United fans believe Herrera doesn’t need to score to justify his importance

Date published: Friday 11th August 2017 1:09

Manchester United fans demand entertainment, Chelsea supporters fear Roman Abramovich has ‘lost interest’ at Stamford Bridge – and could Liverpool be finally close to signing Naby Keita? It’s all discussed in our forums.

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‘Chelsea have the most incompetent board in world football’

My God ! Chelsea have the most incompetent board in world football. i don’t know how Marina and Emenalo will have to be entrusted to conduct a business for a club of our magnitude? more annoying is the fact that we are ignoring the advice of our manager and strengthening our main rivals and enemy no 1. which club does kind of business? and more bizarre is the fact that we are refusing to back our own manager in the transfer market. the best we can achieve this season is 6th place finish. Conte may not be around even to finish the season.and whose fault will it be?



I see no problem with Roman having the final say on anything. Without him and his input we would not be where we are today

He is a successful businessman and so employs people he trusts. My personal feeling is that I would prefer that the board included someone with a decent football background to give some valuable input but at the end of the day, Roman is clearly happy with his current advisors

Not saying that they have not made mistakes but equally they have got a hell of a lot right and the trophy haul and the meteroic rise of the Club since the arrival of Roman are proof of that

I am a firm believe that Roman does love the Club and only has its best interest at heart. He has over the years become much more of a fan and someone who understands the game better than he did when he first bought us. Therefore, I trust him to get things right even if it takes a bit of time or some kind of issue to jolt him into action. I am convinced that he has heard Conte and read the many articles about us going to struggle due to the thin squad so I fully expect more players to arrive before the end of the transfer window.



I guess its not perfect, but it does make me laugh when people confidently call out board members, when I really cant help feeling, that like me, they do not have the first idea what does go on behind the scenes. For all the suggested hopelessness at board level, Roman’s iron rule, the worryingly high turnover of managers, the fact remains we are the probably (cant be bothered to check the stats) the most successful English club since Roman acquired us, so I’ll settle for that, and it suggests they cant have been that hopeless I guess.



Tricky transfer market or has Roman ‘lost interest’?

Ordinarily 4 signings would be considered a decent level of business. The problem is we have let too many players leave the club over the last few months. The Matic sale just astounds me and is a clear indication that our manager has no say in who comes in or who goes out.

We constantly read that Arsenal Spurs or Man United won’t sell to us as a rival and yet that’s what we seem happy to do. We are cutting our own throats.

None of us really know what is going on and the Emanalo mistakes just keep happening – why is he tolerated when managers are not?!

Why let RLC go and then try and get Barkley? Why let Ake go and be in the hunt for a guy that wants to go to Liverpool? Has Roman lost interest? Is he having the wool pulled over his eyes by the likes of Emanalo and Buck?



I think this is a very difficult market. Far too much money being banded about and not enough quality players to go round so it seems many move on the feelings they have, i.e. players like Pep, VVD seem to have a preference for Liverpool etc.

All the top clubs in England all seem to be chasing the same players as well so a highly competitive market

I cannot argue with the business we have done and what we have paid is not peanuts but we still find ourselves with less players in the squad than last season

You have to assume that the board understands the dilema that Conte finds himself in and are willing to back him. Trouble is that we are running out of quality options and time.

An uncomforatble couple of weeks coming up but they could still turn out to be productive if we can get players through the door in time…?



Its not about struggling buying players. Like you say. Everyone is. Its about letting 17 go. Including our captian. Top goal scorer. A first team midfielder in Matic. Then on top of that selling Ake and Chalobah. And have not replaced one of them with 2 weeks to go!



United’s midfield nightmare


Easy to debate the make up of a three man midfield without all the f*cking unnecessary drama around Herrera. For me I’d be inclined to have Pogba and Matic in the middle with Miki in front in a three. Knowing Mourinho however that won’t happen. He likes to have grafters and players who can get a foot in ahead of flair players who cant defend.


Agreed, all we are trying to do is find a way to try and engineer some more badly needed goals and assists into our midfield, which surely everybody wants to see. No-one has suggested that Herrera can never play or that he should be sold, just that he needs to be utilised less frequently as a DMF player now Matic has arrived.

Herrera’s goal scoring stats at Athletic Bilbao were pretty p*ss poor as well. Only 9 goals scored in 98 appearances does not lie I’m afraid and only underlines the fact that he will never bring us the goals and creativity that we need from midfield.

On the other hand Mkhitaryan has a goal every 3 games throughout his career.We are currently nowhere near good enough as a team to ignore such numbers by playing him on the wing rather than more centrally,simple as that.



Herrera is not a natural DM. That’s why he picked up so many cards last season. Remember when he joined, he was considered an attacking mid. I think having Matic in a holding role will help us get more out of both Pogba and Herrera.



‘Football is about entertainment Jose’

Football is about entertainment and excitement, I want to win trophies yes but I don’t want my team playing boring football grinding out results. Where is the excitement in that?

Clubs like us Madrid, Barca have a certain tradition which managers have to uphold. I hope Jose realises this. Last year was his first year so he was given a free ride. But he has spent money so no excuses.

Am not saying we have to be gung ho and be open at the back of course we need balance between attack and defense

My view has always been attack is the best for of defence. If you keep the ball the opposition cant score? But Jose has never been a fan of possession football i guess



Last year Mourinho (as well as the rest of us) knew we had a poor team – our players were just not up to scratch. This year however we have matic protecting the back line, a pair of CBs which the manager seems to believe in and a year’s experience of knowing that our players need to find more goals rather than stop leaking them.

With that in mind, I think we’ll see a more offensive United this season. We may still play for the draw away from home against the other Top 6 teams, but other than that I imagine we’ll be doing most of the attacking, or at the very least, have license to counter attack with more players up front.

I’m interested to see what formation Mourinho will use in general and who his preferred line-up will be – it’s no secret that our issue was goals against smaller sides last year so at the very least I expect more men in the box when we play smaller sides at home.

Sympathy for the Devils



Herrera ‘redundant’?

Ander Herrera: Could leave in the summer

If you watch United games, you should know what Herrera offers to the team. Just like players in his position (Kante, etc) Herrera doesn’t need to score goals to justify his importance to the team. It’s not simply that he was brilliant for Utd for much of last season, he’s up there with any of the central midfielders in the Premier League last season. I actually think he is better than Kante.

Manchester United 2016/17 – Herrera stats

  • Assists 1st
  • Passes 2nd
  • Tackles 1st
  • Interceptions 1st
  • Touches 2nd

the Martial Art


As per usual you are missing the point here because he is a personal favourite of yours so you refuse to see what’s in front of you, ie that Matic is now seen by the manager and most supporters as a significant upgrade on him as a DMF. As a result, I think most of us would accept that we should not be playing a midfield 3 that includes 2 players whose best work is of a defensive nature rather than an attacking one.It has nothing to do with “Herrera bashing” at all,it’s about improving Manchester United’s prospects of being successful going forward.

We need much more creativity,more assists and goals from midfield especially considering our delivery from the wide areas is generally woeful. That much is obvious,so unless something changes fundamentally with the way we set up our team especially at home against the lesser teams then nothing will ever change.

Herrera will get his games alright,especially away from home and in Europe but he should become more of a squad player now rather than a guaranteed starter,which in reality is his true level talent wise despite what his ‘luvvies’ may say,simple as that.



As for Herrera, I can see that many are defending him to the hilt as a definite starter but like you, I can see now that it is not necessary to start with both Herrera and Matic in midfield when we play Brighton at Old Trafford. As I have said many times before, Herrera is one of my favourites, he’s a fine footballer and a good fighter which is why I even went as far as suggesting him for the captaincy but truth be told – we now have Matic which should make him redundant in at least 13 games at Old Trafford this season.



Liverpool far from ‘good to go’

I have typically been optimistic but the tide has turned and there’s now little hope of success without investment. Another summer of balancing the books won’t push us on. I’m not talking about spending £500 million but we have to land key targets and in addition, take a chance on a few players also at a lower value.

We played plenty of matches last season where we didn’t even have a competent first eleven. I think one thing that people seem to miss is that we finished fourth, and it was a good achievement, but it has to be taken in the context of being in a poor standard league (poor shows in CL) and we have no European football.

It was a fair achievement but no more than that. This year will be much tougher as undoubtedly the standard will have improved and we have bought 3 players so far. Salah will be a great addition, of that I’m certain. I also like Solanke but there are no guarantees he will really help us and who know how Robertson will do.

I think VVD is top class and would love him to join. Let’s say he does and look at scenario he gets injured like he was for a large part of last season… what are we left with…. the same squad as last year with Salah but yet we have to contend with CL football.

I’m typically not a merchant of doom and don’t think the worst but surely we’re a mile off where we need to be both in terms of depth and quality?



The thing is, people aren’t acknowledging it at all. Last January it was so obvious to every single person on here that we were just too light and now you have people talking about how we’re good to go essentially because this is what Klopp said.

We are not good to go and there has been so much talk about us signing all these players, that has dragged on for months and just when it comes to us not getting them, we have to deal with this potential loss of a big player. . . so now it feels like a win when we don’t sign anyone.

Perspective is out the f*cking window but don’t you worry lads, we’ll be focused right in on what we need when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Van Dijk (or another top CB) signs or I’m completely done with FSG and their bullsh*t. They might be happy with the clubs financial performance as the team struggles but as a fan, I don’t get such a reward. I only get frustration and this window has so far only filled me with a sense of foreboding.

Mr Makaveli


Should the Reds wait for the ‘right player’

We need to save the money for the right players.

What happened last time we were in this position? We sold our star player to Barca and wasted the money in the market.

Bought Lambert, Balotelli, Markovic, Manquillo on a loan with an option to buy, Lallana who took his time, Lovren who the jury is still out on and Moreno who has been disappointing to say the least.

A repeat of that window is not a good idea. Even in the following year the club caves in to popular opinion and signs Benteke, a signing made just for the sake of buying.



I just can not agree with this “next year for the right player” idea. if you run a farm and your wheelbarrow is missing a wheel, you don’t wait until next seasosn to buy the perfect one because they didn’t have the exact one ou wanted.

I know that your counter to this will be an over the top statement about not settling for 2nd best of panic buying etc etc but football is not like hollywoods approximation of love. There is ana rray of talent out there that could drastically improve our first 11, not one special individual who we will send our love letters to for the next year. . . I hate to draw this out further but it’s so so fitting. . . but long distance relationships just don’t work.

To wait to sign a player for a position that we need improved upon right now, is pretty much the dumbest idea that is going around here at the moment. We could finish 8th if we not only don;t move forward but if we go into the seaosn with Klavan and Gomez being our only other Cbs over the 2 injury prone choices. That’s complete madness and to want us to progress into the seaosn with those 4 instead of looking for a top quality alterantive to an unavailable player (in a summer tansfer window). . I can’t udnerstand it.

Now before you jump in with a “who”, I’m not a big watcher of football outside Liverpool these days but the players are out there. Klavan is barely PL worthy and Gomez (although Im hopeful for him) is largely untried.

Mr Makaveli


Don’t give me that crap about saving up the money to buy keita next year… so we just forego this season just to get keita next season? Lets add another year to the 27 year wait. I find it hard to believe that there is absolutely noone other than keita playing in europe at the moment that we could have got and improve the squad. Its been 27 years wheres the ambition?



Reds close to Keita capture?

Interesting to note that Betfair have slashed the odds on Keita joining us before deadline from 8-1 to 6-4 just today due to a flurry of bets. Just speculative or insider knowledge, time will tell….



News now of Keita spotted house hunting just reminds me so much of utter b*llocks you hear on Twitter etc. If we hold onto couthino, get Keita and a centre back, it’s absolutely massive. We really need a centre back.

Sean the sailor


So if Keita is looking at houses that could suggest a deal has been done. Is this a PR thing then, whereby RB Leipzig have said they would sell him on the condition that it was kept hush hush and made to look like the deal was dead?

I’m confused because strong comments were made by RBL with regard to Keita not moving at all…This makes deadline day more interesting. But then again it could just be another red herring style rumour in this long saga which seems to benefit media outlets rather than the readers/fans.

August is going to be an exciting month and this going to be the most interesting deadline day for a long time



Just to clarify, it’s not that Kieta was seen house hunting, it’s an estate agent that deals with EFC/LFC players have been asked to find a property for him and has leaked this.



Wenger must ‘get his act together’ to win title

A couple of times recently I have genuinely forgotten that our season starts tonight. Think that is perhaps of measure of how excited I am about our chances?! Perhaps.

Safe to say things are off to a typical Arsenal start with the news that Sanchez and Koscielny are both missing and there are big doubts over the fitness of Mertesacker, Ozil and Ramsey before a ball has been kicked.
We should still have enough to get the job done but I really want to see Wenger pick the right team and pick people in their proper positions.

I would love to see a Back 3 of Monreal, Mustafi and Holding in the absence of Kos. Play the Hulk at LWB, Bellerin or the Ox at RWB. If Ramsey is struggling, Eleneny deserves to keep his place after a solid enough showing last weekend. If Mesut is fit he plays tonight with no Sanchez to lean on.



Doesn’t matter how many times Wenger let’s us down, I still get excited about the new season and always think we have a chance. Fact is, of course, we do have a chance if our manager ever gets his act together again, especially without CL football this season.

Like you say, whichever team he puts out should be enough to get the job done and even without Sanchez or Ozil, we can still field a decent bit of firepower and a decent defence. All respect to Leicester, they ain’t Barcelona and Wenger can still field a strong enough side for a comfortable win.

Al The Gooner


‘What will Wenger’s excuse be this season?’

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal future still up in the air

Would predict Spurs ahead of Liverpool just, especially as seems likely Coutinho leaves. £120m for him?! Good, but not great player, who plays in patches.The world has gone mad.

What will Wenger’s excuse be this season if we don’t get our fourth place trophy, which I don’t think we will. “The first three have bigger budgets” will be his lament. What about Spurs and Liverpool then Wenger? Awful man, makes my blood boil. He’s now indicated that last year’s malaise was down to his own contract prevarications- great, take a pay cut then, or preferably foxtrot oscar.

1. City
2. United
3. Chelsea
4. Spurs
5. Liverpool
6. Arsenal



Actually that might be a bit of a game changer if Liverpool loses Coutinho. But they’ve gone about getting him to stay the right way. First, they tied him down in January, and now they have turned down a 90m bid. So much of what they achieve this season relies on him being present and what he offers.

Spurs might just be playing the waiting game. I cannot believe thay they have no intention of improving the team, despite losing some important players and what everyone else is doing. But they were such a good team last season that I wouldn’t discount them. In fact, I very much share your sentiment that they will finish above us again.

The next three games, in addition to the Chelsea one, will go some way to piling on the misery or assuaging our fears. If we face Leicester (H), Stoke (A), Pool (A) and Chelsea (A) and come out of those with 10 points… I might sit up and take notice.

But I don’t believe we have done enough to go into the season with confidence. And that’s Wenger’s calling card – never enough! Last season was just so… horrible, really! And we go into this one with the same sort of uncertainty as last season, with the Ozil and Sanchez contracts not resolved – not ideal for such a mentally fragile team.




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