Pivotal six weeks coming up for Liverpool and Klopp

Date published: Thursday 9th November 2017 3:37

Manchester United fans discuss Louis van Gaal’s and Jose Mourinho’s signings, Liverpool face a defining next six weeks and David Moyes’ appointment is derided, all in our Your Says.

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LvG and Mourinho’s signings analysed


Just for clarity I’ll run through the signings and my opinion so you can save them to your desktop and rehash as you see fit.

Valdez – great for a back up keeper but LvG strangely fell out with him
Blind – Good utility player. Always useful to have in the squad. not first team quality.
Di Maria – great signing but never really wanted to be here. LvG messed up his position and his form dropped after injury
Falcao – great signing but never recaptured his monaco form
Rojo – Sh*t at left back but better under Jose as a centre back. Still should be squad player at best
Shaw – good signing. Young and has potential. Looked great until his injury and has not earned Jose’s trust.
Herrera – Good signing. Was disappointing under LvG but impressed me last season. This season is a worry.
Martial – great signing
Romero – Has shown he is an able replacement for de Gea when required.
Schweinsteiger – sh*t signing
Schneiderlin – Many would say he was crap but I don’t think he was given enough time under Jose
Darmian – He was Italy’s right back when we signed him but he’s been sh*t.
Depay – Had potential but his attitude rivals ravel morrisons so was best to get rid.

Pogba – good signing. Getting better over time. There is potential for him to be world class. Lets hope he gets there.
Mkhitaryan – Not suited to the prem and never will be. Thinks he has too much time on the ball. Never be in the same league as Hazard, Sanchez or De Bruyne.
Zlatan – short term fix but slowed our attacks down. Plus because he was undroppable he hindered Martial and Rashford imo.
Bailly – Shaky start for me but has shown that he’s the real deal.
Lindelof – Sh*te but theres hope.
Lukaku – Has limitations as a striker which means he will never be any better than he already is.
Matic – good signing. He fills a position in the team that we were crying out for but its a short term fix again.



Manthistle – I broadly agree with your assessment but what I don’t get is how you can say great or good then follow it with negatives eg. Di Maria – great signing but never really wanted to be here. LvG messed up his position and his form dropped after injury

How is it a great signing to sign a player who doesn’t want to be here and who went off form?

Similarly …….Shaw – good signing. Young and has potential.

I agree we hoped he would be a good signing but based on his performances and with the benefit of hindsight was he a good signing?

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. You are trying to say the ingredients were good, the cake was good, but it just ended up not tasting good. For me if it doesn’t tast



@manthistle. I don’t really care about individual players looking good or bad under a certain manager. Main thing is how the team functions as a unit.

LvG implemented his philosophy on the team and we had all the possession in the world, basically boring our opponents into submission and that meant our defence was hardly ever tested when Blind was playing centrally in defence.

In the end LvG got the sack because after he had fully implemented his philosophy it was clear we couldn’t create enough chances. Mourinho does not see Blind as fit for purpose in the central defensive areas or the fullback areas and he is correct in my view, he’s not a specialist in any of these positions. I think he is best as a backup midfielder because of his good distribution.

At the end of the day I think it is fair to now say that Mourinho has had enough time to implement his philosophy and as boring as might be to you, we create a lot more chances and we function far better as a unit than we did under LvG. In one word, we are more effective. Whether this will be enough for Mourinho to satisfy fans and the board so as to allow him to buy better players at the end of the season, only time will tell.

Louis van Gaal: Hanging up his clipboard?

Either way, honeymoon period is over for Mourinho and I will now start judging him much more critically. I did the same with LvG around the December period of his second season as well.

I agree with most of your player assertions except the following:

– Valdez: This was a bad signing because he showed insubordination to the manager. When a player and a manager clash I always take the manager’s side. Players must know they are junior to the manager, good thing De Gea stayed so no harm done.

– Di Maria: Bad signing. Highly unprofessional and didn’t want to come in the first place as you have stated. It is the manager’s job to make sure he recruits a team that wants to play for him.

– Falcao: He was rubbish and never got to grips with Premier League football. Shocking signing.

– Shaw: Shocking signing but it was difficult to judge beforehand. If only Chelsea had taken him instead but we paid higher wages and were more desperate to sign that scoundrel charlatan.

– Schneiderlin: At first I thought he was the real deal but he doesn’t have that extra pizazz needed in midfield, still rubbish now at Everton. It seems the Southampton form was the anomaly. Bad signing.

– Mkhitaryan: He has proven he is able to cope with the pace of the Premier League with his impressive form on the back end of last season and the beginning of this season when he was assisting and breaking the lines at ease. Consistency is a big worry though. Jury is out for me.

– Lukaku: I understand he has limitations but you appear to sweep him aside in your assertion. This is a top class proven goalscorer in his first goal drought at a big club (Rooney and Diego Costa have had longer droughts). You wouldn’t have dared to dismiss him like that in September.



How many points for Arsenal from next 4 games?

Arsenal’s next 4 games are: Spurs(H); Burnley(A); Huddersfield(H); Man Utd(H). I cant see anything more than 4 points out of that little run.

Spurs will hammer us and Man Utd will no doubt keep a clean sheet and win 1 or 2 nil. A point at Burnley will be a good result and we should beat Huddersfield but it wont be easy.

If Im right this will see us firmly ensconced in mid table with the top 4-6 long over the hill and away. Its not looking good for the Whinger Boy is it?

The Oracle


Next 6 weeks a defining period for Liverpool

Our first match after the international break is at home to Southampton, meanwhile Spurs play Arsenal that same weekend.

This kicks off a crazy packed few weeks of fixtures. We play 13 games in 6 weeks, from 18th Nov to New Years Day.
With this hectic schedule it’s a great time to be having players coming back into fitness and players like Chamberlain starting to find his feet.

Usually Klopp is left with a skeleton crew to work with for much of this period but this time he’ll have a lot of senior players to work with. This should provide him with valuable time to get things ironed out on the training pitch because when we get into this run into Xmas there won’t be very much time to get anything done.

I think we can pick up a lot of points in this period and start climbing up the table. Should be interesting.


Klopp’s plans for next season…

What we look like next season will depend on where we finish this season. I know a lot don’t agree but I still can’t see who we will oust from the current top 4. If that’s the case didn’t VVD say he wanted a C/L team? Would someone like Goretzke come to us? I doubt it very much.

We need a top vocal dominating CB before anything, with a top striker & holding mid not far behind. Robbo is obviously not a Klopp signing because whilst Moreno hasn’t been as bad this season you see how bad he is when we play the better teams that expose him. I’d be surprised if Moreno is 1st choice.

I’m not all over other competitions like some are on here so I’m not sure who we could get but to be competitive I think we will need an upgrade in a few areas.

2x CB
Holding mid
Like you say Rob can’t see Klopp changing up top much but he did use 2 players in the sort of screening role last game so maybe he will look there. CB is obviously our 1st improvement & I have no doubt Klopp will be upgrading there, who with is the big question.

Number8was gr8


Why Barcelona and Madrid?

I have to say that I’m getting to the point where I don’t really understand this seemingly mystical power Barca and Real have to attract players.

I mean really? What is it about them? The aura of both teams is well and truly tarnished, Barca last season and especially in the way the expectantly went about trying to sign Coutinho and Real’s record this season is hardly shiny and golden, see the 3-1 hammering dishes put by Spurs last week.
Can anyone explain it to me?



History, climate, lifestyle, playing in one of 2 teams in a 2 team league, trophies… money

steveosnake eye


Madrid and Barcelona are wonderful Cities and the plus of playing for Barcelona is that you can choose either City or Coastal living.

Almost guaranteed Champions League football with both club’s usually going deep into the Competition with the combination of both club’s winning the Champions League in six of the last ten seasons.

Other than that and Stevo’s list above I can’t understand why on earth a player would want to play for either club.😊

nine nine nine


What is the rationale behind Moyes appointment?

What do you fellas think of this appointment? In my view this is almost suicidal decision making from West Ham. David Moyes is a completely broken manager and is devoid of any confidence. If he loses his first game I can imagine the vultures will already be circling. The man is a footballing pariah at the minute, the rationale behind his appointment just completely escapes me.

Well played by his agent though. He’s managed to get ol’ Moysie a top Premier League job despite the fact that in his last 3 gigs he made Manchester United a laughing stock, threatened to relegate Real Sociedad before he completed his mission by sending Sunderland into oblivion. This man is out of ideas and out of pizazz.

He’s got a great agent though.



‘He is the cheapest option’

Hatters, on all of the West Ham forums and sites that I visit, I have not seen 1 poster saying they are excited, pleased or even remotely pleased about this appointment. Many are saying (myself included) they would have rather kept Bilic.

The thinking behind this appointment, is that he is the cheapest option. The owners don’t want to fork out money to pay compensation for a current manager. There were other names apparently in the frame, the likes of Rafa Benitez & Marco Silva, whether they would have come or not is a completely different matter but G&S didn’t want to risk forking out the dosh.

Personally I think we have too good a team to get relegated, but then I thought that in 2003 when we went down with Di Canio, Carrick, Defoe, Joe Cole et al. We’ll hope for the best, expect the worse and see what happens.

Devon Hammer


Moyes did well at Preston and Everton

It shouldnt be forgotten Moyes did a very good job at Preston and then over a long period at Everton.

Who ever followed SAF into Manchester was always going to find it difficult as LVG found out and even the special one isnt having it all his own way.

As for Sunderland, that really felt mission impossible with his appointment coming so close to the season starting and transfer window closing with limited funds.
If given time this could be a good appointment – maybe



‘Awful appointment’

This was an awful appointment and no West Ham fan could be happy with this. West Ham are in trouble this season and I think this will send them down which is a massive financial O.G. Moyes can’t get players to sign for him and he showed that at Utd and at Sunderland.

The only players that moved to Sunderland were all his old players who either had no contract or had no playing time at their clubs.

Even bringing back Allardyce would have been a better approach to Moyes but there was no way the owners would take the ego hit on that one. At least Allardyce knows the club and could bring back stability which is exactly what he gave them the last time they needed him.


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