brighton, Bournemouth, Burnley, Norwich, Watford. Huddersfield, Stoke etc. who can never have a chance to ever become a big club because they are in small towns/cities and the system is set up to keep the big clubs at the top. Personally I find it embarassing when the mighty Manchester United are playing against mill towns like Burnley. And all the more embarassing when fans on here talk about it being a difficult tricky fixture. Jeeez.

Some fans like the PL because it means with 80% of the teams little more than cannon fodder big teams like United are almost guaranteed top6 before the season starts and there are plenty of games we are almost certain to win. And mediocre players have the chance to look good or at least put in a decent performance once in a while.

As for cost impact to fans, the days of fans expecting to go to every game in a season are long gone. Fans would make a short holiday out of games in Paris, Munich, Milan so its not just a 90 minute game but a getaway break as well. Cost of flight.hotel to most European destinations is comparatively cheap.

If done right, it could mean success for domestic clubs and leagues. Combine English.Scottish (Irish) leagues, allow only permanent residents as players. You could even get a situation where somebody in Burnley for example saw no problem in supporting both United and Burnley. How many fans has United and other big clubs “stolen” from these smaller towns.cities.



Not a fan of the Super League. It would be horrible for the Premier League to lose the Top Six and I think, especially in our current state, we’ll find it difficult to avoid getting beaten badly week in week out.

If anything I’d adjust the Champions League to have less teams and keep it high level (wouldn’t have the smaller teams playing in it just to get beat badly in the first round for example). The Europa League can be boosted by the “best-of-the-rest” whilst they should bring in a 3rd league for the 3rd tier of teams (the Wolves’, Eveton’s etc competing against the Athletico Bilbao’s and Lazio’s sort of thing). Winners of the Europa League and 3rd league would be automatically promoted to the next level the following year (like the Europa League does right now).

Sympathy for the Devils


Milner to move back to left-back again

With Ox coming back, there’ll be less game time for Milner as a midfielder. Let Adam Lewis go on loan to gain experience and Milner be the deputy LB.


If we do not have a back up for Robbo it will be a great risk!!
Can we find a good LB at the price of 15 mil??? Not certain and probably very difficult.
Milner is not a LB and can not cover robbo any more. He played very well 2 years ago but now time has passed.

Then we must buy one!!



Liverpool fans praise recently retired Torres

It’s a shame his prime was so short, but he was absolutely unstoppable when he was at his best. Granted I only started watching football and Liverpool since 2006, but he is my favourite PL striker to watch play for the club.

Enjoy your retirement El Nino 🙂



He’s not a Liverpool legend in my eyes.
Is used far to loosely these days.

Just like I wouldn’t call saurez a Liverpool legend. Torres was adored by our fans. He said the fans made him feel
Like a god. Unreal player and was never the same after he left

He left Liverpool to win trophies and he did that but I don’t think he was ever happier then when he was with us

Sean the sailor

Torres himself is a legendary player, he has won everything out there, sadly though it did not work out that way at Anfield and his exit caused a lot of bitterness and I would only rate him as one of our best imports. I still wish we could have seen him and Suarez together, Carroll never worked out and I can´t imagine that the club would have had that much difficulty in signing just Suarez that window



He left & won things, but clearly his heart was still at Liverpool. If he had stayed he would be a legend. Nando instead of Carroll or Studge. What might have been.



Rafa the man to take over at Chelsea if Lampard move fails

Nn, I guess there’s no point negotiating Frank’s and his team’s release from Derby until Frank and his team have confirmed they’re definitely coming and who knows what is really going on behind the scenes.

It’s never done until there’s a signature on the dotted line but the conjecture has been so great and the odds so big in favour of Frank coming it would be a major suprise if it didnt happen. But you’re right it’s time for clarity now.

Should it all fall down Rafa is seemingly available.😊

nine nine nine

Juan Mata: Support for former Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez

Rafa confirmed to leave newcastle, if we cant get lamps then we have an alternative immediately available. 🙂



Is common sense finally prevailing at Chelsea?…Benitez turns down new contract at Newcastle meaning he’s as free as a bird meaning the coast is clear to get him…no muss no fuss.The argument of Rafa being ex Lpool and what he said about us when he was there causing a bee in the bonnet for some Chelsea…water under the bridge I say,that was then this is now.Rafa ticks all the boxes imo,we’d be mad to turn our noses up at him in preference for the green and very inexperienced Frank Lampard in my humble opinion!.Time is being needlessly frittered away,we really need to wrap the appointment up quick to give us as much time as possible to prepare for a new season!


Yes 999 it’s scary and exciting all in one but I know that I will be 100% behind Frank, Jody and Petr all the way.

I just hope that certain individuals are also positive even in the dark moments coz I can see a few of us getting rather narky if their (Frank, Jody and Petr) names are sullied by the usual suspect(s).

The plan is slowly but surely falling in to place 🙂



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