‘Jose Mourinho to waste another half-a-billion; Van Gaal was better!’

Manchester United readers call for Jose Mourinho’s head – again, while Liverpool fans discuss what it will take to beat Real Madrid, all in Your Says of the Day.

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Well we got rid of two coaches that were never given the chance that this joker has. United have more than enough players to play decent attacking football. What they need is a new manager.

It’s a crime to park the bus with the likes of Rashford, Alexis, Martial, Mata, Pogba and Lukaku. Mourinho will cull the young promising talent in favour of players 29 and over that could do well in the short term because he is a short term manager who doesnt plan more than a year ahead.

He paid ridiculous money for Sanchez on a long-term contract and look how hopeless he is. Would take Mikhi back now at least it’ll give others the chance to play.

Absolutely and utterly shocking and disgraceful. Look at Liverpool Tottenham and city and the football they play and look at Utd. The way in which we went out of the CL was horrendous and inexcusable.

Here comes another half BILLION wasted. Then he will get sacked and go to a league where he can be the only one with cash and win stuff… pay anyone.

Van Gaal was better than Mourinho. Yes, I said it!

theMartial Art

I think we have ended very poorly, which has been a polar opposite to the start of the season.

I have always said that Mourinho was never going to be a great Manchester united manager and he has proven me and several others correct. Far too much talent has gone backwards and, the purchase of Sanchez towards the end of the season, has been nothing short of laughable.

He does not have the Manchester United ethics and is egotistical, he has come here and not shown any ambition. Have man utd progressed?, only in terms of points in my eyes. We have been so defensive throughout the most part of the season and unadventurous that most fans are unhappy at old Trafford.

Never have I heard “attack, attack, attack, attack, attack” sang so often, surely this is a good indicator of how poor we ended the season.


The job was too big for Moyes but Mourinho has no excuses.

The difference is Mourinho has spent £60m on our defence and we are still playing Young, Valencia, Jones and Smalling. His failure to get at least one regular from his two purchases is not good enough.

At least £170m on midfielders and we cannot play with any creativity. On top of that Pogba has been awful since Christmas, Sanchez looks lost and Miki has been sold.

Rashford was scoring for fun but probably now spends just as much time defending as he has in the opponents box.

Been poor to watch for the investment made.



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Liverpool are quite capable of winning the CL providing they bring their offensive A game to the Final and they remain solid defensively.

Real Madrid are not quite the team they were and whilst Real look like to be on the way down Liverpool look to be on the way up. Testimony to this is how active Real plan to be in the Summer.

However despite the above Real can’t be dismissed and personally I see it like this if Liverpool are at the top of their game and Real are off of theirs then Liverpool will probably win if the reverse were to happen probably Real will win if both sides are on the top of their games it could be one hell of a Final with plenty of goals and it will then be down to who makes the fewest mistakes. I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.

nine nine nine

The current Liverpool side is a fearful opponent, Roma players did not want to face us, Hummels also wanted to avoid us at all cost. Firmino was not joking when he said that he and his teammates would make Porto suffer, and having beaten City 5-1 on aggregate we should not be really fearful of Madrid, however we should be aware that they are a class above the most difficult opponent we faced until now.

If I was in Zidane’s shoes I would be scratching my head before coming up with the main thrust of my talk on how to negate our strengths. If Liverpool had a play maker like Iniesta or Pirlo I would have clearly said “mark either of the two out of the game and we make a big step towards bringing the cup home” but there is such unpredictability in the team with no preordained way the ball moves from our own half to the opponent’s that it is truly a nightmare to try and set up a strategy to counter us.


we certainly broke a sweat getting top 4 kirk. Chelsea were right up on us and we needed a few attempts to sow it up. some on here were sweating going into the final game with brighton

Sean the sailor

Yeah, I’m not convinced it will be easy for us as some other pool fans might think. It will be a tough game, Reall will sweat blood for 90mins as will we. they have quality as do we.

For me, it comes down to managerial ability to make adjustments within the 90 mins. It’s about Klopp being quick enough to manage his team in the 90 mins well. Its also about the planning well defensively and attacking wise.

Everyone think we just have to concentrate on our attack but we have seen many times how our defence can unravel the attacks good work so defensive work will have to be a key issue. I don’t want to get carried away about how we are the CL top scorers only to lose the match 5-4 because our defence outplayed our attack.

With that said usually I love attacking football but for one day I’ll put my idealistic principles aside for a safe boring 1-0 win 😉


Sean: I got the impression that the players and Klopp did not panic and knew that Chelsea would lose some points in the final stages of the PL. That’s why he said that the two draws against Stoke and WBA did not equate to four points lost but two points gained. Our destiny was also in our own hands until the end.



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Matip is the worst senior CB at the club. Lovren makes high profile mistakes but Matip is so weak, sluggish, non-aggressive and laid back he just invites pressure over the course of the entire match. Lovren is 99% of the time a good defender, Matip just isn’t.


Lovren/VVD partnership fills me with more confidence than Matip/VVD


Completely agree with Threeps and Harry.

Lovren has generally been very good this season bar the odd mistake. Even VVD has made mistakes this season. All central defenders make mistakes. We notice ours more because we watch Liverpool more.

Since Lovren has been moved to the right hand side of defence he’s been much much better and that’s just improved more when VVD came in. I could quite comfortably score him 8 outta 10 for the season.

Matip has been our worst central defender this season.


Ginger – Have to agree with you, I think that every mistake Lovren makes gets magnified because of everyones pre-conceptions from his previous form.

What people also forget is he was having to have 5 pain killing injections before each game earlier in the season, and he pushed himself to do this because Klopp needed him to, totally opposite to the situation that everyone was beating Sturridge for.

People need to make up their minds do theyt want player only to play when 100% or push themselves to play through pain when needed which obviously means they will not be right at the top of their game.




Now that he’s Appointed,i’m glad.He’s a very good manager,been endorsed by many managers in Europe.His record speaks for itself.

I think he promoted two sides two the first league early on in his career,then in top flight football he made valencia finish thrice consecutively which is pretty good considering it’s near impossible to overtake both barca and real.

Then with sevilla,he won the Europe league 3 times consistently which is very impressive.For people to judge him in France based on CL is ridiculous. He’s won 7 out of a possible 8 trophies in his two years there having highest points per game percentage of any PSG manager.

The one ligue 1 title he didn’t win,monaco had a freak season but still I think PSG finished on 87 points 3 behind them which is acceptable.

So what,guardiola hasn’t been in even a final of the CL since he has messi’s barca so does that make him poor as well?CL is a competeiton any team can win,and in my opinion certainly the “best team” in europe dosen’t always win it.

To add to it,And i don’t know whether he’ll actually have this impact.But he was co-author of a book called winning mentality.We desperately need that before anything else,some players need a kick up their arse who are too soft.

Players like bellerin.ozil should be given another season at most,and he has to up his intensity and play like he actually cares.Many other players need a change in mentality.so if he brings that to the club i’ll be happy.

the specialone

Pool Fan is peace. Well, congratulations on getting a great manager, probably as good a manager out there. This is the same guy who broke Klopp’s heart two years ago in the UEFA final.

In fact, he left a very good Sevilla team who still were able to Knock out United this year from the CL.

There was a lot of pressure and nonsense going on at PSG an I thought he handled it admirably. This bodes well for Arsenal because I think one good thing about his time at Sevilla was the fans and how he got the Sevilla fans on his side.

you guys some toxic element just Liverpool did before Klop came and I think Emery is the type of Manager to bring you guys together and give you an identity that you surely need.

Definitely, a solid choice and I pick you guys as the ones to watch next year, you need some steel in that midfield and defence and maybe a deep-lying playmaker and you guys will be a force. But regardless I think emery has the ability “to do a Klopp” with your team.


I must admit, the more I hear and read of our new man the more excited i am becoming, its so refreshing to actually look forward to the next season and not know what may happen, we have been able to write the Arsenal season long before the start for far to long, im getting right behind the bloke and our team, he does need some time and i hope the fans are smart enough to realise this and not jump on his back early if he doesnt hit the ground running, also excited by our transfer business this time round


Mwake, I think the same about you guys – I’d say you’re the ones to watch. Klopp is an excellent manager and if anyone can take on Pep next year, I think it’s him. I can see next seasons title race being largely down to how many points ‘Pool and City take off each other.

Like Steveo says, these are very exciting times for us Gooners. I have no doubt that the right manager can quickly have us battling it out with Chelski, Man U and the Spuds and I’m very optimistic that Emery is that guy.

Taking on you guys and City might take a little longer though.

All I know is that I can’t friggin’ wait for next season!

Al the Gooner


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I’d rather sign a proven player that plays LB (and also LWB). Imagine Sandro and Hazard on the left. Would cause problems all day and night. Plus Alonso can play in games where we require a more physical type player such as against Burnley etc


When we hired Conte we bought Kante

If we hire Sarri will we get Seri


I still think we should not buy players who are 30 years old or more. We need to think a bit farther. So no Vidal, no Higuain, no Hamsik.
LB: we have Alonso, why should we buy?


What’s the desperate need for a LB. Alonso and Emerson are just fine. Emerson looks very very promising actually. Would be crazy to sell him now.

I’d also keep Luiz and see how he goes under the new manager. I’d migrate him to central midfield. I certainly wouldn’t sell Willian either even if a swap deal with Martial was offered.

The papers are quoting 35m for Willian and 60m for Marek Hamsik…who’s a year older. Are they mad?

I’d also give Morata another shot…maybe he would thrive under a new manager. Players to sell would be Pedro, Zappacosta, Drinkwater and possibly Zouma. Players in are a top right back, centre forward, winger and central midfielder.


I was a supporter of Morata, but I am not sure if we should take the risk to trust our attack to him one more time. It really does not seem that he wants to adapt. He keeps falling, keeps complaining. And the result is he wastes so many chances.

I would sell him to fund for a new striker. Who, that’s another problem, no idea so far. For me, no to any players to be bought older than 30 years old. No.

So no to Hamsik, no to Vidal, no to Higuain. I would retain Zappa though, I think right back, center-back and left back: we don’t need to buy.

We do need to buy a CM to probably replace Fabregas. We do need to buy a striker to replace Morata. We do need to buy a creative source to replace Pedro.



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