‘Man Utd crazy to spend big money on La Liga benchwarmer’

Date published: Thursday 8th June 2017 4:02

Our readers question Man Utd’s pursuit of Alvaro Morata bid, while Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk climb down and the exits of Diego Costa and Wojciech Szczesny are discussed.

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‘Embarrassing’ Liverpool have shown their hand

So silly, we broke rules by speaking to VVD but we got what we wanted by winning VVDs heart. That should have been advantage Liverpool. We just needed to play the game by coming into the light and do a deal with Southampton. Instead someone was mouthing off to the media about every little detail. Of course Southampton were upset, we showed 100% arrogance and Southampton decided they weren’t having it and put us in our place… Now or reputation and brand is tarnished somewhat.

Same thing happened with Clint Dempsey but because it was a lower profile player our reputation didn’t really take a hit. This one is a stinker though because we were talking a world record for a defender.

Not only that we have showed our hand to future sellers. Now everybody knows we have a 60 million war chest for a defender. So other clubs will now try to take advantage of that knowledge.

Can someone tell me another club that messes up transfers and gets other clubs owners angry like the way we do?

FSG pride themselves on their brand so this fiasco will probably mean at the very least some sort of review into how we conduct transfers. PR wise they are going to to have to do a salvage job. A signing and a sacking look likely.



Someone’s going to lose their job over cocking up a very simple job, especially since we’ve already signed 5 players from Southampton in the last 3 years without any problems.



More chance of Liverpool signing Wayne Rooney now

No way in hell will we be going back for VVD. It just will not happen (this window anyway) because it would open us up for a full investigation and potential transfer ban. As has already been said, we’ve apologised and that isn’t going to be for nothing. If we have a suspended ban already hanging over us, it’s lucky that we’ve gotten away with this but it also explains the quick apology.

Just forget it lads, this transfer is about as likely as us signing Rooney.



I think Southampton’s owner are just ****** off at the lack of respect shown by us in pursuing Van Dijk. Every week there are new details coming out in the press of us negotiating with VVD’s camp and all this while behind the owner’s back. With all the dealings we’ve had with them recently we probably should have shown a little bit more respect.

After a while, they’ve had enough. I think Southampton gave us an ultimatum either apologise publicly or they will pursue the illegal approach complaint.



Man Utd crazy to spend big money on La Liga benchwarmer

Are Manchester United crazy? £52m for Morata – that’s just SILLY!! Add Another £20m or £30m and give us Harry Kane. I’d happily pay 80 for Kane than 52 for a benchwarmer in La Liga.



Don’t what’s more pathetic, us bidding £52m for Morata or Real for turning it down. Is that the sort of player we’re after? Benchwarmers?



Wouldn’t mind Morata. He’s only 24, has a decent conversion ratio and can hold up the ball. While I’d have no interest in us signing Bale or James, I’d happily take Morata



Should United try for Celtic’s Moussa Dembele?

Dembele of Celtic caused Barca’s and City’s defences plenty of bother in thr Champions League. He’s quality, no doubt about that



Dembele has just had a fantastic season but the level of the SPL is probably below that of the championship. There is no way we can be relying on him for goals next season. We need a player who has consistently done it at a good level. For me that would ideally be Lukaku (who seems likely to join Chelsea) or Morata (who Real will probably be happy to sell if they sign Mbappe).



‘Juventus-bound’ Szczesny could still do a job at Arsenal

Apparently the potential move to Juventus is getting some traction. I find this intriguing that Juve want him to step into the big shoes of Buffon. Clearly he must have done something right there. I know he divides opinion, but I think he is worth keeping around.

If Wenger can manage the situation well to keep both keepers happy and sharp, then why not? Remember back in 1979, Terry Neil kept both Jennings and the Scottish keeper whose name eludes me at the moment, sharp enough that they were both called to the 1980 WC. With Ospina leaving we need a keeper for the future.



I would be more than happy for him to stay but I can’t see it happening.

He will rightly wants first team action after the season he has just had. I was never a huge fan of his to be honest – always thought he had ability but he seemed to lack maturity. That issue may have been dealt with now. The fee being discussed is apparently around the 14 million mark.

Statistically he was the best keeper in Europe last season so I find that price tag a little difficult to accept. His contract with us only runs until 2018 and I know that will impact the asking price but when Sunderland are refusing to even discuss Pickford at anything under 30 million, you have to think we are being robbed again here! I know price tags have lost all meaning but quality keepers are few and far between.

Juve are a footballing super power and surely we can drive a harder bargain than this?

I think the same argument applies to Ospina – rumours are that we have agreed a fee of about 3 million with Fenerbahce. Again, that fee seems very low to me. Granted he hasn’t played much, but he is an international keeper and an FA Cup winner, approaching the best years of his career. Both cases stink of poor negotiation on our part



Tapping up happens – other clubs are just smarter than Liverpool

Tapping up goes on all the time, which is the reason why in this instance Chelsea and Man City aren’t being forced to make public apologies too, their transfer committees are far smarter than our lot when it comes to media leaks.

The crazy thing is that this isn’t the first time, there’s obviously a key relationship between a Liverpool transfer committee member and journalist that needs reigning in.



The mistake we made was leaking it to the press before any deal had been made with Southampton.
Contact between players and agents/clubs happens all the time. It may be against the rules but everyone knows it happens. We ****** up by opening our mouths to the press about it too soon.



Liverpool should target Leverkusen man instead

Jonathan Tah: Liverpool target

I believe Jonathan Tah of Leverkusen was (and still is) the hipsters choice before VVD so I won’t be surprised to see him in a Liverpool shirt as a way covering up the VVD Gate PR disaster.



Diego Costa won’t be missed by Chelsea

So Conte dumps Costa by text. I wonder if he used the immortal line “it’s not you, it’s me!”?



I for one won’t be disappointed to see the back of Diego Costa. It pretty much sums up why he went missing from January and most of last season.



But where will he go? We can categorically say we aren’t going to sell to a prem rival, also Costa hates England. That aint happening. PSG look like they have just bought Aubamayang. The Milan clubs are a good shout though.

I think we have shot ourselves in the foot. If no club is willing to pay big money for him we either sell on the cheap or keep a huge problem in the squad.



Bit of a turn up I would say considering how much Conte publically backed Costa in the final few weeks of the season but if true then you could see why Costa was not as effective as in the first part of the season

From what I have read Costa is still toying with going back to AM and is considering not playing for 3 to 4 months but in a WC year he is also questioning the merit of such a move

Must admit that if Chelsea come out and support what has been said then we are shooting ourselves in the foot to a degree as other clubs will want a bargain especially as this would provide more indication that Lukaku is to join and obviously we would want to offset that fee wherever possible…? KTBFFH



Arsenal should play hardball with Barcelona over Bellerin

I personally will want Arsenal to grow some and tell Barca and Bellerin to FO.

Bellerin is tied up on a long term deal. If Barca want him badly, then tell them to fork out something in the region of 60M will work. We need to show intent. I think we will sign Lacazette.

I agree with Al that we should not blow most of our budget on one player.

Regarding Turan, I think for the right price he might do a job as a replacement of Sanchez. He was a pretty handy player when he was at Athletico.

We still need a deep lying play maker to replace Santi.



Going on last season, I’d take Ox over Bellerin any day – maybe Ox is actually better suited to the wing-back role? As you say, we’ll get a lot more assists and goals out of him in that position than we will from Bellerin.

Sadly, you’re probably right that the club will show their usual amount of balls (ie NONE) when it comes to dealing with Barca. We’ll sell him for £5 (maybe with a packet of crisps thrown in), pay up the rest of his contract and give him a huge loyalty bonus but Wenger will trumpet about how he’s ensured we have first option on him if Barca decide to sell again and try to convince us that, as a result, we actually got the better end of the deal.

Ahmad, I just can’t see Wenger replacing Santi or bringing in anyone in that position. He’ll see Xhaka as an ample replacement, then we have Elneny and finally he’ll list about seven or eight of the rest of the squad who ‘can all play there’.

Al The Gooner

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