Major concern for Liverpool after Napoli draw; Chelsea fans still confident

Date published: Thursday 28th November 2019 2:00

Liverpool fans identify a major worry following the 1-1 draw with Napoli on Wednesday, while Chelsea readers believe their Champions League progression is still in their hands – all in Your Says of the Day.


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Its hard to score 2 or 3 goals every game and at some point not keeping a clean sheet was going to hurt us.

How concerned are you guys at the lack of clean sheets & can any body put the finger on why we keep conceding. (Please dont say Lovren as hes been solid for the most part)



We aren’t conceding to many chances but we are letting goals in

We are still defending some situations well. High line cost us last night and villa away but we usually play that very well

I can’t remember Alison having to make to many saves since he came back

Performances are a bit concerning as the last two have been very flatL and utd and villa. We are coming into a lot of games now and the squad needs to be used

We are absolutely flying. We just need to get o keep going

Could be a massive loss

Salah is so inconsistent at the minute aswell, maybe it’s the injury

Sean the sailor


It is slightly concerning but would be much more so if we weren’t winning mostly.
A comfortable 2-0 win would be welcomed.
I think perhaps not having a settled back 4 and keeper might be an issue. Allison isn’t that long back. VVD doesn’t have a settled partner and we’ve been changing the fullbacks occasionally too.




Fellani, Herrera, Valencia, Darmian, Lukaku with Smalling and Sanchez out on loan.
Iwobi, Koscielny, Ospina, Jenkinson, Welbeck, Ramsey, Cech and Lichtsteiner

Ignoring youth/reserve players or buy and loan backs (Saliba), these are the first team players moved on by Arsenal (8) and Utd (7) in 2019. I’d argue that under Mourinho 5 or 6 of the ones we’ve moved on, would be in the first team. How many of Arsenals were actual first team players under Emrey?
If Ole had cut Young, Mata, Jones, Rojo, etc we’d have literally no-one left. The current problems are more to do with a lack of numbers in rather than out. We’ve replaced 3 of them and urgently need to replace the others – a defender, 2 midfielders and a striker would make a massive difference to us. Another 5 out of the door and they’re going to be calling some of us up from on here to make up the numbers!



@hookeddevil. You are spot on about us having a lack of incoming transfers being our main issue at the minute.

Your point reinforces what I have been saying about us having to give Ole time to buy his own replacements for senior players before judging him (unless of course, our league position and performances become untenable).

NB: I am making an assumption that the reason for us failing to get players in was Woodward’s lack of decisiveness, slow action, and unwillingness to buy before selling in the market. Something that pissed a top class manager like Mourinho off and something that a weak manager like Ole accepts.



@hooked – If you look at the contributions that Young, Mata, Jones and Rojo make to the team it would not have been a downgrade to drag a few lads out of the Stretford End to replace them with, never mind giving the likes of Tuanzebe, Gomes, Garner and Brandon Williams etc the minutes that these guys have had, and done precisely fuck all with as per usual.

Jones should never have got a new contract in a million years, neither should Mata and in my opinion neither should lardy Luke. We would have been rid of all three of them by now if the right decisions had been made at the time, and we would not have exactly suffered as a result, simple as that.



Hooked-We should sign and sell/let go players all the time.At the same time its much better to hand chances to lads like Williams,Greenwood,Garner,Chong,Taylor,than keep the geriatrics like Young,Mata,Matic,players that contribute absolutely nothing to the cause.This has been going on for far too long now,and we are drifing further away from where we want to be and have become a laughing stock.I wonder just how much the likes of Jones,Rojo,Bailly and Shaw cost the club every week,without contributing absolutely 0.




Now we must not lose at Austria. It was not a good result!!!
A creative midfielder is missing…



A fair result. Mane and Mo extremely quiet (doubled up on them). Final ball wasn’t there. It happens. Got to get a result now at Salzburg and they’re a decent team.

Rob Fort Worth TX


Very flat performance. Napoli got their tactics spot on.

We are going to have some performances like this but we will bounce back sat

We need to start getting a few clean sheets together.

Sean the sailor


P*** poor performance from an application and intensity point of view, didn’t create very much, way too much sideways and backwards for which you have to give some credit to Napoli, they came not to lose and they didn’t but how f****** abysmal was that p**** with the whistle, for the first 80 minutes he didn’t give us a f****** thing (not that we deserved much) I swear he had an issue with Mane every time he possibly could he gave a foul against him even when it was Mane that was fouled, disappointing night, we’ll just have to do it in Salzburg.

YNWA RIP the 96

Scouser in exile


Bleedin sick of Napoli!

The Fulcrum



We were lucky with the draw. Valencia were the better team; they created dangerous chances that they missed. And the missed penalty. A bit disappointed with Kepa with their 2nd goal even though his penalty save was brilliant. He got beaten twice like that, from a cross: Ziyech last time and now Wass. My mistake wanting to bench Kovacic as he was our MoM today.

Our defense was worrying. Christensen and Zouma were far from solid and Reece James were not good enough yet defensively. I think only Azpi today performed well wherever he played. And we already played with 3 DM, our defense was like gruyere cheese with holes everywhere.

Substitution wise, I think FL got it all wrong. Michy he did not have a choice as Tammy got injured. But Emerson did not add anything. Nor Mount as we would have needed Willian with his speed and technique more than Mount at that stage of the match. Pedro would have probably helped better than Mount.

Anyway, our group is far from over. I think we will qualify if we win at home next match against Lille assuming Ajax will win tonite against Lille.



“We nearly won it, we nearly lost it. It’s very difficult to come here and get something and it is a positive that it’s still in our hands.”

Probably the perfect summary by Frank.

It’s in our hands v Lille at the Bridge.

nine nine nine


Riveting end to end stuff and I was exhausted by the end of it just sitting back watching it We need to be thankful for the draw in my opinion and thumbs up to Maxi Gomez for two inexplicable misses. Willian had one of his not so good games. I found myself cursing him a few times. More recently he has been really good but not so tonight sadly.



Some worrying aspects for sure 67. We were far too open at times imo which made Valencia look better than they are and the injury to Tammy didn’t help us either.

Great save from Tammy by Cillesen and straight from that Valencia scored and the second Valencia goal was a cross but they all count.

We rode our luck at times but it’s still in our hands beat Lille and we’re through to the last 16.

nine nine nine



Vieria or Arteta make me nervous as if it went pair shaped I think they would tarnish there reputation at the club, Actually its more Vieria that I would worry about as he was a legend and also his current team does not seem to be doing great but I did hear from some pundit on Arseblog that they are actually doing well under the circumstances what ever that means.



im also nervous as ive stated previously of these two at THIS time at least and given what they will be walking in to….

we need real experience, tactical neus and man management with a winning mentality and vision/plan…..hence my number one pick

id be a little dissapointed by anyone other than him coming in at the moment



more i think about it and the more i look at the options the more im leaning towards someone thats been at the club. I would love Patrick to come back and have him as manager and Freddie as Assistant. i’d even be inclined to bring back Bergkamp to teh coaching mix as well. We need a manager who understands Arsenal, the fanbase and who also have that experience of winning. PV4 ticks all those boxes, its just his managerial resume isnt that great.



it always amazes me the complete mix of different views such a topic brings out in such a small demographic of fans! maybe we are a hard bunch to please! 🙂



According to every one else who does not support Arsenal we are shit Fans never happy, We took top four for granted for years and then moaned top four was not enough and we did not do enough to challenge for the title, complained about playing champions league because we would never win it…I remember these terrible days and wish for them all again!




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