Man Utd fans discuss Ramsey; compare window to Moyes’ and LVG’s

Date published: Thursday 9th August 2018 11:58

Aaron Ramsey TEAMtalk

United fans discuss the clubs lack of signings, Liverpool fans fancy their chances this season and Chelsea fans praise the board for their recruitment this window – all in Your Says of the Day.

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United should sign Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey TEAMtalk

Don’t all go ape at once but Aaron Ramsey is in his last year, should we be trying to sign a player like him? I believe he would be a useful addition because he scores goals, can play keep ball and is hard working but only drawback is he does get injured often.

Not the signing I would have wanted at the start of the window but I would see him an upgrade on the likes of Lingard & Herrera in a midfield 3.



‘Kroenke a bare minimum man’

He does not need us to win anything money with the new deals for TV rights will just get bigger. Keeping us in the top 6 is enough to keep status quo. It wont depricate the value even if it did the money will still come in. Anything over that is a bonus he is a bare minimum man that has been the case since he took over.

He cant loan everything if he do the rate would be very high so he used his own money because of that not out of the godness of his heart. Nobody can loan 100% for anything these days there always has to be like 10% down payment out of your own pocket to avoid the extortion rate for the last 10-15% that the bank will take out for that part.



Chelsea board done well in the transfer market


Firstly I would say well done to the board for the business done to date. Expensive keeper but with a great deal of potential and one they claim they have been monitoring as well. Obviously quite a lot of faith to give him a 7 year contract so lets hope he measures up. Welcome

Kovacic to be finally confirmed but another good signing even as a loan and I think you will be hard pushed to find a stronger midfield. Again, well done to the board and welcome

Still strong rumours of a move for Fekir and apparently discussions did take place on Tuesday night. Watch this space I guess…?

Agree that we should only loan Zouma as he still has 5 years or so of his contract remaining and another solid year would confirm he is well over his injury and can be seen as a replacement for Cahill or Luiz next season (potentially but watch out for Ampadu)

Starting to look forward to the season with much more renewed hope so long as we can start to convert our chances. Will be interesting to see who goes out today as a direct sale or on loan. KTBFFH


Now go and get Fekir 

I’m happy we are getting with a player who is happy to play for Chelsea as opposed to our old keeper’s attitudes. Kepa realises that this is a big opportunity for him. And one he can’t afford to miss. He is rumoured to earn similar wages as Courtois was earning at Chelsea. And will pen a 5 year contract. While the £71m looks too much. Think about the long term investments instead of signing a stop gap for £30m. Butland was my choice, but i think Kepa isn’t a bad keeper either. We have a host of Spanish contingent at the club which will make his transition easier. Now go and get Fekir as he will add goals to our midfield/ wide forward. And he is a left footed also. And one more full back may be. If Sarri can unlock Morata’s mental issues.then we will have a team to fear.



Three months for team to adapt to Sarri 

In his programme notes on Tuesday Sarri asked for patience and yesterday he was “quoted” as stating it could take up to 3 months for everyone to adapt to his requirements

We know that Jorginho should not be an issue apart from adapting to the physicality of the EPL but you hope that the remainder of our squad are professional enough to quickly understand what is being expected of them but may take longer to implement these ideas, especially if this involves a significant change to their natural game

Any pre season after a WC is always difficult but this one was compounded by the fact it took so long to get Sarri actually through the door. I would argue that results should not be seen as a barometer for how the season will pan out as primarily pre season is about regaining fitness and in our case this year, allowing the new manager to view and assess his new squad plus coach them in his methods and expectations. KTBFFH



Lovren room for improvement 

One thing though, Van Dijk actually is one of the best CBs in the world. Forget what Lovren has said but I think those stats back an opinion that Lovren is a pretty good CB. Winning 66% of aerial challenges isn’t bad for a player that is targeted (and he totally is). Still, there is room for improvement for sure and if he doesn’t have a good season then we need to look at getting in a replacement for him next summer. I am happy with his performances last season, in general. He had some bad game sin there but he showed a lot of improvement and it’s something to build on this term.


No need for anymore Liverpool signings

I dont know if its just me but our midfield has looked a bit disjointed in preaseason. And its probably because of all the new faces. I mean if we start keita fab and shaq then thats a brand new midfield. They are not accustomed to the klopp way of play yet. In preseason we have looked better when milner and/or wijnaldum have started with keita. And even on tue we looked better when hendo came on. So another new face…although i would love another signing…i feel we have enough on our hands to integrate already, and adding another player will just make that process even longer. The rhythm of the team is not there yet. We got to the CL final last season because milner hendo and wijnaldum/ox know how to play klopp football. Keita and fab and shaq – although superior quality havent got the system yet


Liverpool capable of winning first four games 

We need to start well. After ten games last season we were 12 points behind city

We dropped to many silly points at home

We need at least 10 points from first 4 games if we are serious about challenging.

12 is very possible. Two tricky away games but we really need to start well

Play like we can then I can see no reason why we can’t have a very good start

Sean the Sailor

Keita better than Moussa Dembele 

As for Keita he is definitely what we needed. Someone who can run through the midfield with the ball from defence to attack.

In previous years we lacked this and so opposing teams would shut down the passes the midfieders made. With Keita we aren’t so predictable, we now have a player who can pick up the ball and run from deep positions a bit like Tottenham’s Dembele but better IMHO. Throw in Fabinho too and now the link up between attack and midfield and defence is much better.



Deadline day similar to Moyes’ and LVG’s for Mourinho

David Moyes: Was sacked by Manchester United after 10 months

Transfer deadline day and it feels similar to Moyes’ and LVG’s seasons when it all went to the wire. Hope we find another with the talent and impact of Rooney and not Fellaini, Blind or Falaco. Then again what’s the chances we don’t sign anyone.




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