Man Utd fan claims Mourinho’s ego is destroying the club’s soul

Date published: Tuesday 24th July 2018 11:13

A Manchester United supporter thinks Jose Mourinho is running out of excuses at Old Trafford, while Liverpool fans discuss whether Loris Karius needs a year away from football in Your Says of the Day.

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Arsenal’s season objectives

What do we think chaps?

For me….

Playing with an actual team more often than not against ANY ooposition, none of this…”which arsenal will turn up”

Seeing the right players play in the right place

Seeing a defence that works and a team that can defend

Seeing a manager able to change tactics and really look at the opposition and play accordingly

a return to the top 4 (not a must but push all the way at least)

a cup…more of a bonus really

signs of the manager changing the eothos of the team club so we can START to challenge ancd then build from there.



Arsenal should get a good price for Ospina

He might be useless according to you but he is still a Colombian international [Ospina] with experience. So just because you think that we should accept that value when Ward was sold to Leicester from Pool for £10m and what skills do he have besides being English?? Every single keeper sold this summer has been sold for more and Ospina is the worst of all them get real mate. Accepting low ball offers are what we are known for regardless of what player it is this has to change so that we can reinvest. You dont need a degree in economics to understand that. Its same with letting players run their contracts down we wont get any money for them to use to buy new players. If you dont get that then you can hardly complain when all we buy is dross like Sanogo.



Batshuayi the solution or splash out on Higuain?

Don’t care that it’s pre season we should be putting at least 3 past Perth and this is where our problem lays, Goals. We finished 5th last season not because we played badly but because we got too many negative results in a bunch of games we should have killed off had we taken our chances whilst we were on top. Same issue was clear today. We need to desperately get rid of Morata. He is a major bottle job and will present to be a huge problem going forward.



Spot on bort. Lots of chances created too few taken that has to change this season.

nine nine nine


agree with bort. Had we scored enough goals: we would have finished higher than 5th. But is Higuain the solution? My feeling is that the solution may have been closer than we thought: Michy Batshuayi. With Jorginho and his passes, Michy may find his place at Chelsea. He can score, more likely to score than Morata who had wasted I don’t know how many opportunities and one on one. If we can keep Hazard and we can buy one more creative source: Pulisic? let’s persists with Michy and Giroud and Tammy Abraham. Sell Morata, exchange him with Donnarumma. Milan and us both will be happy



yes Aindro I rather go with that then other clubs trying their luck with us esp. if we sell Willian to Barca for 67m they want budge for Higuians transfer fees which is so unrealistic give his age and Chelsea’s clubs policy. Morata I agree we must sell he had so many chances last season and failed to capitalize, his unlikely to improve much. So its basically a proper winger we need and if Courtious does go as seems likely than a keeper. Have a feeling we will land up with Hart, maybe he can recapture his early career form or preferably Butland or Pope? Not sure why they want yet another defender in Rugani, from what I seen of him very good also and underrated. Hope it all works out as a top 4 place is the main criteria for this season. Cant expect to win trophies every single season.



Haven’t seen the game yet so can’t really comment but suffice to say that was our first game of the season and a friendly at that!,maybe we were a little ring rusty and the new manager just experimenting to see what options are open to him,that said I don’t think we should pay too much attention to the score opposition not withstanding.This must surely be a last chance saloon for Morata,if it did end in tears there no way we’ll re-coup anywhere near what we paid for him!.Sarri wants Higuain but what does the club do if Higuain’s club wants absolute silly money for the 30+ player,aren’t we back in the Conte territory when the club refused to sanction Antonio’s choice of players that led to the fallout?,or do you think the club should bite the bullet as a one-off and grant Sarri the player of his choice regardless of his cost?…tricky!.



Karius needs a year away from football

He was always going to need support this season. Recovering his confidence will take time & his shaky performances in these friendlies shouldnt be a surprise. If he can weather the storm & put in a solid 90 minutes he will have something to build on, but right now every mistake is scrutinised & magnified with the memory of the CL final being so fresh. It’s likely to be like this all season, but I hope he gets a start or two in a domestic cup run. He sorely needs penalty shootout heroics this season to try & put the memory of that final to rest.



I’m starting to think that he needs a year away from the game.



I’m looking forward to seeing Solanke this season

“This system requires him to be something he’s not. He’s a traditional #9 yet we need him to be a false 9. He looks like a fish out of water right now.”

Our backup doesn’t need to be like Firmino. In fact, we’ll be a long while waiting for someone who can deputise for him in that way. If we were to sign someone who could compete with Firmino, or be quality back up, I wouldn’t expect another false 9. If Sturridge didn’t have the injury problems he did, we wouldn’t be moving him on because he can’t play a false 9.

If Solanke can start scoring goals for us when he’s given chances (Let’s expect games from the bench and maybe the League Cup to begin with), he can be relied upon as a player who might nick you a goal late on in a match. That’s a pretty useful sub to have waiting on the bench.

I don’t think he’s the second coming but the end of last season is where he went from a player who looked like he was never ever going to score for us, to someone who I am looking forward to seeing again, in just a few matches. He just looked a different player to me. Maybe I’m wrong and he’ll go back to the way he was… we’ll see.



Solanke appeared 27 times for Liverpool last season across several comps.
The majority of them were off the bench.
He scored 1 solitary goal from all those opportunities.
Much of the time he looked lost.
So far in pre season he’s not shone.

I’ll not be pinning my hopes on him being an able deputy for Firmino this season.



I like Solanke, I really do wonder if things had gone differently if he had gotten that own goal registered as his goal early on in the season.

He looked utterly devout of confidence later on in the campaign after a good few first games.

If he had not gotten a single goal i think it would have destroyed him.



Solanke needs a loan. He’s clearly not ready to be Firmino’s understudy yet



Appearing 27 makes it sound like a lot more minutes than it was. As for the one goal he did get, it was a cracker.. and it was from the few matches that I’m talking about. Not only did he get that goal, he looked a much better player besides it too. it took him a while to get any kind of belief going and it may take a while again this season. Who knows, maybe he does need a loan, or another season at this club of development before we’re all in agreement that he was a good signing but his marked improvement towards the end last term, tells me that we need to give this kid a chance (when we can afford it).

I think Sturridge will be backup to Firmino, with Solanke in 3rd place (not including a positional switch of Mane/Salah/Shaqiri). Taking that into account, when you’re talking about a sole position being backup by quite a lot of quality, Solanke will have no abundance of responsibility and will be in a good place to get minutes only when it suits us.

I’m confident that Klopp won’t loan him. Now, whether he sees it the same way as myself, we’ll see but as for his form in pre-season, I’m not going to lose any sleep over that. of course it would help him if he were to grab some goals but that should go without saying….




Mourinho has no more excuses

Big K dont you think its the managers job to inspire players to get best out of them.

Jose has signed


Add De Gea, Valencia and Lingard who he didn’t sign.

We are no longer in transition this 100% Jose team now he has no more excuses.

He isnt interested in Rashford or Martial and would sell them now if the board would let him but unlike you maybe the board see what Jose thought Salah – Felipe Luis – De Bruyne and think its best to be patient instead having egg on our faces like Chelsea.

Where would Chelsea be now with those 3 players to add to what they have.

Stop being so short sighted and see what is happening to our club the soul is being completely destroyed by the manager and his big ego hence why every player we have signed has struggled which might explain why we cant sign anyone.



De Gea alone was responsible for his Golden Glove award

I’ve seen an interesting article on SkySports which makes for grim reading. Long story short, our defence is absolutely rubbish and De Gea alone was responsible for his golden gloves. Not that we didn’t know this but our fullback areas are shocking as well. I understand that we have at least invested in the RB area with Dalot but he wouldn’t be an immediate fix – the left fullback area has to be invested in before the season kicks off or we are wasting our time. Some selected stats:

– De Gea faced 147 shots last season (Ederson faced 88)
– De Gea made 13.7 saves per goal (by far the best in the league)
– Valencia and Young created .72 and .77 chances per game each (Kieran Trippier created 1.55 per game and Ben Davies created 1.28)
– Valencia created one clear cut chance all season

The statistics prove that we are a) fully reliant on De Gea to keep clean sheets (ie. our defence is shite), and b) our fullbacks are completely useless at creating chances (bear in mind we have inverted wingers).

If we don’t sort out our defensive pattern and don’t get our fullbacks overlapping and crossing properly we can expect more of the same from last season.

Considering Mourinho has purchased Lindelof and Bailly, it is now time for these two to start consistently performing at a high level – Mourinho’s job is riding on it. As for the fullback areas, if Mourinho genuinely plans on playing Valencia and Young as first choice fullbacks then he might as well resign right now because they are completely inept at creating chances from wide areas which is why we are so predictable with the likes of Martial, Mata, Sanchez, Rashford, and Lingard gravitating to the centre of the pitch and getting in each other’s way.



Hatters, Tottenham play a different style of football where the FB is allowed to overlap but Mourinho like to shut up shop as much as possible. If the FB hasn’t got the licence to continuously overlap just in case we get caught on the counter attack then Valencia’s stats will be poor.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Valencia is great but what’s the possibility of it changing with a new FB?

What we need just as much as any signing is for Mourinho to change his philosophy.



@scholesey. If we make top 4 the Glazers will be happy. I think the only thing that would get Mourinho sacked is fan protest.

As for your point on Mourinho’s style impacting the fullbacks, I agree but to an extent. I suspect that Mourinho instructs our fullbacks to stay back partly because of his counter attacking philosophy but also partly because he doesn’t trust the quality of the backline (ie we don’t have defenders who can be fully trusted in one on one situations with quality attackers except Bailly).

Either way, Mourinho is best served to just let the fullbacks overlap and deal with the possibility of us being hit on the counter – or at least that’s what the fans want (especially against the weaker opposition).

That being said, it’s patently clear that Valencia cannot cross the ball at all and Young is also equally wasteful plus he has to cut in before delivering a cross.



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