‘Klopp could have won PL title at Liverpool with Man Utd’s budget’

Date published: Thursday 26th April 2018 11:18

Manchester United readers debate whether they would be better off with Jurgen Klopp in charge, while the fall-out from Liverpool’s thumping of Roma continues in Your Says of the Day.

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Have to say I was reakky lussed off yday. The tie should be over and if we go out on away goals then it really will be a killer blow.

Just don’t understand how we can be coasting like wba and tue and concede two goals in ten mins?

So Roma have to score 3? They scored two in 4 mins on Tuesday. It’s just annoying we are in this position but I wound have taken this before the game

We absolutely battered them. We were unreal

It’s me all over that I’m
Disappointed about Tuesday when I should be happy with the result and how good we were.

If I think about it logically we can score over there and we are in a great position. I always have that niggling feeling until we dispel our knack of f****** things up.

It’s far to negative from me but I reakky was a bit disappointed yday. It’s silly as we really are on a great position but these are a different proposition at home and we reakky will be kicking ourselves if it comes down to sway goals but I do think we e will go through after all that lol

Sean the sailor

Basically the players started coasting in the last 15 and allowed Roma a sniff.

They won’t do that again with so much at stake.

I still don’t think the 2nd goal was a peno.


Ginger I think we got tired. I would have left Salah on. I was watching with my uncle and cousin and at 5-0 I was saying we need another and to just see the gane out.

Perotti made a difference as he was fresh legs in the middle. Milner and hendo has given everything

Also Roma went to a back 4 and pushed back. I can see them reverting to these tactics wed as a high line sgainest us is just maddness

Hopefully they play a high line. Keep our front 3 fit and we will go through

They have to come st us. They are good at home but this is not city. It will suit us.

We just need to keep it tight and not concede early like city

Lads are doing great. Squad is being fully tested now. Let’s just get through these next few games without any injuries

Sean the sailor

I don’t think we got tired at all.

I think the players believed at 5-0 it was job done and lost focus


I agree Ginger, Lovren made similar mistakes in the West Brom game of losing the flight of the ball which led to the ball reaching Dzeko & the first Roma goal.

The ref gave the dubious penalty for their second to give them hope for the second leg I’m sure. I only hope the officials generosity extends no further than that in the next game or we will be sweating a lot more.


Our players switched off more then got tired the way Klopp managed the squad in Jan is paying off we look fresh & ready for any challenge. The injuries aside we look in good shape to a strong end to the season.

Only slight concern is the league games are such a come down from the massive CL nights the players seem to lose a bit of spark. If we get to the final we will have nearly 2 weeks to prepare we need to dig deep over the next couple of weeks.



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I’d take Klopp over Mourinho right now; if Klopp had the financial backing and the core group of players Mourinho started with we’d probably have won the league by now.

Klopp may not be perfect but he’s building a good team at Liverpool, playing the right way at that.

All he needs to do is change his mentality in certain matches were he should need to defend rather than go all-out attack and learn to shut up shop, whereas Mourinho still seems to need to learn that we need to play more attacking football against smaller clubs, play a 3-man midfield against big teams, learn how to properly motivate his team, sign players who suit the squads needs and not by how famous they are, etc.

Sympathy for the Devils

Haha Sympathy if that’s not madness I don’t know what is..you actually prefer watching City and Liverpool over the team you claim to support lool surprise surprise


It makes me sick to say it but I actually preferred watching Liverpool and City this season over United – and that’s a damning verdict on Mourinho and this squad for it to have come to that.

They have been more entertaining than us this season but yet again, they are below us in the premier league and regardless of Salah, they will still not win the premiership.

All they are is entertainment without success. All I can say is come on Roma!!!


I feel much better after watching Madrid take control of their tie. A Roma comeback or not I fully expect Madrid to take the trophy they are showing a real hunger.

I fully expect Klopps tombstone bridgework to fracture.



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If we thought that Antonio Conte wasn’t backed last summer which is credible just feel for the man who may likely replace him.

reports are that the club will reduce the budget the he may spend in the summer. that is mainly due to the fact that the club wants to focus on developing talents with in rather than go out and buy proven talents and pay hefty price.

another factor is that the club seeking £1.2b financing for our new stadium, and the club is expected to borrow between £350m-£850m.


CM that’s been on the cards for quite a while which is Contes main grievance. However the club is fully entitled to take that route.

Does not mean we will not remain successful and a great challenge to the new management.


Firstly I am still not convinced that Conte was not backed. Clearly whether they were players he wanted or not, the Club invested a lot of money last season

Secondly what you are stating is surely music to the ears of many on here as they are so keen every season to be able to state that we have promoted from within (almost regardless of if they are capable or not..?)

As for budget, like most teams who have to finance a new stadium, money becomes that much tighter so it is not exceptional or unexpected. I would assume that so long as any money raised by sales can be used by the manager we could easily expect to see the likes of Michy and Luiz being sold (especially if Conte remains) plus a few kids on laon so I would say we could raise close to 100m anyway

At the end of the day it is what it is and if the board/Roman feel that is the prudent direction to take then that is something we have to accept and trust/hope that the new manager will still be able to remain competitive. KTBFFH


on the subject of transfers it does appear that most of the new players we brought in this past season were not Contes choices if any, however it does not mean he was not supported as many clubs decide what players to bring in as opposed to the manager/coach.

whether that is right or wrong I dont know but a lot of money was spent and going forward I also dont think that this will be the case any longer to a certain extent.


Luiz needs to go and i think he will. He makes too many mistakes and is a problem behind tbe scenes for the club. We have too many of these types of players who cause problems.

Also willian cannot be first choice next season. We clearly need a new winger with fresh ideas. Leon baily is a good shout



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