Chelsea star ‘completely out of his depth’ if he faces Barcelona

Date published: Tuesday 20th February 2018 10:46

Man Utd readers mock City after their shock cup exit at Wigan, while Chelsea fans don’t think Danny Drinkwater is good enough to face Barcelona and Liverpool supporters want another centre-back, in Your Says of the Day.



“The best team in the land the best team the country as ever seen” biggest load of crap I’ve heard! Have they won the league 20times? The European cup? Have I missed something?

Stoppage time on top of stoppage time the FA did their best. well done Wigan thank you for cheering me up!

Jose you can go on and win this cup!


Great goal and superb defence. An object lesson to all teams. If De Bruyne had been on earlier I suspect the result would have been different. Will City crumble?

Big K

I usually prefer to think about United and not other clubs. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy watching city lose the rag though. Remind me a little of Real and Barca when things don’t go their way


The weird thing is Pep won’t be charged for anything, somehow he escapes criticism from the media and any action from the FA, i wonder what would happen if Jose did that instead




City fans let themselves down tonight. Ripping up stuff and throwing it at the Police and stewards because they lost fair and square to a league One team??

Shameful. Paints a picture of a group of fans who feel they have a divine right to win and chuck their toys if they don’t.

Maybe I missed something City lads? Happy to be corrected and apologise if there was more to it.


A meeting needs to be called by managers, opposition players need protecting from City players.


City got what they deserved yesterday – for too long they’ve been playing with fire at the back by trying to play it out through passing only and not getting rid of it when the danger is on – for a long time they’ve underestimated the effort forwards in England put on centre backs when pressing.

Yesterday Walker presumed that Wigan wouldn’t be pushing up the pitch and that Stones would be alone at the back, another underestimation thinking that Wigan wouldn’t at least try go for it when home in the FA Cup playing against the Premier League leaders with 10 men.

Although City created the better chances and did well even with 10 men, heart won the day yesterday and Wigan deserve their place in the next round.

Sympathy for the Devils



I am always worried against Barca. And I have a feeling that Messi will break his duck against us. We aren’t as solid as before defensively.

I would choose Rudiger over Cahill. Cahill is never good against highly skillful opponents. And cannot play Cesc here. We need a battling midfield. So Kante-Drinkwater for me as I can’t see Conte play Luiz.

Courtois – Azpi, Christensen, Cahill – Moses, Drinkwater, Kante, Alonso – Hazard, Giroud, Willian. Hope Chelsea will win but I am not optimist. Probably 0-2 for Barca, Messi and Suarez scoring


Can’t pick treadwater against Barca no way he will be out of his depth

We need to go three up top

Cesc and kante in the middle sit back trying to be defensive against Barca will be madness

At home let’s go for it special CL night at the bridge and upset all the predictions

Come on Chelsea


BP – neither Bakayoko or Luiz trained yesterday so I do not see any other option than to play Drinkwater with Kante. He may be out of his depth but he still has a good understanding with Kante of their respective roles and if the both sit then maybe they can get through this

That leaves the 3 up top being (IMO) Hazard, Willian and Giroud. Be good to see Willian have some shots from distance to keep them off balance while Hazard teases to create and set up Giroud

Simply cannot even contemplate Fabregas in the middle with Kante – that really would be madness….!!

Really hope we give a good account of ourselves and are still in the game for the second leg. Apparently, Barca are a much tighter outfit at the back then historically (I think only conceded once in the CL this season) so we are going to have be on top form tonight and take our chances to be in with a shout

But, we are Chelsea and more than capable of upsetting the apple cart. Going to be a nervy evening but one we should look forward to with hope rather than trepidation. KTBFFH


If Conte picks Drinkwater. then he feels he can do a job. and we can’t question his decision/ after all we are not paid to coach this team. Conte is paid to do that. we have never coached a team, so let us support whichever team Conte picks. personally whichever team Conte picks will have my support.




No doubt that Lovren has been more consistent than Matip when played this season, however Lovren has also been beaten on multiple occasions made lots of individual errors and the majority of these weren’t down to playing with injury (to be fair though Matip seems to get injured a fair bit as well).

I agree think Matip needs to be more aggressive but based on when he first signed for us, I see that there is a good defender in there (imho better than Lovren but I agree it’s up to him to prove it!)

The reason I would get someone in to and then selling Lovren is I think Matip is the better defender overall and that I would like Matip and Gomez to be our back up cb. Many will disagree but I think Gomez has loads of potential and whilst he has misjudged the ball on occasion he plays aggressively, is quick and is rarely beaten for pace.

I think if that’s Lovren, Matip, VVD and another top cb, Gomez plays less. Btw I still advocate that we go out and get another high profile cb.


Vvd’s long term partner is… a new top CB.


I will be really surprised if klopp brings in another cb, I can see one leaving and Gomez perhaps being shifted into his preferred position but no new faces in defence. I’m not saying that it is the right choice however seeing how klopp has run the windows previously and after investing £75million in vvd I will just be surprised if he spent more.

I think the money will be spent in replacing coutinho and can this summer and maybe karius depending on how he performs as the regular starter until the end of the season.

I really would like to see Gomez get a shout at cb with vvd at some point.




Amazed on here think bringing bale in is s good idea

Our last two transfer windows have consisted of bringing in players injured and not having any impact

Steer well clear if he was still any good in terms of consistency and value for money

1 he wouldn’t be leaving RM

2 he wouldn’t come to Chelsea


Whatever happens to Hazard, I am sure it will be resolved in the Summer. this is exactly when Hazard himself has said he will discuss his future and for me it all rides on the managerial changes at both Chelsea and Real. Hazard has been at Chelsea for circa 6 years (I think) so he is happy, successful and potentially most importantly his family are happy and settled. To uproot them now is not out of the question but is still a big step to take

Personally, I would not go near Bale as I suspect his injury problems would only increase playing in a more physical league. Not convinced that Real would want to let many, if any, of their up an coming youngsters go either so hit them in the wallet and ask for the highest possible fee we can get

Also wonder if Spurs have any buy back clause on Bale and that link would also make any transfer to Chelsea more difficult bearing in mind the “affection” that both clubs have for each other. A non starter in my book

IMO, as stated many times, I believe that Hazard will sign a new deal for at least a couple more years which would still leave him time to go to Real if he wanted in the future. KTBFFH



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