‘Pogba will be the world’s best in two years, coinciding with a move to PSG’

Date published: Monday 22nd January 2018 11:05

Paul Pogba’s potential is discussed, while Chelsea and Liverpool fans assess their January strategy and Arsenal readers talk about Alexis in Your Says of the Day.


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Is Pogba overrated?

We’ve all seen pogba in the big Games, Jose doesn’t trust him in a two man midfield. For Juve he played left in a diamond.

He reminds me of Gerrard a bit. Took him a longtime to become disciplined. Pogba isn’t tearing up teams like Gerrard was at his age. do you not think he could do so much more?

No doubting his talent. He has everything but he should be a huge driving factor is massive games and he isn’t at the minute.
Utd play much better with him. He’s a very good player but if I was a utd fan I’d want to see much more from him.

Sean the Sailor

Pogba has great skills and, when he’s in the mood, is better than pretty much any midfielder in the league (yes, including KDB). The problem is that most of the times he just seems to go through paces, playing in 2nd or 3rd gear and not doing his best, whereas KDB seems to be constantly at a very high level this season which bodes well for both him and City.

Another issue with Pogba is that, since our wingers like to drift into the middle, he usually gets suffocated for space when Martial, Mata, Mhkitaryan, Lingard, etc attract a lot of opponent defenders and midfielders into the centre. In fact, Pogba’s best performances this season came when he was played out on the left where he had room to run into and space to work in. Hopefully, when Sanchez comes in and if we get another central midfielder in summer, we can play a wider formation which will allow for more space for our players, including Pogba.

Sympathy for the Devils

I reckon Paul Pogba will be the best player in the world in two years time…coinciding with his move to PSG.

Don’t think we even come close to getting the best out of him but he’s a funny onion. Ninety million quid and he can’t play in a midfield two.

Wonderfuel gas


Arsenal back on form

Great result against a team in form. Made me realise just how much we missed Nacho and Kos and Ozil the last few games. I think the xhaka and Jack partnership had been working well but with elneny yesterday who played well, Xhaka was pushed a bit further forward and it did not suit him. He is limited and I don’t think he is box to box player. If Ramsey was fit he would have been much better and in that formation it would work playing him and Jack with elneny. Any way good result and although unlikely, would be nice if we could salvage something from this season.


I really don’t want to moan after a 4-1 win, but why do we always ease off after we get these kinds of lead? Absolutely blistering start and Oz especially was in great form – I was thinking 8 or 9 nil.

Hodgson did shore things up eventually, as you’d expect him to but it never should have ended up with Palace actually looking the better side, as I thought they did for large parts of the second half.

Al the Gooner


Man Utd’s transfer needs

Mourinho and Miki didnt work out. Mourinho prefer to play Mata before Miki and thats incredible. The relation between Miki and Wenger can be a hit which can bite us back.

We need at least two cmf players to next season. Carrick is gone, Matic is older and Herrera is poor. Add to that the lump Fellaini and we may need three CM players.

I would sign Gremios Arthur Melo and Real Madrids Mateo Kovacic.
Both are young,strong,fast and technically first class players.


Mourinho trusts Herrera – he’ll probably be our number one backup CM next season.
Have never seen Melo play but I do like the looks of Kovacic. I can’t see Real selling anybody to us for a reasonable price though.
Don’t forget we do have Pereira returning at the end of the season although he has been played on the wing all season for Valencia (I always thought he’d be a lot more central for us)
I have a feeling McTominay will be loaned out next season


I think potentially we could need three CMF’s over the summer. Jose seems to like McTomminay but I haven’t seen enough of him myself to be honest. We have some midfielders with great potential in the academy, Angel Gomes but he’s more of a Scholes type player by all accounts. We also have Puigmal(?) and Traore who are young but potentially star players that Butt was very happy to have signed. Getting Traore from PSG was a bit of coup by all accounts but why would you stay when all they do is buy in players? I think many Chelsea academy prospects feel the same way. We need to be sure we don’t become a club like that, young players have to see an avenue through to the first team, if they don’t, they’ll go elsewhere and we’ve always prided ourselves on our academy tradition.



Liverpool waiting for one man?

We are being linked with tons of attacking players. Lemar, Mahrez and even James Rodríguez. personally think that those are all rumours, the player that Klopp is waiting for is Pulisic of Dortmond.

I feel that if Klopp wants Mahrez, he should sign him in last summer. Klopp has admitted that he signed Salah was mainly because of his assistants’ persuasion. Lemar and Pulisic are both a youngster and both of them will not come cheap. The difference is Klopp knows Pulisic inside out and FSG will be more willing to spend big on Pulisic because he is a USA player who can help them to explore the USA market. So, Klopp takes the VVD gamble again in Jan. window. Just my guy feeling.

Football Scouser

The window that started with such optimism ultimately fizzled out with disappointment. The ambition of the club (FSG) has to come in to questions at some point, net spend on players is no where near what’s is required to be at the very top. Yes we are doing ok Yes our club is in a strong financial position but ME I need to see silverware. Open top bus parades please!!!


John W Henry: Liverpool owner

AK don’t think it’s the owners. I’m not saying they have made £300 plus million available – clearly they won’t as they want us to be self sustainable. I think the issue is Klopp. He clearly has very strong ideals and whilst he isn’t scared to splash the cash (VVD proves that as do other signings) he seems to have one or 2 players he believes will improve the team and also seems to offer current players more chances than perhaps some of us would like. You can actually see that in the way he talks and how he acts. I think he also has an eye on whether he gets value for money for players.

Sorry but I don’t think the owners are completely to blame and whilst they may not stumping up loads of there own cash, I personally think the partnership of themselves and Klopp is a good one in (both) their minds.

Unfortunately with the exciting brand of football comes this sense of morals and the right way of doing things from Klopp and whilst he should generally be commended, I personally see it as a big risk considering what the likes of Utd seem to be doing and even Arsenal if they get the players they have been linked with.

That said with the lead we appear to have built and if we win today, I wouldn’t be surprised if Klopp already has the thought of top 4 finish secured. Not that he will ever say this but we are looking strong in that respect.



Sturridge saga

Inter want a loan deal because they can’t afford Sturridge. They are in financial problems so I’d be very surprised if they had any intention of following thru in the purchase at the end of the season.
Unless we have someone of real quality lined up for the front 3 it would be sheer madness to let Sturridge go.
Chelsea are looking to strengthen this window, Utd are about to sign Sanchez too. Arsenal are about to sign a player that actually wants to play for them. We can’t afford to weaken ourselves any further. CL football is at risk and non qualification to that comp will seriously harm our recruitment in the summer.



Lambert off the mark

Stoke at least started/took a small step to PL safety. A must win game which we did comfortably.
The first half i expected more but we controlled it although toothless and the only chance was Shaq’s one on one which the keeper made a decent save. The second half was more like what i expected we created chances with our skillful players opening up Huddersfield at ease. A big positive we did not tire and the defence with Shawx back was solid and Zouma was like salmon leaping to head clear on Huddersfield rare punts into the box.
I expected more from Huddersfield but i may be doing an injustice to our closing down play as we made them look the worse side to visit the bet365 this season.
Obviously pleased we did the basics a win will help build confidence but i was not as overjoyed as some were because it was the least you can expect from the side, just do it week in week out. Hopefully onwards and upwards.



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