Can we guarantee Liverpool’s owners will resist £109m Coutinho bid?

Date published: Wednesday 9th August 2017 10:38

Also, why Van Dijk is a transfer must for Arsenal, Liverpool’s ongoing fears over Coutinho and why Granit Xhaka can compare to some of Europe’s best, according to our forums.

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Is Van Dijk really just ‘another Mustafi’?

Arsenal have so many centre-halves I really don’t think we need another. Van Dijk is better than Mustafi but not that much better and we have Holding, Gabriel and Chambers who can all play that position. Plus Merts, Kos, Montreal, and Hulk. Why buy another unless he sells a few off?



Van Dijk is only just better than mustafi? You sure? Mate van djik is (for me anyway) one of the best CBs in Europe. He is that good. He would walk into our team and have Kos and Mustafi lacing his boots.

Can’t rely on Merts, he shouldn’t even be a choice. Holding has promise and I really like him. Monreal had about 5 good games last season but is a liability at CB a huge liability. I’d try for player plus cash deal with Southampton -Chambers and 46-50 mil. Gabriel is apparently being chased by Valencia I rather he left than chambers to be honest maybe Southampton would like him and some cash instead

The Hulk


We should go all in for van Dijk. If we show serious interest I feel we can get him. Because we could offer them Chambers + cash and I’m sure that’s better than what other teams could. But typical wenger won’t do the needed.

the specialone



‘Xhaka has every chance of becoming as good as Xabi Alonso and Xavi’

If Xhaka proves his consistency he has every chance of becoming as good as Xabi Alonso and Xavi. His performances especially this year have been fantastic to say the least.When he joined he actually use to lose the ball and go recklessly into tackles and get sent off, but if you can’t give him credit for the way he’s been performing well then you’re just bias.

the specialone

Xhaka – lacks mobility and whilst his passing is great he needs time and lots of it to deliver. Games against oppo who sat off him, made him look fantatsic but as soon as he was rushed in anyway his passing went astray, he made lots of mistakes and got caught on the ball far too much. To have another player like him in Carvalho next to him would be suicide. comparing Xhaka in the same sentence as Xabi alosno and Xavi is just comical. Both of those players would get rushed but always have the ability to keep calm, controlled and boss the midfield. Xhaka cant do that.



Are Arsenal missing a box-to-box man?

Aaron Ramsey: Acknowledges frustration that Arsenal have fallen behind

We really don’t need another box to box midfielder. Ramsey and Xhaka can both do that. We need a player that can sit and defend lay off to Xhaka or Ramsey who can carry or create. Coq is rubbish, seriously he is no where near good enough to rely on El Neny is better and I trust him more to do a job. Coq is another liability and makes sooo many mistakes. We have no top quality in that position.



Carvalho is a Xhaka alternative not to play along side. We need another box to box runner who can play and tackle like Ramsey as some people have suggested although I don’t know these European players mentioned we do have Ox who does have his faults but could still be a Ramsey alternative. Also Elneny and Coq still do a good job for us as per Saturday although both limited ability in the final third.



‘If Liverpool get van Dijk they will 100% finish above Chelsea’

Both Manchester clubs 1 and 2 easily! Both have done what we should have but after every league win we manage to completely f*ck it up.

We should have built on what was alredy a good first 11. Added a quality striker a quality wingback and a quality centre back being priority.

But weve sold our top goalscorer. Sold 17 players including 1 to our rivals again. If Liverpool get van Dijk they will 100% finish above us.



City look incredibly strong attack wise I think where Liverpool finish will depend on how they get on in the rest of the window had they got their targets they would have been my dark horse for the title but if not with CL and a tough Group likely due to seedings they may struggle for a top 4 place.

Spurs might struggle to hold on to a top 4 spot too due to Wembley but as you said yesterday its still a bit too early to be precise with 3 weeks plus of the window to go.

Currently I would say 2nd for Chelsea looks a tad optimistic but if we make some good signings over the next few weeks you never know.

The EL could impact on Arsenal’s ability to get into the then CL but they could well do a United and win it and qualify that way.

Be tough for anyone to finish above City imo, United won’t be far away though albeit they’ve looked poor in the Super Cup v Real but in fairness it is Real

nine nine nine


Is £40m really ‘giving away’ Matic?

Watching the Manure v Real game tonight Matic actually looked the better player over Pogba, I will never get who, how why the decision to almost give away Matic, a complete heads gone.



I do not see getting 40m for a player who cost us 23m 3 years ago can be deemed “giving him away”…?

My feeling is that with the arrival of Bakayoko, whom everyone appears to think will be the partner for Kante, that implied clearly a lesser role for Matic. Taking into account that he knows Jose and vice versa then that move seemed odds on but we would obviously need to get a replacement as the only other midfield was Fabregas as we had sold Chalobah (and Bakayoko is injured)

This is where I see Drinkwater covering but the timing of the transfer was not good but economically it made a lot of sense. Personally, I would have preferred to have kept Matic as that would have made us very strong with options (assuming that Bakayoko lives up to expectations) but it is hard to keep players who feel they should be first choice…?


Chelsea closing in on hunt for the Ox

I think the ox would be a great addition and would immediately put pressure on Moses for that RWB slot but could also play alongside the striker or even down the middle if needed.

Is he up for the challenge? Not sure where he would play at Liverpool so we may be the better option in terms of game time and as Champions he knows what we are about as a Club (and only has to consider how well Ashley flourished at the Bridge as well)



I don’t think Ox will want to come as a backup at Chelsea while he’s not regular neither at Arsenal and World Cup is coming.



‘Drinkwater is crap’

Danny Drinkwater: Interesting Tottenham

Can’t really believe we’re after both ox and drinkwater- the arsenal player struggles to get game time in a side that failed to qualify for the top four and the Leicester player is an average player in a mid table side. Not impressed by the action show of conte or club really. Think it’s going to be a very mediocre season and Conte sacked between now and january



You say Drinkwater is crap? Please name me a player to buy that would be happy being FOURTH choice in the CM position? Also correct me if i’m wrong but he won the league with Leicester and also a major factor is that Leicester narrowly lost to Atletico Madrid in the Quarter Finals of the Champions League. So he has some decent experience under him.




I think for Drinkwater it is a clear step up and he has the benefit of having played and formed a decent partnership with Kante so you would imagine he could step in at any given time. Was not overly happy initially about him but having given it some thought think it would be a decent addition to the squad and hopefully he would improve with better players and coaches



‘Useless’ United

Jose Mourinho: Needs win

Well ladies,it’s only 3 months since I last watched these guys ‘play’ and even I had forgotten just how truly useless some of them are.

Of course there were extenuating circumstances with the heat, humidity and the strength of the opposition but f*** me we are just so bleeding limited all over the park. Even after another 140m spent we are fundamentally no better off than last season because we are still lacking quality in every single area of the pitch.

Lindelof is so bad he actually makes Smalling look good so f*ck knows how he is going to pan out, but at this stage it don’t look too good. Lukaku is an oaf but will no doubt score his fair share as did Zlatan. Matic looks very good so that’s a bonus but all the old fragility is still there.

Sh*te delivery from every set play and free kick totally unable to mark up when defending corners despite having at least half a dozen giants in the team. Poor in possession and as a result we are unable to dictate the tempo from midfield, terrible passing all over the park, no real natural width and still profligate in front of goal. Oh and Jessie Lingard starting every bleeding game is some sort of a sick joke!

If Jose and Woodwood or anyone else think that we are even close to being ‘good to go’ for a title challenge this season they are dreaming big time,simple as that.



The reason being that he started as a left centre back with Lingard as a left wing-back. Lingard and Valencia were always in tandem when we defended…

Anyway, it was not as bad as it could have been but definitely not very good either. The gulf in class is there for all to see and as always Jose’s main objective is to stifle the opposition. That failed when Valencia was caught ball watching (yet again!) and it was always going to be an uphill struggle from there.

Rashford definitely added purpose, although his lack of experience and/or composure/focus caused him to miss a glorious opportunity. He was at least a huge improvement on Lingard but that’s not saying much as we could play a tin of beans in place of him and be better off.



I’m not too sure what all of you expected but Real Madrid are the best team in Europe at the minute. They barely got out of second gear and yet they rattled our woodwork twice and forced several good saves out of De Gea. They also cut us apart very well for both goals.

This game serves as a decent barometer as to where we stand moving forward in the Champions League (ie. we will do well to get to the quarter final).



Pogba needs to ‘step up’

Pogba needs to step up no doubt, I was saying that to my lad all night. But you can’t play Herrera in a middle three , he does f*ck all. I just can’t see anything he does well.



Pogba was almost as bad as Lingard! His decision making was especially worrying. He’ll definitely need to grow up and start controlling games instead of trying something spectacular for himself.



I’ll tell you something, if Pogba doesn’t start having the impact and influencing games like his transfer fee, profile and attitude demands, then we are well and truly f*cked



£300m spent, but are United any better off?

The worrying thing is Jose has spent close to £300m but people are still saying this year may not be his final team, lets wait until next year. Really? So before we judge the manager we need to give him another £150m on top of the £300m odd already spent? I am sorry, that’s not good enough.

People are raising valid questions why after spending so much does Lingard seem to be first choice? why has martial gone down hill after that fantastic first season, why is plan B to bring fellani on and lump it forward? LVG was castrated for that very same approach

I am not expecting us to win or even get close to winning CL we are light years away from Madrid, Barca, Bayern, PSG even Juventus. But what I am expecting is a title challenge, I am expecting us to go to the likes of City, Chelsea Liverpool and try and win the game not go there with the mentality that a draw would be a fantastic result.

There should be no excuses now with Matic. We should be able to open up and play more freely going forward and take the game to teams. If I see that this season then the manager is on the right track. However, my fear is yesterdays game will be a blueprint for the key games this season when we play our rivals. I can see Lingard continue to start big games and I can see Martial continually marginalised throughout the season.



I think what Mourinho has bought hasn’t been good enough. I rate him as a tactician but his transfer dealings for us have shocked me a bit.

Zlatan was a temporary measure, fine, Bailly was a great find and Pogba was the marquis midfield signing we needed. But Miki, to be honest, has been inconsistent and disappointing, Lukaku will score goals but looks a lot of an oaf for 75-90 million (astonishing price) and Lindelof is a worry. Matic is looking good but there was never any doubting his ability, only his age versus price.

I’d say Mourinho’s success in the transfer market so far is about 60% at best. Add to that his elevation of dib dabber and his astonishing reluctance to clear out a host of players, many on show last night, that clearly aren’t good enough, and I’d say it’s a worry.

Big season for Jose and I’d still say there are at least 3 teams in the PL that are better than us, so top 4 is going to be tough. Hope I’m wrong and I’m sure you’ll all let me know if I am.



Can we guarantee FSG would resist a club record Coutinho bid?

Sky think Barca will be bidding £109 soon. They have also reported that Coutinho has had no drop in his training levels and that Barca’s board are not in the UK to broker a deal but are in fact in Germany looking to secure Dembele.

I’m still surprised that Coutinho is interested in leaving and not just because I’m a Liverpool fan. He doesn’t seem to be desperate to leave at all though so I think people should go ahead and put him in their teams. the only way I see him going is if FSG can’t resist the money. . . but £109m for a close to world class midfielder? You’d get 2 very good players for that these days, no bloody way.

Mr Makaveli


Just as I thought Coutinho does not want to force a move but he does not want to force FSG to rebuff the approach from Barcelona. After all they will be able to recoup 1000% of their investment. I would like him to stay of course but I don’t have any idea what Henry has in store for the club.



Seems ESPN is reporting that the deal has been done. I’ll wait till I see an official club statement. I think ESPN is taking advantage of the fact of the rumour that Barca have sent a delegation team to Liverpool. But that doesn’t really mean anything… How many times did our delegation team travel to RB Leipzig, nothing happened there…




Will Saints ‘put a price on pride’?

Of course VVD has a 5 years left on his contract and he doesn’t have to go anywhere he doesn’t want to but equally Southampton don’t have to sell him to anyone anyone they don’t want to and their preferred choice will be to sell him to anyone but Liverpool. Think John Stone’s.

nine nine nine


That’s that going to be worth to them in the end of the day though? It would be really odd for them to actually take a loss in order to still lose the player but not to Liverpool and if it’s level, they can’t make the decision. What’s the price on pride? if you have anyone to answer to, my answer to that is it is £0.

Will anyone even bid as much as we might anyway? I guess that might be the problem for us, if nobody else is interested, it’s hard for us to come back in for him. . . Or maybe someone else offers £40m and no more, then they are in trouble.

I see no reaction from the transfer request , has it been accepted or rejected yet? Maybe they will do like Everton with John Stones, it’s late in the window so it’s not like we’re going to go find another CB, so we’ll still need one next year. I mean this is a disaster from Liverpool TBH. We’ve broken the rules and then been out-maneuvered. The transfer request should have been “signaled for” (or whatever term you want to place in there) weeks ago. As times goes on Southamptons ability to replace a player goes down also, which hampers the transfer request anyway so. .

Mr Makaveli


It’s cat & mouse with Southampton to bag Virgil van Dijk. The club want him to stay, the player wants to move to us. We can’t be seen to be encouraging the player in any way having been accused of tapping him up. For me it hinges on another club coming in & Southampton accepting their interest in the player & allowing him to speak to that club. At that point we can return with a matching bid so it’s clearly the players choice. I believe that is what we are waiting for. We know that should Southampton decide to sell him, he would prefer us ahead of most other clubs.


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