Klopp given deadline by Liverpool fans – but defence must improve

Date published: Thursday 21st September 2017 12:17

Chelsea have to gamble on playing young players, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s sale to Livepool is debated, while Jose Mourinho’s handling of his Man Utd squad is lauded, all in our forum.


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‘No sense to sell Ox and Gibbs’

Speaking strictly from the current system we deploy, it made no sense at all to sell Ox and Gibbs,or at the least not replace them.

Ox,although I understand £35m was a good offer for someone one entering the final year of his contract.And although with a lot of potential, it was never going to be unlocked under this manager.He gave bellerin good competition for that RWB spot.Now we have nelson, who although again with good potential is still very young and inexperienced.And you saw in the last three games bellerin has started.So I’m not sure wenger himself completely trusts nelson yet.

As for Gibbs,that was just a pathetic sale to be honest.At £7m,when walker and mendy are going at £50m each.Gibbs has been a great long term servant to the club.And has always performed when called upon.The signing of Kolasinac had absolutely no bearing on gibbs chances for first team football.Monreal has been switched to a LCB.That would’ve left kolasinac and gibbs fighting it out for that LWB spot.

I would’ve never sold ox personally, but even so I would’ve at the least brought in a replacement someone like cuadardo.As for gibbs,would’ve never sold him.I don’t think there’s a back up full back as good as him.The whole point is to keep a competetion in the side.
Not be lazy in man management and sell of players because you don’t want to convince them they will get playing time.Completely unacceptable by wenger.But what hasn’t been..

the specialone


‘…it’s more criminal we offered him £180k a week’

Gibbs yes, Ox noway.

We got offered a crazy amount of money for a player who has never really delivered for us except for a few games back end of last season, playing in a position he didnt want to play in. He wants to play centrally and i can hand on heart remember evrygame he has started for us centrally and never has he performed there. Maybe once against Bayern who were already in the next round against us, but other than that he hasnt turned up playing in what is supposed to be his position.

It’s more criminal that we offered him 180k a week! that’s absurd for a player of his ability or lack of. I have no doubt at all that he will go on to not nail down a CM position. His distribution and positional play will stop that from happening. Yes he can dribble he has a bit of power but he is also not very good with the ball. I like Ox, but he isnt a loss.

Gibbs however is a loss, we have noi back up to the hulk. He was good at his job and was an arsenal boy. injuries not talent are what have ruined him with us. Monreal cannot be trusted at LB (dont even get me started on him as a CB) so we are very light in the LB/LWB department.



Arsenal had no choice with Ox

I am not sure ox was a mistake as he had no choice 35k or loose him for nothing ?

I would have kept Gibbs as back up. Although we can play Monreal left back and play holding or merts or chambers as the other centre half. That Monreal comment was harsh he has been as solid as you like for a long time if not one of our best defender he rarely has a bad game!



It made sense to sell Ox because A he was never going to sign a new contract, B it was a decent amount with 1 year left and C he was never going to succeed under Wenger.

So given what has happened it made sense. What he can do at Pool who knows but so far he has not really done that much for a £35m player although its early yet.

Regarding Gibbs well a good back up for sure but to pay him that much for a bench player makes no sense but if the choice was between him and Debuchy the choice would be easy



Musonda delivered

Charly Musonda: Returned from Real Betis

I think we got what we would have hoped for tonight.

Musonda getting his full debut was great to see and he delivered, fantastic potential despite his slight frame. Great interplay in final third and took his goal well. He cried when he scored and hid his face in the pitch 🙂 delighted with him.

Apadu replaced cesc after 55 mins(cesc controlled first half as we would expect)
Ampadu could be a real talent, he is completely raw but remarkably composed for his age. He is strong in the tackle and looks to have the eye for a pass, his highlight being a one two with hazard, hazard made great run behind defence and ampadu lofted it over top to him beautifully with one touch.

Sterling and clark-salter also came on but cameras were never on salter in back 3 as we hardly had to defend. Sterling looks quick and supported attacks well.

To top it off hazard played 90mins and looks pretty sharp, he is almost back to the level we need him at.

Batshuayi. scored hat trick and kenedy also scored and played really well at LWB

Lets keep the games coming!



Chelsea have to ‘gamble’ on young players

If we are not prepared to gamble on our young players, i think we will always remain a short term club. we need to look to blood some of our young talents. even Real Madrid is now giving their young players some game time.

Besides that, its heart breaking that Barkley who isn’t better than some of our players including Masounda has turned down us. when we have technically gifted Masounda.



Our loan strategy is fine

WF – disagree. I do not want the first team to take a gamble on players that can go to other EPL clubs, gain the experience and be closely monitored by our management. Assuming that they progress in the manner that we expect/hope then they come back and stake their claim for a place

I am quite excited this year as we lent about 3/5 decent players and gave them all long term contracts (new direction from the Club) as well so the Club obviously has high hopes for them

Have no issues at all with blooding some kids in games like tonight – I just do not want to jepordise 3 points at the weekend just to satisfy what I consider to be a fruitless desire to say we bring young players through the ranks. KTBFFH



‘We deluded ourselves with Torres’

Fernando Torres: Signed on deadline day for Chelsea in 2011

You can disagree with me, i have no problem with that as its within your right to either agree or disagree with me. but the reality is sooner or later we may need our own players, not multi million pound player. while we have success in this direction, let us not forget that there was also let down also in this road. several established have been signed by Chelsea but never lived up to their reputation and price tag.

We had Shevchenko before who was the most expensive player in the PL. a lot of us where excited about his arrival. but sooner or later it become clear that he won’t be the player we all thought he would be. then came the Torres saga, and the entire Chelsea fan base were jumping up and down, as we all thought we have finally landed the striker that our club had been carving for. when it become clearer that Torres was struggling with the weight of expectation, we kept the hope that was never going to be there.

we deluded ourselves that he may come good. at some point we were applauding him for giving a pass. even though he was missing sitters and open goal.

More annoying was the fact that, if Torres was a player from our academy, a lot of us would be calling for his benching. in 2015/16 most of our established players had been having shockers. but yet most were content with that rather than risk and give our young players a chance even though we had nothing to lose and already was evident that we wouldn’t be playing in the Champions league the following season. you have to question their judgments sometimes, although you have to respect them however way you may disagree with them.



WF, Torres did not turn out to be what we all expected when he joined but he did have a massive impact on us winning the Champions league which is enough to put him in the Chelsea history books.

Besides, the reasons we all wanted him to play and succeed was we knew he had the quality having already been tested and delivered at both Atletico and Liverpool. it’s strange that world class players such as him and Sheva couldn’t make at Chelsea for reasons that are beyond me but never the less we had the pleasure of seeing them on a Chelsea shirt which is the dream of every fan….albeit not fulfilling the expectations.

All in all, you never know what is behind the reasoning of the other person as everyone – as you corrected pointed out – has a different opinion and thus should not be annoying you as we need to respect it and move on…



High hopes for Oxlade-Chamberlain

Got to admit that I was all for signing him – although would’ve preferred a little cheaper.

I still have hopes for him and will give him this season to prove himself. Got to be open here sinI don’t change my mind half way through the season.



Oxlade-Chamberlain not ready to play regularly 

He isn’t ready to play regularly for us. He’s going to need more than a few training sessions before he’s at the level we need him to be at. The only thing he offers us is pace and that’s not good enough.

Right now playing him ahead of Woodburn or Solanke is a waste of talent.



What is Oxlade-Chamberlain’s purpose?

Very rarely do I wish Chelsea get a player before us. But I was truly hoping they’d sew up the Ox deal. He’s not a player from abroad who we knew little about. He’s a player who we’ve all watched for years not being good enough to hold down a first team place in an Arsenal team far from it’s vintage years.

What is his purpose in the team? Is it just to run a lot? Don’t we already have Hendo who runs a lot with little end product; did we really need another one?

As we haven’t had him for 30 days, I wonder if we can send him back to Arsenal and get a refund? Surely we can have them under Trading Standards for selling us a defective player :O)….Peace



‘I’ll give Klopp until next season…’

I’m sorry to say i’ll give JK time on this. Yes he didn’t tighten our defence but our overall play are better than BR era. Dont forget BR had Suarez in the team, what happen when suarez left LFC? Under BR when suarez left our gameplay lack of bites, most of the time dont know what to do in opponent half.

JK will sort this out, I’ll give him till next season when Keita is on our team. But I do hate to say is the MANC has solve their problem last seasons and I’m not going to give excuse to say that they spend more than us.

They mean business. This season will be a pain in the ass to watch LFC. I’m not looking forward to this season until we sort out our defence but i support JK. We sack JK who we can bring in? Our next manager has to be TITLES winning manager someone who win Titles in every league he goes.Cheers!



Liverpool can win at Leicester

I’m expecting a much better team and performance for this one. Coutinho should be getting closer to full match fitness and we’ll have Salah, Firmino and Sturridge up top I’d say. I don’t want to be too harsh on Ox, as he needs time to settle but I kinda wonder why we bought him at all. I’m hoping he’ll show me in time but I personally wouldn’t start him but who knows, maybe Klopp will.

Maybe some will disagree but my thoughts on LB and RB are to have the 2 players who are able to whip in a decent cross and for me that is Robertson and TAA all day.

Sturridge lacked the sharpness to take full advantage of some good balls in in the last PL match but we all know how clinical he can be. So, this is why I would pick all 3 of those players. Firmino did well last time out playing on the “left”. Really he was central I think but I cant be sure, I would do the same with him again anyway.

We could revert back to last season a little bit and go with something like this (attack wise) :

TAA – Lovren – matip – Robertson
Milner – Henderson – Wijnaldum
Salah – Firmino – Coutinho

I wouldn’t be too upset to see that. I am unimpressed with Can so far this season, he’s been really terrible in a few games. Henderson hasn’t been much better but he’s captain, Klopp won’t drop him. That armband has been putting him on the teamsheet for too long now to be honest.

anyway, we have a really good 11 to put out if we want to. I don’t want to see Moreno, I’ll be really pissed off if I do. Klopp really needed to learn that he’s useless a long time ago and if he hasn’t learned after the last few “performances”, then he never will. I don’t want to see Can but I guess I will. Maybe he’ll step it up a bit though, sometimes he can be excellent.

One thing is for sure, we need everyone on form and we dont need to have people trying to be the hero and taking shots before they need to be taken in plays. This is creeping into our play this season and it is potentially a sign of serious problems. . but I still think we might win this one.

If the lads cant be motivated for this match then they shouldnt be here. It’s massive that we come back with all 3 points and kickstart our season.



‘A lot more players playing worse then Can’

Disagree about can mr mnak, in my opinion he has been better then hendo and winji. He had a poor game againest burnley but was excellent in our 3 cl games and againest aresnal. A lot more players playing worse then Can at the minute.

Milner has been dreadful in midfield. Moreno will be back in for this as i cant see robertson starting 3 games in a row when its clear he should be our 1st choice left full.

I can see mahrez and vardy giving us the run around bigtime. Hendo and winji were outfought by leicesters two central midfielders and they will line up the same in midfield unless matty james comes back from injury and replaces amertery.

we need rotation but not 7/8 changes klopp is making these days. we made 7 changes for burnley game from seville. we need our two best centre backs starting most game. I like taa but hes not a right back and is making to many mistakes. We badly need clyne back

Sean the Sailor


Build a team around Rashford

martial was fantastic we HAVE to build our team around him this guy imo could easily replace neymar at Barca hes that good. Just give him a run of 5 games in a row – has Jose ever given him such a run would be interesting to know? After yesterdays performance there is no way he should be on bench against Southampton.

Rashford showed why he is better upfront rather than on the wing – the only reason i think we play him on the wing is to just get him into the team somehow. He needs to be fighting lukaku for the spot up front.

Carrick was carrick nothing to shout about – wasnt really impressed with Shaw when he came on but guess its his first appearance so he was a bit tentative. Still think next summer Jose will be looking for a new left back.

Saturday i would like to see herrara instead of fellani with matic and martial on the left with the rest pretty much as was against Everton



Martial and Rashford being ‘handled masterfully by Mourinho’

Good run out yesterday, especially for Martial and Rashford who will take even more confidence from their goals and assists. They might not be getting 90mins in every Premier League game but I think they are being handled masterfully by Mourinho – they are both in top form and enjoying their football so I don’t see where rs83’s gripe comes from.

It’s a squad game and our squad is looking in high spirits with just about everyone contributing.

As for Luke Shaw, I reckon he will be eased in but he will have to fight for it. Either way he will get his chance, though.



‘Shaw has weight issues’

I think Shaw has weight issues, it was apparent under LVG when he wasn’t started at the beginning of his first season as he reported back overweight. His injury history hasn’t helped either. Having said that, he needs to be more aware of what he eats and drinks as a result.

When properly fit, as in before his double leg break at PSV, he was in imperious form and possibly looking at becoming one of the best left backs in the PL. He needs to be handled carefully at the start until he gets back to match fitness, once that happens he needs to be told that it’s now or never, if he’s not proving himself come 2018 that he’s going to be shipped out next summer.


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