“Alberto Moreno has the positional sense of a Tasmanian devil”

Date published: Monday 23rd October 2017 3:17

Manchester United fans reflect on a defeat to Huddersfield, while our Liverpool readers dissect their 4-1 defeat by Spurs on our forums.

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United come unstuck

From the moment that Martial felt that horrendous tackle on the touchline (which went unpunished), Huddersfield were galvanised and we were cowed. Martial went out of the game completely and some others did not get in it at all. On a wet and windy pitch on top of the Pennines others will come unstuck but only last week the commentators were saying that precisely these conditions would unseat City. Unfortunately we were the first to capitulate and I suspect we might receive numerous hard tackles in games to come.

Big K

Lindelof to blame?

it only underlined that Lindelof is way out of his depth in the EPL nothing more or less. Jones is still a liability, especially on the injury front so now he’s got some sort of hip injury to add to the chronic ankle complaint that he’s been nursing all season.Thats why he never plays the midweek games and had to withdraw from the recent England squad.
In short,once a crock always a crock.

Don’t swallow this Herrera to Barca bullshit for even one second.The link is probably being peddled by his agent because his old manager Valverde is there now and Herrera is close to the end of his current contract at OT.
If by chance there is anyone out there willing to give us what we paid for him the club should snap their hands off,simple as that.



Mourinho honest

JM’s honesty about deserved loss is refreshing, rather than blaming the referee or some other poor excuse, however to put the blame totally on the players’ shoulders is a bit rich to say the least…. he is the manager, he is ultimately responsible for picking his team of below par performers, and he must take some responsibility for why they are not performing…. perhaps hearing of a manager saying he will not be at United forever, hinting at a move to PSG, might be reasons that his players are not giving 100 per cent….. This type of thing seeps into the psyche of the players, his temporary and the players know it. This is why Ferguson and all the managers are actually given time usually do better.



Moreno questioned

Moreno is a f**king disaster. He wants to get forward too much and has the positional sense of a Tasmanian devil. We didn’t spend all summer trying to sell him because he’s so good. The fact he is the only defender appearing to come out with any credibility shows how dogshit awful the rest are. Out of all our defenders the only ones I’d keep would be Clyne (Christ we miss him) Matip, Gomez, TAA and Robertson (criminal he isn’t getting more chances) The rest are only fit for a glue factory. Our defensive record so far is horrendous for a reason, our defenders are crap. Would we be as bad if Milner was playing LB again? I doubt it. Don’t get me wrong, Moreno isn’t the main reason that goes to Lovren who is just putrid.


Reds must dig in

Mourinho wouldn’t tolerate a defence that cannot park the bus on a regular basis. That isn’t our style & I wouldn’t want it to be, but we have got to be able to stay solid at the back when required. Today was one such occasion. Spurs were good but we made it easy for them.


I am not excusing players like Lovren and Moreno, the sooner they’re replaced the better, however this boils down to more than just personel at this point. Over the course of two years since Klopp’s been here the defence not only hasn’t improved, it’s become worse, and this is the point where I question what dogs**t defence training are they doing. Surely the way we defend set pieces can be improved with some proper coaching.

For the point of having this bunch of dross, yes part of it does come down to FSG, but he has to take most of the blame as well for not signing an alternative after the VVD deal broke down. He had more than a month to do it.



Arsenal still worried

We were the better team but we didn’t play that well today.We just don’t dominate games anymore and the chances if and when we create aren’t very clear cut.The red card basically swayed the game in our favor and up until then anything could’ve happened.I’d like to see us shift to the old formation.

Not that I think this formation dosen’t work,after all chelsea won the PL with this.But there are certain factors to be fulfilled and I think we lack that with the current manager who is incapable to instill that.We lack a strong mentality and toughness,and replacements are not good enough.

Just a couple of words on some players,Cech needs to be replaced.Too many mistakes recently and that was just unacceptable why is he directing Monreal who to pass to he should be ready for the pass. Bellerin has just been woeful since a long time.Like i SAID,A change in haircut and boots needed and most importantly a change in his mentality. Koscielny not so good anymore. Mertesacker a poor excuse of a captain I really don’t know how long Wenger will keep playing him. Xhaka too many mistakes as well recently but overall I feel he has the quality to succeed. And lastly Lacazette needs extra training to make himself more useful on counters because he’s been pretty much useless until now in that respect which is what our game is based on.

The specialone


Ozil the difference maker

Great I can watch match of the day! Really good performance but made me think what a difference Oz and Sanchez make! I am not Oz greatest fan but even when he does not turn up he still creates chances and sanchez is Sanchez. It would be interesting to see what percentage of our goals they have both been involved in the last few years. I wonder what we will do without them where all our goals would come from! I am like most people and fed up with thinking we have turned a corner so I will just take it one game at a time and as we are I will be happy if we make the top four that is realistuc aim with this team this year!



Super Spurs

“Super Spurs” is what they called the early Sixties teams. Yesterday’s team performance earned the right to wear that Moniker once again -with pride too. Liverpool were well and truly put to the sword along with some of the questions that built up when we moved out of White Hart Lane: Can Wembley ever be our home?- Yes it can. Can Spurs overcome the current Liverpool “hoodoo”- Yes, emphatically.Can Kane score at Wembley? – Yes not once but twice- in the same game too. Do Spurs have the strength in depth to challenge for the major honour and does Pochettino have the nous in tactics/team selection to take on any team- emphatically yes to both questions. Are Spurs a one-man team?- give me a break;that was a super team performance.
Finally, is there any one who doubts that Harry Kane is world class? I really don’t think so. I don’t know what you boys feel, but I think we have got back the “Super Spurs”.



Chelsea’s midfield dilemma

I’m not sure what people’s expectations of Fabregas are he’s not a defensive midfield player he’s an offensive deep lying playmaker who tries to do his best defensively but defending has never been Cesc’s strength.

That was the reason Conte played Kante and Matic together as a defensive pivot in front of the back 3 consistently last season in the PL with Cesc primarily coming off the bench and Bakayoko is no Matic he too is more offensive than Matic and we currently don’t have Kante who is a big loss especially defensively all which combines to make us look defensively more vulnerable.

Cesc without Kante beside him leaves us open but I thought Cesc had a decent game yesterday. Take Cesc out of the team and we lose a bit offensively if we want to be a bit more secure defensively Conte’s best option might be to introduce the Leicester combination of Kante and Drinkwater when both are fully fit. They don’t didn’t do too badly when they last played together.

nine nine nine


A starting point

Thought this was like the City game and Watford opened us up time and time again. Very impressed with them

For me, Fabregas is a complete passenger in these games and he cannot defend at all which puts pressure on the back 3 immediately. His only saving grace is that he can open up other teams but I have yet to see that happen this season – so for me he has to be rested otherwise we will continue to ship goals

Morata had a quiet game and really expected Michy to come on but to play with Morata and not instead of him. Hung my head as I really did not expect anything to happen and when an early touch was not controlled thought the worst. But fair play to Michy – he made me eat my words. I also have to say well done to Zappacosta and Willain as they also had a positive impact on the game (so I guess by extension to Conte as well)

Good goals well taken and although I still think we could and should have lost if Watford had a decent striker it was more than welcome to get the 3 points. Really hope this acts a confidence booster and kick starts the campaign as we cannot afford to drop further behind in the title race.


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