Defender explains how ‘mad’ Ibrahimovic got best out of Man Utd squad

Luke Shaw has revealed how Zlatan Ibrahimovic “got the best out of everyone” at Manchester United, admitting he would “absolutely kill” his teammates if they lost in training.

Ibrahimovic enjoyed a relatively successful spell at Old Trafford between 2016 and 2018, although his second season was hampered by an injury he suffered towards the end of his debut campaign in England.

The Swedish veteran has since gone on to play for LA Galaxy and AC Milan, while United continue to look for the right balance up front – with Romelu Lukaku having been sold last summer and Marcus Rashford stepping up as a centre-forward this season.

Looking back, current United left-back Luke Shaw has revealed how Ibrahimovic’s sheer will to win inspired those around him at Old Trafford.

“He was mad. I think he was what we needed in the dressing room,” he said during the Combat Corona FIFA tournament (via the Metro).

“He’s unbelievable, he still had the talent and even though he was a bit older he was still the amazing player that he had been.

“But I think inside the dressing room he was great. He had a lot of jokes but I think when it got serious, and when he had to sort of put his foot down, you knew about it.

“I think he was a born winner. Even in little training games, if he didn’t win and you were on his team he would absolutely kill you.


“So I think he got the best out of everyone when he was there, as in training-wise, because people couldn’t sort of [slack] off kind of because if you’re on his team and you lose, you’re dead.

“And honestly you can ask anyone in the team, that was the situation. But I think everyone loved him and it was just disappointing that he got that bad injury.”

Elsewhere, Shaw revealed his wish to see the Premier League season scrapped, in comments that won’t make him popular with Liverpool fans.

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